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  • _creatingworldsthatdonotexist_ 14w

    Someone I'll find. Eventually.

    These are my skies. I have them draped in graffiti because I was tired of not being able to decide what I saw when I looked up. There were always only two plots to choose from, anyway - gloom or gloom. I envy people who can look up and trace and find unicorns and candyfloss and smiles with their clouds.For me, they've always looked like distorted mirror images of daggers and pottery gone wrong. I'd realized this celestial, divine modern art was not for me and I stopped looking at the sky for very long. I did not want to acknowledge my fears. But I want you to know that my palms get sweaty, I can't walk straight and I spend 23 hours every day trying to undo the nightmares that the sky above me weaves. And the last time, I looked at the sky, I was blindfolded - busy making my skies like me. And now, my skies do not sparkle in cycles. They do not exchange blue for crimson and crimson for black because they don't have to.

    When the blue moon glittered on the edges of my nails last night, and my iris did not want to drown in any more light, I do not know how but I landed up in this dream. I do not dream often. It is a "once in a blue moon" occurrence {pun (un)intended} but I remember every pixel of what I saw last night. It is engrained on every inch of my memory reel. I do not know what it means but I think it led me to you. It was all brilliantly bright - so bright, I could not see my own fingers and there was a very distinct siren wail in the background. I slid through what looked like a library of memories - butterflies locked in jars, half-eaten toasts, shattered wreathes and in the end - a ring. Then came the embrace. The water held me tight by my hips and even though i could not breathe, it felt like I wanted to stay there - amidst the coral and weed. The siren wail was gone and it was almost as if the water itself was singing to me, very meekly yet adamantly, as if it wanted me to remember - " Auburn hair. Letter. You must. "

    It is funny how ever since I learnt to write, the word "solace" has brought me to you. I have not given you a shape or skin colour but I have known your lips on my scars. I have felt like we know each other across hamlets and universes and even if my heaviness does not collide into your home some night, you will be the only one I run to, when the streetlights become jammed and my hands can't move from under the lampshade. I have thought of you like the wind, breathing into my ears and reminding me, I am not alone. I have known you as the laughter in my crayons. It is a miracle but for once, you reassure me of owning a home. It is a miracle but for once, I think I have known love. It is a miracle but for once, I have started to like the rains.

    There are a million stories I have wrapped and thrown under the thickest journal I possess that lies unlabelled under the weight of love letters I've written to myself because everytime I've tried reading them aloud to people who tell me they "love" me, I've been reciprocated with confused glares and detachment floating between our breaths. Often, "fiction", mama tells me is the genre of these stories but how do I tell her that her daughter has swum across every word that makes them ? I have grounded these stories in my golden cage of exulansis. I don't speak of them anymore. And things that I don't speak of, I write because when I am gone, I would like to be unravelled. I would like to come undone in the hands of someone and make them weep. I would like my pages to get wet in their tears and I would like them to think of me in their sleep and say - "I wish I'd found her sooner because I love her. " but when I peek at you through my window and I look at the gleam in your eyes, I find hope and you'll probably make it happen before I'm gone, right ?

    I know, I am acatalepsy personified. I know that no matter how hard you try, you will never be able to get to the bed of my ocean and I don't expect you to, either but with me, things will never be difficult. Because I read. When you walk into the café to see me for the first time, it will not be difficult to spot me. My hair will be loose and I will have to keep tucking it behind my ear because tying it into a bun would mean, letting go of the book in my hands. My coffee will be begging for attention as my eyes tear through pages of a bestseller I grabbed on my way there and my face will give away the plot. If the plot is sad, you will find me holding a handkerchief to my nose beacuse it runs faster than my eyes. If the characters are growing with the story, I will smile and laugh and garner stares from the old lady sitting opposite to me. My heart will turn into a tachyon and I will fall in love with the male lead faster than the speed of light. You may have to do something to catch my attention at first but when you have, you will have all of me. It will not be difficult to start a conversation. Ask me about the last book i read or why I love Murakami or what I understood of the Ulysses. It will not be difficult to go shopping because I spend more on books than clothes. It will not be difficult to pick a present. You can gift me books for Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries and it will never be difficult to fall asleep next to me because I will read you my favourite poems every night. It will never be difficult to fall for me, not because I read but because I write.

    I am not innocent. I am hungry and I am bored. I am fierce for there is nothing I want more than the sunlight shining on my neat hair, rejoicing in starbursts. I have desperately waited. Not for someone. Not for something. I have waited because that's all I have learnt to and sometimes I fear that I'll be dead and no one will remember to close my eyes and even in death, I'll wait for that's all I'd have learnt. And you took one look at me and broke the earth open for desire. No one can storm my heart to surrender and though, I am not innocent, I was not taken. I left. The footprints on the mud near your mile-high gates are mine. Walking for you felt nice. It felt like you coaxed spring from inside of me.

    There is no single quiddity to me. I do not come down to something as mundane as my "essence". I am all over everything. I collect rags to sew them to my scrapbook and look at them transition to your portrait. I walk over pearl bridges and I forget to turn the room heater off. I can be dancing among the sunflowers one moment and the next, you will find me at war with my ideals trying to figure what amounts to nothingness or inspidity. You will hear me singing melodies to the larks and voicing what many render as "tacenda" between my syllables. My colours are as raw as the beetroots we dug up this morning and as ripe as the honey trickling from the comb of your sun-hued eyes. I have made peace with being in the Japanese "Ukiyo". I can be the tide retreating and swallowing your pain but on days that I go rogue I wish you don't leave me. I wish you caress my wounds with more pride than you flaunt my accomplishments. I wish you hold on to me when I roar and scratch and hurt you so you can dance to my poems when they begin to sing for you.

    ~ Yours,
    Someone who'll find you. Eventually.


    @bluepuppy01 @ablaze_writer - Your dares. aah. done :")
    @daphnae - answer to your "truth" question (๑´•.̫ • `๑)
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    @ikigaii - Tried your challenge toooo. Thanks a tonne for it (•ө•)♡
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  • dreamdrive 14w

    The tide swallowed ‘neath graying sky,
    the sea’s riches laid bare to dry.

    Boats who loll in shallow sea
    and roll and creak to gull’s reply.
    Beyond the sand and wet bounty

    the tide subsides. The tide too grows,
    knocking the dock and seaborne steeds—
    can you hear? A foghorn blows.

    The tide led on by lunar whims
    leaves seaweed foam in wake and tow.
    In deep’ning waves the otter swims

    Borne up and down in slow tempo
    while water curls to winnowing wind.

  • bonitasarahbabu 14w

    Life is like the tides of the ocean,
    You have your highs,
    And you have the lows.
    We can only keep swimming,
    For we cannot fight the tide.
    Even in the lows,
    We must stand up strong.
    We were created to succeed,
    So, we cannot give up.
    The tide will change,
    But we, we must face it and stand strong.

  • bclark2681 14w

    Like A Drowning Tide

    My life's depression through the years is
    Like the rise and fall of the oceans tides,
    Moments of free breathing and absolute
    Movement as it falls away,
    Moments of heavy drowning and complete
    Restriction when upon me,
    My only savior is the horizons guiding
    Light pleasantly taunting my fantasies

  • the_world_is_unknown 14w

    THE END!!

    It had been months now but I don't know why I didn't forget Veer. The name Echoed in my mind making one thing clear that a part of my mind remained empty.
    Now, hot summer had entered making me experience my toughest times. As the alarm rang, it terrified me. I woke up and looked around the messy surrounding. The mess I created the day before just because I wanted to dig in to my old memories and find a peice of Veer that's lost. I couldn't find one.
    After thinking so hard, I discovered one important message of a presentation. I hurried up to get ready with formal dress. I didn't know when I became so unorganised and I miss my old self who was so organised and cheerful, whom one could obviously locate in this chaotic world just because of the childish nature. It's true that sometimes MATURITY hits hard.
    After few moments, I found myself running to catch an auto as they were always there to my rescue. I sat and struggled to put my Frizzy and dry hair in place while covering my face with a long cloth just to prevent the dust of chaos to sit on my face.
    I reached my venue and hurriedly went inside and soon bashed with a person and I was about to scream as in front of me stood Veer. I controlled my emotions but I didn't know what to express whether a simple HI or excited HI ? Before I could win the war inside my mind, he started," Oh hi!!!". My eyes went on the clock and I just ignored him and ran from there to the hall. Felt like I didn't run away for my job but to save my uncontrollable emotions from him.
    As I made my way to hall, I saw him standing and giving his presentation. For a second I dropped my idea to enter the hall but then I discovered that I was being foolish and I went and sat on one of the chairs.
    After four hours, I found myself in front of him and now I had got my senses back because all through the meeting I was just thinking about my lost memories. I never thought this hard about something or someone. It was like a part of me was missing. He glanced at me and asked," do you want to say something?" I had only option to ask for the question that had eaten me up but the chance went away as I ended up saying NO. He wrote on the papers his key point and for a second I felt like I found a part. The exact handwriting I saw years ago in a crowd which was written for me. But I feel I was cursed that I was not able to recognise what words were there. He seemed to be very formal. As I was asking for a cup of coffee, I felt someone touching my Bag. As I turned around I saw Veer standing and he yelled me a GOODBYE and he departed.
    That cool evening, came my childhood friend Diksha. I met her after years and we just experienced a nostalgic experience by seeing the album she had made of our school days. I had forgotten about Veer that's when I saw an image that made me tremble with surprise. I was not astonished like this before. I was speechless!!! Infront of me lied a photo in which I spotted Veer and everything came to mind like a spark. I wanted to shout out something and from then I started to behave like I was no more interested in the pics and this was my speciality. After few moments, Diksha left. I closed the door so tight and I sat down neutral.
    I just said one word that was VEER.
    Veer knew me.
    The photo that I had successfully taken from Diksha gets soaked down in my tears.
    I rewind my memories.
    I saw:
    Outside the exam hall, there was an enthusiasm among 12th class students that exams were over. Every one was talking and laughing and I saw myself as cheerful girl asking about their plans and that's when someone handed me a chit. I turned around I opened it and saw Veer very lightly. The words in the chits were:
    You may not know me but I have been seen you since the day examd started and I don't know why but now I can not hold on to my words that I have fell for you. I know we will never meet but it's just few words that will give satisfaction to me.
    I didn't take the words that seriously but I thought about it for a moment. But then I forgot everything and got engaged in the sassy talks with my friends.
    Now I was back to present,
    There was a mess in my mind. There was a sadness about losing a true love, guilt about leaving those words and guilt about having an empty space in my mind..
    I started to make myself comfortable with the present but still the memories Haunted me.
    After a week, I was cleaning my bag to find some important documents and that's when a white chit came into my notice. As I was opening it I was just getting the memory of Veer and when I opened it, there were the golden words of Veer:
    Hey there!! I know you have forgotten me but my appearance has made you to wake up most of nights.. Yes.. it was me who handed you the chit years ago and do you know what I am still having a space for you. But that space will remain empty because I think that it's very rare or impossible meet again in this world where you are surrounded with people and work.
    Thank you for giving me that time to think about. BYE.

    As I close the chit, I silently go and throw it in the dustbin just like how I threw those words in a bin of my mind, years ago which never decomposed and had an imprint in mind.

    Now I am back to that girl who wanted to live her life once with the memories of HIM forever engraved on heart and as it's difficult for those memories to depart.

    It's the end of my story. Hope you liked it.
    #pod #wod #love #wednesday #mirakee #ceesreposts #writersbay #goahead #value #try #tidec #story #lovec #endc #colourspeaks #writer #creativearena

    Thank you soo much @the_frozenn_heart @purvi7 @fromwitchpen @colourfulgreys @lovesmessenger for motivating me����..

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    The memories you created,
    Remained embedded
    In the heart,
    Which no one invaded!!

  • rashenree 14w

    Tides rise and tides fall
    Days come and nights fall
    Emotions lower and feelings grow tall

    But there is a river, a river unseen
    It flows steady like a stream without seam
    Its voice is silent but not hard to stream
    Its impulse is ethereal yet easy to be seen

    When you hear it, when you feel it
    Then you follow it, then it follows you
    Tides will rise but you'll not notice
    Nights will fall but you'll still be shinning

    When you hear it, when you feel it
    Then you follow it, then it follows you
    And wherever it's going, you will only be eager

    Then you will sit back and relax
    And it will be only it that flows, that you follow
    The flow that follows one who follows its flow

    @mirakee @writersnetwork @writersbay #pod #writersbay #tidec #river #flowstate

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    The flow that follows
    One who follows its flow


  • writeranavah 14w

    The water laps at my feet.
    I don't mind drowning
    Or slipping intothe wetness
    Of the cold nights sand.
    The Tides are a way off
    Busy chasing moon.
    I wait in my loneliness
    For my sweet release.

  • bclark2681 14w

    Breathing of Approaching Waves

    Our lungs breathing follows the rise and
    Fall of the oceans waves as the tides
    Encroach upon the soft sandy beach
    Our feet reside upon as we, hands
    Lovingly locked together, gaze into the
    Horizons setting sun, curious as to
    What is taunting our wild imaginations

  • 300roses 14w

    Like the tide,
    our life rises & falls at
    different stages.
    There are highs & lows.
    After a high, a low follows,
    With a low, comes a high.
    The tide would change,
    It won't always stay the same.
    We rise & fall with the tide,
    taking life in our stride.


  • pallavi4 14w


    I am at the end of the line
    I know this will only last a while
    This journey has come to its end
    I will only last this long against the tide
    This was not how things were meant to end
    I can feel my throat closing, filling with bile
    Desperation makes my heart sink
    A feeling of gloom fills me from inside
    Tenaciously I cling to every breath
    Far away there are the dazzling lights
    Hurried gulps of air I take
    I can barely hold on to life
    Cling I do with every fibre of my being
    I’m barely awake in the depths of the night
    My blood curdles, my soul shrinks
    The water slowly fills through the spile
    A lightening strikes, with deep rumbling sounds
    The thunderous clouds begin to bleed
    Water, and then the cloud bursts open
    Making it nearly impossible to see
    I am the end, life flashes before my eyes
    Afraid I’d always been of the sea
    As I drown, I struggle to hold on to my boat
    But finally I let the rain get the better of me
    As life slowly draws to an end
    I remember moments like flashes on a screen
    The wind drowns my voice in the turbulence
    The water drowns my blood cuddling screams


    6th of January, 2021

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner

    Reposted from 12th of November, 2020

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  • pooja17 14w

    Our life is like an ocean
    Where we can't hide ourselves
    From all sorts of tides
    Whether high or low
    Sometimes which moved us so fast
    Sometimes quite slow
    But we must remember One thing always :
    We all are God creations
    He set our routes already
    So always welcome each flow**
    If you want to glow***

  • daphnae 14w

    If there was one thing I could wish for, it would be the dawn to the nights which feel like forever. @_creatingworldsthatdonotexist_ @bluepuppy01

    #mirakee #wn #pod #jazzyjanuary #blue_truedare #tidec #candlesc #labyrinthc @writersnetwork

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    to my future self,

    hey! have i been on your mind lately? i wish i ain't. i wish these days just vanish into the bermuda triangle i have been weaving for gulping down the tides of strings belonging to the heartbreaks. wherever you are now, i am happy that you could make through it, that you could burn like the candle when they set you on fire. i know you are smiling out there through the dark mazes of puns and hatred, knowing how brighter it is than the labyrinth i am stuck around now. knowing how gracefully you tackled the walls plastered with shards of glass, piercing your soul. iam proud of the smile you are carrying now, 'cause the struggles of finding the rare seashells and gems just to recast it into a real one, paid off. today, i dream of breathing courage like you and feel my skin getting warmer with every sunflower i gift to myself each morning. i today wear rags, saving the threads of all types for the gown of strength you are putting on after every dusk brushing their wind against yours.

    my cup of coffee is still warm on my table, and i crave for the taste of your poems under which this letter of mine will be kept. creaking doors, venting rain, starving self... i stay busy among the combinations of verbs, the stars and the leaves. how aesthetically they bind together, be the crown to my drab voices. my lonely self promises you every dawn, the sum of pretty calibres in your future paramour, who will sing you the poems my soul craved in lonely nights. nightsky greets me, takes me to the staircase to you. seven stairs left, steep and sturdy. and soon i will be at the top, merging with you to be a stronger self. find myself in a verse rhyming pain with flowers, darkness with colours, us with hope and grace. and when i reach the top we will smile at myself, over the curses which made us who we are, over the mistakes which shaped our flaws, 'cause after all, i am the sanguine blue hanging from the skyline when the cloudbursts stir you awhile ago.

    a beautiful woman in making

  • monika1 14w

    Are like
    Our minds
    Up and down
    At shore or drown
    When comes out become writes
    When inside create colourful vibes
    Where each colour in depth sense
    Be filled our life with real essence.


  • faman_sa 14w

    TIDES & the Shore

    You know what the real struggle feels like
    The war within ourselves
    It's like the water of the Oceans
    Trying to reach for the land
    The land that is within it's crust
    And the land which is within it's sight
    On the shore
    But it cannot reach
    You know the way the tides get pushed back
    Everytime it tries to reach for the shore
    Being discouraged by the own crust of Ours
    That's what inner battles feel like.

  • isntitlovelyallalone 14w

    I am here in my imagination,
    Standing at the shore watching calm sea,
    But like moon was unhappy with his calmness,
    He is making water dance,
    Water rises, water falls,

    Tides, high or low are disturbing sea,
    Like waves rising to maximum ,
    And then losing enthusiasm and falling,
    Small and small waves then made a huge , gigantic wave,
    It hit the shore and a lot got submerged,

    When it went back, shore wasn't the same,
    Like after every stress wave, high or low,
    We don't remain the same,

    It changes us unoticingly,
    Tide changes shore like it take something from it or give something to it,

    Wave falls, wave rises,
    Shakes the shore and demise.

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    Dear time

  • pnair87 14w

    By the shore of the sea I stood

    Gazing at the mesmerizing

    Beauty of the setting sun

    With every rise and fall of the tide

    The hope and wish I carry

    In my heart ripples too ....


  • word_breath 14w

    Stuck in the tide of life,
    Constantly moving up and down,
    Fun initially and a routine later,
    Finding an escape out of hollowness and shallowness,
    Persistently looking for a shore,
    Somewhere beyond the bloom and gloom.

  • lucent_muse 14w

    For what I seek, I go with the tide. One day I am going to ride a wave back in. Just wait and see.

  • schwellenangst 14w

    the words selected to make a tide

    the words are carved and then collected,
    the words are selected to make a tide,
    from the last page that I left to review
    now I'm getting the way ahead,
    and forgetting the old view.

    the words are predominant and tide is rising,
    through the rapid screams
    where the ghosts are hiding,
    behind the waves
    and transparent carves.

    glowing skin of young water-droplets,
    glitter is less to annoy the privacy of hidden art saints,
    to make a big storm
    the words are on knees
    asking to the petals
    of the dead flower,
    if tides are colourless
    or coloured in the crew.

  • scenic_lass 20w

    Sorrows do come in your way but how you are handling it matters the most...And if you are dependent on your ownself that defines your own strength..
    Just a try to make your day positive !!
    Words may not be that apt ������
    #temp #subfuscc #tidec @writersbay

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    I'm a sailor of a boat named "Happiness"
    I was sailing happily in the sea of time
    But soon a huge subfusc tide came and hit my happiness
    I'm all shattered in tears and was drowning
    I found a huge piece of a log of my broken happiness and
    With the help of my arms and my broken happiness I passed that time and
    Celebrate my happiness again by becoming a person on the land of happiness