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  • gemsofficiel 8w


    We hear it so often
    What does it really mean?
    Is it objective or subjective?
    Should I fill in the gaps or let the gaps fill themselves in?
    Should other people fill it in for me?
    Cause a lot of people are trying to do just that
    Especially the people closest to me
    Some do it cause they care
    Others do it cause they think they know what's good for me better than I do

    They don't understand me
    But they believe they do
    I don't blame them
    Cause it's human nature
    We think we know another person better than they know themselves
    Better than God knows
    But I refuse to live other people's reality
    I refuse to be defined by the ideology of another person
    The ways, lifestyle
    Experience, beliefs
    Of friends, foes and those who are close
    Though sometimes these help
    But it can never define my reality
    It can never define my life, my truth
    It can never define me

    So where do I go to for truth
    Who should define my reality, my life, my decisions, thoughts and words?
    Who should classify my actions, identify my purpose, determine my future?
    What or who has this responsibility?

    Only 1 has this role
    The one knows what I don't know
    Sees what I don't see
    Understands what I don't understand
    The one I call my God
    My Father
    My lover
    My prince
    My Knight in shining armour
    My King and my salvation
    The one who made me royalty
    Who has seated me in heavenly places
    Above all principalities and powers of darkness
    Who makes the impossible possible
    Who loved me when I couldn't love myself
    Saw me when I couldn't see myself
    Knew me when I didn't know myself
    Believed in me when I didn't believe in myself

    He told me to be strong when I felt like giving up
    Gave me hope when I thought all hope is gone
    Told me to go his way
    Not the way of the crowd
    To follow His plans
    Not the expectations and plans of men
    What people say I can't do or say is too difficult
    I say this
    My God is above every difficulty and obstacle
    So I let Him define my reality and determine my truth
    Because He is all knowing
    He's Jesus
    The same yesterday, today and forever
    My future is in His hands

  • annabelle81 15w

    This silence pull me down
    and I am here alone
    Trying to figure out the fact
    you are not here

    I am running to keep your shadow away
    But, everytimes I see,
    Your shadow is there
    standing and smiling

    Tears fall down
    Dont know how many times
    I wipe it,
    I don't want to forget you
    I just need to accept the fact
    you are not mine


  • __the_dark_thoughts__ 24w

    Reality of Hotel Industry

    Dear People,
    To be honest I don't even know where to start from. So l me start by introducing myself, i am a budding hotelier and recently i started my industrial training in one of the biggest brands our country has to offer (i cannot name it because of obvious reasons). The first day i stepped into the outlet i was assigned, i was beyond excited as i was finally where i was suppose to be. It took only a few hours before my hopes were crushed and the reality punched me hard in the stomach. The reality of what goes on behind the beautiful exterior is beyond horrific. The amount of food wastes is just a part of it and sadly the only thing i could digest, the fact that most distinguished and disturbed was that the glasses, cutlery and crockery offered to the guests wasn't even wasted. They were just thrown in a sink full of dirty water, fished out, wiped and placed back on the tables. Even in such times where covid has claimed multiple lives these people don't even take the efforts to make sure that guests are safe. Secondly i also understood a very clever trick they use, whenever any expensive beverage is sold by bottle, the workers make sure that the entire bottle is never poured i have seen multiple times when people have purchased wines worth rupees one lakh and forty to fifty percent of the drink was brought back to the back area and stacked back in the fridge. And lastly the way this industry treats people really makes me doubt my self worth. I have worked for fourteen hours without getting a break or a chance to sit; standing all day searing heels and if i dare to sit someone would come and should at me. And no no it's not just yelling, it's using of unimaginable slangs and cuss words. I have been working in the industry just for a few weeks at this point and i have honestly started regretting my decision. Not because it's hard, just because after knowing the reality i have lost every ounce of respect i had in me. After seeing a reality worst then my nightmares i cannot anymore go to a hotel and gulp down what they serve.

  • writeweird 30w

    isn't that just so pretty

    i watch you sleep
    as you cry your tears today

    oh, how i wish one of us
    could've escaped

    there's so much to live
    for outside these walls

    not like home, where the
    heavy air won't let us breathe

    coiled up in your unforgiving
    arms, i want to forget

    how i beg you to let me in
    your dreams, i want to bleed
    all my love away

    until there's nothing left
    of me, and of you

    nothing but the sleep.


  • ava_cel 36w

    John8: 44 (TPT)
     “You are the offspring of your father, the devil, and you serve your father very well, passionately carrying out his desires. He’s been a murderer right from the start! He never stood with the truth, for he’s full of nothing but lies—lying is his native tongue.
    He is a master of deception and the father of lies!

  • butterflygirl 59w


    I'm tired
    I'm tried of living this life
    The life where everything goes wrong
    The lift where bad luck follows me around
    The life where I was screwed up from such a young age
    The life my parents distoryed from the day I was born
    I'm not a nice person
    I hurt everyone around me
    I don't mean to
    But it dosnt matter Becuase I still do

  • bluemoonlight44 61w

    The truth

    The truth is under all the lies
    Where the ocean mets the river
    In between I'll find what you've been looking for, the truth is all around us all

    © Bluemoonlight44

  • sillysadar 62w

    Society part 2

    For they're trying their hardest to move on but making them seem like they're not the victim when they are doesn't help nor is what you're saying, isn't it?
    For I'm trying to tell you what you're saying is wrong and you should have stopped long ago
    But you didn't did you? Instead you kept joking around thinking this is funny but it isn't, is it?
    So why are you still laughing and joking around for you know this isn't helping, right?
    For they're thoughts at night may be how they could die or why they are still alive
    For the memories, the trauma they have been through replies over and over again at night
    For they've been through so much only to live through what you say, it doesn't help does it?

    But you keep doing it, why do you keep doing it?
    For I'm trying to understand why you keep saying they're gay or putting the blame on them making them feel guilty when they shouldn't, why?
    For I'm trying to understand why you keep acting this way is this some sort of game to you by calling them names cause it's pretty lame to do that, why do you do that?
    For I'm trying to understand why you're still picking on them when they have already been through so much, what's the point?
    For they're already hurting why are you trying to hurt them more, what's the point?
    For ive been trying to understand why you're treating this way like they're not human or like a piece of gum you chew and throw out but why?

    For I've been trying to understand why you've been trying to make them look guilty like their not the rape victim when the real rapist is still walking around freely never facing anything they do, right?
    For I've been looking trying to find a reason but I find none cause they're is never a good reason to do such things, when is there ever a good reason to do such things?
    For I've been wondering why they're acting this way cause it's completely disgusting to see them acting this way as if it's okay to when it isn't, is it?
    So why are they still doing it after seeing what happens when you do it and why are we sitting and watching not doing anything about it?
    For we are gonna do something about it right
    Cause isn't right us staring and watching, no?

    Who's gonna shine a light on it make it the wrong a little right with me?
    For who's gonna make those who don't feel alright feel right a little with me?
    For who's gonna try helping in anyway no matter the time even if it's night with me?
    For despite everything they're still trying to go through everything
    For despite everything they're still trying to make others days brighter
    For despite them dealing with this they still smile
    But I'm asking who's willing to help me help them
    For i can't sit and stare no longer for i wanna show I care, don't you?
    For I am I'm screaming and shouting till I am heard who's with me?

    For I know when you asked for help people just looked the other way but know I'm here now
    For I am wondering if they're still going through all this, having to see the rapist again and greet them with a warm smile
    For I am trying to help in anyway I can
    For i heard they're yelps at night but I saw their smiles from miles away at day time
    For I know some stay silent because they know they won't do anything
    But those brave souls speaking out about it are getting ignored or people saying it's nothing
    But it's something isn't it? Something important, right?
    For I'm trying to right a wrong that's been going on for a while who's gonna try helping me do so?

    For who's gonna try giving them a voice they will rejoice for?
    For who's gonna give them the hand they've been hoping and praying for?
    For who's gonna give them they've been asking for which is justice?
    For who's gonna give the spotlight to shed some light on the darkness to make people see what they're causing and what the rapist caused
    For who's gonna stop the people making the rapists sound like their the victim and make the rape victim seem guilty when arent they the victim after all?
    For you should know its okay to be feeling this way you shouldn't have been repressing it in the beginning for

    For boys, men have been born into the world and been told to repress their emotions
    For I know it's hard for you to confess how you're feeling for you've been repressing it for to long
    For I know it's hard not letting tears go down you're face because you've been told not to
    For I know what you've been trying to do which is repress you're emotions but know it's okay to let them out
    For you shouldn't have been told to do it in the first place for you are human after all, no?
    For you shouldn't have to wear a mask that everyone asks you to wear, no?
    For you shouldn't have to worry about feeling these feelings and having to hold them back
    For I don't know who told you not to do so

    But i know what you're feeling like every tear that you shed you feel guilty for letting it
    For every feeling you feel you feel ashamed for feeling it
    For every emotion you feel you don't know how to let it out or confess you're feeling it
    For you've been repressing it for to long but know it's okay to let it out
    For I know what you've gone through and you shouldn't let others say what they say
    For you should know it isn't always gonna be this way and that's you're strong
    For you're strong for getting through everything and dealing with everything
    For I know what you're feeling know I'm here for you if you need it
    I thought I should post the last and second part of this for national men's day which happy national men's day! I might post another later but yeah

  • sillysadar 62w

    Society part one

    For its driving me mad seeing all these people even kids being raped and judged for it
    For they're putting the blame on them making them believe their stupid for feeling this way
    For its a shame that were living in this world filled with people like this
    People who will judge you and call you gay for being raped, that's toxic and many other things
    So why are we still living with it never saying a thing about it?
    Always pushing it away thinking it's not important but it is, isn't it?
    For bringing it up will only do more damage for rape is trauma it isn't easy to get over it
    Fot trying to sound dramatic just saying the truth cause doing this is disgusting to see

    For do I have to it louder for the people in the back to hear cause I'll scream in their ears for them to hear
    For they need to see the suffering they're causing
    For they already feeling guilty so why are you making them feel more guilty and ashamed?
    For they're already trying to forget about but how could they if your like this
    For why are you acting this way your suppose to be cheering them on telling them you can move on, don't you see how toxic you are?
    It's driving me crazy seeing everyone acting this way and saying these things
    For what I'm asking is for you, for them to use their eyes to see what they're causing which is more pain for them

    For they're causing it so why aren't they use they're ears to hear about the pain they're causing
    For they've been telling to repress their emotions for far to long and that's just wrong, no?
    For I know you feel alone but know I'm here for I'm not gonna say these foolish things
    For I'm asking you to put yourself in their shoes I'm wondering if you'll finally see what I'm saying
    For what I'm trying to say is how they're feeling and what you're doing for it is driving me insane
    For seeing you acting this way can't you see their already in pain?
    For they're crying tears at night trying to repress everything for you can't stop yourself but say these things, can you?

    For you're saying you shouldn't feel this way because your man but why does that matter?
    For you're saying you're gay by saying what they've been through but why does that matter?
    For you're blaming them for not speaking about how they feel but isn't you're fault for you kept ignoring them or putting a blind eye to it, no?
    For you've been telling them to repress their feelings for far to long now they don't know how to feel anything, no?
    I'm impressed at you're stupidity for how could you be acting this way?
    Do you even know what you're saying to them and what you're making them feel or are you that blind?
    For not saying any kind words when they need it

    For if you don't got kind words to say then go ahead and walk out that door
    For i couldn't care less about you or what you gotta say if it ain't helping nor is it kind words then walk out that door
    For I don't want to see you're stares at them nor you're laughter
    For they already have been through a lot, don't you see they're in pain so why are you making them feel this way?
    For they're still insecure about everything and still trying to forget everything, don't you see that's already so hard?
    So why are you making it so harder? Do you not have a life no longer or what's you're problem?
    Why are you being the problem and not helping?

    Why are you making them look guilty aren't they the victim?
    Why are you saying all these things making them seem like they're someone they're not, aren't they human as well?
    Why aren't you saying these things or doing anything about the rapist still walking around?
    Why aren't you bothering to help but instead staying there making them feel ashamed, who else feels the same?
    Why are you mistreating a rape victim haven't they already been through enough?
    Don't you know they're already blaming themselves so what you're doing is not helping so stop playing around and start helping cause If you're gonna keep acting this way then leave

    For these unkind words that you may be saying isn't funny if you're joking nor is it helping
    For if you are thinking this is a joke it isn't funny for being a rape victim isn't funny, isn't it?
    For imagine how powerless they feel or the things that's running through they're mind, do you think saying all these unkind things help?
    For imagine their pain and how fearless they are for getting through it all but to end up dealing with you
    For the pain they're dealing with is unbearable for you can imagining it but you can't, can you?
    But they're strong and even stronger having to deal with people like you, no?
    For this isn't a game for if it is its the lamest one but to me cause this is just toxic, isn't it?

  • sillysadar 64w

    For the pain you caused for no longer

    Are they dreaming of their own world for they don't hear our screaming
    For they don't hear our suffering, our scars or our pain, maybe they don't care?
    For they stare at us but don't help us, maybe they're just trying a blind eye again
    But don't they see the flames they're causing putting the blame on us?
    It's a shame they don't see that for it is putting flames in my heart

    We are just starting something that they wanted to leave behind something they should have seen
    For they took our hearts and torn apart it by putting the world in flames
    For they watched and didn't try stopping it for it made my heart sink
    Sink deeper and deeper as I helplessly watch, how can they do that?
    For I can no longer watch for i shall not for, I shall try my hardest to help

    For it is a shame they don't see it for i thought they were smart enough
    Maybe to them they are but to me blind they may be for they didn't listen to our kind words
    For they declined the burning rage and sadness that we said and showed them
    Look behind you'll see they left us behind living their best life
    Ignoring us and not hearing or seeing us is starting to break my heart more

    For they abused our power to be heard and excused us for it
    For they accused the innocent and refused to listen to them
    They assumed they're guilty just like they think you assume what we say is false
    But the proof is everywhere so don't be amused or presume we're done yet
    For bruises and power they abused left us suffering

    They misused it and made us suffer for it making us take the blame
    A blame so many others have took that put a flame in their hearts
    A burning rage which they try to put away
    But you've torn them apart in so many ways
    Made their heads into world War 3 made them feel like they're living a tragedy
    Made their hearts beat out of their chest and plead guilty for a crime they didn't commit

    I'm not assuming they're bad guys I'm saying they are
    For there is proof and many people like them unfortunately
    For they strive in people's pain and suffering but mostly ignore them
    When you plead for they're help they look away without any remorse or a thought
    I'm not putting the blame I'm just ashamed for there is many people like them

    Many people like them who choose to act like they're right when they're wrong
    Choose to watch and not help in anyway not feeling ashamed
    Shame they are one of the same people who are like that
    For I thought people like them had a good heart but they didn't even have a heart
    They were evil from the start trying to take everyone apart
    I saw they're intentions from a miles away because I felt the smile was fake

    For no one was ever that happy for they wore a mask
    For pain they suffered and many other suffered as well but for no longer
    For they're tying to forget about it by causing others problem so you know how they felt
    Emptiness, sadness and hatred it probably sounds like madness
    But it's true for that is why they put flames in people's hearts and hurt others for they escaping from they're own pain

  • mybiblethoughts 69w


    While admiring the sunrise, I thought: Through Your Light, Lord, we can truly see.
    No wonder Jesus is the Only Way to get to You.

  • sabrinaspoems 70w

    I will still thrive
    even when you
    least expect me to,
    I will always thrive
    it’s in my blood.


  • sabrinaspoems 71w

    My candle of truth will
    always burn to remind
    everyone it’s purpose.
    Only to show light
    until the sinners have
    served their justice!
    My moral will fight
    until I bring my truth
    under the bright light!


  • favourlove 72w

    Correcting with Love

    It is one thing to be right about a thing or a view and yet another things to make others having conflicting views be able to see that they are wrong and be willing to change their thoughts and this is where love comes in. You could be right about a matter but rebuking the other party might make him/her not listen to you or act accordingly based on your approach towards correcting him/her.

    A soft answer turneth away wrath: but grievous words stir up anger. #Proverbs15vs1

    A man hath joy by the answer of his mouth: and a word spoken in due season, how good is it! #Proverbs15vs23

    How do we correct with love?

    In order to correct with love, we must be willing to practice patience and not give ourselves to wrath or malice when our good act is turned against us or the person refuses to listen. We must also bear in mind that the reason we are correcting is not to prove our knowlegde on the matter but to make the other person come to zone of understanding that he/she is wrong but can be right.

    A case study for this is the person of Apostle Paul while in Athens (#Acts17vs16-34). He discovered that the nation was full of idol worship and his goal was the bring them to the knowledge of truth, Christ. He was given the platform to speak and he started by constructively criticizing them as they worshipped what they no idea of (TO THE UNKNOWN GOD) and went further ahead to tell them about God and the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Many chose to not believe him when he spoke about the resurrection but some did believe.

    Looking at this context, Apostle Paul could have chosen to insult their ignorance, blast them and fail to talk about Christ. Instead of focusing on their weaknesses, he chose to focus on what would become their strength if only they chose to listen and be converted.

    Never forget, you correct others to bring about change, not to magnify yourself; when you choose this path, then have you chosen to correct with love.

    In your desire to help others in Christ, don't go about unearthing secrets faults which could result in you falling into that very sin.

    Wherefore let him that thinketh he standeth take heed lest he fall. 1 #Corinthians10vs12

    Brethren, if a man be overtaken in a fault, ye which are spiritual, restore such an one in the spirit of meekness; considering thyself, lest thou also be tempted. #Galatians6vs1

    In all, our words may not be enough to cause a change of heart. Your prayers for that brother or sister will go a long way, don't relent.

    Confess your faults one to another, and pray one for another, that ye may be healed. The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much. #James5vs16

    19 Brethren, if any of you do err from the truth, and one convert him; 20 Let him know, that he which converteth the sinner from the error of his way shall save a soul from death, and shall hide a multitude of sins. #James5vs19-20.

    Correct in #love and #truth.

    #Correcting #CorrectingOthers #Patience #Write #Teach #Correct #TheWordOfTruth #WordOfTruth #Teaching #TheTruth #HelpingOthers #ThursdayMotivation #thursdaythoughts #Thursday #WednesdayWisdom

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  • sarahrachelea 75w

    Be true to yourself and never betrayed you

    When you are telling the truth
    Only the truth that will resonate with you

    And by all that means,
    All the fake and unreal things surrounding you
    Will be collapsed and left you

    Always telling your truth

    ~ the power of the truth

  • sarahrachelea 76w

    True kindness and sincerity will never get old-fashioned
    Its pristine words will always touch the sky
    And can be very touching for many souls
    Especially when it spoken from a pure heart
    It will always suits for everyone
    And be in trend, everytime and everywhere

    ~ the power of kindness, the power of words

  • sarahrachelea 77w

    No body knows
    You're the answer
    To my prayer


  • sarahrachelea 77w

    Ask your Higher-Self for a guidance
    Don't trust every thoughts that comes into your brain
    Especially the negative one
    Because it is not necessarily true
    Moreover, trust your Higher-Self
    Trust that everything that happens is leading you
    Only for your highest good

    ~ for your highest good

  • anthonyhanible 78w

    The Truth

    I came in this damaged
    Looking to be fix
    The Truth
    Is I'm hurting
    Please add happiness
    Minus the problems
    Please bring smiles
    Not tears
    The Truth
    Is I need love
    Kisses and hugs
    Heart mending
    A hand
    A ear
    The Truth
    The Truth
    Simply said
    Simply done
    Can you handle it

  • sarahrachelea 78w

    Everyone need that kind of love that will never ruin their peace of mind.

    If your significant person only give you headache, or they act like such a pain in the ass,

    And they are not capable to make you feel safe and secure,
    Can't add more happiness into your heart,
    Nor put more tranquility to your soul,

    Then clearly you need to reconsider if they truly are the best for you.

    Because the greatest love for you will simply always be a total "yes". Not just a "maybe". Make any sense?

    ~ Adding more calmness and blissfullness to your lover's life, not reduce it nor ruin it