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  • porcupine 6w

    They (edit)

    May our silence be heard
    May our thought be the word
    May they travel like a bird
    But they may think we're absurd

    May our stillness create waves
    May our inactivity be what saves
    May we prevent more graves
    But they might stop us today

    May less be more in some way
    May the sun shine on a cloudy day
    May the lost dog not become a stray
    But they may not let us have a say

    May we feel full with an empty plate
    May we be happy while in this state
    May us remain kind when we are irate
    But they may not hold any debate

    May our problems create a solution
    May our faults prevent any condition
    May our habits become a tradition
    But they may not like our rendition

    May our hate be released positively
    May our anger be spoken softly
    May our lost of trust prove them costly
    But they may try to stop us unfairly

    May our lost hope turn into reality
    May our nightmares become jolly
    May our fears disappear finally
    We just might win ...honestly

  • bbyxblue 7w

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  • bbyxblue 7w

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  • simarathod86 8w

    Mine Hazel Eyes

    Yes, it's his eyes,
    His hazel brown eyes,
    No, now they are mine also.
    Why? Because we see everything together with those hazel eyes,
    People are jealous of those hazel eyes, I don't know why?
    Mine Hazel eyes, my sweet and naughty hazel eyes.
    Sometimes full of desire, sometimes full of sadness, sometimes full of unconditional love.
    Mine and only mine, those compassionate hazel eyes,
    I always thank him for letting me kiss those hazel eyes.
    Those crazy and marvelous hazel eyes.
    I feel privileged, whenever I see my reflection in those hazel eyes.
    Mine only mine, those hazel eyes. 

  • daffo_dils 9w

    #they love me so much✌️

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    All alone in the darkest nights.
    Crowd gathered, as the morning came.

  • snehant 11w

    I don't know
    what it's like
    to not to have
    deep emotions.
    even when
    I feel nothing,
    I feel it


  • stranger_again 11w


    Reasons, aren't they a logical aspect, for figuring out life?
    Hiding, finding them, screaming them to get lot of hype.

    The reason behind who am I? or what am I?
    And even reason behind why am I the way am I?

    The reason behind what I should be, or what I shouldn't.
    The reason behind what is wrong and what is right?

    They say they have reasons for what happened or what will happen?
    Everything has a reason, to add it,
    even they have a reason for a reason.

    We all want reasons, we all have reasons
    Some even spend whole life searching the ones
    But in the end is it really worth it, to find reasons for reasons?
    Because no one really wants reasons,
    They want justifications, explanations.

    Sometimes I think, they are just choices in disguise,
    Some are decisions, where some are

    But I don't think they all fit in the same category of reasons,
    Why? You might question me, the answer is~ Reasons!

    I too am in search of many such reasons,
    And I don't expect them to meet my expectations,
    I just believe, that one day I'll have them,
    And I could figure my life, at the end!

    But again, what is the reason behind the whole thought of 'figuring out my life'?

  • leonna 16w

    I Know

    I know that you will never love me.
    Yet, I still dream of loving you.

  • amoghavarsha 17w


    Lovers Don't Finally Meet Somewhere .
    They're In Each Other All Along .

    © Rumi

  • _shree_ 20w

    Be the statue

    That they are hoping for
    Stand on the dreams
    That they never thought about

  • anshubharti 21w


    Either you give up on your ego... Or give up on your relations...

  • venusphoenix97 24w

    It sucks feeling alone, but I rather feel that way than feeling like shit with the wrong crowd.

  • sadar_ammar 24w

    For the pain you caused for no longer

    Are they dreaming of their own world for they don't hear our screaming
    For they don't hear our suffering, our scars or our pain, maybe they don't care?
    For they stare at us but don't help us, maybe they're just trying a blind eye again
    But don't they see the flames they're causing putting the blame on us?
    It's a shame they don't see that for it is putting flames in my heart

    We are just starting something that they wanted to leave behind something they should have seen
    For they took our hearts and torn apart it by putting the world in flames
    For they watched and didn't try stopping it for it made my heart sink
    Sink deeper and deeper as I helplessly watch, how can they do that?
    For I can no longer watch for i shall not for, I shall try my hardest to help

    For it is a shame they don't see it for i thought they were smart enough
    Maybe to them they are but to me blind they may be for they didn't listen to our kind words
    For they declined the burning rage and sadness that we said and showed them
    Look behind you'll see they left us behind living their best life
    Ignoring us and not hearing or seeing us is starting to break my heart more

    For they abused our power to be heard and excused us for it
    For they accused the innocent and refused to listen to them
    They assumed they're guilty just like they think you assume what we say is false
    But the proof is everywhere so don't be amused or presume we're done yet
    For bruises and power they abused left us suffering

    They misused it and made us suffer for it making us take the blame
    A blame so many others have took that put a flame in their hearts
    A burning rage which they try to put away
    But you've torn them apart in so many ways
    Made their heads into world War 3 made them feel like they're living a tragedy
    Made their hearts beat out of their chest and plead guilty for a crime they didn't commit

    I'm not assuming they're bad guys I'm saying they are
    For there is proof and many people like them unfortunately
    For they strive in people's pain and suffering but mostly ignore them
    When you plead for they're help they look away without any remorse or a thought
    I'm not putting the blame I'm just ashamed for there is many people like them

    Many people like them who choose to act like they're right when they're wrong
    Choose to watch and not help in anyway not feeling ashamed
    Shame they are one of the same people who are like that
    For I thought people like them had a good heart but they didn't even have a heart
    They were evil from the start trying to take everyone apart
    I saw they're intentions from a miles away because I felt the smile was fake

    For no one was ever that happy for they wore a mask
    For pain they suffered and many other suffered as well but for no longer
    For they're tying to forget about it by causing others problem so you know how they felt
    Emptiness, sadness and hatred it probably sounds like madness
    But it's true for that is why they put flames in people's hearts and hurt others for they escaping from they're own pain

  • wiredweirdly 24w

    everyone has some
    to keep going on
    to seek positivity hope
    during all those darkness of time
    i too had beliefs
    some broken along the journey of life
    they said that's life
    promises beliefs faiths
    they are meant to be weakened
    by the course of time
    but even then i refuse to give in
    i want to believe
    believe in the good
    that kindness do exist
    that there's reason behind those selfish heart
    they will come around
    if not for me
    then for someone else
    and eventually realize
    the value of one's sincerity.


  • manju_murugesan 26w

    She is a heaven surrounded by hell
    He is a water boiling above fire
    They were the slaves under freedom of love...,

  • rajdeep013 26w

    They can't speak

    They can't speak but
    Understand and feel love
    To understand their cry
    Don't be rocked guys
    They can also be hungry
    They also cause pain due to injury
    The price of two breads pays their lives
    They are the most loyal animal ever
    They can give lives for their fathers
    Heart never breaks from fragile
    Do not be upset with small things
    If you care a little bit of you
    So try to never break their friendship with you

  • truthfullpen 28w

    #A 19 years old girl was rapped by 4devils uppar cast men they are men you really think so but i don't think so that they are men because men are more strong then us i am not telling that woman are not strong but men are to protect us but now they are becoming danger to us ��
    #they cut the tounge of victim
    #spine was broken
    #what the hell man.
    #nowadays rape is literally very normal
    #what to say about police they are to protect us but they are taking this case as fun
    #rape was done on 14th sep and fir was written to late why police is doing this ��
    #beti padhane ki baat ki thi or bachane ki lekin Dono me se kuch nahi ho raha
    #we want justice
    #we wantjustice

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    Forgetting is difficult .
    Remembering is worse.

  • harithareddy 32w

    # farmers #the one who work non stop to feed us #it might be any worst situation#they work#real kings of lifee....#hatts of to them.....#massive respect to farmers #

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    Farmers are the kings of the world....

    If there is no king then there is no kingdom .....

  • wineforwine 33w

    When I am being selfish,
    My soul screams louder inside me...
    I wonder how are they sleeping peacefully...

  • anunknownwriter 35w

    humans who watch a news source
    all day eventually loose touch with
    reality and whats really going on