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  • sabrinaspoems 5w

    Those dusted memories still blows and whisper love in Autumn wind
    #youme #and #thepast #autumnbliss

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    I have let gone of us
    Like the fallen leaves
    Of Autumn, every fall though
    You linger on my surrounding
    Like the smell of pumpkin spice
    Or like that Apple cinnamon
    Candle you brought me over
    to feel the warmth in my heart.
    and glow in my eyes that
    reflected true love.


    Autumn ūüćĀ & Us

  • loftydreams101 9w

    Road Trip '97

    Winding forest roads
    Cut through the deep south
    In the heart of June
    How those days reeled by
    In the warm window pane
    Changed from red desert plains
    Into green still waters
    Still the highway drones
    Through the bleary nights
    As a mother's lullaby
    From those years kept buried
    Under miles of darkness
    Until home reaches back
    As an off ramp through the trees
    To the red bricks and columns
    To the wide smiles of kin

    © 2021 William Wright, Jr.

  • loftydreams101 18w

    The Island in the Morning Mist

    Stillness at the break of day
    From the cool and coarse sand
    A line is cast
    And time unwinds
    Strangers weave into the soul
    In colorful flocks
    Their melodies preach of distant shores
    On the verge of darkness
    Adrift in the blue
    Stray fragments of the world
    Piece together at last
    Is it only a dream
    An apparition from the shapeless past
    Or the open arms of fate?

    © 2021 William Wright, Jr.

  • dasu24 20w

    The house

    In ecstacy and worry, the house had been her companion.
    It's memories galore in its ancient galleries,
    With portraits hung high on the walls.
    Majestic it felt, majestic it was.

    Generations became history along with the house.
    After many long years did she stumble upon it again.
    The past swooped upon her
    And dropped a memory album in her mind.

    Her breath slowed.
    Stark was the pain.
    The numbness swallowed the grief like a poison.
    But not a whisper left.

    Battles fought were quite a few.
    Unknown to many, the heart wept
    Yet the face showed none.
    But when the feet retraced their old paths,
    The eyes bled silent tears.

  • my_secret_life 30w

    #Iwriteaboutthis souls #perception, #canifit #inthesheos of #thepast #nomore, as #thefuture is #mysteppingstones to #noshoes, for I will be flying with my family, the angels of God.

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    I write about this souls perception, can I fit in the sheos of the past no more, as the future is my stepping stones to no shoes, for I will be flying with my family, the angels of God.

  • ndichuu 32w

    Memories still linger
    The past still flicker
    How i loved you
    And never got someone new
    Its sad to know you weren't true
    And my love for you didn't mean to you too
    Its sad to see you're happy without me
    It hurts to see the one you left me for


  • sillysadar 38w

    The vague memories of the past

    I fall with no hand to lift me up
    I rush past through the coward of people
    All of which who were staring at me when I fell
    Soon it starts raining yet as soon as it did it felt like everyone was gone
    Like I was alone in a hall walking down a room slowly
    A room I remember vividly but,
    As soon as I opened the door I was back where I first was but,

    The rain was pouring more so then before
    I went rushing past the same people as well as fall on the same spot like before,
    I was back in the same room this time I was able to roam around yet i still no memory of this place
    As I heard the sound of someone familiar saying "get back here" for a second it soon disappeared
    My hope for trying to remember this place soon disappeared after yet,
    I keep coming back even after leaving this place, what am I trying to remember?

    It soon came to me this was the place where I grew up as a child
    I drew all over the walls which they hated yet I still did it for it was my escape from reality
    I wanted to escape, escape from this awful place that didn't feel like a home
    How could this place even feel like a home when to me it felt like hell
    Hell I tried to forget yet here I tell myself all that I remember about this place but,

    Now I know why I fell, it meant I fell into the memories of the past I dwell on
    Now I know why the rain brought me back here
    For I escaped on a rainy day
    The rain only became more as I ran through all the trees that surrounded this place
    The rain is only becoming more as I rush past those people surrounding the place I'm suppose to be yet I stand here in the memory of the past but,
    What must I do now? Escape the pain I've beared with me by trying to forget it or face it?

  • eli_vli 47w

    Redemption Season 2021

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    Juniper Avenue

    I’ve heard the walls creak
    To hide the cries
    Of broke hearts
    I watched the portraits fall
    I screamed as dreams dissolved

    Right off Juniper Avenue
    800 made a monster
    But this monster isn’t mad at you
    You see I’m a monster full of Gratitude
    Might have shed a tear or two
    But thats the risk of collecting

    I need help
    But i’m scared to ask
    I need to step back
    But i’m scared to get passed
    How valuable is closure
    The same price that comes with being a soldier
    My love comes with a disclosure
    Dear D.S. or Current holder
    I’d pour my heart out
    But why waste what boils over

  • sillysadar 49w

    Before and now

    Waking up everyday and seeing your face makes my heart race
    My thoughts are pacing and im thinking about the first place we met
    I remember it was by a lake I saw you sitting in a tree trying chase your dreams
    As the papers you were writing in fall down into the lake i tried to make you feel okay but,
    I don't think I succeeded you still told me I did and faked that smile of yours that I love if only it was real

    The days afterwards I ran miles in the cold running to you to be there for you
    For i told you I'll always be there for you like you told you'll be there for me
    So I ran those nights to hold you as the tears fall down your face, I was your shoulder to cry on but,
    Now we're older, sitting by very lake talking about before with a smile on our faces Jake

    I wonder if that smile is fake cause I see the sadness in your eyes
    Is it the past that makes you feel this way or am i just wrong?
    I know how fast time passed and it feels like yesterday we met but,
    Its been a few years and I didn't think we'd last cause I was not doing well but,
    You stayed by side even though it must have been like hell to deal with but,
    ńį guess you were meant to be my ride or die Amy

  • anonymous2100k 61w

    "Time and tide waits for none"
    so should you


  • loftydreams101 63w

    The Burning Bridge

    Across a burning bridge
    To the heart of agony
    The war cries of kin
    Grow and grow as I roam

    There is no way back
    The past claims my steps
    As the black river swells
    And rages with hunger

    Across a burning bridge
    Where a homeland awaits,
    To a sullen swathe of ruin,
    Full of villains and vipers

    © 2020 William Wright, Jr.

  • sarahrachelea 68w

    Let the past be a place of learning
    For the present is a place of living

    Let the past be the one of reference
    For the present is a whole place of residence

    Once you died in my past
    There is no coming back
    You're fucking dead forever

    ~ dead. forever. ~

  • princessesierra 70w


    Blank and focused/ constructing
    A novel narrative/ rewriting
    Histories long mortified
    Let me tell you what should have been


  • omotakin 71w

    We all have some chapters of our past we don't read out loud
    Not because others won't understand

    But because we wrote the wrong story
    Either to impress or oppress someone.


  • victoriastokoe 74w

    I'm here now..

    You stare right through me,
    the past binding me to you.
    I see your faces,
    Happy smiles,
    standing gladly
    in your places.
    Illuminating my path
    to the future,
    I'm here now.
    Hardship never shows
    in your expressions gazing.
    In awe of the camera,
    the excitement shows.
    Proudly you stand in
    your destined footprints.
    You walk in an innocence,
    fear and hurt never shows.
    Life was simple
    but you had your wishes.
    You had your dreams
    that would only grow.
    I think about you
    and I hope you know that
    and in the future
    as a smiling photo.
    I hope you can see
    that I had my dreams
    and wishes too.


  • victoriastokoe 77w

    Live, repeat, repeat..

    I look to the past,
    it's safe there,
    I know it.
    I've been there..
    i've lived it,
    it was hard at times,
    i've got scars to show it.
    My memories,
    mostly happiness,
    a share of sadness
    scattered through it.
    In the albums,
    in the letters,
    in the keepsakes,
    a heart,
    you drew it.
    Yet in this limbo,
    there's a future,
    looking forward to
    lives ahead.
    And in the distance,
    this is the past
    Bookmark this chapter...
    In your head.

    6th June 2020

  • nikkimanuel 78w

    The past robs
    All future hope.


  • maryumtalks 81w

    You may not notice that little quiet girl searching for a meaning of life..
    you may not realise the love she truly possesses inside ..
    you may misunderstand her timidness for weakness...but she is far from a weak girl ..
    she is stronger than you think...
    she loves with all her heart...
    you may not see her now but you will never forget who she is as she blossoms into her own from the girl you thought you knew to a beautiful woman who will conquer the world before your eyes...
    Never make an a assumption of that little quiet girl again..


  • renpoe 84w

    The past is the past, but it's okay to look back.

    #thoughts #dreams #thepast #nostalgia #writing #poetry #nostalgicpoetry #love #gofar

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    A Dream: Nostalgia

    I had a dream.
    We danced for hours, it seemed.
    But soon we fell apart.
    No fighting, just heart to heart.
    Then I saw in your eyes,
    That something small, it had died.
    I wondered what it could be.
    It was the end of you and me.
    Did you know I still care?
    I'm always right here,
    And no matter what, you've nothing to fear.
    I had a dream.
    You were the light to my beam.
    You set me free.
    I remember you so far.
    I had dream.
    I see you passing.

  • loftydreams101 86w

    Spiteful Whispers in the Trees

    Cradled in wilderness
    Headlights scream past
    Fading red,
    Out of view

    Tree lines burst to life
    With their spiteful whispers    
    Leaving dirt trails frayed,
    And forever unmended

    Bound to the forest floor
    I crawl back south  
    To the mourning shipyards
    To the skylines I know

    ©2020 William Wright, Jr.