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    Shadow & Soul, Book 1 of The Goa Saga by Eisha Sarkar

    Saysha Singh, a beautiful, multiracial young woman from Delhi, meets Aeram Khan, a gorgeous model-actor in college and they fall madly in love with each other. Aeram is the only legal heir of the Albuquerques, a family descended from Afonso de Albuquerque, the sixteenth-century Portuguese statesman and conquistador of Goa. After a few weeks of passionate romance, Saysha gets wary of committing her life to a controlling boyfriend. She leaves him and moves to Shimla. He moves to Mumbai and becomes a very successful actor and entrepreneur.

    Three years later, when he is in Shimla for a shoot, Saysha meets him again and they rekindle their romance in secret until he goes as her date to a masquerade ball where he unexpectedly reveals his identity. Saysha becomes fodder for primetime TV news. Aeram brings her back to Delhi with the help of his gay half-brother and stunt-double, James Albuquerque. After persuading her father, an army officer, Aeram and Saysha marry in court. Aeram and James strive to protect her privacy and dignity at all cost. However, living under the shadow of her famous husband makes a dent in Saysha's self-esteem and she tries to carve her own identity.

    When Saysha finds out that James loves Aeram, she initially is shocked but gradually realises that of the two, James is the better man. She is attracted towards him in spite of his sexual orientation. Aeram gets jealous of their friendship but cannot get rid of James. In a graveyard in Goa, Saysha discovers there is more to Aeram and James's bond than what they show.

    Now available on Amazon Kindle

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    Rotten Dairies

    A family in Burari (Episode 1).

    As police stepped inside , they first saw unwashed utensils lying on the floor. The smell of last night's mosquito coil was still remarkable.
    Then suddenly they were shocked , they felt like the soil from their feet is going down. It's normal reaction to see 11 members hanging dead of one family including 2 childrens.

    Let's start from the starting....

    The case about which we are going to talk about is one of the extraordinary case of our society. I have to give a clear idea about this case. The context of true crime writing  always remains around light versus dark , like normal people remains victims , in light side , like any common man of country , in other side , in dark side there comes  the role of a  criminal.

    But , in this case , it seems like a foggy line in between victim and perpitrator . Whom to blame or not to whom is really a difficult task here.
    In today's episode , we will try to look into this case thoroughly. Before we start , we have to go through  the family  structure and we will try to understand their mindset. Because , when this type of case happens in India , people think that family must be uneducated , lower class , superstitious like something different from our family etc etc.. If you  have seen any newspaper or social media , then you might have seen people saying "dark secrets" of family  to attract readers and audience .  And , a   webseries on Netflix is also coming on , named " House of secrets " . So , I am telling from first  that the family had no dark secrets , it was not any uneducated family. Some , TV channels and newspapers have spread the misconceptions that they were underprivileged . But , the family was normal , a normal Indian educated middle class family.

            If you are now at home , then have look around your street from your window , you can see a grocery store  may be a little far distance. A grocery store  , in which the owner's family lives on the second floor. You probably have known the family from many years or may that's your daily place for gossips with friends . Like I said , a  normal middle class business family . The chundawat family was somehow like that , a happy joint family living  in shant Nagar , Burari from 20 years. Originally , they were from Rajasthan , they lived  some 10 years in Tohana  district of Haryana . In the 90s they came to Delhi. The head of the family was  Sri Bhopal Singh , husband of Narayani Devi . He sold his properties in Haryana and came to Burari with his wife and son Lalit . By the way , after the  breaking news in 2018 , some people called it Bhatia family . Bhatia was not their surname , it was the surname of Narayani Devi's   maternal family.  After coming to Delhi  , Bhopal Singh ji became quite familiar with people and people of his society used to call him Daddy. End of 1992 , after the completion of their home , they also wanted to their other childrens to be there. To be mentioned , Bhopal Singh ji first came Delhi with his wife and son Lalit , but they had 3 sons , Lalit , vabnesh and Dinesh and 2 daughters , Pratibha and Sujata. Dinesh  was unable to come due to some personal reasons. Vabnesh , his wife Sabita and daughter  Nitu came Delhi. Bhopal Singh's daughter Pratibha  along with her daughter Priyanka also came Delhi after some years of his husband's death   , saying her family used to torchure her.  The family started living happily as a joint family ,  Lalit also married Tina in 2002.  In these years , Lalit also opened a plywood  Shop. It's very important to understand Lalit's  character and mindset. His old friend says , he was a good , jolly type person  and disciplined also . He had a ideal personality. This personality changed in 2004 , something happened.  According to me , that was a major turning point of the case . It happened like , some people put him under plywood sheets and set fire on the shop due to some undisclosed reason. No one knows who were the people till today . And surviving family members don't have any clue about it . That incident is not so important , but the things happened after that is important. Apparently , Lalit lost his speech  after that accident. He became quite and silent. The family got another shock , after the death of family's  head man's death in February 2007 , due to some breathing unhealthy Ness. The family , the entire colony was in grief. Some how the family managed to start the last funeral of Bhopal Singh ji. In this ritual they had to read Garud puran for 10 days continuously. Like every day , the reading was going on while Lalit's body started some strange movement and suddenly he started saying om ️ , miraculously Lalit was able to speak . Some how , he regained his speech that time. Everyone in the family said Daddy came , Daddy came. Like I  have said before, Daddy means Bhopal Singh ji.

    Next episode .......



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    Horror Story

    The chains start to shake, while the walls begin to shrink. I shake my legs loose. The chains refuse to let me be free. As I'm grabbing the chains with my hands, screaming with tears. Sweat drenching down my face. Finally the chains break open. I gain strength and balance into my feet, as I start to run down a long deep hallway. I am set free, but freedom is another price I need to pay.

    As I'm running down this hall, it has seems to not has ended or even shows signs of the next room. I hope for a door. Is it even worth running? Do I stop running? I keep running, full speed as if something was chasing me. As my feet hit the floor, the more I realize that not piece of cloth is on me. Hair in the wind. Air breathing onto my torso.

    I collapse.

    Lower right side of my rib cage is in flame. As I whine and whimper in pain. I feel so faint, as if something or someone has stabbed me.

    I should've stayed home today.

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    In the coming few days, I'll be posting one of my short stories, that I have also published on Amazon Kindle, in various segments. This is Part-1 and I hope you'll stay in touch with the piece as we go through the gripping and evocative challenges that the characters experience.
    And yeah, don't forget to comment below any kind of suggestions to the story as we go and I'll surely consider them and make the appropriate changes in the story.✌️
    @writersnetwork @miraquill @mirakeeworld

    #shortstory #part1 #horror #fiction #drama #action #thriller #love #death #heartfelt

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    A Short Story- Part 1

    ‘Good Morning Students’, I said as I walk into the class with a brown leather suitcase held in my hand. After having an incredible brainstorming session for about an hour, I finally give the students a break. I, then, walk back to my cabin and start packing my bags. As I am doing so, my colleagues surprise me with a cake and congratulate me. The celebration lasted for two hours, after which, I drive home in my Chevrolet Cruze. And that is how I celebrated my last day at the college as a chemistry professor.

    For the first time in my life, I have plenty of time and I don't have anything planned. I knew retirement would be monotonous but for the first few days, everything started seeming like a temporary change in my life and I thought to myself that I will eventually start teaching again. I felt that way since I am afraid to accept the reality, that is, my retirement.


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    I prefer to live my life in a day rather than a day in my life!


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    #A Random Wish

    I wish I have a bizarre day where everything just goes fine!


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    The Uncanny Image

    In a moment in my life at the age of 9, I slept in my grandmothers basement with my uncle and his wife. I slept on the backside wall down there. The basement was very roomy, and dark, but I enjoyed being down there. Frequently, my aunt and his wife used to just watch TV all day in the basement. They lived in my grandmother's basement for 9 years because they could not afford to buy a house or an apartment. Basically, they were homeless. That is why my grandmother kindly decided to let them stay there for awhile until they find a decent job and a place.
    At that moment, I normally slept upstairs in my room. Me, my mother, and my brother Glenn lived at my grandmother's house ever since we were babies. That was when until my mother moved out in 2003. My grandmother's house was a family house. I come from a really big family. My grandmother had 12 children. Everyone in my family stayed there over the years until they decided to move out. My grandmother always allowed anyone in the family to stay there until they move out, as long as they did not bring any type of negative activity into her home. Such as, drinking, drugs, smoking, alcohol use etc... She did not play. My grandmother was always strict and serious about things like that. But anyways, that is not the point of this eerie tale.
    One night I wanted to sleep downstairs in the basement, and my uncle and his wife allowed me to sleep downstairs. I stayed down there all night until I fell asleep. While we were in the basement, my aunt Sandra and grandmother's bedrooms are upstairs as well as mine. I decided to sleep downstairs in the basement with my uncle and his wife.
    I saw an eerie night vision of my aunt. I saw my aunt Sandra standing in the basement by the back door, and she was sleeping upstairs at the time. The back door basement where she was standing at seemed broad and long. Her image was tiny from off distanced from where I was sitting. It was like her body went from tiny to large as the door and her body came closer. When her image came closer and closer until she reached my bed, she stared at me smiling and held up a bag of junk food in one hand. I said to myself, " yeah that's my auntie Sandra cause she loves a lot of junk food." But it was not really my aunt standing by me. She is sleeping in her bedroom. It was creepy. What does it mean?
    The next day when I woke up, I told my aunt about the vision that I saw her standing downstairs from the backdoor. I explained every detail of my vision. She said it was just a dream I had, but she asked did she die in the dream? I told her no. The reason why she asked me did she die is because she informed me that she has dreams about herself dead or seeing herself at her own funeral like being dead lying in a casket. It was extremely creepy. I pray that I will never dream or have visions of myself seeing my body in a casket. She did not know what that dream meant.
    By Ciara Webb

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    The Uncanny Image

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    Dark Light

    Too much darkness can drive you crazy
    Too much light can make you blind,
    Beware of these 2 every second day
    While Opening the curtains For the shine,
    Or trying to hide from something or someone
    By Closing the doors or Hiding Behind

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    There Maybe Another part of this (No Joke around Or 4 knocks more)
    #dark #horror #story #supernatural #paranormal #suspense #thriller

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    The Horror Joke (Continuation)

    The night it all happened was nothing more than a normal night.But next day we planned to watch the movie "Paranormal Activity" latenight and decided to just go directly to sleep after that.After watching the movie,I made by bed ready in the lobby as I'm the only one who sleeps in the lobby.And that night I had a deep and sweet sleep. But in the morning,when Me ,My cousin and My sister were playing carrom together. My cousin started sharing last night Experiences which were really hard to believe.
    He told that while he was sleeping,He felt like someone was pulling his sheets which he took over his body, after some time he felt like someone had swayed his leg in the air and was pulling harder .
    Then he told me one more thing -:"Bhaiyya , I know you knocked 4 times on the door to make me scared, Hai na ? And I angrily bursted on him and said - "Abbe Bakwaas na Kar, Yesterday night I was in such a deep and sweet sleep that even i hadn't woke up from my bed once ; And one more thing.... I'm not a crazy person who will stretch a silly prank for so long ,I agree that All that I told you was just Made up by me....But for the rest case I don't know a thing."
    Then he even got more scared and was just repeating that You have done such things. It all seemed like a joke my cousin maybe playing with me until i heard my Sister.
    She told Me -"Bhaiiya Last night When I can't sleep ; In the cool breeze of AC ....I felt a Hot gust of wind touching My face and playing with my hair.And it felt like someone breathing on my face, but it was nothing like a human breathing ......And I was Awake all night, And I'm damn sure that I can't see a living soul around me At that time.At that time I was speechless and too afraid as hell.
    I remember some 4 or 5 years back when We shifted in our newly made house. I was having way too scary experiences than those 2 were having.
    At night ,I could feel someone's presence but i Couldn't see anyone around.I could hear a lot of strange sounds ,But never dared to react to them at all Neither I could understand a thing.
    And 4 knocks was one of those incidents that lasted and thrilled my soul for least 2 or 3 years.But I thought it all has come to an end back then.
    But I didn't knew it was Holding something strange and dark for me in the future To give me a call ....Or Maybe mistakenly I made one

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    A Little Background -
    My cousin was having a month long vacation in school .So he came to our house to spend his holidays well. Mostly I use my phone a lot at Midnight time .Because of which my mom scolds me a lot. Consequently, My mother told my cousin to check on Me at midnights that I'm using my phone or not....And that too when he feels Like and Not unnecessarily.
    'The Lobby Scene ' Details -:
    In half portion of the Lobby there's An Led Attached to the wall .At the left side There is the sofa,the table in the middle And On the Right side A Single Bed . And In the other Half where the main Door connects..... There's a Fridge ,kitchen And The Sink With A long Rectangular Mirror.Usually The Lobby has 3 Bulbs And A tubelight . But for the Time Being in The story Only One Bulb Is On .
    (Just Imagine It This Way...)

    PS - Don't think The writer's a crack mind. it's a Semi-fiction .
    #dark #horror #story #paranormal #supernatural #suspense #thriller

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    The Horror Joke

    I was moving to and fro in the lobby with some random thoughts crushing in my mind.
    All of a sudden, I felt thirst and then I took A Glass from the kitchen,filled it half from the RO and as I Was Moving forward ....i stopped in the front of the mirror which is above the sink . I sipped the water slowly from the glass,And I was Checking myself in the mirror too. Then I felt I'm not Alone Here .Then I saw Someone peeking from the door which was at the end of the lobby and that side of the lobby was totally dark. Ohh! It was my cousin who came to spy on me and irritate me, I realised .Then I planned in my mind to play an prank(kinda joke ) on him. I slowly walked towards him..... Holding The glass of water such as It was A Long candle firmly And When I was in front of him with an unusual Scary smile. Then he asked me...
    Cousin -: "Bhaiyya, what were you doing standing there with a water glass in front of that damn mirror."
    Then I replied to him-:" You'll not know a thing,Huh.... I'm conjuring Bloody Mary !"
    Then He said to me -: "Don't make a Fool of me , I know it's done with a candle and that too at 12 :30 am".
    Then I made An angry and irritated face and said -:"Do you Know some logic about the process even? or you just believe the rumours.? And see the time is 12:35 and that too 5 mins. Late because you're messing with me" ....I said Nodding my head in disappointment.
    He said -:" So will you tell me the logic ,big brother?"
    Then I answered him in a serious tone "As the mirror shows the reflection of our world,Its also capable of opening the door to the other world. It's like as We can see through the mirror, Someone from the other side may too be Looking at us ....waiting for us to open the doors of the more strange,dark and maybe evil world.
    As such the water too shows the reflection, It can act like a Stephanie in the process with the double chance of conjuring something Or even someone from the other side. Maybe it help us to conjure someone which is More demonic than the Bloody mary itself.
    And thanks to the devil....I needed a partner and here you are "
    Listening to this theory he was scared as hell...He was sweating all over and was having an expressionless face. Then he ran towards the bathroom and just stayed there for some minutes.Then I thought to level up this horror prank thing. I turned off the single bulb glowing in the lobby.Now only the dim bathroom lights were visible. When he came out , I told him in a few words that....
    "By leaving this ritual, you're not doing something wise. You'll suffer for this,And I'll not make you suffer this,As I'm just giving a cautionary warning brother ; The one who'll make you suffer is even beyond my reach and communication. so be ready for the consequences ." Then he was scared so much that he said with a little face -"Please don't say like this brother ." and than he just ran towards the room ,closed the door hard ....And my silly prank was a success....lol.
    And now I thought he'll not irritate me at midnights disturbing my vibes.
    But what happened later .....was not something I expected and not even funny .
    Next part....

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    The Horror Joke

    Just Next Post !

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    it's a like a trip hard to get to threw but makes it all worth it❣️

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    The Doll, The Teddy, The Thing and The Night Wanderer
    Chapter 1 (The Doll)
    Intro -:
    For the Kids, A doll means a Lot !
    They play with them,share feelings with them,and even sleep with them . But when they grow up, They're supposed to break that relation with the doll
    ..... The one Who chooses not to ,Are thought to be the bad cases. But when the doll Chooses not to do so ..... It's worse .
    Me and my sister had experienced a lot similiar to this. So I should better start with the latest Incident first

    Latest Incident (Dated Some days ago) -:

    My nani's house is just 2 streets away , and there I have 3 Cousin sisters . Eldest one is 16 y/o ,Middle one is 13 y/o ,And the youngest one is just 4 y/o.And My real Sister's doll (Juju) with whom she used to play in her childhood usually remains At Nani's house as my Youngest cousin sis plays with her . Just a few days ago, Me and my sister were at that place, Sitting on the bed talking to each other about the School, IG , Punjabi songs And other stuff . After a time ,The youngest cousin dropped the doll on the bed , And started playing with her . I said to the middle cousin
    That "The doll seemed a little sad ,when she was laying on The bed.But when the youngest Started playing with her she seemed happy. I don't know if I'm imagining or it really seems to Everyone who notices this" . The middle one said "That's true,when I was a child , I too used to play with alike dolls for hours,And it felt like the dolls reacted to each and every talk and the things...Just like she was a Living Friend".
    Just next day....
    The youngest cousin hitted our door In the morning with my uncle .I was just in a half awake state ....
    I remember seeing her carrying the doll in her arms and approaching me .The Youngest Cousin came closer to me and said "The doll wanted to come here , She wanted to stay with you here"....
    And I was totally shocked hearing this !!
    My sister's Experience (Somewhere in 2013 or 2014)
    It was a complete midnight situation.My sister Was just 7 at that time .So she used to sleep with the same doll (Juju) on the cornerside of the bed.So she was facing towards her doll which was sleeping left to her. She closed her eyes watching the same doll, After a little while when she opened her eyes ,she could not see her doll sleeping next to her , All she can see was just wall. Her body was totally paralyzed,Like she can't move an inch of her body as she can only see the wall and nothing.After a while she was back to the normal state ,Then she turned her eyes to the roof .There she saw something unnatural ...She saw a lot of dolls on the Ceiling, joining hands ,making a circle and they all were staring my sister.But she was astonished more to see that her own doll was not there .And instead of the ceiling fan, In the area between the circle , She could see the darker portal thing which was very shady and hard to identify. Next morning, she was glad to see her doll back and hugged her and everything was back to normal .
    (After hearing that I was having my own thoughts,I imagined maybe they all were trying to open the doors to another world,maybe My sister's doll was doing so because in the whole process she wasn't one of the dolls and doesn't appeared in front of her,And maybe it was all in my head)
    The last incident (Dated somewhere 2 or 3 years ago)
    We had a cradle which belonged to my younger sister when she was a kid. But now as we were having a younger kid (At my Nani's house ,that same 4 y/o cousin was just some months old) we decided to hand it over to her.But the cradle never stayed at the same place .Sometimes ..my Cousin travels to our house sitting in the cradle and leaved the house sleeping in her father's arms .So one day my sister was holding the doll In a silly manner,and we were delivering the cradle and the doll both to my Nani's house. On the way Many people Talked a lot weird things about them Such as ...(The women is so heartless that she handed her little baby to her younger sister and is being careless ,Why they are not placing the little baby in the cradle ...So silly they are". i think they said such things as the doll appeared very close to reality such as it was a reborn doll(Reborn dolls are the dolls which looks total real and are custom made),But our one was a total normal one.
    I don't know why but after hearing this, I was disturbed.
    The Ending - I personally think there's nothing wrong in having a little sweet connection with the doll at any age, But only when we keep in our mind the Difference between the reality and the illusionary world. Because when you start ignoring the difference,It gives her the chance to erase the difference Completely.And if that happens, Your life may turn dark and depressive...you may be left alone and declared a psychopath by the rest of the world and your life may come to a pointless Still.
    .....( Darker Narrative continues )
    Then she'll only play with you, She'll only talk to you, She'll sleep with you every night without you knowing the fact...
    Finally , she'll have total control over your LIFE and Your SOUL......||
    The Narrative style is inspired from The Lore S1 (Horror Web Series)

    Credits -: The reborn doll reference is from The Lore S1E6.

    Special Credits - I want to thank my sister and my mom For telling me the stories,
    And a sincere apology for Over -dramatising the stories too....
    P.S.- The writer's not a crack mind , It's just semi fiction (Half fiction,Half reality)
    #horror #deep #dark #disturbing #tale #story #supernatural #paranornmal #psychological #suspense #thriller #pod #mirakee @miraquill @writersnetwork #writersnetwork

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    The Doll


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    Its about the doll whom the child loves but abandon it once they grow up,But the doll Doesn't...
    It will not be a Linear story, But in a narrative form form as a collection of events ...(Trying Something New)
    #dark #horror #suspense #thriller #story #series #paranormal #supernatural

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    The Doll, The Teddy, The Thing And The Night Wanderer

    Chapter 1(The Doll) Just Next Post !

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    Wanna make guesses ?....... It's a cult classic Horror novel!
    #book #gift #read #novel #horror #classic #cult #thriller

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    Just got 1 of the 2 book gifts,
    Ab raat Ko Padhne Mein Maza Aayega

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    It is saturday again, today.

    Ava walks in the december cold morning wearing her jerkins and boots with a cold coffee in her hand. For her, saturdays are meant for library.

    She registers herself in the library's register, the security and her exchanged their morning smiles. She walks into the clean, narrow, brown shelves. She takes her favourite book and sits by in the last table of the narrow room. A fair lady sits in front of her with her water bottle and book.

    "Isn't it too cold, today? She asked.

    "Yes it is." replied Ava, without an eye contact at her, seeing the book.

    She turns few pages and stops at 48 where she left a bookmark last week. There was utter silence in the entire room, Afterall library is meant to be so, right?

    The librarian enters and keeps a check on everyone.

    The thriller story she was reading kept her hooked to it.

    *Thadar* The bottle of the fair lady sitting opposite to Ava fell down.

    She looked up to her face. She felt like she had seen this face before.

    "Sshh. This is library." said the librarian.

    "Nevermind. Let's get back." Ava said to herself.

    Ava got hooked to this story only because she was able to resonate with each chapters. The death of the narrator's single parent. The narrator, being the elder took care of his sibling. Every details seemed like it has happened to her. Her curiosity tends to make her turn pages of the story.

    It was 1 pm already. Ava closed her books to have her lunch at home. The last page of the book had an image of a character in the novel. She stared at it for half a minute, Alas! It was none other than the fair lady sitting opposite to her. She doubtfully looked at her face. All in a second, The lady held her hand and took her into the same book. They got caught in. Everything seemed giant in Ava's eyes. The lady seemed to be nowhere around her. She was all alone. She looked around her in dismay, all she could see was Marie crying all alone with her brother hugging her. (Characters of the novel) This exactly reminded her of the situation she faced 7 years ago. That was where she stopped in the library.

    The page turned as she jumped at the corner of the room. She walked over the words and read the sentences.

    "Her inner self was telling : This is so you. The life long mystery you wanted to know, might be hidden here."

    Sentences automatically turned into scenarios in front of Ava's eyes as she started to walk over it.

    She continued walking.. Marie reminisces the same day but 3 years prior in the story. Her mother and she had been to a library, on a december cold morning. A fair lady sat before them, It is none other than the same fair lady who sat opposite to Ava.

    Ava was stunned seeing her yet here again.

    The library was calm and peaceful as it is meant to be. All of a sudden..

    *Thadar* a sound came, again.

    No, It wasn't the lady's bottle that fell down, this time. It was a shot, a gun shot targeted on the forehead of Marie's mother. Marie heard this sound and woke weeping for her mother to wipe her tears off. She was all alone without a pillar for her support with her younger brother.

    Ava picturised the scene replacing herself in Marie's place, her tears flowed out. Her anger bursted out at the fair lady. Within a fraction of a second the lady disappeared after shooting her mother.

    All of a sudden a purple-bluish hand shaped swirl kind of cloud came in front of her, which pulled her from her back. She didn't want to leave the place without questioning the lady.

    No! No! No! Don't pull me She screamed rubbing her eyes from the bed.

    ~ Poojaa

    Thank you for reading, suggestions are welcomed. :) ��

    #mirakee #writersnetwork #readwriteunite #shortstory #story (yes, I tried) #book #lost #thriller (xD)

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    Lost inside the book

    (A short story)


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    Reversed Legs

    Just next post ......!

  • uttkarsh_15 13w

    The Original Tale I heard From Nanaji.

    "This is an story which occured in 1950's or 1960's ,when nanaji was nearly the same age as me "
    #horror #suspense #thriller #story #real #kisse

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    Reversed Legs

    Atmosphere of the story :-
    "It was a Midnight situation nearly 12 o' clock or more,The streets were as silent as the quite jungle As All you can hear are the crickets ,the wind and your own footsteps "

    Story -:
    My nanaji and his friend was walking home late night with his friend after watching a late night movie show .They reached the bridge which is connected to the railways.
    The Streetlights there were flickering , As usual . When they crossed the bridge they saw a lady in a white attire ,Which was not usual back in those days at that time . She walked towards them both and she asked about directions And it was total normal situation until.... .
    Ok, So my Nanaji Started guiding her as he knew the whole area . His friend was just looking around the place .But when he started looking down, He was not moving even an inch of his body after that ,He was just like got shocked so bad .My nanaji doesn't noticed it for the moment. But when he looked upon him,He was totally Astonished to see him like this. Then my Nanaji too look upon the earth as he Can see then the Lady's feet were Reversed (Ulte Pair or Putthpairi in punjabi).
    He got in a sudden void for some minutes as he can't think of anything like that, And even in that Time of the day .What happened next was more unexpected than the before events....
    When he moved his eyes to check on his friend he was gone (Like he can't find a living soul in that direction),And it was such a long road so with no hideouts so how he can get Disapeared . A little after he Moved his face to check on the lady But She .....
    Walked away in the opposite direction.
    (Maybe to ask someone else, Or Waiting someone to look upon her feet and look straight into her eyes so she can......)
    Afterwards he started walking towards the direction of his home With the thoughts of the unexplained Events.
    As he was walking he heard someone Else's footsteps , He didn't looked behind as he thought if anyone had to call me He will then.Then the same happened .....Anyone called by his name . But he was smart as he didn't reply to the question and just took a quick look behind as there was no one there . After a while he reached home and was laying on his bed .
    He couldn't sleep As the whole thing was revolving around his mind like the Nightmare with the unanswered questions like Where his friend was gone ,Or who was the lady And were the footsteps and the voice calling His hallucination , The Demon's call Or his Friend's Help Call.......
    After the Night he Went to his Friend's home, He talked to one his kin and asked about his friend , And then they took him to the room where his friend Was On the Manja/Khatiya(The Bed made of ropes and wood)
    As he was Very Sick with the High temperature Health , Thst he cant talk or even can't sit on his own . Then the kin Herself asked my nanaji What happened Yesterday night . Then he told her Even he don't know what Happened yesterday as he just left .
    (As he can't tell such things to her )
    But some Questions Still remains As what happened to his friend , Where he was gone for a while , What was the voice calling from behind My nanaji's Back , Who was the lady,
    And the Friend recovered or not.
    Because the story itself left the World with my nanaji |

  • uttkarsh_15 14w

    It may seem just a Memento , But for the fans It's the Shining's Heart.
    Yeah I know I'm 3 days late,But it's never too late for the Overlook Party ��,
    "Sometimes human places create inhuman monsters " -Stephen King
    "This inhuman Place makes human monsters"
    - Also By Stephen King
    But my favourite One is ....
    "Monsters are real ,And ghosts are too.They Live inside of us And Sometimes they win ."
    Really What A great Writer he is ��
    #horror #stephenking #books #suspense #thriller #story

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    Happy 100th Overlook Hotel Party

    July 4th Ball

  • uttkarsh_15 14w

    I'm going to start a Dark Horror Series which will consist of 4 Chapters. ....

    •Its about the doll whom the child loves but abandon it once they grow up,But the doll Doesn't

    • Persons who still befriends a teddy when They are scared or Alone And (Vice Versa)

    •The Third One Is A Surprise ....

    •The 4th one is the night wanderer,Whom we won't Notice,But he Notices us Every night (I'm gonnna tell you only this much now)

    However it may take some time,As I'm still working on it
    But I'll try to make It worth the wait !
    P.S- It'll be a Semi -Fiction
    #dark #horror #suspense #thriller #story #series #paranormal #supernatural

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    The Doll, The Teddy, The Thing And The Night Wanderer

    4 stories , All interconnected....