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  • thepurplegirl 23w

    When you become friends with her you will experience truly a different way of affection, she would make you feel loved, cared, important and special, she would treat you the best way she can, she will be there for you even when it is the hardest, also she will be the one standing and laughing at you so hard that you will first be a little angry but seeing her laugh you too will get along. You would be comforted and consoled when you are feel low, also you would be scolded by her when you something wrong, she will be the one who will make you smile even in your most difficult times, she will be the one checking up on your mental physical health all the time, she will be the one who will understand your silence and overthink upon your words, she will hug you so tight that all worries be gone and tickle you cutely that you may fall for her kiddish behaviour, the way she will get angry with you will make you admire her, she will be weird and funny and be your partner in crime and will suggest you the best food best coffee best boy/girl in the town, she will teach you to LIVE and you might start to feel she's the one and you have to proceed the level of friendship to the level of romantic relationship, but beware that's when it all gets ruined. She's the one who will value her friends more than her boyfriend, she will show more affection to her friends than her boyfriend, she be more crazy, more cheesy, more cute, more lovable with her friends more than boyfriend, and please Do not misinterpret her actions and misunderstand her loving behaviour towards you, don't hurt her intentionally, coz she's someone who is kind enough to still be there for you even if you have hurt her, the moment you try to switch the roles of friend with boyfriend, you will lose her, you will lose her for life maybe, coz she's the one who was awkward with her boyfriend and more comfortable with you as a friend so she showed her that lovable side to you, not coz she was desperate or confuse with her feelings towards you! She's complete in herself and she don't need you at all, she's Queen! So if you have someone like her in your life, cherish her value her and DON'T try to change the relationship of FRIEND to something other, coz she's RARE!