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  • charveekoyada 10w

    That Guy

    The guy that brings me more anger.
    The guy in my life. Let me tell you a story.

    Recently my new coaching has been started
    I was regularly seating on my second bench
    And three boys were seating just in front of me. Regularly the breakfast time, I think it was 9 am.
    One of the guy seating in front of me his Book
    and pen were follen down and he was not there,
    so I helped him picking up for him. Then suddenly
    The guy came in so I gave him his pen but
    he ignored me I thought he didn't heard me
    so again I shouted at him that your
    pen but he sawed at me for 5seconds and
    and he ignored me and gone...
    I can't tell u guys how much I was filled with anger
    OMG it was just boom I wanna kill him
    I every day each an every day I curse him.
    I hate him so much..

  • raadhikaa 48w

    As yours

    No face now is as appealing
    No laughter is as sweet
    No eyes are as deep
    No amount of care is enough
    No jokes are as silly
    No love is as understanding

    ...As yours


  • the_village_poet 104w

    The Guy

    There he stood;
    That muse.
    The guy
    I can't stop
    Thinking about
    Looking at
    Talking to

    Now he's here;
    That muse.
    The guy
    Who can't stop
    Thinking about
    Looking at
    Talking to

    Stacey Welsh ☘️

  • swega_nalawade 115w

    The Guy

    "The Guy "

    For the first time someone created a silent chaos in my mind and bit drifted my happy place and for the first time I didn't feel bad on been proved wrong but Don't take away something precious to me, a mess which I love to be with and the mess which makes me a mess and to be honest I cherish that being that mess. You might find this childish but for very first time I've been insecure about my mess and it's difficult to live like this .Thanks for giving it a shot.
    Hope you understand.

    Your's faithfully
    " Ek jhalli"


  • suhaniraj 148w

    Kind of guy i want
    (part - 2)

    You know one day i thought about wht kind of guy i want, was so basic kind of things tht came out which i loved,
    like who would hold my hands, let me steal his hoodies, give me small pecks on my cheek, and would watch stars with me..
    But today when i was trying to figure out which kind of profession i want him to be in was an another question to myself..
    Smtimes i wantd him to be a writer who would describe the whole crazy me whn he evr want to write about love..
    Sometimes i wanted him to be a dancer who would dedicate me love stories that he would tell by dancing them off for me
    Sometimes i wanted him to be a singer who would just hold my hands and sing any fucking song for me and which anyways going to melt my heart...
    But when i will get to meet the perfect one, one day i m sure even if he isn't going to be any of these but someone who would still hold my hands and sing for me in his bad bt cute voice someone who don't know how to write poems bt would hold me as if i m the most incredible poem he had ever read or someone who don't know how to dance but when i get to hug him i would hear his heart beats dancing for me..
    So it's ok if he isn't going to be any of these that would impress me but i just want someone who knows how to love me..

  • magicalmystery 150w

    The Guy Outside

    Everyone sees something different in their head when words are spoken or read.

    So when my mom told me there was a guy outside, I thought of someone stuck between the phase of boyhood and manhood: a lone wolf sort of person who has not yet become a mature adult; someone reckless, wild, and free.

    I snuck outside to go see this mysterious guy. When I found him, I wasn't afraid of him. We talked and played games in the ditch and ran through the yard like dogs.

    I asked him to teach me the secrets of the universe. He told me to take off my pants. I obeyed.

    Once I got home and mom found out who I had been playing with, she told me I was going to be punished, and told me to take off my pants.

    I didn't listen.


  • manusnk 156w

    The Guy

    I have been waiting for a guy.....

    He who comes with all freshness in the world.

    He who wears th craziness of the Hatter.

    He who knows how lost I can be,

    And still can get me back to me being me.

    He who is all- tall dark and every inch of Bad.

    He who will come wearing colours of sky,

    To colour me into the colours that he flaunts by.

    I am waiting for a guy....

    Who will know how much I love,

    He who will love me, just a bit more than I Know...


  • scattered_words 161w

    The picture

    There was this picture,
    I found you in.
    I spent hours looking at that back you showed in it.

    Sometimes I tried to intrigue into it and live that moment with you, and sometimes it scared me thinking what if you turned and looked at me and read all the conspiracies going in my mind .
    That silence , that leisure and you sitting at that cliff without noticing me . Watching you was breathtaking !

    Then one day, one fine day you turned .
    And I looked into your eyes,
    Eyes that were emptily filled with love
    And that love dragged me to you.
    Into that picture , silence and leisure .

    We sat there, together for hours, weeks , months and years .You held my hand, kissed my forehead , exchanged those glances , lived a fairytale within that picture . And made me believe that fairytales are real .

    But like every other tale, it too had to end .
    You had to leave . Leave for good .
    But my love for that picture was inescapable
    And I chose to capture myself into that frame.
    For ever !

    The frame might seem empty to some,
    But I find myself there , with you , your fragrance ,
    Your touch and the mayhem I was left with !


  • kambojneha 179w

    When i was abundant in a corner to cry,
    During that period i met a guy.
    I looked at him,he seemed really shy.
    But i didn't care cause i only wanted to die.
    He looked at me in a strange way,
    I was confuse, what to say.
    When i was screaming my sorrow out,
    Suddenly,i heard a shout.
    He came running to rescue me,
    He let me know what i wasn't able to see.
    To be continued......