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  • raindropsoncacti 52w

    I wore you like an antique glove.
    One stowed in an attic, that time forgot.
    One that isn't in vogue now.
    One that embodies all the values of your grandmother's era.
    A style seldom carried today.
    I wore you like a retro-trend before its time.
    I wore it 'til its delicate seams were fragile.
    'Til its velveteen finger-points were grubbied
    From all the frequent turning
    of all your crudely-inked pages.
    I wore you when everyone else forgot you were a thing.
    I still do.
    I can't not.

  • raindropsoncacti 69w


    Which is more cruel?
    An unkind action?
    Or apathy... watching?


  • raindropsoncacti 72w

    silence sounds like...?

    What does silence sound like?
    I honestly wouldn't know.
    My mind, my heart, my existence,
    Bring clanging and clammering, no matter where I go.

    I've learned to turn down my inner noise
    And even to control the level with which I make any address...
    But to hear true silence? I could only dream to... perhaps I do?!
    During nights that permit sleep, despite retiring with head and heart in such a mess...


  • raindropsoncacti 73w

    revelry and rain

    I don't know why but with you I'd dance
    In a storm in my best dress:

    I've passed so many dry days
    In ripped shirts and heavy boots:

    Some day, some how, I'll throw it all together
    Sun frock and steel-caps, rough-polished:

    I picture that's how revelry and rain would finally meet
    Soaked yet dancing... True romancing.

    Only then would my flighty thoughts and fast, nude drenched lips
    Finally find themselves lost for words.


  • raindropsoncacti 72w


    I can honestly only hope for you
    That things really are that comforting and great
    For your words to have gone missing as often;
    So, so much as they have at late...

    For I fear without your words escaping your mind and heart
    You'll lose touch of who you really are.
    I worry for you, that time you're consuming you'd usually spend waxing lyrical,
    Will end up leaving you later, with new hurts, and yet another scar.

    You've endured so much as it is now
    To the point I think we both agree and understand:
    Another nasty blow, another mess, we'd both attest
    Is something you just couldn't bear to withstand.

    Be cautious, please, be realistic, aware, and always of a true heart.
    I say this sincerely, with any vested interest of mine put aside.
    Be discerning and thoughtful, do what's right for you,
    Rather than lure trouble like flies to honey, and you to another dead-end with a need to hide.

    I promise you to offer much sanctuary as I'm able.
    I promise no matter what, I got you... I'll remain a considerate and caring friend.
    I promise I'll never, ever judge, no matter what sin you feel you've done. I'm just not the type.
    I'm the kind that'll stick things out and be there, 'til the very end.

  • raindropsoncacti 77w

    Rainless Nights

    Oh the irony! A prompt of "rainy nights".
    Poems on this topic I've likely penned dozens. This is my perfect theme, but alas, I'm too drained!

    I've stood under no rain for over a week,
    Words right now I can hardly speak,
    Let alone write about them in a way that would do them justice, which leaves me pained.

    The ground is dry. So is my inner ink. The weather and my bedroom remain out of sync.
    I offer instead a future poem, after rest, after regathering, and once it's rained.


  • writeriyaaa 77w

    The Mad Cry

    Slither into my dreams like
    Satan hissing or
    Helen seducing.
    Submerging me into that subconscious
    Sea of chaotic madness, some witchery
    That my mind can't fathom
    Seizes my brain
    senses run amuck
    Swept and startled
    I'm drowning and grasping
    All at once
    All over
    Single, subdued
    Seeks out pity
    Cites reason,resolution, recovery
    Speaks out meekly,
    Sincerely stitches
    Seams of bipolarity.
    It sweeps up the mess, with Strength
    Soothes the Soul
    Surrendering me to a safe moor
    Sleeps soundly
    Surrounded by
    Storms more


  • tejaswini_3 77w

    //It's a tough world out there and when you feel scattered like those gemstones of a broken necklace; this world constantly tries to pull you down– in the abyss of Saudade.

    Everyone faces tough situations at many points. But whatever happens, you must stand for yourself. If hope might not show her presence everytime, I should be the hope yourself, for your own precious self. Even if today's sunrise is cloudy, there is hope that the orange star might shine the next day....

    With feathers of joy, let's live each moment conquering our fears and tell the universe that we are one of those stars who still shine on falling//

    In a world where you feel cold,
    You gotta 'Stay Gold'
    ----- J. K.

    Here Princesse Dorée means The Golden Princess in French (I just tried giving a French literary touch to this, so do correct me if I am wrong anywhere!)



    It lies there– in the viridescent strath
    –My kingdom of sangria Fleur-de-lis,
    Whence buoyancy rollicks–salubrious
    Whence melancholia is a penumbra,

    My palais– it is of perle and mabre,
    –And my crown–it is pure émeraude,
    I ain't on my throne; the Princesse Dorée
    –On my unicorn 'Bonheur'– I sallied

    A princesse–with a baïonette adorned!
    Her stiff hands rested on rufous halberds,
    Eulogize her face–on it a casque lies,
    Atop her steel heart–is a silver shield,

    I–the guerrière–waged many a war,
    –With those palatinates of barbarism
    I couldn't defeat them–nay, I can't still,
    But–I didn't let their bugles horn up proud,

    A broken spear–a half pierced arrow–
    Murky gore–on my face and rosy lips,
    The merciless wind–condemned me–
    'Madame! Forsooth–thy heart shalt stop'

    'Twas a battle–against my own fears–
    My vizier named trepidation– I fight with,
    For a servant of mine; fear should be one–
    And not it's slave–shall ever be my mind,

    Will I be the princesse – safeguarding–
    Her tiara–embellished by hessonites?
    Or will the monarch perish–shattered
    –her reign dwindling away deplorably?

    And then– with each bruise and scar,
    My amulet blazes– it's my own courage–
    Which radiates–and penetrates my soul
    –I once again–with broken old weapons
    –Stitch fragments of my iron heart

    /With a warcry– the lady knight's voice doth capture the skies,
    The war she won– the diadem of her faith; on her
    pate–still lies/

    © tejaswini_3


    @writersnetwork @tamanna3 @saloni__ @carolyns_challenges @the97_introvert @thesunshineloves @btslove @shaiz_fs @eternallypurple_starstruck @fairytales_

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    With fire simmering in my eyes
    I sway away mightily–
    The rain pours; the sand blows,
    I glance into the demon–

    Hark–The cannons fire, it's time!
    –Fireballs surge on my army,
    Defeat calls me–I don't have much
    Still–I will not abandon this fight...

  • luvnotes_challenge_host 77w

    by Carolyn Glackin
    From grand Valhalla
    Watch me rise
    On blood stained wings
    In war torn skies
    See my glory
    Fanned by flames
    From fires you lit
    To burn my name
    Caustic words
    Assailed my soul
    Complete demise
    Your vile goal
    How well you tried
    How well you failed
    For as you see
    My soul prevailed!
    In triumph
    I live on today
    As you look on
    In shocked dismay
    Your sad attempts
    Can't bring me down
    In your own karma
    You soon shall drown!
    So try your best
    With might, in vain
    Inflict me with
    Such loathsome pain
    A soldier's born
    This day, 'tis true
    My warrior soul
    You never knew
    For though the phoenix
    Often dies
    Forevermore, we too shall rise!
    Copyright Carolyn Glackin 7/25/2020

    *Art found on Pinterest. Artist's name not mentioned, but I fully credit the image to the rightful owner.

    #cees_anthem_chall #phoenix #rise #triumphant #alwaysrising #themeprompt #challenge #mirakee #writersnetwork

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  • aarya__ 77w

    July 25 , 2020

    I want a place in heaven,
    Dreams coming true as I have woven.
    Life is hard, I know that too,
    Coming forth, I need to face without much ado.

    But is it wrong to ask for a paradise?
    The mind diverts and I know it is not wise.
    Still, I am ready to face the hurdles as they come by ,
    The sun is the limit, but I will shine high.

    They say "You come alone, you go alone",
    'Focused', 'determined' are the only seeds that I have sown.
    But I reach a state when I am all too helpless,
    The need for affection combined with my selflessness.

    The perfect person that I want to become,
    'Powerful', 'dignified' should be the words for my outcome.
    I over think, maybe I am broken.
    But I vow to never let it become my token.

    I am ready to face the hurdles as they come by,
    The sun is the limit, but I will shine high.


    #cees_anthem_chall #pod #personal_anthem #self_empowerment #themeprompt #writersbay
    @mirakee @writersnetwork @carolyns_challenges

    I read of this challenge rather late. This is the best I could come up with ��

    Image credit to the right owner.

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    I will shine high


  • mahtobpensdown 77w


    His results had just come out
    Tension in the atmosphere was rising
    The television popped up his name
    Family was wailing, thinking of it as shame

    He hid himself, shocked with glee
    Little sister was dancing free
    He was in merit list, no one thought
    A miracle was suddenly at doorstep brought

    Family gained calmness, understood the message
    The son had an achievement under his name
    Sweets were brought, a bite grabbed by him
    Ran out his steps to celebrate with friends

    Unable to control excitement, he ran on the road
    Not being alert about traffic, helter-skelter were his steps
    The son had to talk to his bestie, hurried steps on the road
    Hit by a truck, he fell on the spot; eyes damaged to the core

    Ambulance was called, family informed
    Operation took hours; happiness turned to doom
    The son had lost his sight but not hope
    He was thinking of alternative career with a wide scope

    His voice was good, videos were now a target
    Daily practice resumed once back home under medication
    The soulful voice soon got a recognition
    The son's songs went viral, he became a celebrity

    Fame touched his name, he was sought by producers
    An event in life altered his track; did not take it negative to be sacked
    Fought all odds to become a role model for many
    Personal empowerment via inner strength are valiant swords for any battle



    #cees_anthem_chall #personal_anthem #mission_statemenr #themeprompt #innerstrength #battlecry #mirakee #writersnetwork #challenge #poetry #inspiration #pod

    @mirakee @writersnetwork @mikeanthony @poetryly @winners_space @black_pearl_ @chinmoy781125 @kuhelika @blind_angel @poetsportal

    Pic credits - Google images

    Pic - South Korean boy


    Thank you so much for your time, lovely appreciation and kind repost ����♥️ Grateful �� I am so glad that you read this piece and gave me comments, repost and likes. Thank you for the blessings and may God bless you all with good health �� Please accept this as an individual thanking �� and I am really touched by your love.

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    The soulful voice
    soon got a recognition


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  • luvnotes_challenge_host 77w



    "Say it With Strength" Saturday.

    Every so often throughout life, we're attacked by assailants, victimized by vigilantes, and harassed by haters. It's in those exact moments that our inner warrior rises up valiantly, bravely makes its presence known, and firmly declares and establishes exactly who we are in the form of a battle cry, a mission statement, or a personal anthem; much like the one I've included here, penned by the English poet William Ernest Henley in 1875.
    So for the purposes of today's challenge, I want you to do exactly that. Imagine a time when you were under attack, let your inner warrior rise up, and write a poetic battle cry (of 40 lines or less), that tells this world not only who you are, but also that you refuse to be thwarted or defeated.
    Please follow all the instructions completely, and see the do's and don'ts below.

    DO's and DON'Ts
    -Do read the Invictus poem to get an idea of what a battle cry is.
    -Do write your poem in English.
    -Do submit within 24 hours.
    -Do enter one submission only.
    -Do not plagiarize.
    -Do not use hate speech.
    -Do not use foul language.
    -Do not use nude/obscene images.
    -Do not write about political topics.

    DURATION: The challenge runs for 24 hours from the time of posting. It's officially closed when it says "1d" in the upper right corner of this post.

    REQUIRED HASHTAG: Be sure to use #cees_anthem_chall in your caption area.

    *Please support your fellow participants by reading and commenting on their submissions, as well as reposting, to increase visibility.

    Happy writing! ��✍

    #mirakee #writersnetwork #challenge #self_empowerment #battlecry #personal_anthem #mission_statement #themeprompt #innerstrength

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  • lovenotes_from_carolyn 79w

    This is my submission to a closed challenge on my other account; in which members were asked to write a true story about any personal encounter(s) with the supernatural, in a poetic manner. Thank you for reading.

    by Carolyn Glackin
    I could tell you a tale
    Borne of terror and dread
    'Bout the demons that plagued me
    Each night, in my bed
    Couldn't see them, nor hear them
    But I surely could feel
    Their malevolent presence
    Thus I knew they were real
    For nearly two decades
    They would show up each night
    To torture and taunt me
    So I'd turn from the Light
    They'd press all around me
    And instill me with fear
    Sleep and dreams were no respite
    They often hounded me there
    I could tell you that tale
    But it's hardly worth telling
    See, they're no longer present
    Anywhere that I'm dwelling
    I finally learned that my fear
    Was what gave them their power
    And oh how they'd revel
    All the more, when I'd cower
    I began to ignore them
    And it seemed I was right
    When their tricks didn't work
    They soon gave up the fight
    What a blessed relief
    To lay down in my bed
    Without menacing demons
    Trying to mess with my head!
    So, although that tale's over
    Every word of it true
    Sit tight for a moment
    I've more telling to do
    And now I shall spin you
    A most mystical write
    'Tis a whimsical tale
    That'll charm and delight
    I'll speak of the angels
    In whom I confide
    And I'll mention the fairies
    With whom I reside
    I'll tell you of merfolk
    Way down in the deep
    And of wise, ancient dragons
    Who snore when they sleep
    I'll sing of the starseeds
    Whom we knew before birth
    And their beautiful mission
    To assist us on Earth
    Oh the tales I could tell
    Of what roams through our house
    A spirit lion named Nero
    He's as quiet as a mouse
    There's the sprites in the water
    And the sylphs in the air
    There's the essence of life
    That I see everywhere
    There are gnomes in this home
    And a gargoyle or two
    And it's starting to sound like
    My own mystical zoo!
    The ancient ones visit
    Quite oft, while we're dreaming
    They stay all through the night
    While the full moon is beaming
    There are guides and protectors
    Not in body, in spirit
    Oh there's so much to tell
    Maybe one day you'll hear it
    But for now, please excuse me
    Time to start a new day
    The spirit cats just arrived
    And they're waiting to play.
    Copyright Carolyn Glackin 7/12/2020

    Art credit: Catrin Welz-Stein.

    #mirakee #writersnetwork #challenge #themeprompt #supernatural #angels #fairies #spiritanimals #sylphs #cees_ghost_chall #sprites #pixies #starseeds #dragons

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  • zoya_charmz 80w

    Thank you for the repost...❤️ @carolyns_challenges



    Beyond the silence of
    the Universe, there lies
    a void of deep innocence.
    I believe although it's
    already vast, it has the
    very profound essence.
    The knowledge I adore,
    is strongly substantial.
    Freedom of expression
    is the key to be liberal.
    The enormous creatures
    are towards a havoc.
    To nurture the nature is
    the only way to stop.

    The untold stories of the
    silenced sleepless nights.
    Very less it could find its own right.
    Unexpressed feelings growing
    beneath the coldness of the Earth.
    There is a lot of unfulfilled needs,
    so it remains with a touch of dearth.
    Endless hope to illuminate
    the dark World with a vision.
    To brighten up the nature
    with a vivid colorful fusion.

    Knocking the doors of the unseen
    truth where the tides rise, the tides fall.
    Galaxies adorned with the myriad of Stars,
    the morning breaks and the Cuckoo calls.
    Wandering in search of the unknown reality.
    Can I catch a glimpse of the pure serenity?
    I rise, I fall; even lost in the void but
    then my life echoed and I realized;
    Life is a gift, there is a peace within it.
    Embrace each and every moment till eternity.
    May the Universe flow in the "Ocean Of Tranquillity".


    @mirakee @writersnetwork @carolyns_challenges
    #pod #themeprompt #riseandshine #challenge #cees_rise_chall

    #silence #universe #void #innocence #believe #hope #essence #knowledge #substantial #liberal #adore #freedom #nurture #nature #untoldstories
    #sleeplessnights #feelings #earth #touch #stars #illuminate #vision #color #fusion #galaxies #vivid #morning #cuckoo #reality #serenity #life #peace #embrace #moment #eternity #ocean #tranquillity

    Image credit goes to myself.


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    I rise, I fall; even lost in the void but
    then my life echoed and I realized;
    Life is a gift, there is a peace within it.
    Embrace each and every moment till eternity.
    May the Universe flow in the"Ocean Of Tranquillity".


  • bliss__ 80w

    Now or never..

    Thanks to social media and every other media
    Being slim is beauty
    Being fair is beauty
    Being thick is beauty
    Wearing less clothes is beauty
    Wearing more make-up is beauty
    I was always a fluffy kid
    Still am a fluffy woman
    Body shaming is old news for me
    I never really cared about myself
    The way I looked or dressed
    I still don't..
    Walking from my room to the kitchen was the only exercise is did
    I don't know where it came from
    The fact that I want to be fit
    I always kept pushing away that thought
    Finally giving into that thought, I started working out....
    Now this was no hardcore workout, since I was just doing it for the sake of it
    Doing barely 2 or 3 workouts took me 45 min to complete.
    Fast forward to 5 months
    Still doing my lazy workout
    YouTube recommended me videos like "100 day challenge" and stuff
    Well after going over dosens of videos
    I found one that looked doable
    Determination just showered over me
    Got a pen paper, made up a calander and noted down the workouts
    I started with 4 workouts which would take me again 45 min or so
    It's been a month now, I do 9 workouts within 1:15 min
    And it has changed my life for the best
    So far there has been no great weight loss
    But muscle tone is at its finest
    And I try my best to never miss even a single day of workout
    Also still trying to figure out where this determination is coming from...

  • susen777 80w

    "Rise and Shine"

    Have I ever done any such great thing for which I'll be remembered?
    My untiring efforts for recollection led me nowhere.
    I was never an achiever,
    worthy to be proclaimed ceremoniously,
    no magnum opus so far.
    My dreams were never sky high,
    I just vied to survive when being thrown on the brink of a crag.
    And I just found my way out,
    as I hated to be perished down the hidden mineshaft.
    I am not a hero,
    although I celebrate a victory
    however tiny it may be.
    I celebrate every time
    I pull back the curtain to let the light in.

  • raindropsoncacti 80w

    Were You to Depart...

    I'm too honest of heart not to confess
    An inadvertent selfishness were you to leave.
    With fullness of time, I'd no choice but to profess
    I'd find your need to part ways despairing to receive.

    The affliction your vestige would carve
    A caved abyss of desolation in my heart.
    I'm certain an inordinate wave of sorrow would likely inundate mine
    More than yours, were you to depart.

    I would be inept at preventing myself from saying
    That I'd be devastated at the space that would remain.
    The inexorable sad words that would surface
    I'd not be strong enough to contain.

    This weakness within me would not sit well,
    Please don't think this heaviness I could ignore.
    As well as loss, I'd also feel guilty as hell,
    Also regretful, for never just saying that it's you I've come to adore.

    In a way beyond how I nervously do on every occasion
    For my enmeshed emotions, and thus words, I'd apologise.
    Though unlike my usual perpetual sea of sorries
    The contrition in this sorry, you of all people, would certainly see in my eyes.

    I'd feel to cruel for subjecting you - to me!
    For my wanting unborn moments, unexplored sentiments and words unspoken.
    Guilty and maudlin, I'd pry myself away to accept
    That you'd be definitely gone, all possibility lost, our connection broken.

    I can't assure you I'd ever rid mine remorse,
    Or that oceans of your memory in my mind wouldn't forever swell.
    But I would honour the pursuit of your true North, take comfort in having known you at all,
    Usurp a place of zenith, a bittersweet smile, and impart a softly-spoken farewell...


  • smitanand 80w


    I was enceinte with twin souls,
    a rare blessing from test tube of science,
    for a barren womb
    my being incandescent with bliss.

    A stroke of callous fate,
    cast me adrift in raging water
    of misfortune,
    as bleeding on lily whites
    I prayed for survival of my gravid dream.

    Forced to travel in the railcar
    somewhere that promised
    a panacea against my infliction
    I gave birth on operation table
    to two preemies~
    like immature embryos
    robbed of nurturing cotyledons
    gasping for manna life.

    Then followed
    months of struggle against grave odds
    as the babies tried
    to survive within an incubator
    boosted by medication and oxygenation
    as both savings and hope dwindled.

    One was chosen
    by guardian angels she survived,
    the other incompatible
    with healthy living
    without a functional lung
    embraced death
    after fighting a long battle.

    I as a mother
    was left with mixed feelings
    smiles sparkling with sheen of tears
    forced to live while
    a child died, for those in my care
    a martyr victorious but with
    wounds that would fester forever...

  • doux_torment 80w

    After experiencing the ephemerals of joy in love
    When the lies in his eyes
    He could no longer hide
    And He failed to swallow his pride
    So,perfidious he.., Impaled my heart
    And threw me in those treacherous caverns
    Deeper than ocean,.. Darker than black
    I whimpered,.. And cried
    But failed each time
    Alas...!!!! My strangled throat
    So,.. I writhed and sighed
    In agony,.. in pain
    My mind slumberd in profound despair
    How long shall I remain interred in this unmourned grave..???
    Who's going to save me from this dark cave, devoid of hope ...???
    I kept falling until I touched the ground
    As I touched, I bounced back
    I found the torch,.. Somewhere lost in the dungeon.. Was lying inside of me.
    And I realized -
    "I carry the torch.., within me!!! "

    @writersnetwork @mirakee
    #cees_rise_chall #challenge #themeprompt

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    When pain and wrath striked her door
    Tattered her into pieces
    And scratched her core
    She turned into alchemist
    While you turned into a mist
    Now,..she doesn't turns blue
    Without you and your love.

  • zoya_charmz 83w


    Under the carpet of blue sky
    and the white fluffy clouds,
    I found my dream place.
    Gazing above and lying
    down on the flowery bed,
    my day-dreaming begins.
    The beauty of the nature
    fulfilling my solitude.
    I am up the stairways of
    passionate imagination.
    Now, lost into the dreamland.
    Can I walk through it?
    Can I feel the charm?
    Can I catch the dreams?
    Can I really conquer it?
    Oh it's actually a pure
    fantasy World!


    #dreamland #bluesky #dreamplace ##daydreaming #solitude #imagination #passion #fancy #fantasy #fantasyworld #passionatedreams #fluffyclouds

    Image credit - Yomagick

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    Lost into the dreamland.