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    #just wordplay
    For me it's an emotion,for mirakeen it just a lame��
    If you want to skip...Please ��������

    I'm a NIGHTMARE full of perfection
    Little bit imperfection ,Who cares !!
    Me is your imaginary Addiction
    We are not the same, We are different
    I know you don't like this reaction
    It just me and my Reflection
    World full of chaos
    Nights full of illusion
    Let me tell you briefly a story
    Me and my demons bitching slowly
    It felt like hitting them and you scream
    Let me down slowly , it gave you anxiety
    Attack made you breathless
    No addiction no restriction
    I'll take your soul in the hell
    No one is there for your protection
    All of earth and heaven fell victim to you
    You see your nightmare so much worse
    You pinch yourself to shake
    There is a whisper in your ear
    Monster under the bed
    Creature darker than the shape
    I threw in the first ocean of darkness
    And it came back in another dream
    "But you already awake"


    The reward for suffering in silence
    Is more pain
    The consolidation prize for remaining
    Silent again
    Is to be spent
    And twice used
    To be mocked
    For bearing the abuse
    How sweet the demons whispers
    How loud the angels scream
    Me deluded self whispers
    This is only a dream

    @kri_k_sni ����

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    True story based ����
    Some hypothetical words are used����
    Thank you everyone who mentioned me
    It's feel like Today is my second birthday ��
    Check my repost ������

    Someone silently scream my name ��
    Hey Nightmare !!!

    How wonder is this NIGHTMARE having NIGHTMARE.
    Goosebumps ...Ahh yeah they loiter the mind with no invitation and cloak darkness in celebration.

    For the night it was dull and loaded with dread
    i closed my eyes and was filled with horror.
    Shaken, incapacitated by fear
    wake me up, take me out and this throw me in his dream...

    Furthermore when i opened my fatigued eyes
    In those dark insomniac nights
    Where I'm standing at the end of creation
    I found myself in an empty house
    Smoke fills these choked out lungs
    body getting numb ,no movement
    And i can feel catastrophe in my bones.

    Wrestling with my blanket
    Someone choked my neck
    Nightmare are unthinkable
    No angle awake at night
    I tried to scream but more bad
    Dream came out.

    I saw Nightmare twice in a week
    Afraid to sleep, but it all came
    Back five nights in a row .......!!!!

    This dream is my inception yet to awake ��
    You wake up from a NIGHTMARE
    I woke up into a NIGHTMARE

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    Kaali raat Andhero k sath
    Mai soya Sapno k sath
    Aur Nightmare Mera khwaab
    Kahi door daraz Tez hawa aur
    Sannato mein awaaz
    Akela mai phir bhi sayo
    Sa ehsaas ye darawani
    raat ushme savera hone
    ka aas, neend toot gyee
    Aur sapna thaa ya Haqeeqat
    par zinda hoon aaj

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    ���� Hey guy's ,Hope you all doing well. After long time I'm here ,this is my first long post.Well i wrote this one few months ago but today I'm posting.Give a read����
    ������Just mixed up my thoughts and my most favourite song in this post. Song copyright goes to darshan raval❤️.Hope you all like it.������
    P.s.-:Please point out if there lies any mistakes in it. Your reviews are most welcomed.your appreciation are valuable for me...Thank you ☺️✨
    Long post��
    Happy read��
    Feel free to tag��
    #late post��
    #Newprose 1
    #genuine reader��

    //Ankhiyon se dariyaa beh gaya
    Khaab woh adhura reh gaya //

    Silent nights, Insomaniac me , gazing at the moon and the night was young. It was me with full of expectations, i am no one to blame. I am afraid to cry again, those nights are witness how much i feel so deadpan. I am tired of these screaming nights, i am done with this endless pain.

    // Iss duniya ki iss bheed mein
    Kahi kho naa jayu mai //

    What to do with this stillness, i feel totally lost. How do i explain all my restlesss nights in just one night over coffee. I endure things alone, nothing seemed right. Consistently was so extreme, i am afraid to prove my worth again in this hoax world and fakeness. I'm reluctant to lost again in this crowdness of togetherness.

    // Use dekhe bina bhi yaaro
    Ek arsa ho gaya //

    Sometimes i beg it to come but I don't want any response, seems like move on but to move on is so easy nahh...may be ,may not be.. simply looking for someone to make me feel myself. You don't need to pursue old path , a new way is waiting for you. I walk alone , i run alone , i chase alone, and one day I'll be on my healed throne.

    // Mera yeh ishq tha do tarfa
    Ek tarfa ho gaya //

    How would i clarify all my love for you
    In just one poetry they read.

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    Bad Nightmare

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    It's me��

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    Didn't want to wake up.
    I was having a much better time asleep.
    And that's really sad.
    It was almost like a reverse nightmare,
    like when you wake up from a nightmare you're so relieved.
    I woke up into a nightmare.