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  • lohit_1999 31w

    Erotic Love

    He saw her like none other
    Even her gentle touch could make him shiver
    She bent forward to slowly kiss
    He fell knees down in abyss

    She whispered something in a surreal voice
    Her fake accent though was not to rejoice
    A nefarious smile, heightened hormones drove her in
    She made the lights dim
    Only to let the love swim..chanting the love hymn
    She left her cherry lip imprint all over the body

    She took the passion under the sheets
    Tied her hair and did her mystifying feats
    As she oscillated around ..she was always in the zone
    The skin glowing and the heat exponentially growing
    The eyes dilated with tears of joy
    Her nails trod delicately on her tantalising neck

    Suddenly she became motionless…..he continued tapping yet no avail
    He tapped the screen again…the video just endlessly buffered
    She got stuck in between as the WiFi disconnected
    She was just another angel doing the devil deed
    The thing was she was cursed to make him happy, unlike real women
    As he got back online….The love hymn kept hitting the roof
    Now the guy actually with her began chanting too…the voice amplified almost deafening

  • heartsease 31w

    There was death leaking out of
    my bare sins and I wished to
    paint it once with the shades of
    feuillemort, life's malleable when
    you get up on your feet they say
    but else's shoulder can anytime
    leave you alamort.

    I wonder if there's any sound to
    silence for my voice melts into
    the sky and that's when it turns
    into rustling thunderstorms.
    I'm afraid for the devastation that
    will occur from my screams like
    streaks of thunder burning the
    dusted stars of norms.

    Demons sheltering within my brain
    jump to the ground and I shiver to
    bid adieu tenants who taught me to
    slip wars into oblivion, peace to me
    looks like a rainbow one step far
    of grey clouds restraining me from
    howling when moon completes its

    Sometimes it's not the stories
    recited by stars but the darkness
    of night that turns me quiet and
    makes me sleep, sometimes it's
    not a nightingale but the aurora
    of dawn which turns me quiet
    before people drive the day into
    another cacophony.

    #quiet #thunderc

    @writersnetwork okay I miss you

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    No apt Bg

  • angels_halo_shines 31w

    Stormy nights are my favorite, lighting up the sky. With the spontaneous lightning, crackling thunder. Rain clinging to the windows. Stormy summer nights are the best.
    The more thunder the better. To me.

  • zhayden 31w

    He was like lightning
    Not because he was fast
    But because when he came
    The sound of my heart
    Like thunder, rumbles
    Loud an deafening


  • nocturnal_enigma 31w

    * 23.11.2021; 4.09 A.M (Malaysia)

    #thunderc #thunder #challenge @writersbay


    "Thunder, thunder
    Thunder, thun-
    Thunder, th-th-thunder, thunder
    Thunder, thunder, thun-
    Thunder, th-th-thunder, thunder" ��

    - Thunder by Imagine �� Dragons ����

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    -nder; -der ~

    Lightnings are seen. Heard loud thunder.
    On the sky, clouds are weeping. Under...
    them, the rain fallen like tears. Wider...
    the rainbow smile. Silver linings wander.
    Waiting for miracles, about future. Wonder.

    © Nuruliffa Emirah
    @ nocturnal_enigma

  • sheez_happiee 31w

    Under your consciousness there lies the unconsciousness roaming the corridors of fantasies and ethereal realms. When you discover them, that's when thunder rains kissing your reality with beautiful artistic life.

    Never cease to imagine and dream!

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    Somewhere far away, next to the moon and beside the sun, amidst the blurring bridge between reality and fantasy, when two different love collide, the realm is rewarded with the roaring thunder of pain and life.


  • tales_of_a_phoenix 31w

    #thunderc @writersbay @writersnetwork

    (My 250th post. Thank you for all the likes and shares.)

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    Reality to dreams,
    Thunder strikes
    When you least expect it.
    Do you fear it?

    Can you dance in the rain
    Match your beats with
    The thundering lights?

    Then worry not,
    Like glass
    Hope will be born
    From the very sand
    Where the thunder light
    struck last.

  • just_another_voice 31w

    This moment we share,
    with its belly full of questions
    about the way we got here,
    about the place we will end up,
    Is so precious and delicate,
    we won't know when it disappears.

    This hope we rekindle, again and again,
    with a pinch of positivity
    and a dab of desperation,
    on nights of the thunderstorms,
    will elope with the breeze
    if it is given the chance.

    This life we create, day by day,
    by plucking cords of joy and pain,
    soaking them in vibrant feelings,
    to weave a unique fabric
    etched with our realities,
    will tear into pieces easily
    if we leave it among the thorns.


  • alecmb 31w

    Thunder Longing
    By: Alecmb

    The night Skies filled with
    Curious Thunder longing
    To feel sacred Earth

  • pallavi4 31w


    I lie bleeding under a canopy of shimmering stars
    Aware that this will be the last time I see them
    The cold seems to have seeped into my broken bones
    I’m coughing clots of blood along with the phlegm

    As life slowly ebbs towards the end
    I cling to each moment, each breath
    I shiver thinking any minute may be my last
    I seem to be inches away from death

    Life flashes before my now drooping eyes
    As I lie dying on the grassy greens of my own house
    In life I hadn’t achieved much
    Neither been a good father nor a bearable spouse

    My wife, the doting, meek, mother of two
    Stands by me watching me hang on to my dear life
    She’s soaked to the bone , as am I
    I lie prostrate on the ground, she holding a bloody knife

    In my life I had had little consideration for her
    Or for that matter anyone else but me
    I had been spoilt and selfish, self centered and a cheat
    Inspite of my kids I had always considered myself free

    She had on the other hand had
    Spent her life tending to me and later the kids
    Her obliging, sweet manner were good for a person like me
    Oblivious to her own needs she had lived

    I had cheated on her for years now
    She had only now discovered one
    Read the love notes written by one of them
    So she knew how behind her back I’d been having fun

    When confronted with the notes I denied
    Any knowledge of their existence
    Plead to her of my innocence in the matter
    Thought I could persuade her with some persistence

    The lies did not seem to have moved her
    She was embarrassed, angry and outraged
    I had underestimated the degree of her ire
    She stood seething like an animal who had been kept caged

    Without a word , she lurched at me
    The blade of her meat knife piercing my heart
    As I fell to the floor I lost count of the slashes
    They’d been so unexpected that they’d given me a start

    I slowly dragged myself away from her
    Towards the garden I started to crawl
    She stood like an amazon watching me mewl
    Watching my blood soil the floors and the walls

    As the thunderstorm outside blessed
    Her lovingly tended garden with showers of rain
    She followed me out to the lawn
    Where I now lay writhing in extreme pain

    The kids were asleep although they were
    By now used to the silent treatments and fights
    I wondered what they would think of their gentle mother
    After she disposed me off this very night

    I pleaded with her to get me a doctor
    I knew I was close to being gone
    She stood silently like a block of wood
    While I bled out on her meticulously manicured lawn

    She walked to the house alone after orchestrating the catastrophe
    The nearest neighbours were further away than a mile
    For the first time in years once she shut the door
    Her face lit up with a beatific smile


    22nd of November , 2021

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner- “Blind Love” by Cora Tiana

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  • anamika17 31w

    Mistakes that mistakenly gave you fame,
    At the end, they'll gradually defame your name.
    Acts that brings upon shame,
    You've no-one else to blame.
    'Karma' provides you, your real worth,
    What have been done by you in mirth.
    Clarity is what you should maintain,
    Then only good name,you can obtain.
    You'll be given, what you deserve,
    Your good deeds only to preserve.
    You can't spared away from the thunder,
    Whatever the circumstances for causing the blunder.
    The cycle of life 'non-stop' moves around,
    After all,you need only six feet place in the ground.
    Nothing will go with you except your soul,
    That should be sanctified, your only goal.

  • bubbly_bluebells 31w

    Aches are thunderbolts in the sky of bodytypes

    Maybe that depressed silence mode,made you sealed pouch is saying to speak; it's too much silence inside cells that body is aching,downwardly inflated like balloon due empty heaviness.Go out stretch body and dream new horizons!Feed some energy,fresh air of trying new adventures and be revived from dead zombie status,exhaling stagnant force that acted as coffin.


  • strxberry_ 31w

    With the peals of laughing thunder
    my thoughts did a plunder;
    The fragile thoughts broke into pieces
    like the fragile peace
    and my fragile love,
    scattered into the mango grove.

  • writersbay 31w

    Word of the day: Thunder

    Tag and share with #thunderc

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    Another secret of the universe: sometimes pain was like a storm that came out of nowhere. The clearest summer could end in a downpour. Could end in lightning and thunder.

    – Benjamin Allire Saenz

  • stardust_writes 31w

    On some days,
    when the grieving clouds are heavy,
    the pounding rain is a relief.
    Some say rain is nature's symphony,
    myth goes by it's a widow's tears,
    alas, even the summer weeps sometimes.
    The grey clouds are like blurred
    memories, carrying the heaviness
    within, the rains are salty tears
    wept by a lonely kid touring the sky
    and it thunders everytime those
    tears descend to the ground.
    People run for covers and shades,
    forgetting their lives are already
    battered by the unsaid silent storms
    and the children happily drench,
    dancing to the rain's song,
    unworried about the complexities of life.
    We're all paperboats, sailing in life,
    are paths may diverge, but
    destination is the same.
    Some paperboats may float,
    some may sink, some need
    a push, some seek help of the wind,
    but we shouldn't let circumstances
    define us. When you're happy,
    even the rain sounds poetic,
    but when you're aching,
    even the sound of rain seems
    like a dead music.
    Amidst the misty clouds,
    when everything is dire and bleak,
    remember to carry light within,
    to break free from the dark,
    melancholic sky.


    #rain #thunderc @writersbay @miraquill @writersnetwork

    Thank you so much WN❤️

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    Misty(Teary) Clouds

    Rain is that happy kid
    singing a weeping song.

  • miss_silentlyweird 32w

    After a long break and losing spark , I tried my best to keep my pen moving again.
    Goodnight! ;)

    #movingonc #myth #wod
    #thunderc @writersbay @miraquill
    Ps; Not yet edited,

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    "If this is the last breath I can take”

    ~Snow is myth for her as she's trapped in dark of fall~

    Dear person I needed to forgive

    In time I walking in jungle of yours
    I tumble with the poisonous lure
    I'm really on the ropes until this time
    Yet forgiveness is what I've been trying to chime

    I am too busy choking
    Forcing to push things in ending
    I don't wanted to be numb in pain circulating
    So I decided to cut what's holding

    It might leave a scars that will mark
    But maybe it can still be a flower pot and depart
    All the roots of these mad muddy bark
    Lingers likes a dagger in my heart

    Dear person I could never forget
    and place that changed me

    I wrote this letter for you
    Including those things you do
    For you to knew that around you I live and grew
    Although I'm shaded with tinted black — I glow

    In this chaotic world I didn't think I'd find peace
    A home who helps me catched my breath and pieces
    It is too hard to say it out loud but now I wanted to express
    Because of you I'm thankful that my heart beats in my chest

    Through skin and bones you're beautiful
    You're the butterfly I can't stop admiring to the full
    I'm sorry If I failed you till then or soon enough
    I hope we meet in star again I love you may this luff

    Dear place I had to leave.

    I lost my sight to find bright
    I'm trying to be better
    But it felt like I'm under thunder
    So If I leave this place decided to flight

    It might not be to find light,
    Erase all of my fright and be alright
    Atleast I can show that I desire to be alive
    It's not your fault I wanted me to archive

    And when I'm slowly disappear
    Please don't hold a memory
    Just take me as ghost in atmosphere
    You deserve better than me


  • sumana_chakraborty 31w

    #pod #writersnetwork #miraquill #quiet #thunderc #writersbay @writersnetwork @miraquill

    This is a very precious gift which I always cherish ...thank you @miraquill❤️
    Thank you @writersnetwork❤️ for assigning my poem as POD...

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    Always a hazy reflection
    of yesteryears haunt me.
    In a quiet but obvious way
    What if I forget them forever,
    What if my path drives me asunder
    To which I was very near .
    The pain of my silence
    every dawn augments
    Also it sinks with the sunset
    to the deepest of my slumber
    and mingle under the canopies
    of moss green cassuarina
    where moist naive dolour
    sets its footprint
    on the soft clayey mud(mind)
    The algid melancholy
    of departure bangs like a thunder,
    the waves of relentless blue
    gushes the shore of life
    one after the other.