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  • cardelljhardy 28w

    The Mind

    Be transformed in the renewal of the mind.
    Only then will you seek and find.
    The thoughts that God has for you!!
    For your old has gone and you are now new.
    Set your mind on things above not on earthly things.
    And then you will hear heaven's bells ring!

  • differentlywired 34w

    The Mellifluous Melancholy

    When your breath has been sucked out of you,
    When your rhythm has been scrambled,
    And all you hear is the sound of silence,
    When you no longer feel the rush of your blood coursing through you,
    When your spark has been drowned by waves of despair,
    Let yourself get buried and hit rock-bottom,
    For only in that stillness can you remember why life was worth it,
    For only the flashback can set you ablaze once more,
    For only the right pieces of your past can make you whole again,
    Let yourself sink to find your anchors,
    'Cause only then can you unmoor your ship and set sail once more,
    Let yourself be shattered,
    For only then can your core resurrect you in the right way,
    Embrace the pile of earth above you and become one with it,
    For only then can you emerge as a new sapling,
    Give in and fall into the abyss,
    For only then can you climb towards the light above,
    Let the guilt and regret fracture your soul,
    'Cause only then can you discover love that fills the cracks,
    And meaning that binds the splinters of your soul,
    Life was your mirror but you chose to only see everything and everyone around you,
    The present was your music but you danced to the tunes of your past,
    While waiting to sync with the rhythm of an unknown future,
    Let the tears swallow you,
    Let the oblivion engulf you,
    Let your muted wail resonate within you,
    Lose yourself in the chaos and become evanescent,
    For only then can your form be distinct on your messy canvas,
    And your heartbeat reset by the mellifluous melancholy.


  • differentlywired 34w

    The Binary Man

    Floating between states,
    Held together by the tug of opposing forces,
    Swinging between extremities,
    Sometimes seamlessly knit into the fabric of ordinary life,
    Sometimes swimming through the mundane to find the extraordinary,
    Soaking in the ambient noise,
    I transform it into my orchestral notes,
    Trying to compose music through words,
    Scurrying to grasp flashes of searing insights,
    Steering multiple lives while short of reigns,
    A part of me an echo chamber for everyone,
    Times when I'm clueless about who I am,
    I run through the tunnels winding back to my center,
    As I breathe in the balmy air of dusk,
    I settle into a steady rhythm guided by a focal point,
    Waiting for the waves to wash over me,
    Tearing through my metallic web of thoughts,
    Burning through the crust to melt into my core,
    Traversing a thousand journeys in every circumambulation,
    Chasing mindlessness to become mindful,
    Desperately clinging onto an ephemeral trance,
    Pulling down the sensory shutters to switch back to my binary form,
    I wind back the tape until it falls in place with the present,
    All I need now is a flywheel of perpetual motion,
    To unravel my story into the future.

  • differentlywired 34w

    The Invisible Doll-Maker

    A perpetual maelstrom,
    Constantly searching for an anchor,
    Clueless about who’s pulling the strings,
    Orchestrated by an invisible shape-shifting puppet-master, 
    The doll was once a man engulfed by his own shadows,
    Encapsulating a soul that imprisoned itself,
    Waiting for the song that could set it free,
    Hoping for the touch that could rekindle its spirit,
    Yearning for a life that time could not wear out,
    Groping for a way out of the concentric loops,
    Wondering what it means to be without objective,
    Thirsty for a drop of eternal inspiration,
    Its fluid dance never missing a pulse,
    Attempting to stir a quiver with its own rhythm,
    Awakening a crescendo that stops time in its tracks,
    Catching a glimpse of its reflection,
    On the edge where life and death are one,
    When stillness was indiscernible from motion,
    A delicate arc of resignation cuts across my wooden face,
    As I pull up the strings and smile at the hapless man in the mirror.

  • pendingemotions 81w


    My mind is changing on alot of things...
    There are somethings i just don't deal with any longer.
    I don't apologise if it affects you.

  • passerby_ 91w

    Your Mind is Your Best Friend.

    The mind is really wonderful, it is man's only true friend. It becomes exactly what you need it to be - it will be the voice of an unheard character in a novel and somehow, sound very convincing and familiar. It will be the sound of laughter written "hahaha".
    It will be the voice of your loved one when you miss them. It will be your crush when you dream about them, it will be your other many partners in an argument and somehow create a distinct personality for each of them. Even though you stammer, it will read out your words in clear smooth voice. when you don't like how you sound or you don't even know you sound, it will provide a perfect voiceover; infallible autotune - It will be whatever you need it to be.

    Even when the world thinks you are insane
    it will be there whispering:

    "you're not crazy, I totally get you".


  • imweber28 117w


    I saw this once upon a time, when in sleep, I dreamed
    There is a team of tiny men in every single machine
    Moving electrons and repairing the tiniest of bonds
    Fixing wires, correcting glitches, and whatever goes wrong

    Each misfire of copper or golden wire
    Spelling danger-dire, but knowledge to acquire
    New ways to make the electrons go
    New ways to make the rhythms flow.

  • harmonyinthedark 122w

    The Mind

    Sometimes the thoughts in your head can be much more complex than the words you speak. Sometimes the thoughts in your head can build you up and knock you right back down to your knees. Sometimes the mind can convince you that some thoughts that flow through your head are true. Sometimes the thoughts in your head keep you up at night. Sometimes the mind can take you places that any form of transportation could never reach. There's no worries. Just you and your imagination running wild. Other times it can take you to the deepest, darkest depths of your soul. The mind is an infinitely deep place full of endless possibilities and reality. Who knew that one of the most dangerous places is hidden beneath your skull?

  • chabala_vii 129w

    Take heed of your thinking pattern
    Every war in the physical
    Is first one in the mind



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    Take heed of your thinking pattern
    Negative recurring thoughts
    Will manifest in the physical
    When dwelled upon continuously
    For long periods of time


  • tshegofatsopelotona 130w

    I was in oblivion
    I was never mine but yours
    drugged with your supposed love
    now mornings mark just how clearer
    my mind is getting.


  • km_writes 135w

    Sometimes I wonder
    How many times I’ve wondered,
    As a collective unconscious soul,
    Where the mind goes
    When it goes back to being nothing;

    And I wonder if I was scared
    To become something
    From nothing;

    As I am scared
    To become nothing
    From something
    Right now


  • legacy16 139w

    The conscious mind

    Such a tricky thing, the conscious mind
    Seems forever in power but truly a slave to a master
    Makes one wonder about the saying 'Mind over Matter'
    For though the mind truly controls the body
    The body influences the mind in ways that cannot be proven

  • jewels2 140w


    His mind is like an ocean
    Vast, Deep..
    And FULL of interesting things
    I want to dive into it...

  • danvenespoet 147w

    The Mind

    The mind is a disease
    It affects every conscious being
    Rattling around the skull
    Like a mad man

    People have tried to tame it
    Drowning it in booze
    Smoothing it out with cigarettes
    Frying it with acid
    Even taking pills

    But still

    People are frightened to leave their home
    Even kill themselves
    Just look at the normal man
    Downs ten pints at the weekend
    Staggers home
    To find an un happy wife
    No one is satisfied

    The mind is a disease


  • dreamyc 148w


    my mind is an athlete
    leaping towards the worst conclusions
    swimming in negative thoughts
    running off to locations
    that you've never before sought

    my mind is an adventurer
    with maps of daydreams & nightmares
    following a trail of buttermilk daisies
    jolting awake to drama & anger flared
    then it's sickly boring realities

    my mind is a romantic
    a teenage girl deep in love
    wanting every man she lays her sight on
    chasing them until her legs yearn
    for rest & somebody new to fawn

    my mind is a victim
    of harassment, accusation & bully
    hurt by people with blades of words
    & splashed with bitumen jealousy
    curling up to hide in corners

    my mind needs a antidote
    something strong enough
    it could be a cup of bittersweet coffee
    it could be the absent feeling of love
    or it could be something you could give

    my mind is a giver
    but all everyone does is take
    now she is left with nothing
    so will you drop the act & the greed for fame
    to be a bit more caring?

    ac | ©dreamyc

  • nasri076 152w

    the mind that is sharp but not wide.
    gets stuck at every point and does not get any further

  • magicalmystery 152w


    Their pantry was full of boxes of cereal, oatmeal, loaves of bread, yellow bananas, packages of nuts, peanut butter, and dozens of dry pasta varieties.

    Their refrigerator was even more impressive: The nesting place of chocolate yogurt, strawberries, orange juice, canned peaches, and milk-- even whole frozen pizzas were tucked away in the freezer.

    But the boy would complain and would refuse to eat the oatmeal his mother cooked for him; refused the sliced banana on toast; refused the BBQ pizza.

    He would pick at his meals and discard them early, saying he didn't like any of the food, and was tired of eating the same old thing.

    His mother finally sat him down and said,

    "Imagine that you have a friend over from another country. They have never seen any of this food before. Don't you know how grateful they would be? To have even one box of cereal? I want you to show it to them, and show them how to eat it."

    The boy denied his mother's suggestion, saying he didn't want to play pretend. But as time went by, the idea grew on him.

    In his mind he would talk to a boy he named Ba'kii. While he ate breakfast, he would eat quietly, slowly, while having one-sided conversations with the boy in his imagination.

    He would show the boy how to hold a fork, how to eat spaghetti, how to peel a banana; eventually he showed the boy how to brush his teeth, how to ride a bike, and how to wash a dog.

    The mother became so proud of the boy for eating, but her son never told her that he took her advice. Ba'kii was his little secret, and he taught Ba'kii about more and more things every day, and in doing so taught himself new things as well.

    Knowing that Ba'kii didn't have any previous privileges or knowledge about any lifestyles, the boy would spend hours diving into books and reading columns on the internet, wanting to give his best friend as much insight about the world as he could.

    Eventually, the boy became a man. And by this time he had grown so fond of Ba'kii, that he changed his name to his-- that way, they would both be included in social settings and events; hearing his beloved friend's name spoken by the lips of his friends, his family-- he would feel a rush of pride and love, knowing he couldn't have ever done it without him:

    Ba'kii, the boy who gave him a reason to be grateful, intelligent, generous, and kind. And it was all in his imagination: The power of the motivated mind.


  • teddyrice86 158w

    "Journey of the Mind"

    Tis the twilight hour

    And I set alone

    Hoping to find

    A mind of my own

    Searching these memories

    That run through my head

    From past into present

    About this life that I've lead

    Its not pleasant

    And oh so dark

    Tearing body and soul apart

    For inside the Mind

    Such a dangerous place

    You can not prepare

    For the evil you'll face

    Do not get caught

    Within your own thoughts

    To be stuck inside

    When your clock stops

  • ashaynale 158w

    A Mindful of Chains..

    Lost, I bleed,
    Atop my steadfast steed.

    The things I say, aren't the things I mean,
    For the things I think aren't the ones I speak.

    And the things I feel; lay a siege.

    Alone and trapped in this keep,
    I still believe,

    A handful of wax and some feathers,
    Such wings shall set me free..


  • lykdphoenix 162w

    You leave me engulfed in thoughts;
    a desert of waves.