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  • fizahfiz_ 4w

    In the middle of the night,
    I woke up from my sleep,
    With tears rolling down from my cheeks,
    I said,
    Why can't you just stay?
    You asked,
    Then I was startled by that dream.
    And, you are no longer there,
    For me to see you with my eyes,
    Or for me to say your name for the last time a long time ago.

    When I first met you,
    I was never planning of falling for you,
    You were not my type,
    Thousands of pretty faces, yet I attached to you,
    You were well aware that I was an introvert,
    With the tall and thick barrier surrounding,
    Never thought that you would manage to make ways,
    With your constant attention and warm features,
    Your affections and your actions,
    A friendship was formed between us,
    A part of me was happy,
    I started to get used to you,
    Little by little you have my heart,
    I started to feel for you,
    I started to feel the warmth,
    Watching your calming face relentlessly,
    Sun was setting in your eyes,
    I felt like melting,
    Like marshmallows in a hot coffee,
    Your smile completed the final touch of my morning portrait,
    My heartbeats become faster as if I've run a mile,
    And thousand of electric bolts revolting within,
    How can I not say I love you,
    When loves is defined as him,
    To expressed it out loud,
    And be honest with you,
    But within my solitude,
    A part of me was holding back tears,
    I was scared, I was frightened,
    If the truth was revealed,
    it'd be a crime,
    What if it ruins our friendship?
    What if awkwardness shakes us?
    What if you decided to walk away and left me?
    Would we ended up being strangers again, like before we meet for the first time?

    Part of me was holding back tears,
    Because once I've broken the trust that this person put on me,
    If the truth was revealed,
    And in a forbidden relationship,
    She'll forever be deeply in hurt,
    And I can't let it happen,
    Thus, obeyed her was my only priority,
    To certain rules strictly put in my life list by her,
    The one who gave me life,
    who always cared,
    who always protected me,
    who always love me unconditionally,
    Yet, she knows what is right for me, She was and are my everything,
    The guiding light of my life,
    My GPS when I lost,
    She has my total respect,
    Even though I've had to endure this countless numbers of pain,
    And struggle keep on pushing,
    Or diagnosed with the first mental disorder,
    I won't break her faith in me,
    I won't revealed my truth.

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    This is a love poem,
    A lot of unsaid words,
    A lot of hurt from the said,
    I put them all, in a box under my bed,
    A million words I spoke,
    And a billion I didn't,
    Therein I conquered myself,
    No words uttered but the screams of my heart,
    I mastered the act of quietness,
    And hide it alone,
    Am I made the right decision?
    Were my efforts really worth it?


  • sweedle 4w

    This is a love poem but you don't know it yet. You had me at hello. The tinge of your voice hit the ice walls of my heart like a brick, I didn't need to look at your face, I was already a goner. I've loved you from a distance and let you think I don't feel a thing, how do I explain the anxiety that chokes me up at night, thinking I would lose it all once I made you mine ? I still feel I am not the one, still feel you deserve so much better from someone else who wouldn't push you away like I did. I still adore your mischievous smile and the glint in your eyes, but this is a love poem and you only have to know when I'm gone.

    © Sweedle

  • wilmaneels1 4w

    She uttered words that day
    that maybe should not have been heard
    They created hope in a space there were not suppose to be
    But then again they encouraged her to
    share what she felt until she didn't feel it anymore
    Her words were clear if this was ever anything it would have been love
    But it couldn't have been because
    This is a love poem
    Written with shrapnel that were flung all over when the war started
    A war you couldn't win even if you tried
    Because it was already raging inside long before you arrived

  • sumanaa_ 4w

    This is a love poem,
    A forbidden letter from me to you,
    Scrambled letter woven together,
    With threads of my adoration for you,
    Hidden in the depths of the ocean,
    Is my pearl of admiration for you,
    Stashed in the heights of the mountains,
    Is my glacier of fondness for you,
    Disguised in the grey of the stormy sky,
    Is the red of my love for you,
    That'll rain on your bad days
    Help sunshine make way to you,
    A secret you will never know,
    But for me, it'll always be you,
    So, this is a love poem
    A forbidden letter from me to you.

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    This is a Love Poem


  • pallavi4 4w


    What a strange time this is
    A part of me is holding back tears
    The world is a chaotic mess and has come
    Face to face with its most appalling fears

    While the world fights a war collectively
    Seeking to somehow prolong the peace
    I’m left halfway nursing the notions of fleeing to a place
    In my mind where this endless war has ceased

    I breathe, wait and hope praying for calmness
    Trying to discard the feeling of emptiness inside me
    I am terrified of the consequences of this mayhem
    And what the end of all this could be

    Excruciating painful images of a distorted tomorrow
    Make me cower and from myself hide
    Call me wind if you do please know that’s again I am
    Thoroughly shaken and to my core petrified

    This is a poem seeking love and compassion
    Asking us to work unitedly towards a common goal
    If we focus all our energies against this creation of war
    Maybe the future will thank us for having saved many souls


    19th of September, 2021

    Words used from list:

    Set A
    Call me wind if you do please
    A part of me is holding back tears
    I breathe, wait and hope
    What a strange time this is
    When the world fights a war

    Set B

    Pic credit: “Hillside fence” by Michael Kenna , picture credited to its rightful owner

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  • aryaa_anand 4w

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    the empty bed beside me
    reminds me
    of you,
    the fragrance of you
    in the sheets
    still makes my soul swoon!
    I recall the moments
    spent soundly
    with our hands intertwined
    and our eyes hypnotised!

    soon, I realise you are gone
    far so far
    that I can only hear you
    beating in my own heart!

    for this is a love poem
    I sit and ink out my bleeding heart.
    as a part of me is holding back tears;
    the paper stains itself red.

    thank you for the ♥ @writersnetwork :)

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    the paper would have been glistening with dewdrops falling from my eyes, but my cheeks soaked them as my heart drowned the ache and my soul imbibed you!


  • ak_anjali_daydreamzz 4w

    #combination @btslove HBD my love ~♪
    #thispoemc #purplefambdays
    All Rights Reserved
    19 Sept 2021 4.45 pm

    Thank you so much for Repost �� @writersnetwork ����

    Love - Seek - Call me wind if you do please
    War - Fear - When the world fights a war
    Death - Empty - What a strange time this is
    Afternoon - Again - A part of me is holding back tears
    Blue - Halfway - I breathe, wait and hope

    / To My Love, on your Birthday ♡∀♡
    Everything I want to wish is HERE /

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    ✷// Bittersweet Dedication

    This is a confession
    For all the days and dreams we shared
    Together, in love

    Call me wind if you do please
    I'd chase the wings of time with my wings sewed up
    With the coccineous thread of your love
    Call me sky if you do please
    I'd stretch over the horizon spreading my dreamscapes
    With the cyaneous clouds you adorn on me
    Call me ocean if you do please
    I'd whelve deeper and deeper in mazarine drops
    With the bathic waves you ripple on me
    Call me blossom if you do please
    I'd bloom over the valleys emanating redolence
    With the porphyrous petals you wished for me

    / The Love we seek has found us while we bask in the friscalating twilight
    This is a love poem my lexicons ballet for you /


    This is a declaration
    For all the dread and drought we suffered
    Together, in war

    When the world fights a war
    You and me clutch a needle and quill to weave and write
    For a battle we fight together against wars
    When the river fights a war
    You and me melt our metaphors and offer our tears and trust
    For a memory we flow together against time
    When the rain fights a war
    You and me become a rainbow and amass hues of our bond
    For a landscape we paint together against colors
    When the fate fights a war
    You and me build symphonies and cwtch our rhymes and rhythm
    For a melody we sing together against sorrow

    / The war we fight has bound us closer nullifying fears and mallacht
    This is a war poem my vagaries holler with you /


    This is an eulogy
    For all the codes and corpses we dethroned
    Together, till death

    What a strange time this is now that tasks evade touches
    And tides embrace terrors
    What a strange time this is to play our cards
    And win coins amongst clutter
    What a strange time this is to bask in beguiling blues
    And emerge with azurite ambitions
    What a strange time this is to begin our voyage
    And embrace our paths where destiny calls

    / The death we won has no qualms to empty our bonds or us
    This is a death poem that is all about life and for living /


    This is a soliloquy
    For all the leisure and pleasure we bath in
    Together, for joy

    A part of me is holding back tears
    For it wished to be more closer to you than we ever could
    A part of me is dancing with the dawn
    For it promises another day to walk with you
    A part of me is swimming with glee
    For it paddled with the paper boats you made in monsoon
    A part of me is blooming in the shadow of peaking pines
    For you water it with your care

    / This eventide is evergreen, glaucous and glorious
    This is an afternoon poem that'd charm the dusk to daydream again /


    This is a free verse
    For all the warmth and wishes we save
    Together, for tomorrow

    I breathe, wait and hope just as you do skylines apart
    We carved a dream on rocks and wore bulletproof vests
    To travel miles together, for a destination of delight
    Let us wait for the hourglass to fill us a fortune to trade our forlorn

    / This day is marked with purple promises that'd last all our lifetime
    This is a blue poem in honour of our heart beating halfway to heaven /


  • cruisey 3w

    I write codes in my notebook
    in the lazy afternoons
    studying with a boy
    sitting across from me
    and fell in love with him
    just for the simple reason
    that he was obsessed with death.

    He wishes our teacher
    "Afternoon, ma'am"
    never starting with good.
    He walks with his shoulders
    a little hunched
    and his gait so tiresome,
    you would wonder
    and never get tired of it.
    And if you look at his hair
    a little longer,
    you will realize
    it's not styled that way
    but have been combed
    unruly with strands
    settling anywhere.

    And when our teacher
    takes a break
    because we can't find a solution,
    we crack jokes and laugh
    on how we would have to jump
    from her terrace
    atleast twice or thrice
    to really die.
    Or we argue on
    "why are we really living?"
    "To die‽"
    "Yes but then why?"
    "To fulfill a dream, I guess."
    "What's before dying?"
    "Some purpose, maybe."

    I always wear helmet
    while riding two wheelers
    because even though I know
    death's chasing me
    I don't want my parents
    to think my accident
    was a suicide or
    self-harm case.
    It's the other way round for him
    so he never wears one,
    has its brakes nullified
    and even puts on headphones.

    It's like a love triangle
    only that the third person
    isn't a person.
    Me chasing him,
    he chasing death
    and death chasing me

    This is a poem
    of my afternoons.
    This is a love poem,
    a deadly love for death.
    This is a death poem,
    a lovely death of love.


  • nocturnal_enigma 4w

    * 19.9.2021; 6.48 P.M (Malaysia)

    * For: My #crush #AHBA

    * Bedi = Abe Hadi (Abe means older brother in Kelantanese dialect)

    #acrostic #NuEmAcPo

    #thispoemc #ThisPoem #challenge @writersbay

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    LOVE ~

    Limerence. This is a love poem. Budding.
    Onerous of one's one-sided love. Bidding.
    Voila! Why you appear in my dreams, Bedi?
    Epitome of me. We're lookalikes, buddy!

    © Nuruliffa Emirah
    @ nocturnal_enigma

  • stardust_writes 4w

    A Windy Poem

    Call me wind if you do please,
    but don't seek me for I don't stop anywhere,
    you can neither see nor touch me,
    I don't have a destination for I'm a
    wanderer in this vast ceiling of blue sky.
    Ask the swaying seeds of the dandelions,
    ask the moving clouds holding back tears,
    ask the old hills windswept by my fragrant breeze,
    ask the swaying leaves of the gulmohar tree,
    ask the albatrosses that soar till they meet the
    horizons, ask them all and they'll lead you to me.
    People despise me on a wintry day and
    and on hot summers, I'm a welcome guest.
    Yes, I'm the gentle wind.


    #combination #wod #thispoemc @miraquill @writersnetwork @writersbay

    Thank you so much for the kind repost,
    Writersnetwork ��

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    A Windy Poem

    Move with the wind,
    like the feathery dandelions,
    unworried about life or the
    destination. But always
    carry the hope with you.


  • missa24 4w

    I don't know if this makes any sense to you all or not


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    I breathe, wait and hope...

    Like a cricket waits for the night
    I wait for my time to take me a bit longer
    Like a burrowed rabbit breathes underneath
    I breathe the aurora of anxiety for my feelings
    Like an ant hoping to get its food in summer
    I hope to get a better life where I dance in joy

    My heart flutters and my thoughts talks
    with me to convey the message of being
    in myself but somewhere a part of me is holding back tears and my fear for losing in life increases more often.
    My soul always reminds me that this isn't a love poem but a life poem where metaphors are written by God and tunings are tuned by us...


  • megamarie 4w


    People call me the mad emperor
    But you all can no longer roar
    Because today, your heads will roll
    I don't care if the peasants' blood will boil

    Seeing the pavements drenched with your blood
    Happiness took root in my heart
    And all sorts of emotions seemed to flood
    The crazy mind of the mad

    With my laughter ringing in the streets
    With people cowering on their seats
    With the rebels kneeling on the concrete
    I'm reveling in your defeat

    I know all your hatred for me is growing.
    But, at the end of the day, I'm still your king."

    "Hahaha. Call the scribes.
    Provide them some bribes
    Have them put my words into writing
    Let them write that this is a death poem."

    Yes this is a - - -
    Oh, it looks like someone had the courage of a bear
    You got me good, I guess you can no longer bear
    The my last words can definitely be considered as a death poem. Or rants of a lunatic Haha--"

    @miraquill @writersnetwork @writersbay @mirakee_words

    #miraquill #poems #poetry  #writersnetwork #pod #wod #writer #poet #writingprompt #wordporn #writersbay #thispoemc

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    "Hahaha. Call the scribes.
    Provide them some bribes
    Have them put my words into writing
    Let them write that this is a death poem."

  • thorvi_mule 4w

    I want to be a free verse,
    as simple as, it could be!

    I want to be a balad,
    as long as, it could be!

    I want to be a sonnet,
    as melodious as, it could be!

    I solely want to be a poem,
    as sweet as, it could be!


  • eona_writes 4w

    Here's to the first that we never had ��
    I felt so lonely scribbling for this ��
    @writersbay #thispoemc

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    You are my first that I never had
    Feelings are overflowing freely
    Too bad you don't feel the same way
    I wish you're my last cause I know,
    We would end up together somehow
    Too bad you became my first...
    And now my heart was in thirst
    Enduring the pain I could not resist....

  • macabre 4w


    among all the stars in the sky,
    among the moon, the sun and oceans,
    this time I write a love poem for you
    I pluck tears from your eyes
    and carefully mingle them with my ink
    I have my own astronomy in my hand now.
    I collect the seven hues of the rainbow in my soul
    and pour it in your heart.
    your heart desperse them more
    and poetries are engraved on the stars in the sky,
    on the moon, on the sun and the oceans.

  • shadowofthoughts_ 4w


    Call me wind if you do please to travel with me,
    Without leaving me halfway.
    I'll breathe, wait and hope
    but I won't fear the storms that I can be.

    Don't mind my bruises,
    I can create an ocean.
    Maybe in the dark,
    I can be the sunshine.
    Only if on dark days
    you'll shower the rain.

    Countless promises and fancy memories
    Will shine with us, maybe in series like
    volumes of a tragic novel.
    And if the world shatters down crashing,
    I'll be the hurricane stoping the landing.

    I'll be the words to your rhyme,
    I'll be the ending to your shine.
    But I can sway the alphabets with a blow.
    Like this love poem,
    I can bring a broken smile
    in the corpses laying in our hearts.

    So, call me wind if you'll sway with me
    to unknown yet known places.


  • waitaminute 4w

    Beneath the same stars,
    Beside the dynamic cars,
    Slow down a little,
    Walk at my pace,
    Full moon at his peak,
    Flaunting borrowed light,
    He stole the black carpet,
    Of their gray night,
    Slow down a little,
    Watch at my pace,
    This is a love poem
    The polar one writes,
    For healing minds
    Slow down a little ,
    Stay at my pace,
    See the world changing,
    Yet you stand at one place.


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  • antarraal 4w

    Empty homes,
    empty roads,
    empty hearts,
    empty dreams,
    seek the address of
    abandoned future
    when the world fights
    a war,
    in which no one will win.
    This is a love-less poem, for
    love has entered an unknown bunker
    in far off Himalayas,
    where a new Buddha might find it.


  • writersbay 4w

    Use “this is a love poem” in your write-up. Or you can choose what type of poem you want it to be. For ex- War poem, Death poem, Afternoon poem, Blue poem? Anything of your choice.

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    This is an apology
    for the things I have to say about us
    to get over us.

    I feel most like myself
    when I am washing blood off my hands
    in the shower; and I hope
    whatever is eating you alive does it as slowly
    as possible. I know it doesn’t sound like it,
    but this is a love poem, this is a love poem,
    this is a love poem

    until it isn’t anymore.

    – Trista Mateer