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  • ashish_says 3w

    Only if you can feel it
    You can clearly see it
    That it's not what outside
    It's always the fog inside
    The fog which is hidden
    And becomes a big burden
    Try to be calm and composed
    To have a positive approach


  • saraleeg 9w

    One of the greatest gifts

    Clarity and Acceptance breed Truth, and Truth persists; it transmits through the midst of the multidimensional - even when things seem to conflict or rely on myths.

    I question things so I can get to Seeing everything for what it is. It’s what I feel that my Soul needs. Then, I release the compulsion to obsess over the future or endlessly reminisce.

    If I feel there’s a deeper truth I can reach, I jump into the rabbit hole - regardless of how deep I think it is..,because Clarity reveals many things. Layers of delusion tend to unfold before me when I follow where my intuition leads.

    Awareness gifts me freedom to choose my experience and presence to understand that here and now is all there is…but without Clarity and Acceptance, I’d be robbing myself of what it all truly means - to me, that is…

    Everything is an opportunity.
    Everything is an invitation.

    Will I fly on freedom’s wings or live in fear of the abyss? Will I choose to embody love or recreate the pain on my memory’s list?

    I know my heart’s desires - which is why I endlessly repeat this;
    Choose to see You
    Choose to Accept what is
    Choose to be free

    Only then, will Understanding enlighten your life with peace, and free your mind from the entanglements of its old tricks: judgment, attachment, and resistance to what is.

    Only then, will you truly live in awe and wonder of building your life brick by brick - giving every interaction the meaning you pick.

    Consciously co-creating life is true bliss…

    However, remembering that God made you like this - with the power to dismiss disempowering meanings, and with the freedom to choose and live as you please - is one of God’s greatest gifts.


  • saraleeg 14w


    I see it now; rejection is often God’s protection.

    It’s infinite intelligence providing perfect redirection.

    It’s divine intervention.

    It’s God handling your life with care and affection…

    I’m grateful for the empowering perception.

    I’m grateful for the joy and peace provided by the dissipation of my previous misconceptions.

    I’m grateful for mental liberation.

    I’m grateful for the power in reorienting my focused attention.

    I’m grateful for the beliefs and wisdom that influence my intentions.

    I’m grateful for the patience and persistence that guide me towards an understanding of the greater purpose behind my ego’s dimension.

    I’m grateful for my soul’s inclination towards ascension.

    …I’m grateful for rejection.


  • sadiyaa 18w

    To the aching heart, she implored, "Sew up the wounds and let the scars grow a vibrantly adorned garden of love."

  • under_the_umbrella 20w


    पूरी कहानी बननी थी जिसे,
    महज़ एक पन्ना बनकर रह गया


  • saraleeg 24w

    A New Sky

    The light loves the dark; they drift in dance towards each other and reunite gracefully when they collide.

    I love my shadow; we are One when my ego subsides.

    Everything about integration is divine...

    Everything about me is subject to the same Galactic tide that accelerates in the solar system and undemandingly exists as the backdrop for the everchanging clouds that adorn the sky - in which my eyes frequently delight.

    I can see why resistance is pain and acceptance is bliss. I can see now that there’s no need to try to become who I already am; the infinite intelligence in the Universe automatically makes my Soul wise.

    I can see how I’m only responsible for allowing the Love that I am to emerge into a new sky - compromised of me, myself, and I - unequivocally aligned.

    Only in darkness, can light shine.

    A paradoxical Love affair of that magnitude is not bound by time.

    Why then would my humanness give ephemeral, egotistical pride a chance to try?

    Love is boundless, unconditional, and abounding - always - within the center of the wonderfully made fusion generated by me, myself, and I.

    If the light loves the dark, so will I.
    In Love, there’s no need to fight...
    So, I accept me for all I am;
    I vow to Love me for the rest of the days of my life, to hold me and treasure me... because duality formulating wholeness is God’s design - and that’s never a crime.

    When my ego compromises my birthright, I vow to take a step back and look within before looking outside - to see through my Soul’s eyes and deliberately cocreate a new sky

    ...in which my Soul grows my Self wings and enables Me to rise above the past and fly towards God’s purpose for my life

    ...which will always be to abide where my Soul delights.


  • under_the_umbrella 24w


    Speak your truth
    You have nothing to fear
    Trust your gut
    Life is uncertain,when was it ever clear?

    Naughty or nice
    Mountains and molehills
    Ties that bind
    Over troubled water

    Oh shaky ground
    You'd go down by law
    Don't pretend
    As you were born this way

    Best laid plans
    Lock it all down
    There's a devil in disguise
    The parent trap,
    an inconvenient truth,
    Crisis of confidence,
    Its all out
    ....by now


  • under_the_umbrella 25w

    The End

    Every love story I read,ends with
    "......and they lived happily ever after."

    I wonder why mine had to end with
    "......accept it. It's ending."


  • nathan 28w

    To be Perfect

    To pen the perfect poem one must define perfect. Perfect is defined by me as anything that looks or is done to one's liking. Their is no definition for it. Perfection is achieved everyday by those who do not see flaws as flaws but as unique differences to something similar. To say that no one is perfect is insulting. Without our individual perfections the world would look and act the same. That is not a world for me. We are all perfect.

  • saraleeg 28w


    I’m a chess piece on your board; may your Love pull me towards setting a new high score - for your glory alone.

    You’re the one I adore. When I only produce groans, remind me that my life is yours and that my fight is not my own.

    Light my path and guide me when I feel overthrown. Hone my being until I soar; I enthrone you in my heart once more.

    When I’m hurting, rejected and alone,
    remind me that you are with me and for me - until a fire lights up in my bones.

    Revive the passion in my heart for knowing you more and more until I’m completely saturated and overtaken by your Love alone.

    Let my days be stepping stones that take me closer to your loving kindness more and more until I’m unmistakably unraveled - unsewn in the unknown of the infinite potentiality of all you own.

    May your Love fill my days like never before. Let me experience the fullness of your nature as my life’s foundation. I don’t want to be a rolling stone.

    My heart’s been sealed by your Love and my mind’s been blown by your presence; there’s no way I’ll backdown from a battle anymore; I’m unafraid of combat zones.

    All I need is your presence. All I need is your Love. All I need is your voice as my life’s undertone - to help me manage my human hormones so I can turn my life into a testimony and share it on the world’s loudest microphone.

    My deepest desire is that you be well-known by the world. You’re the lover of my Soul... “God’s beloved” is all I want written on my tombstone.


  • cazelove 30w


    Thought I should write you something today
    Because it's been a while
    Can't remember when last I was here
    But you brought me back
    Holding this soft pen feels great again
    It feels like the gates of words have been opened
    But still, not much to say
    So tell me, what do I write to you today
    Should it be about your gentle smile and tender heart
    Or your gracious steps and sensual voice
    What can I write
    Maybe something about your words
    They seem to touch the heart at its strongest point
    But still these are just words
    Or should I write about the first time we walked in the dark but my path felt illuminated
    Like there were street lights hanging at every corner of your words
    It was a beautiful night
    There's a lot to say
    But words are few
    I still do not know why
    Maybe your touch could open up the blocked pores of my words
    Seems so reassuring,
    But you are out of my gentle reach
    When can I feel that touch again
    For I need to speak the words of the fathers
    I need to place together beautiful words and form great pieces
    But still I must say hello
    Its all I want to do and so I must

  • saraleeg 30w

    Ultimate Reunion

    The merging of seemingly contrasting worlds:

    Spirit, mind, and body - in unison:
    A true revolution.

    Everything with a predetermined purpose:

    But how? Infusion: A recurring introduction with the purpose of harmonious inclusion - for the dissolution of illusion, regardless of the persecution, because of the resolution to partake in communion:
    The Ultimate Reunion.


  • saraleeg 31w

    Avalanche of Blessings

    There’s freedom beyond what you can imagine - even if pain is where you’ve been dwelling.

    There’s love stronger than you can imagine - even if your heart still aches from breaking and life feels like it’s actually a living hell you’ve been stuck in.

    There’s healing mightier than you can imagine - even if you’ve been tormented so long that you no longer feel like trying.

    So, you must upgrade your thinking and give life the benefit of the doubt; don’t give up hope just because right now you might not see the way out.

    Think thoughts that reflect your desires, not your fears or doubts.

    Focus on the inherent power in your nature; let your spirit within you break out and shout out loud until it brings an end to your season of drought.

    You may feel like it’s impossible, but your mind might not have the capacity to fathom such greatness at the moment - so keep showing up and wait it out.

    Live one day at a time if that’s what it takes to develop your capacity to believe and expand your capacity to hold that which you’re believing for; you can be transformed from the inside out.

    An avalanche of blessings awaits you... Will you set out? Will you drop out?


  • saraleeg 31w

    Sublime Sunshine

    You’re sunshine...like the first beam that illuminates the sky at the crack of dawn - a magnificent manifestation of all that’s divine.

    You stand alone and that’s perfectly fine; who you are can’t be confined by a possessive pronoun and your individuality shouldn’t be undermined.

    You are brightness and warmth - combined. You’re whole and complete; “wonderfully made” is your multidimensional being’s natural design.

    Your mind is beautiful, your body is beautiful, your heart is beautiful, and I can’t help but compliment your vibe ‘cause I hear you and I see you... I’m not spiritually, or physically, deaf or blind.

    You’re a one of one - one of a kind. Your soul’s a treasure that not just anyone can find, and I’m aware of that, which is why I hope my words express a glimpse of what runs through my mind when I see you live your life and effortlessly shine.

    To know you and not adore you is an unforgivable crime in my eyes. So, I’m irresistibly inclined to ask: would you be my valentine?

    I’m not asking you to be mine, but we can share some wine and unwind our minds, dance all night, or redefine the meaning of cloud nine for all mankind. It’s your call; I don’t mind...

    My attempt at rhymes was purposely designed with you in mind. So, I hope you don’t decline.

    But, regardless of your reply, know that I’m grateful for the opportunity to witness your light and share with you so many memorable moments of this wild ride we call life.

    After all, YOU, woman, are sublime - and that’s an understatement - for lack of a better line...


  • tally_writes 32w

    I accept too many bad things in life
    So I might decline you

  • tally_writes 32w

    You never know if you've fully matured
    Unless you start to see and believe
    The change yourself

  • tally_writes 33w

    It's hard trying to heal
    When I haven't even accepted the fact that I'm hurt
    And I need help
    I can't find who I'm supposed to be
    Without you
    I have life but I can't live apart from you
    You were everything I needed
    And everytime I can't do without

  • tally_writes 33w

    Where to find love

    Where to find love
    When your heart knows not what it is
    Where do you find love
    When your body is still searching for it
    When your mind is blank
    Trying to find images of it
    And your lost searching for it
    Do you pause or continue
    Stop or play
    What do you do when your searching
    For something your afraid to find
    Do you stop in the middle
    Finish the race or go back
    Back to where it all started
    Wondering if you need to find love
    And if you do where to find it

  • saraleeg 34w

    Acceptance is Bliss

    Acceptance enthrones the beauty of “what is” when the mind starts to reminisce or life unfolds in ways you wish you could dismiss.

    Acceptance gives your soul wings when the “could’ve should’ve would’ve” hits or you feel like calling it quits.

    Acceptance is bliss because of what it transmits, but also because of what it omits.

    Acceptance brings peace in place of attachment and appreciation in place of expectations - even when it feels like your ego automatically resists.

    Acceptance frees you from the past and future; it aligns you with the present in ways you can’t miss. It dismantles regret, avoidance, and discouragement - allowing you to acknowledge your blessings and wins.

    Acceptance allows wisdom to cradle you as you willingly experience every overwhelming emotion with grit - even when it feels like salt on your wounds’ slits.

    Acceptance is bliss, but, since it can leave a bittersweet taste on one’s lips, not everyone is willing and able to see this.


  • saraleeg 34w


    I’m grateful for You.

    I know You sustain me.
    I know Your Love saved me.
    I know You accept me.
    I know Your Love changed me.

    You hear me when I cry.
    You hear me when I silently sigh.
    You care about my life.
    You care about my soul;
    spirit, body, and mind.

    You are my center when exploring life’s landscapes makes me want to fight or fly.

    You are my healer when life hurts and my peace when I don’t understand why.

    You are my strength when I feel too tired to try - when my humanness and ambitions collide and I stop living as one who’s wise.

    I’m grateful for You.

    When I opened my heart, you came through... I’m grateful for the opportunity to experience life as I experience more of You.

    Even though experiencing You is ineffable, I simply can’t keep my heart on mute...

    Your presence makes me immune to the cynicism through which the world tends to view You.

    I’m grateful for You.
    ...for what you’ve done and continue to do - for the old and the new.

    Remain imbued in me as I delight in You. I’m grateful for all You are and all You do - even if I have only the slightest of clues...