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  • anthonyhanible 2d

    Just Speaking The Truth Pt5

    She became my life
    So I'm tripping
    Because she's leaving
    I'm tripping
    Because she's trying to take my life away
    So I'm tripping
    Because I think I'm going to die
    When she goes
    Just Speaking The Truth

  • anthonyhanible 5d

    Just Speaking The Truth Pt4

    My mind is gone
    Brain dead
    Just scrambled
    So I love the corner
    Looking at the floor
    Looking at the ceiling
    Quiet I stay
    I escape to
    A pen
    Some paper
    Thinking now I make sense
    Just Speaking The Truth
    I'm lost

  • anthonyhanible 1w

    Just Speaking The Truth Pt3

    I have been lying to everyone
    We're not good
    I know that what I said
    That was a lie
    A piece of cake
    We killed the cake
    Over and over again
    Sorry for fooling y'all
    With these similes
    With the fun and the games
    It was a show
    Really I was fooled
    I didn't know either
    Just Speaking The Truth

  • anthonyhanible 1w

    Just Speaking The Truth Pt2

    In pain
    Is it raining?
    I can't lay down
    I haven't laid in my bed for days
    The trail of my tears
    Showed you that I tried
    Sitting at the table all night
    In pain
    I try to still do what I'm supposed to
    Just Speaking The Truth

  • anthonyhanible 1w

    Just Speaking The Truth

    She read my poems
    I don't think she liked
    Sending me a lot of text messages
    Telling me not to come home tonight
    Well that's what the voices said
    The voices in my head
    Just Speaking The Truth

  • anthonyhanible 1w

    The Person I am

    Bipolar disorder
    I stay screaming
    I stay throwing this
    I stay breaking that
    I try to stay to myself
    This is not good for anyone else
    It's the truth
    So I try to hide it
    So I lie about it
    Because I hate being alone
    But it only take a second
    For my Disorder to show

  • anthonyhanible 2w

    You Don't Love No More

    Damn you blocked me
    Damn it's really over
    Damn this is killing me
    Damn I'm on my knees
    Damn my heart is on floor
    Damn it's in a puddle of my tears
    Damn I feel lightheaded
    After you told me
    You Don't Love No More

  • anthonyhanible 2w

    I Got So Much On My Mind Pt3

    Before blow up
    I already shutdown
    I'm already sitting in the corner
    Trying not to scream
    Trying not to cry
    Sitting here looking crazy
    Sitting here still calling you baby
    Operating Under The Influence
    No friends
    Family stays away
    ER 302
    Felony block
    No calls
    No mail
    A bus ride
    A train ride
    On a plane going nowhere
    My heart is sitting on the table
    They opened my skull
    So much on my brain
    Turning me insane

  • anthonyhanible 2w

    I Got So Much On My Mind

    When was marrying me your goal 2030
    If God is willing to let us live that long
    Look I really understand that you should and should have left me already
    The struggle
    The heart breaks
    The fights
    Was real
    For real
    Begging you back
    Fighting for you back
    Wining and dining you back
    Look it's a fact
    Some wounds heal but leaves pain
    Irritated by rain
    Under the covers in tears
    Me not you
    It's over

  • anthonyhanible 2w

    I Got So Much On My Mind

    With you
    The understanding about stability and taking care of each other
    I was willing to make it work
    But there was always something that said hold out
    My conscious
    I had to be sure
    I wasn't just marrying you
    Because of the kids
    Because our history
    Yes I love you
    I really loved you
    But you broke my heart so many times
    As I did to you
    So I believe that we're better off
    As friends cuz I don't want to lose that

  • anthonyhanible 3w


    Nail dipped in ink
    Has I lay down
    Asleep I fall
    I'm sorry
    I didn't feel
    Any of that

  • anthonyhanible 3w

    It Was A Disaster

    I should have checked the weather
    It destroyed my house
    It destroyed my work
    Damn it destroyed my life
    It was a flood
    It was a tornado
    It was a earthquake
    It was love

  • anthonyhanible 3w

    I'm Just Pt2

    I'm Just
    Dying day by day
    So day by day
    I'm Just
    Trying to live

  • anthonyhanible 3w

    I'm Just

    I'm just
    A broken home
    With a makeover
    New windows
    New floors
    When the paint dry
    I'll be ready to go back on the market

  • anthonyhanible 3w

    No One Really Knows

    Closed door
    Mouth closed
    Long term stay
    Four padded walls
    No files
    No name
    Blood comes out frozen
    Beating heart connected to a brain
    Main function
    Is to destroy the body it's in

  • anthonyhanible 4w

    Keep That Same Energy

    Wow I see
    I hear you loud and clear
    You up
    And I'm down
    You talking crazy
    Maybe I should go
    We built this
    Maybe I should let it fall
    Wow I don't trust you really
    I stayed faithful
    I stayed true
    Packing your bags
    Saying words just to upset me
    Words just to make me cry
    Keep That Same Energy
    I'm gone

  • anthonyhanible 4w


    I straight cried
    No it felt like
    I straight up just died
    Mirakee Mirakee
    Looking for help
    I can't walk
    I can't see
    Fear playing like a movie
    I'm scared
    I'm screaming
    I straight cried
    I straight lost it all
    Picture framed
    Placed on the wall
    I dig
    Digging forever
    Trying to escape

  • anthonyhanible 5w

    Voices In My Head

    They be in there fighting
    All day and all night
    So I put headphones on
    Music on blast
    I hate the commercials
    I hate when the headphones die
    The voices take control
    Out of control I'm
    Wow why am I screaming
    Wow why am I punching and kicking
    Wow now I'm crying
    Wow now I'm apologizing
    Crazy so I buy more headphones
    I have like three
    Just trying to get past the commercials

  • anthonyhanible 5w

    Eli Eli

    Please don't go
    My God you know
    So in your hands it goes
    Eli Eli
    On my knees I scream
    On my knees in tears

  • anthonyhanible 5w

    What's Enough

    Knife to my neck
    Gun to my head
    Chained up in the basement
    Needle in my arm
    Crack in the pipe
    Pill after pill
    Break down after breakdown
    Looking for a hug
    Looking for a kiss
    On my forehead
    Warm me inside