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  • kshana 88w


    The only Equality I have is the imagined one. I imagine what it would be like - to stretch my body against the sandy beaches with my eyes closed for a minute. Yes, a minute. A minute without the fear of - being watched, being invaded, being harmed, being killed. Can you even comprehend this? The thought that starts with a gaze and ends with death? All in one minute.

    I imagine what it would be like to be treated with respect, without having to put a show of my good behavior; without having my character shielding me at the forefront - without training myself to earn it.
    I imagine what it would be like not to worry about every minute of my existence. No, it's not just when I step out of the house. This fear is internalised. It has grown and lived inside me.

    So, yes. This is the equality I have - the imagined equality. You and I both don't know what equality is. Because you never had to know. And I never experienced it to know.


  • queenofhearts1491 110w


    Tick tock goes the clock,
    Tick tock, it's time to take stock.

    Time is relentless,
    It makes us feel lost
    Like a cruel thief
    Robbing what matters most.
    A silent killer
    That can not be stopped,
    Not by law,
    Not by breaking the clock.

    Tick tock goes the clock,
    Tick tock, it's time to take stock.

    Time is irreversible,
    There's no need to regret,
    Like a bird flies above
    Leaving shadows where it led.
    A small reminder,
    But nothing more,
    You can not move on
    With the past off your shore.

    Tick tock goes the clock,
    Tick tock, it's time to take stock.

    Time can be wasted,
    It can slip out of hand,
    Never to return
    Like small grains made of sand.
    A creeping deadline,
    A non-flexible bond
    Leaving never enough time
    For all the nothings you want.

    Tick tock goes the clock,
    Tick tock, it's time to take stock.

    Time can be controled,
    It can mean so much,
    If we use it as a tool
    And not make it a crutch.
    A blank page
    For us to fill in,
    It is us who make changes,
    Not an overriding thing.

    Tick tock goes the clock,
    Tick tock, it's time to take stock.

    Time is elusive,
    Whoever we are,
    We reach it the same rate,
    We all get this far.
    An absorbing time machine
    Leading back and forth it seems,
    One side is called memories,
    The other is called dreams.

    Tick tock goes the clock,
    Tick tock, it's time to take stock.

    Time is priceless,
    You can get it for free,
    It is your chance to use it,
    But you won't own it with fee.
    You can't be its keeper,
    It's just there to spend,
    But once you have lost it,
    Things will come to an end.

    Tick tock goes the clock,
    Tick tock, the time is up.


  • rahul19xx 157w

    Fell outta Grace
    Now feeling like a waste of space
    God put me in my place
    Oh shit I forgot life is a death race
    Hahaha I'm winning that race for real :)

  • wanjirumwangi 158w

    The volcano

    I bottled it up,
    The deathly stares and laughs in cursive,
    The belittling and compromised indecency;
    And the cheesecloth that secured that jar is finally ripping.
    The stench will bring you to tears,
    As I bear my soul to you in the clear,
    And the filth will disgust you,
    Maybe a little more than it does me,
    But when my slate is clean and you want to touch me,
    Please wash your hands or be gone from me.

  • chekavar_dairies 160w

    Midnight Madness

    He called her
    She was in deep sleep with that smile in her lips
    That he gave her
    He know she in deep sleep
    Still he called her
    His lips kissed her ears
    And whispered
    “Babie!!!! Hey Babie , wake up !!!”
    She opened her eyes n hugged him
    “What my sweetheart??? “
    With a naughty smile she asked him
    “What Babie??”
    He came close to her n said
    “Let’s go for a drive “
    “Now ?” She got amazed
    Sweety it’s 1 am !!!
    “Let’s go “ !!! He said
    In the darkness she felt something
    Soft and silky on her hands
    She took that close
    Red silky top that she
    Pointed to him on a busy traffic
    She hugged him
    “Love you “ she told him
    “Let’s go “he told her
    She his halfsoul looking like a queen in that red ! Their red
    The thundering sound of his bullet
    Shattered the night in its silence
    He throttled it to through the middle of the road

    ( journey to be continued!!! Stay tuned )


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  • chekavar_dairies 160w


    Her nails had magic on its tip
    Her nails had fragrance
    She always had her nail arts on me
    Her nails always drived me
    It was so sharp that gave marks
    Marks of lust and pain
    That was pure like wine
    She scrolled her nails over me always
    From the forehead
    Through the bush of my hair
    From my ears it rolled to my knees
    Without missing an inch
    Her nails I loved to bite it
    I loved to bite it

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  • inkdripqueen 164w

    clocked love

    love is like a expired clock lost in time never knowing the definition of who and where it goes

  • inspiredlivingindia 194w

    Before we go ahead comment down that what do you infer from this statement above? I am damn sure about this that 90% of the readers those who are currently reading this article may take this as a negative connotation.

    I suppose you must have got the meaning by now. And what we intend to say.

    Let’s get started, thinking psychologically the literal meaning of the statement is
    “It always get better, no matter how tough it might feel in the moment”.

    People stop trying hard because they don’t get the success. Why don’t they get success, is it because of they have stopped trying hard or they have started thinking that I cannot do. Whatever might be the reason, but everything is interrelated just like a mesh.

    One thing that every individual must realize that they have the potential to do, achieve something that they wished. But just not by doing it, making an excuse for we are letting our dreams die.

    Why don’t people let go themselves up to the extreme. You might feel tough at the moment, feel as if leave all these things and live a comfortable life as it was.

    You will and you must ask as far this question to yourself that why am I supposed to do this. You get the answer hidden within it.

    Just one simple suggestion and an easy meaning of the quote we stated,
    “Never Lose Hope. Never, ever.”

    When you get the all you dreamed about, that’s the true definition of success and that success should be the reasons why not, to lose the hope, to lose the life, to lose everything that you dreamed, to deserve you wanted for all the time.

    So just get up, start up and face the new horizon.

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  • chekavar_dairies 213w

    For her

    I don’t want to judge you
    I don’t want to patch up ur imperfections
    Coz I want to love u the way u are
    I don’t know where you are
    I don’t know how you are
    If you are mad now
    I wanna hold u tight
    Wanna do my pinky promises with u
    Telling everything with you under sky
    Laying on terrace looking at stars
    Playing with your hair
    Loving you infinitely
    Telling my stupid jokes at you
    Making you laugh
    Forgiving your craziness
    Searching the couple tattoos together
    Cuddling each other sharing the pizza
    Spanking you and running all over
    Fighting with pillows
    Being partner in my crimes
    Taking pics all along together
    Hugging u from behind
    Falling asleep in each other’s arms
    Sending u good morning texts from next room
    Waking you up with morning kiss on you
    With the surprises of morning glory
    Being patient with you
    Holding ur hands walking to cafe
    So close to me
    In memories of the random messages that I sent u always
    Don’t know how you are there
    Don’t know when we gonna meet
    I am here waiting u
    With love !!


  • theduskyshadow 225w

    My bold black eyes,
    Smudged, make me look so high?
    My red lips filled with emotions,
    All you see is a bitch behind that curtain,
    But your time is up.
    High heels say you are a slut,
    Oh lady watch out your strap,
    Are you wearing makeup?
    Dude, she will make it up,
    But your time is up.
    My eye shadow,
    My nail paint,
    Even my hair,
    Tells the percent of whore in there,
    But your time is up.
    I am a tramp,
    Oh wait no I am a vamp,
    Who cares I am just another one,
    One that you can't have but you judge a lot,
    But your time is up.
    Oh! I can't hear your voice,
    Your words filled with judgements,
    My lipstick, tight skirts,
    Can't fit in your tiny-little brains,
    'cause darling your time is up.


  • deeepthinker 227w

    Dear society

    Dear society,
    Sorry for disturbing you at this busy moment.Yes I am fully aware of the fact that at this moment you can't even spare a second of your's.But the throbbing curiosity of mine could not be silenced.Just wanted to know what card you were playing this time...I mean for sure you would have known about zainab right?? Yes, that same little angel whose eyes reflected an ocean of innocence and trust,who eagerly waited for her parent's arrival back from the pilgrimage ...the same girl whose squeaky little voice cried and pleaded in vain when she was torn into bits.Oh yes you know her..now just tell us how are you going to justify that wolf whose heart wasn't shaken by a tiny girl's pleads and cries..what is it this time? Her revealing clothes? Her visible bra strap? Or is it the inappropriate time that she was out of the house?Are they the same lame accusations you throwed at Nirbhaya? Or have you got something else?
    Hope you come with something new this time ..

    Someone who can't tolerate
    these actions anymore



  • hovah_ 233w

    Days go by
    Faster than i can keep up
    And i accept with great pain
    That my time with her is up

    In the midst of the rush
    She still drags her feet
    Acts like there's all the time in the world
    For love to plead at mercy's seat

    Maybe she's over me
    And has already seen me go
    Maybe she stopped loving me
    Maybe she stopped a long time ago