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  • pslmstts 2d

    Getting rejected doesn't mean you're not good enough. It's just not for you. It's because you have far better things ahead and it's what you deserve. Remember that.

    ©pslmstts // 20th September 2021

  • iamshailesh 2w


    Slowly but steadily,
    The hustle will begin to nurture,
    And the doubts will begin to rupture,
    As the goals will become a reality,
    And soon all will earn is prosperity..

  • mrrajain 2w

    These silent poems exchanging between us are without words.
    These 1000 questions with infinite answers are killing me.

    Save me save my belief
    You can be the one
    And only you can be the one

    I don't wanna use Big words
    And you have left me wordless

    Life had a little bit chance before me
    Now one can't see another hope

    I am literally out of words
    Either kill yourself for me
    So I can believe
    You never existed
    Show me the one
    Whom everyone is looking for

    #someone #show #me #the #light #before #its #too #late

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    Language isn't working


  • misstea 3w

    #The Strange Paradox of Life

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    The Strange Paradox of Life

    You love the roses but oh,
    The thorns make you bleed
    And moan in pain.
    The red seductive flowereth
    Still slyly woo you,
    And chain your weak Soul.
    It only sting you-
    Your helpless body bleeds
    Unable to escape the happening!

    The Sunflower lights your Smile,
    But oh, it's not pretty.
    It gives you yum and life,
    Ugh! But does it smell nice?
    It's malleable to your liking,
    But it's so-so!

    Tis the triangle of Agony,
    Where you long for the thorny Roses
    Just as the Sunflower bows for thee.
    But Roses, Beware, only has prickle to offer-
    And your awfullest Sunflower: Love & warmth.


  • atherjan 3w

    It's hard to pretend be something else
    When you are something else inside


  • ajaykrsingh123 3w

    #poetry#pod#writers network#the-spider-man

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    The spider man.

    An architect on the rise
    A master of his will,
    A spiderman in disguise
    Weaves a mess still.

    Sets the bait himself
    And follows the leads,
    When sinking is certain
    Regrets all his deeds.

    Struck in a vicious trap
    Yet endorses his perk,
    Lures others for same,
    To sign up as his clerk.

    Happy face broken heart
    Most people are seen lost,
    Pull you to acknowledge
    And drag you like a ghost.

    Dangling over the road
    Walking across the alleys,
    Live in an apartment,
    Dreaming for the valleys.

    The fate of a spider fetches
    Only some corner in the room,
    To be swept away some day
    With just a stroke of broom.

    A spider man takes pride
    For the position so high,
    Such presence is contentious
    Never asked I don't know why?

  • ahsidnef 3w

    #The boss baby
    I looooove animation films and I just wrote this based on "the boss baby 2"��
    I wrote it because I thought we all have great place for our families and friends.And I believe that family comes first.So all of u who love ur family, I hope u'll loooove it♥

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    Ignoring your family and friends
    Just because you strive for success
    Missing all those amazing parties
    Just to be a part of a conference
    BUT AS TIME FLIES.......
    There won't be anyone to help
    Well the truth is,
    It's lonely at the top

  • vijaylakhsmi 4w

    I went to the place up in the hill, it was raining and i was waiting for her... i was so curious to meet her again after years so i just couldnt stand still, my eyes were searching for her....

    There she came after a few minutes , i asked u came she said how shouldnt i afterall i was waiting for this day all my life . Finally destiny has bring us together. I want to live in this moment i know the next moment i may not be able to see u so dear let me live in this now.

    This is how separation fuel up love in people. Our body may separate from each other we may not able to see the other but when love is true all this things dont needed. When a soul is touched by another it ignite a fire which can never be tame. Love has no definition.

    #the sijo @miraquill @mirakeeworld @writersnetwork #story #lovestory #love #shortstory #poetry #korean style poetry #sijo #wod

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    The Sijo


  • mrrajain 4w

    Don't know who you are
    Have heard many blabbering about you

    Encyclopedia and books painted you
    All black and white
    None of that clicked
    My feelings weren't right

    Either you enslave
    Or let me be your master
    Don't know what else is there
    Can we please wrap it faster?

    Want to believe that
    I don't need you
    How bad can it get
    If I just delete you?

    Nothing makes me more sick
    Than such conundrums
    Let's make a deal
    Take away all my questions
    And I will forget
    How it feels

    Wait! How about loving yourself?
    Again! Not sure about that either
    I only want to live
    Remain alive without you

    #love #the #most #abused #word

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    Love 1


  • mrrajain 4w

    I was happy when
    Hormones weren't active

    It felt like freedom when
    Friendship meant fun

    Dreams were wanted when
    They were mine

    Streets were uncrowded when
    Gender didn't exist

    Nights were for sleep when
    I waited for my dreams

    Everything has changed now
    Anxiety has replaced the moon in nights

    Streets appear empty now
    But can't avoid the females in sight

    Some dreams now are bearable
    But I am not alone in there anymore

    There is some free time now
    But it's mostly me and thoughts

    Most goals are realized now
    But lots of understanding is missing

    A space has been carved now like home
    But it's mostly me, music and books sitting there

    The fridge now is full with drinks and food
    But an unknown thirst has taken over

    They say we want what we lack for
    But when did I ask for these changes

    They say time heals
    Only if they know how it feels

    A lot of weed has grown in the garden
    No option left but to smoke it and
    Pretend living the life it was.

    #the #burden #of #unwanted #dreams

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    Unwanted Dreams


  • maakinidhi 4w

    #the harsh realities of life❤️❤️����

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    ऊंचा तुमसे भी होगा कद जिसका!
    यकीनन झुक के ही मिला होगा!!

    सामने था मगर खामोश था वो!
    उसको मुझसे कोई गिला होगा!!

    कुछ कमी बुनियाद में ही होगी!
    मकां ये यूं ही नहीं ढहा होगा!!

    मजाक जो किया था कल उसने!
    क्या पता हाल-ए-दिल कहा होगा!!

    लबों पे आके रुक गई बातें उसकी!
    जाने कैसे होंठों ‌को सिला होगा!!

    कुछ कहो तुम तो कुछ कहें हम भी!
    यूं ही बातों का सिलसिला होगा!!

    है पता कांटों की चुभन का जिसे!
    फूल वो बेमिसाल खिला होगा!!

    ये जिंदगी भी क्या पहेली है!
    बूझेगा, सच में जो जिया होगा!!

    कर हौसला अकेले चलने का!
    देख फिर साथ काफिला होगा!!


  • pritam_das 5w

    #the only one

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    Baby in my heart ..
    Every passionate thought is about you ..!.
    Its like a fire burning ....
    The shape of your body
    Wont let me keep my eyes off (i'm always checking you out everywhere..)
    I'm indulged
    You linger close to my heart .
    As if i've know you forever ..(you are a familiar feeling)..
    You look like a goddes ....
    My mind is exhaling ..
    You are the dearest....

  • kingdomdelight 5w

    The Heart

    In silence the heart rest ...
    The break of every dawn, the heart beat drummer city comes in the streets of the body alive ...
    Rise like an early dancer bound to a ticking clock, adrenaline rushes, GO GREEN with eagerness!
    The beat and speed of rollerblade wheels with no breaks ... Swiftly getting ready, while
    a new rhythm day awaits!


  • mizuki_izumi_26 5w

    #the truth

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    I knew it ,
    When you made me cry,
    Middle of the night,
    A ray of light that flickered,
    Suddenly disappeared,
    Twilight is what it seemed to be,
    Don't tell me why I should be happy,
    Let my tears flow,
    Because all my nightmares..,
    Are now right in front of me.


  • a________b 5w

    #the eighth slice of fearfully #its all about life

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    I'm not scared of future
    I'm scared of fate

  • youareonyourown 6w

    That One !!

    You See 1000s
    You Speak to 100s
    You Know only a Few.


    One Person
    Will Challange you
    In ways
    you never
    KNEW !!


  • a________b 6w

    #the seventh slice of fearfully #its all about life

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    I'm not scared to try again
    I'm scared of that's Hurt's again

  • stankyryfol 6w

    Idk I can't compete

    U guys are good at writing
    Ur words are the fire, firefighters are fighting.
    Instead of anger
    It's the pain that u are hiding
    Then when u are calm u noticed
    How much pain it was , it's amazing

    But how is fire damage so amazing

    Because you are letting the fire burn all the old and a chance for it to regrow stronger.
    Sure it's depressing to look at
    But that's still your negative thoughts thinking
    You are to use to the same old shyt
    Not giving u a chance to make the new begining.

  • a________b 6w

    #the sixth slice of fearfully #its all about life

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    I'm not scared to let go
    I'm scared of that's really gone

  • a________b 6w

    #the fifth slice of fearfully #its all about life

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    I'm not scared to love
    I'm scared of being loved back