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  • kin_jo 48w

    I know I'm late but nevertheless wanted to attempt Yesterday's prompts. @mirakee @writersnetwork you hold a very special place in my ❤️ #microblog

    #theclouds #writersnetwork #pod #ceesreposts
    Thank you for the heart Wn :)

    Thinking clouds:

    High and afar, a paradise of love
    Friendly thinking clouds found their ground
    So pure, so great, a place so profound

    Majestic and Infinite, an imperial palace
    Imprisoned clouds unveil their noiseless dreams
    Soaking spectral mass with their unseen realms

    Bright and dazzling, a heart shaped orb
    With morning dawn, scorching prompts,
    Breaks night long spell, setting thoughtful clouds on fire
    Enkindling the unconquered embers of desire

    Breathing and blooming, a new born star
    Conquering his space betwixt his lines
    Painting words in coverlets of blue,
    Unfurling his enraptured soul
    Seeking relief in soul shaped nest
    For a place of tranquility and rest

    Mysterious and resolute, an inspecting cloud
    Whose coming is welcomed with besotted eyes
    Tracing the glories with repost in the skies
    A naming prodigy in the upper sky
    A feeling so divine, sublime.

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  • jayceclaymore 48w

    Floating Cotton Candy

    In the vast heavens we're seeing them wandering,
    They come and go like a random summer fling.
    We see them in different wondrous hues,
    From whites, greys, reds and even the blues.

    I wonder what truly are behind those beauties,
    Some say that there are castles or even cities.
    I hope I'll be able to fly amongst them one day,
    I feel like I'll truly feel freedom in that way.

    Truthfully, I'm fine seeing them from down below.
    I'm contented in hearing them everyday saying hello.
    Though they're still pretty much very uncanny for me,
    I'll always refer to them as floating cotton candy.

  • sighsandskies 48w

    All the sombre cries,
    Coalesce on the gentle earth,
    The subtle land weeps with myraid tears,
    Those drops,
    Finely stringed,
    Carefully picked,
    Sublime and fine.
    The old crouch lady,
    Bearing the ancient cane basket,
    She intwines the thread,
    Twirling in her bygone spinning wheel,
    Her long, artistic ,wrinkled fingers,
    Rhythmatically move,
    Braiding the minute threads with utmost perfection,
    As she weaves,
    A little glint of pink, purple,
    Crimson, grey , indigo,
    And lots of whites and silvers,
    Her hands gyrating tirelessly,
    As she creates huge cotton balls,
    A satiny bed for the birds to rest,
    And sing lullaby,
    as the tired twilight grins,
    And candy floss for the naughty kid,
    A delicate veil for the shy heaven,
    A huge gateway for the protruding sunbeams,
    Fleecy clothes for the naked sky,
    As the looms create huge cotton balls,
    Dangling on the ends of the azure sky,
    Soaking the sweat and tears,
    Hefty clouds,
    Bathe the earth in glee and joys.


    #theclouds #mondo #wod

    WN, you are so generous. Thankyou .��☁️

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  • brahmleen_ 48w

    Fierce clouds

    Kinetic chisels of dope clouds
    Awake from slow slumber to
    Croon the hardships of your life
    Guava giggles of life hide
    The roasted barbeques of
    Patchy paws
    The fiery eye balls of introspection
    Stare at the smoke waving
    Around the environment
    Exercise dramatization
    Along the group of ill
    Fitted molecules
    To let the pansy bloom
    Out of bursted backyard
    Frozen caps of snow
    Help to write
    A new soliloquise to life
    After wasting blank papers
    Like writing to almighty
    To turn the face of fate
    At those fiery clouds
    Shining the inevitable
    Fire in you.


  • skyhigh01 48w

    Cottony cloud

    Patches of cottony cloud
    In a mood to tease sky kissing mountains
    Whistled misty secretly enriching aurora
    Cottony cloud and her cottony fairy
    Alongside sun, the master of cloudy drama
    Peeping from the top rearing diving them up
    Scattered cottony cloud never fly far
    Are destined to be back
    To their abode,
    Full of cottony plumage,
    A treasure of cloudy love..

  • hoorbanu98 48w

    Sober Clouds

    Within no time,
    Clouds cherished me.

    Within no time,
    Clouds had made crowed.

    Within no time,
    Clouds been wearing their wish.

    Within no time,
    Clouds are the one switch
    Into loud and proud of jealousy.

    Within no time,
    Clouds are precious and eyeless.

  • scarletheart_moonlovers 48w

    Poetry Clouds

    Herald of pain
    Oozing each drops as poetry
    Hovering past the zephyrs
    Easing woes singly
    Sprouting out new hopes

    What Is clouds?
    It's the tinted gouache of petrichor tales


  • shradhanegi 48w

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    #theclouds #writersnetwork #mirakee

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    Enigmatic Clouds

    Undyed clouds cover the sky
    Of various forms to see up high
    I wonder keenly what lies up there ?
    Enigmatic clouds make my sight stare.


  • _still_in_mess 48w

    You survive, you smile.....

    How is the sky too dark,
    Even when the sun,
    is trying to protect him under the clouds of lies?
    I wonder, between all this nature's ups and downs,
    I'm still waiting for tomorrow to arrive
    where he will hold the umbrella in the right hand
    and we will walk in between the fragrance of petrichor,
    labeling it as " Few strangers we met can be called as home."

    He says when it's dark hold my hands with a feeling,
    I'm new blood of your deep ocean,
    I grin with a diamond of a thousand cloud bursting happiness
    but somewhere between all this,
    I'm living under the shelter which knows
    he can build promises, smiles, a fiction of cliche yet perfect life,
    but he can't hold my hand till the end
    cause he doesn't see my eyes as love
    but I see myself with dreams & ascendent before him.
    It is said when someone loves you,
    don't let your particles of harsh thoughts reach them,
    let them see the world with all sides of your beauty.
    But when I see my wishing star falling,
    He is no more the part of that cold night,
    But fits exactly under the sunset at the horizon.

    I know, he knows,
    'We' both are the deep secrets,
    That our tongue will never speak,
    Even if the end gulps 'us'.
    A bit by bit,
    Reality seems tough, right?
    Where legally,
    I will be replaced by another ' SHE',
    and some other 'he' will possess my body,
    Which is already someone's soul,
    When I see both of us after ages
    under the clouds of rituals,
    We are 7 round miles apart,
    but with a lovable sonnet hanging in our heart,
    Where we are different by the outer face saying it marriage by humans
    but deep down lying under the letters of unsaid love.

    //Nor I survived, neither you did, but all in between our poetry survived with facts of rituals//



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  • jkwrites 48w

    Starry clouds

    Remember those nights
    Laying on the grass
    Sneaking kisses and giggles
    Under the twinkling lights

    The starry clouds hover us
    Protecting us from the world
    Caging us in a bubble of
    Happiness and laughter

    Just you and me
    And those starry clouds
    With no fear of what's next
    With no fear of what ifs.

    Remember those nights
    When you made me feel home
    Lightened my darkened life
    Like a nightlight in a child's room

    The starry clouds
    The breezy winds
    The tingles where you touch
    Made me forgot the real world

    Just you and me
    And the starry clouds
    With only love and bliss
    With no place for
    Blue and glum

  • amsterdam 48w

    The forlorn clouds
    are speaking to me
    in ancient codes
    and foreign languages
    I couldn't decipher
    no matter how I try,
    but I guess they
    want to tell me that
    it's okay not to be okay
    when life fails to put subtitles
    and analyze
    what on earth is going on
    in my mind,
    within the tangled mess that I am.

    Sometimes, lightning strikes
    more than twice
    in corners where
    bored cobwebs droop
    from the ceiling of my thoughts,
    igniting sparks of hope somewhere
    over the horizon where happiness
    sits like a boss watching
    a movie premiere
    from the front row seats
    with Charlie Chaplin,
    as the story of my life
    unfolds in haunting black and white.

    #theclouds #wod #mondo

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    Smiles as wide as the skies
    didn't wrinkle the corners of your eyes,
    What is happiness?

    A ray of sunshine
    peeking like a child behind
    the curtains of forlorn clouds.


  • _writer_at_heart_ 48w

    Vagrant Voluminous Clouds

    Up there i often look and stare.
    Pleasantly intoxicating vagrant clouds' fair.

    Puffy clouds being dense turbulent,
    Dense turbulent clouds, drifting, making its own destination.

    Yon sanguine clouds,
    how calming you make me feel..!,
    "Would you take me along with you, as shown in the cartoons and fairytales ?",
    Back then, as a kid, i often used to think !!

    The cirrus and stratus cloud, symbolize the celestial realm.
    The shiny ones, feels Godly,
    As if we are being watched from above.

    Voluminous ever-floating clouds,
    Hey cumulonimbus clouds ;
    Thankyou for producing rain that brings benefits, worldwide.
    Clouds play an important role in both warming and cooling our planet.
    How can i not call you temperature controller for all of us here, i know i am right..!

    Shape-shifters floating out..,
    Saying nothing's gonna remain constant ever.
    With the cloudy darkest clouds,
    There go the thundering,
    And storm, furious.
    But it all will settle and clear,
    How can i not remember, "every clouds has a silver lining".

    Clouds you're free floaters,
    An important element of universe and also in the canvas.

    It's said, "if you've ever been outside on a foggy day,
    you've essentially been inside a cloud,
    just one very close to the ground instead of high in the sky."
    Well, i must appreciate, what a blissful information this is !
    Who won't love to not only see,
    But also feel what it is...!


  • treble_clef 48w

    River clouds

    I watch in wonder
    at the clouds in the river
    Was this union ever possible? 

    The stillness within
    can embrace entirety, 
    when you're in touch with your inner self. 


  • bluepuppy01 48w

    #bluepup #Ltstrangerc
    #theclouds #bayentry

    ❄ Snow Clouds ❄

    Dear Little Land Floater,

    We noticed how a snowflake of ours landed upon a tear streaming down your cheek one night. It was then we worried if maybe we made it too cold for your already weakened heart to bear. But we didn’t want to leave just yet. Why? We weren’t sure. We’ve never gravitated towards a single land floater like that before, but, for whatever fate’s reason, whether to freeze your tears, numb the pain, or other, we stayed and let it snow 'til sunrise.
    ~ Sending more snow kisses soon in case you need them.

    Snow Clouds


    Dear Snow Clouds,

    The other night, I kneeled outside and looked to the seemingly dark and empty sky. I saw no difference between it and the heart thumping inside my chest.

    Everything was numb except my nose, burning red from the freezing temperatures, yet I know I felt it. It was barely a whisper that touched my cheek- cold but comforting, a snowflake. It melted too fast for me to believe there was more than just a cloudless sky above. Yet, at that moment, when my hope started to fade, another fell, then another, and another. All around me snowflakes swayed, twirling about in all their bright, white grace.

    I couldn’t thank you all enough for showing me what could be hidden within a supposed void when I was just about to drown in mine to end it all.

    With all the gratitude a human can give,
    A stranger on the ground


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    Snow Clouds

  • elusive_me 48w

    #theclouds #ceesreposts #julietscorner #mirakee #writersnetwork @mirakee @writersnetwork


    Beautiful clouds floating in the sky
    Like glaciers in the ocean.
    Watching them was such fun.
    Untill I start suffering in pains
    and expected them to bring down rains.
    My heart got barren sans any emotions
    I was sad and under much grief.
    I thought the rains may give some relief.
    When you are down everyone seems to leave
    But its ok to be alone for a while I believe.
    I did not had hopes from humans but
    I expected from the skies.
    A little bit of rain could have been suffice.
    I waited so much that my eyes got strained
    But those clouds never rained.

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  • lumimdr 48w


    Hiding the sun
    Making different shapes and size
    Sometimes dragon or stairs
    While some ghost or flowers
    Its all what we see
    The clouds above
    Living with our nature
    Sadness bestowing stormy clouds
    While sun emerging with a total happiness
    And starting a fresh day
    The raindrops seeming the tear
    Of the unknown grief to bear
    While thunder and lightening
    With fear of heart

  • pooja17 48w

    Empty clouds

    When life looks dull
    You became upset because
    There's no one who could understand You
    There's no one who could appreciate your thoughts
    There's no one who could support you
    The way you wish
    There's no hope to restart something
    All scopes got scattered
    And you just have faith on god
    Because he is the true friend forever
    Who always understands you
    Without you utter a single word. .
    That time
    You are like an empty cloud ☁☁
    As everyone feels happy and delighted
    By seeing you
    And waiting for the rain to come
    But no one actually knows or realised
    It's only appearing in the sky
    But not for making us to feel rejoice. ..
    By enjoying rain...

  • angelicface 48w

    Two smiling clouds
    Are wandering high up in the sky
    Giggling and dancing with joy
    Leaving all worries behind
    Just holding each other's hands tight
    Their alluring eyes
    Dazzling the sky
    Their racing hearts
    Begin to fly
    Two smiling clouds
    Are wandering high up in the sky

  • shashankpoojari 53w


    When my soul is thriving for perfection,

    & I am running towards direction,

    Of life's muddling possession,

    Vexed by overwhelmed expression,

    Night & day slipped & changed my perception,

    Towards existence of me in this creation,

    Deeds & time showed me my own reflection,

    Deeds which I thought mass of imperfections,

    Time merely decayed it and made it valorous try towards perfection.

  • monika1 146w

    "Inspiring Clouds"

    "Dark clouds covered the sky..
    Ignite the spark of lightning..
    Then starts raining..
    Pour away the nature..
    A ray of sunlight comes..
    Different colours of rainbow reflects..
    A Whitish sky comes out..
    Full of hopes and unlimited opportunities..
    Brightens up the path..
    To the beautiful destination..
    In this way clouds..
    Be the source of inspiration..
    Reinstated the journey again.."