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  • _flow_of_words_ 1w

    Let them go!

    You know you are going to lose them, but all you do is be there beside them whenever they need you. Because you know that they matter to you, but you forgot that they might hurt you badly in the future. What if they don't choose to stay in your life and fly away from you? That will indeed rip your heart out, but this time you won't do anything except blame yourself for the crime you never did. You will blame yourself for being beside someone who matters to you, but is blaming yourself fair enough? Maybe not, but the heart beating inside you will force you to blame yourself; because that heart is the one who will be bleeding, not you, but don't forget to remind yourself that this isn't your fault. And this isn't the fault of your heart for loving someone unconditionally. Not getting love in return hurts, but what kind of love it is which doesn't hurt? Does that kind of love even exist in this world? Love is something that comes with pain and sacrifices, and thus, we can't blame anyone. Let some people go away if they want to because we can't force someone to stay. Let that heart bleed, but don't let that heart force you to blame yourself, because the happiness you experience while in love surely doesn't come for free. So, don't blame that love because at least you loved someone with all of your heart; at least you met someone who can fill your heart with love. What do you want more than this? Maybe someone out there doesn't even get to experience this, but you got! So, be happy in loving them! If they are going away from you, let them go because seeing them happy will give a strange satisfaction, which no one can give you.

    So, let them go! Let them fly! And don't hate them for not staying!

    _ Utkarsha Kalambe
    Dt. 15 October 2021 @20:57 hrs IST

  • lunalight 3w

    You and Them

    When it's You and Them
    You don't need to worry who needs them

  • _spxys_stories 5w

    All the surprises

    She was not surprised when she heard about his wedding date, she was not even get out from the surprised change in his behavior.

  • nocturnal_enigma 7w

    * 3.9.2021; 8.25 P.M (Malaysia)

    * Recording uploaded at my Instagram: nuems_poems

    * 3rd in #NuEmRaps #Rapper

    #rap #Eminem
    #poem #stem #them #gem #problem #REM
    #like #grow #sleepy

    * 'Them' refer to other poets.

    * I didn't chose the background. It automatically there. So, I just use it.

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    -em ~

    Yo! I am NuEm.
    Grow like a stem.
    This is my poem.
    I like Eminem.
    Is this piece, a gem?
    Like poems by them?
    Well. No problem.
    Sleepy; Come REM!

    © Nuruliffa Emirah
    @ nocturnal_enigma

  • lunalight 8w


    They are Special to You... "YES"
    You are Special to them... "NO"

  • slotha 13w


    If only I could go wherever you were,
    I might the happiest person in the world.
    I love you, indeed.
    But, our world so different.
    You're made of pen and paint,
    While I am made of blood and flesh.
    I hate these kind of differences.

  • rebekah_spencer 16w

    You are like a bandage to me
    When she Broke me
    You fixed me

  • mute_my_mind 16w

    It's better to take mind as granted
    than our heart

  • shimmery_vibe 17w


    Water is salty still bearable,
    Mud is swampy still Swimmable,
    Ocean gave birth to many like me,
    Many with fins, yet is without breeze;
    Tho I am someone known as GOLD,
    I am no Shark neither a Black Moor,
    I get less life but little am I found on shore,
    But place which is and would always be mine,
    Gives my name a very delicate, beautiful shine;
    no shark, no whale, neither king, nor tail can be named after GOLD;
    as it is just something for which, I AM VERY WELL KNOW.


  • theswordandtherose 21w


    Colors flowing, showing pride
    One’s uniqueness, dare not hide
    Yet many voice their hurtful chides
    Because they do not see our side

    Blinded by the lies

    But I choose not to be so cruel
    As to call a verbal duel
    With words that hatred tries to fuel
    Where fire’s prejudice does rule

    To break the human heart

    The “Golden Rule” reveals be kind
    To the hearts and to the minds
    Of every soul where love entwines
    With faith and hope for all mankind

    Leaving disrespect behind


  • evan_niko_ 22w

    With Someone

    Brush up against me
    Such a simpleton, I
    Do swear by it, I have seen it
    With glee, I sense a passion
    And worth, I have felt it
    But without your silence,
    By my side
    I cannot stand being,
    Alone with it
    Where may we lay?

  • mrsinghnota_ 22w


    Some people will hate you because you're
    not like them, others will try to make you
    conform, stay true to you and never
    switch sides.

  • swetaswadhismita 24w


    Some people would be really jealous of you
    Don't care about them
    keep calm and be happy
    Shine like a star and make them more jealous.
    Let them burn their ownself in the fire of jealousy.


  • debbythewriter 27w

    He, She, Them.

    He picks up a pen
    Her sword is her tongue
    He reads for his pleasure
    But books make her numb
    He is quiet, melancholy
    She's a Sanguine, so bubbly
    He refrains from using curse words
    She swears like a sailor
    He is organised, meticulous
    She's so untidy it's miraculous
    How she manages to find anything
    In her pile of clothes and work papers
    But he looks at her like she lights his world
    Like he's drawn to her like a moth to a flame
    He looks at her like she's the very best thing
    Like he'd have her more than riches and all of the fame
    And she looks at him and she thinks "Oh, he's mine"
    And she catches her breath every time that he smiles
    Now though they're as different as different can be,
    The stars were aligned when her hand grasped in his
    She looks up and beams, both enshrouded in love
    None of them noticed the stars twinkling above.

  • shivangij 28w

    Try things before judging them

    "How was your day

    My days are lying in a comer Stoned, crippled and rustic, Nights stretch too long, I walk a mile and these waves push me back two miles But I just don't stop breathing and hoping for light. Everyday lying and pondering over thoughts. I feel deep inside drowning within myself. I just wait how long this day would be. Lying over, seeing those same walls and faces. I feel like caged within these walls screaming within how to escape it.

    I thought how it would went, but yeah I felt strike of pain everyday crumbling saying to me, dude do something, I say again these things continue everyday and it's boring. My thoughts conflicting like empty vessels making the most noise. I started off some self building. It felt earlier like dragging myself to climb a mountain when I had no experience. As, I close my eyes I felt being swallowed by dark with barely any scope of light. I tried the process of self build up everyday and so felt the same but as days went by I tried to calm myself each day by engaging in activities which made me calm. I felt like building up myself and so clearing my painful notions into inspirational hope. I so carry on the same and yes this is the reason of my smile now. "

    The person said, "It seems to difficult and boring for me to do. I cannot follow up to what you do."

    I said, " I can understand, I felt the same earlier but going deep within, I realized, I should do that which I neglected. Sometimes we tend to ignore things as it seems to be different and boring but you should give it a try, then your know the value of those things."

    The person replied, "well said, and so the person said atleast there is someone to understand me as well."

    I felt good and was in my mind thanking the person who said that try things before judging them.

  • ummi18 32w


    Don't let them see how fleshy you're, don't let them see how big your heart is! Sadly all you're is what they say!-Ummi

  • mehna_2006 33w

    The untold myths the shade red hides.

    I had seen the red ,
    The one fearless and confident.
    Was now the one cowering against people's judgement.

    Even though a colour of our rainbow ,
    It was ruthlessly thrown out of our society.
    Because of the shade it holds.

    Was it red's fault ?.
    Wasn't it born with the colour we gave it?
    A malfunction?

    Poor red ,
    Always weeping in th corner of the room ,
    When the others would just stand there and boast themselves.
    Wasn't red a colour for many?

    Just when someone tries to help this helpless colour,
    They are sucked into this judgmental hole of people .

    If you wear this shade,
    This red.
    You will be a person who ,
    Is Over-confident.
    Has an attitude.
    Less compatible.
    Less friendly .
    More envious.

    And what not?
    Seeing this , the red runs from you thinking it should not hurt you as they hurt it.

    They think red ,
    The evil in disguise .
    They wear red,
    As an unholy colour.
    They see red ,
    As everything but good.

    Just why does this colour gets a taste of discrimination ,
    When every other other colour get their good meals served from this high rated society.

    What was it's fault?
    It wasn't it's fault ,
    That people had judgmental minds.
    It wasn't it's fault ,
    That it became the victim of alliteration.
    It wasn't it's fault ,
    That the others meant something and this one didn't.

    This shade was once called royal .
    This shade was once everything.

    And now ,
    This is called names for no reasons.
    This shade means nothing.

    A colour for love?
    More like a colour of hatred.

    Oh dear red .
    Everything will be okay.
    One day the canvas will go blank.
    And no other colour shall leave their rainbow but you.
    And you will be the one to paint it ,
    With all the sorrows you caged ,
    With tears as strokes,
    And hatred as love.
    That day will be soon.

    Just endure it a little more,
    And you'll be cherished by those blanks waiting for you.



    I don't know about this one as well.��
    Thanks for heart ❤️.

    @mirakkee @writersnetwork

    #wod #shade #red #love #hate #life #me #you #them #pod #shades #colour

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    The untold and unseen myths of this shade holds.
    And endures.
    Just used and thrown like nothing ,
    Once the paint comes to an end.

    Just how the used red lipstick weeps ,
    When it didn't take a second for them to throw it away.

    Just as the torn red dress from that horrible night,
    Because it was the colour of disgrace on her.

    Just how the sun sets before the red appears on it,
    With the fear of being judged by them.

    And same as how death owned the red,
    So it could leave with it without any whispers or faces.


  • little_sad 34w

    #love #them


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    They were happen to meet
    But never were they happen
    To kiss to love
    But somehow between their hearts
    They break the rules and fall in love.

  • snehant 38w

    #mirakeenetwork #mirakee #mirakeeassistant
    #empath #love #care #comfort #make #them #love #theirselves

    I dedicate this poem to every empath living there and fighting their own demons and consuming others too.
    I am really glad I was able to describe it with my words.

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    I drown myself deep in the ocean.
    To understand the pain, hide deep inside a person.

    I feel too much pain love hate joy.
    sometimes it hurts, sometimes I just enjoy.

    It's not easy to feel empathy, for whatever feeling comes, in front of suddenly.
    Everytime it happens, goes deep into my soul occasionally.

    Empath is a very special conditio, it's not disease.
    The person we call an empath never eases.

    Every persons emotions are attracted towards an empath.
    There is no way an empath can go ignoring them on other road or any path.

    Respect and help those person whom we call an empath, affectionately.
    It will gradually care them very effectively.


  • snehant 38w

    I don't know
    what it's like
    to not to have
    deep emotions.
    even when
    I feel nothing,
    I feel it