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  • sarahcandlemagic 120w


    Now when I look at the world,
    It's like it's through new eyes
    Eyes filled with child-like wonder
    It reminds me of the girl
    I forgot I used to be
    The Dreamer
    The Dawdler
    The Doodler
    The Determined
    I am bringing her back, in full force
    I will allow myself the time to dream in the daylight, to envision my future and manifest its fruition
    I will take my time and gaze at the flowers in amazement, notice beautiful things, be in awe of nature, my community, my home
    I will draw, create, let the freedom flow. I will not judge or expect anything of myself other than the love of pen to paper, thought into reality
    I am determined, to nourish the happy little girl inside me, the one lost for so long under sadness and darkness, the one who forgot how much light she had - until she cracked, and it found its way out again.
    Now when I look at the world, it's like it's through new eyes
    But they are actually rather old.

  • ericandwe 183w

    Not For You

    The truth of the outcast is to make the decisions that most excludes their selves. I, at war with belief and with feeling, make it my place to be better than I have been told to believe I am.
    Child of war
    Soldier of absent comfort.
    I will bear the pregnant pauses and accusatory apologies of anyone who will gift them to me. To breathe now only a companion of scorn and hard earned cigarettes. This sear that lights in my veins squelched by my empty aptitude and responsibilities. I am nothing. Will remain so always. Forgiveness empty. trust, an unspent process. To breathe into me life, that I have been thus wholly informed, is beyond my earning. Mistaken for child, mistake.