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  • near_lane7 5d


    Thrilling thoughts floating
    In a sea of elevated lust
    guilt and desire dance
    Amidst a crowd of truth and objection
    While tensions rise
    breaking the barrier of doubt and fear
    Demons are the partners
    Embraced as they appear

  • june_margot 3w


    Let's cut through the chase
    And push the knife in
    Just think like a psychopath
    And commit some sin
    For once in this life
    Let's be reckless with ourselves
    For once in this life
    Let's not lie with ourselves
    For once let's dont wait for
    our wings to spread
    For once let's not care
    About the connection thread
    Standing on the edge of building
    Let's not regret about anything
    Stand fearless and dive in
    Think like a psychopath
    And commit some sin.
    Let's not shed more tears
    Over unnecessary commitments
    Let's win against fears
    That controls human sentiments
    Run in a forest and lure the wild
    Be that ungrateful arrogant child
    Form your rules and mock their drills
    Let your adrenaline chase your thrills
    Just for once while you're alive
    Screw all these schedules and discipline
    Just for the last time before you die
    Think like a psychopath
    And commit some sin

  • sanju_na 14w

    "I may or may not be there but
    My thoughts always wander here"


  • santhianandan 22w

    "The opened door"

    Something was strange today. The cold breeze brushing past my face numbed my senses and the smell of an distant lover unsettled my inner storm. The floor beneath my feet seemed chill making my feet numb and me immobile. Fear caused butterflies to fly in my stomach drying my throat out. My hand unconsciously reached out for my small waterbottle nearby my bedside just right enough to wet my throat.. Eyes fixated on the T.V screen I was watching an horrer movie when the front door opened suddenly with a creak sound. Should oil it tomorrow, my mind instructed me. Suddenly I remembered, hey I had closed all the doors and windows carefully and even my bedroom door before starting to watch the movie. Now the front door was widely open and me all alone in the house.. I felt like someone embracing me tightly but saw noone. Awww... I started to shout at the top of my voice forgetting that there were no neighbours nearby our house yet called out aloud for help. HELP......HELP..... I yelled. The front door closed silently now. Me, terrified bathed in sweat speechless staring at the closed door until next morning when the calling bell rang and my parents entered the house unlocking the door with their key! How did the door open and close all by itself? What was that sudden feel of embrace? Who was that? No answers to any of my questions my mind aroused. Mystified I dare not until now stay alone anywhere. The opened door had shut down my courage forever!

  • yanni 35w

    You were the metronome,
    I was the sync.

    You the flower,
    I, the unpaid shill.

    You were life in motion,
    I, was silent, still.

    You said you wanted to go up the hill,
    I, devoured by unlived thrill.

    You were the monsoon,
    I, the lake you could not fill.

    You were the sure one,
    I came with frills.

    Abandon me you did,
    I knew abandon you will.
    Like a bird without the wind,
    Waiting for the kill.

    You weren't expected to come calling
    I, hoped against hope that you will...

  • half_full_lover 39w

    Agr life me thrill laana hai toh
    Kissi bhi 3 friends of girl's group me you 2 looking awesome kh do

    Usske baad aaram se mje lo

  • mystique_charm 46w

    Anxious yet eager...
    Hate yet relish...
    Annoyed yet thrilled...
    Sinking yet exhilarating...
    Relieved yet Disappointed...


  • pour_it_out_as_poem 48w


    Life is like a roller coaster ride; Faith is your seatbelt
    Some just close their eyes with a faith on him and reach the destination safe without bothering about anything
    Some open their eyes, scream, suffer, panic, goes up and down reaches the destination with whole bunch of thrill.
    In this some may fall down when they lose their faith on seatbelt or they try to close their eyes amidst the ride.
    So either be prepared to scream and move on or close your eyes...
    Anyways you are going to reach the destination ☺️


  • kri_k_sni 51w

    This story started with an elevator which
    is very horrible. People get attracted
    whoever goes near it and never came
    So this is a story of a little girl, Susan
    who was a very brave girl, she live with
    her parents(as she was the only child).
    One day a news came that a girl, Mary
    was found dead outside the elevator. As
    Susan find out, she screamed. Mary was
    her best friend. She cried all day long. and
    she decided to look for the elevator. She
    put some emergency things in her bag
    and went on that elevator at night when
    her parents were asleep. As she reached
    there she saw blood everywhere, and
    there was her bag pack. she search to
    found some proof but it was empty. Then
    suddenly, she heard a voice "HELP!".

    As she turned back she saw a shadow
    which was saying" 25 floor".Susan went
    into the elevator and began to press the
    buttons. Susan was very worried about
    her parents. As she was roaming, she saw
    a note sticking out the mirror . it said "
    not your bag ".Susan thought carefully
    and warned herself that the thing wanted
    to harm her, so she refused to agree the
    note. By the time, there was a loud
    noise" BANG" Susan know that the
    floor had come. But the best of all, not a
    single harm came to her. So getting out,
    she began to wandering around. All she
    saw was blood and 6 dead bodies.... And
    at the corner she saw a shadow. but
    because of dim light she couldn't see
    anything. She reached for her bag and
    take out the flash light, and there she saw
    Mary standing. Susan ran and told
    her,"Ohhh Mary! where have you been ?
    you don't know that Me and your parents
    were very sad. You are my best friend and
    I'm taking you at your house"Susan says
    continuously but Mary was only staring at
    her. Then after a long pause Mary
    said"Only Memo is my friend!"

    "Memo"Susan stand there blank and
    began to say, "What the thing is it? your
    best friend was only me" "Hold
    tongue!" as Mary said this, she caught
    Susan by her neck. she tried to escape but
    all her energy went in vain. Although she
    had a knife in her pocket, "I'm Sorry"
    and she stab the knife in Mary's chest,
    and left Mary crying in pain. Susan ran as
    fast as she could without turning back.
    She run towards the elevator and saw that
    it was written in big letters" don't
    run" with blood, so she turned back and
    went into the downfall. There she saw
    many doors. She knew that that they were
    the homes of people got dead.Susan went
    in the nearest one. As she opened the
    door, A beam of light came at her face.
    and the thing she saw, she just stared .
    not moving a single muscle!

    And there she saw a big house with very
    big bed and a table which was colourfull
    with different food , food she never saw
    tasted so much yummy!! she was so
    hungry that without thinking she began
    to eat as much as she can and after eating
    she went to sleep.
    After an hour later, when she woke up,
    she saw a man staring her with very scary
    look. Susan recognised him. He was the
    same who was found dead in the
    elevator! Susan said in angry voice"Why
    you all are after me?"The man didn't
    reply but point her to follow him .So
    Susan had no choice but to follow him
    and thus, she took out a scissor on her
    hands and began to follow. After a long
    walk, the man led Susan in a room where
    someone was sitting at the corner
    pointing his face towards the wall. "Who
    are you?"Susan ask in a hesitate. As the
    person turned Susan began to yell and

    And now lets hear the story of Susan's
    parents. As they find about that Susan is
    missing, reported to the police. So the
    police hire a detective. they investigate
    from various people and that elevator
    that they came to the result that Susan
    footprints were found inside the elevator.
    And they told Susan's parents about this.
    As they got to know they cried and began
    to wish for her to rest in peace. But they
    didn't know that their daughter is alive
    but trapped in the horrified elevator!

    There she saw a man whose was so pale,
    blood dripped out of his mouth and he
    had bad cuts every where."Are you
    Susan?" asked Memo?"Y_Y_yes I
    am""So why are you here?""Because of
    the death of my friend. but please let me
    go ! I will not come
    again"'"'Yeah Yeah ....okay...but hear the
    story of mine "Said Memo as he pointed
    at Susan to sit down on a
    couch."Yes ....but what will I....."''You
    have to search my parents and told them"
    He cuts Susan's words"OKAY"Said

    "It all began from when I used to like
    dolls. I was very fond of them. they were
    like my best friends. When I was patient
    of cancer, the doctor who served me,
    gave me this doll. and told me that
    you can share your thoughts, feelings and
    emotions with it. So one day, sitting all
    alone , I wished that I recover very
    fast. After 3-4, I recovered. the doctors were
    very astonished that they had already
    told my parents that I could not be saved
    but do you know? After returning
    from the hospital, I started to believe that
    doll. I usually spend hours talking with
    it. although it didn't answer but,
    sometimes I thought that she hear my
    plea. Once , I showed this to my friends,
    but they laughed and said that I am a girl
    and play with this girly dolls. But the
    worst of all, my parents thought that I've
    gone mad. so he they let me to
    psychiatrist. And there my parents started
    my treatment. Only 2 weeks later I
    decided not to meet him anymore and
    thus nothing can changed my life.
    my this action, my parents got so angry
    that they tore this doll and buried into
    the elevator. After I heard what my
    parents did, I can't bear and decided to
    suicide". After saying this Memo cried so
    badly. Susan can't felt sorry for him and
    asked " but why did you kill all these
    innocent peoples?" "Because they helped
    my parents to help the doll buried here!"
    Memo speak in a loud voice. "But why
    Mary?"Susan asked. "She was among the
    one who make fun of me! but now she is
    with me, in my control "Memo had an
    evil single on his face.

    Memo point to a man and said" This
    man will let you go to your world, but
    promise me that you will tell my parents
    about mc" "How will I find them?" Susan
    ask vibrantly. "I don't know, just tell them
    my story or you will be become like your
    friend" Susan followed the man, after a
    long walk, they went to the exit door and
    when Susan step ahead, she was in her
    room. She went downstairs as fast as she
    can parents cried and hug her parents.
    her and let her sleep. But there was a mission
    to be completed! The next morning, she
    gathered a group of people, almost every
    person from the society and began to tell
    the story. Everyone hesitated and began
    to surprise, and regards the little girl for
    their bravery. Just then, an old couple
    told Susan that they were Memo's

    Susan told all the story that happened in
    the elevator and that building and
    Memo's parents were so shocked..... They
    felt sorry for Susan and decided to go in
    that building too.. Susan also wanted to
    go buy her parents didn't want to loose
    her again.. So Memo's parents went in
    that elevator and without touching a
    button they saw themselves standing in
    an unknown place.... No much similar....

    They walked in the hallway and saw a boy
    standing Infront oh them. They cannot
    believe on their eyes they saw their son,
    Memo.."Oh..m..my son, where have u been si...."
    Wait mom... It would not have been
    happened if you didn't throw away my
    toy What happened if I played with
    it???? ... Whatever thanks for coming. I
    just wanted to tell you this and now bye....
    I am leaving...." As Memo said this, his
    body floated and a bright light shines....
    People there excluding Memo's parents
    became normal... And rushed towards
    the elevator........ with Memo's parents.....
    Soon they catch up with Susan..... They
    congrats 7 Susan for her bravery... and
    went home.....But from now own, the people living
    there renovate the elevator and use it.....
    But it wasn't spooky that much....


    In collaboration with #horror_story_contest
    @writer_bhoot #kri_k_sni #thrill #horror #mirakee
    @mirakee @mirakeeassistant

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    The unknown

    Horror story contest
    Eyes on the caption


  • mr_stellar 51w

    The Mystery Man

    Boring World!
    Make it interesting...

    Sensual Desire;
    Mystical Hysteria.

    Interesting Search!
    What will you find?

    Take the Bait!
    Time can't wait.

    Climb to the Top!
    Peaks are small.

    Find your Will!
    Worries must worry...

    Who cares for you?
    Only you and God can wonder.

    Why can't you be the God?
    Create and record! They are our history.

    What are the number of your Changes?
    If it is nil, start showing some will.

    When you enjoy, you will run ahead.
    No mercy in Competition.

    Honesty in your Conscience;
    More sweet for your sweat!

    Tomorrow you and I may die!
    How many People will narrate us?

    I can heal you if I touch you!
    I am the Mystery Man.

    I am the Creator as well as the Cremator!
    Men and Women are my slaves.

    If you still can't find me, see in the Mirror!
    When you see the real you, I won't be there...

    Till that time, you all are my slaves...
    Evidently, you are your own perception's slave.

    You are not this or that;
    You are everything, remember that; you are everything!

    © Stellar Ram 2020

  • anas_husain 51w


    Commence once,
    A journey,
    from where there's no returning back,
    and no turning back,
    from the thrills of wild love.

    let me know,
    If you ll carry the burdens of ups and downs,
    like every voyager is always willing to,
    Path is uphill,
    and there's no ride,
    My beloved companion,
    We are the wayfarer
    of all streets, roads, avenue and valleys.

    let me know,
    If you are zealous,
    for this exotic expedition of endearment.
    If yes,
    you ll find me in middle of your hesitation,
    If no,
    you ll always urge to do so.


  • kri_k_sni 51w

    In collaboration with #horror_collab_aditi @writer_bhoot
    #kri_k_sni #thrill #horror #mirakee
    @mirakee @mirakeeassistant

    @writer_bhoot soon to upload the horror story
    By tomorrow ��


    Here the place is
    our own heart.

    walls , potrait, windows,
    constitute emotions, people, memories corners
    are the stages of Life.


    Dark is the night,
    Darker the soul,
    Fathomless depths,. ��
    Stories untold...

    Every corner has a
    hidden secrets.
    �� Every view from
    Window tells untold stories..

    Every tree has
    numerous secrets hidden. ��
    Every wall has something
    big hidden in it.

    Every step in staircase
    �� is filled with lots of

    Every book tells
    untold stories. ��
    Every page has a
    unique chapter written.

    Every potrait
    has unique characters.
    �� says a lot about that place.
    Unused well is filled with
    memories of past.

    Every step is filled
    with fear and thrill
    Every corner is unusual.

    Every step is important.
    Darker the night
    �� Bigger the fear
    Deeper the pain.
    How many stories are
    left to unfold.....

    ��©kri_k_sni ��

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    Dark is the night,
    Darker the soul,
    Fathomless depths,
    Stories untold...


  • kri_k_sni 52w

    I left my home in a bad mood... Shouting
    at everyone, for small things like, why are
    u studying on the stairs, why the things
    are so messed up in my room..etc. So my
    friend asked me " Why does it bother me
    so much?" and i shouted

    It took me back to the day when it
    happened.... The thing, i never wanted to

    It was a beautiful summer evening, and i
    left home with my sister Anne she asked
    me to go on a drive and it was so
    beautiful out there i could not refuse.
    She always drove rashly which i hated,
    but never said anything i ignored.

    She raced the car 40 50 60 and soon 120
    and 140 i was scared because soon
    leaving the countryside we were about to
    enter a city with very busy streets.
    We were closer and closer and she did
    not decrease the speed she tried to, but
    still our car went passed and bumped into
    a lot of things ..She found it funny and i
    know i was scared ... We took a left she
    intentionally started hitting objects.
    Our car hit a walker of an old lady.
    I asked her to stop immediately but till
    the time the speed came down and our
    car could stop we took another left turn
    and the car hit a truck full of bakery items..

    All was black ...!!! DARK .... SILENT...

    Soon i was able to see myself out of the
    car far away and the car and Anne at a
    distance. The car completely destroyed
    and Anne her head was half cut and was
    hanging with the bone and ligaments and
    flesh drenched in blood still connected. I
    was horrified.

    When i woke up in the hospital 2 of my
    fingers were gone but what hit me hard
    was the fact that my sweet Anne.. my
    little sister was gone too. She did not
    deserved a death like this. Whatever she
    was she was a noble soul.
    Later i came to know the man driving the
    truck luckily jumped out but the truck
    also lost the balance and it hit a couple
    with a dog on a scooter, they died on the
    spot. A girl coming back from college
    died. Two beggars around the street died
    and a lot havoc was caused because of


    In collaboration with #horror_collab_aditi @writer_bhoot
    #kri_k_sni #thrill #horror #mirakee
    @mirakee @mirakeeassistant

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    Ignorance ☞ horror / thrill story
    In collaboration with

    ( Read the caption )


  • deepflowsoul 58w


    Always much I don't know
    Thrill of living upon your below.
    Truely much I cannot see.
    Circling ramps thin underneath.
    I want to be light center.
    You are hidden far beyond enter.

  • lassiethevar 58w


    Lean yourself into honest living.

    ©lassie thevar

  • sarahrachelea 60w

    "Love me and marry me
    I will eat you to death
    Sorry not sorry,"
    Said the black widow spider
    To her beloved male

    ~ spiderwoman (?)

  • pallavi4 61w


    Time was running out and
    I was at my wits end
    How could I walk out of this situation
    Unscathed and pretend

    That had all just been a figment of my imagination
    And that life would still go on
    Now that the night was coming to an end
    And not very far away was the dawn

    I was crouched in a dark corner
    In the lower part of the house
    Bleeding from my slashed arm
    Trying to be as quiet as a mouse

    We had broken up a few hours back
    And gotten into a fight
    Things had slowly gotten out of hand
    And he had lacerated me with a knife

    Before I could get up and grasp what was happening
    Someone grabbed me by the arm
    Looks like someone had alerted the police
    Their cars were blaring out alarms

    They put a blanket around my shoulders
    And carefully sat me on the sofa downstairs
    Gave a cup of water to sip on while they
    Questioned me about this nightmare

    They came to the conclusion that I
    Needed to be stitched up
    I had borne the brunt of the fight while he
    Had run away after cutting me post the break up

    They put up alerts for my absconding boyfriend
    Searched the two floors then got back in their cars
    And as they did I smiled a slow smile
    For they would never know I had been the cause

    Of the fight and the breakup after which
    I had gotten violent and shot him dead
    Then cleaned up the whole room
    And his brains from all around the bed

    I stuffed him in the chimney on the roof and put a bomb
    That would blow up in an another hour
    While the cops would simply go their way
    Saying it was simple case of love gone sour

    Once they were out of sight I walked out calmly
    Got far away from the scene of crime
    Then saw the bomb go off as promised
    As the clock five chimed

    Feeling a sense of satisfaction
    I felt a thrill go through me
    He would regret the day he told me I should
    Get far away from him and go be free


    4th of October, 2020

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner

    #time #disclosure #stories_in_poems #thrillers #thrill #lunatic #crazy #insane #love_gone_sour #challenge #bomb #thriller @writersnetwork #writerstolli #writersnetwork #mirakee #mirakeeworld #readwriteunite #thepoetrycommunity #poetry #pod #writerscommunity @mirakee

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  • sarahrachelea 63w

    Sparkling diamond red lipstick pumpkin
    Just because she's a cutie
    It doesn't mean she can't be fierce cruelly

    ~ Vampire Killer

  • sarahrachelea 64w

    Oh my God! You're still alive
    I've stabbed you dozen times on my mind
    But next time it will be real
    I promise you for the sake of my life ♥

    ~ Bloody Burger, The Murderer

  • ambalika_education 64w

    His love became the reason of his destruction(part:6)

    The man who ran the fastest would have his rights on the mango and at this time there was no owner of the mango tree. At this time the owner of the tree was children.That's when we heard a lot of trepidation in the forest. Looking back, I saw Vidau Dada barefoot, a torn dhoti which was torn by thorns.There was something in his hand that we could not see.
    We all started trying to hide in panic. He had come close to us. In his hand .. what .. what is this .. oh no .. help !!
    How could so many children remain silent behind a tree. They saw us. Now we started seeing stones in his hand.
    Now... .. How will we escape... Help!!!