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    #the harsh reality of india......o almighty! Please save my country

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    क्यों आततायियों के हाथों मेरा भारत सताया जाता है!
    होता है जब भी कुछ जघन्य,छटपटाता है,अकुलाता है!!

    ये कैसी विवशता है धन, सत्य को हर क्षण आजमाता है!
    ये कैसी है विडम्बना यहां सफेदपोश अपराधी बच जाता है!!

    ये कैसा मकड़जाल है जिसमें निर्दोष फंसकर छटपटाता है!
    ये कैसा कीचड़ है जो तन- मन सब ही दूषित कर जाता है!!

    होता है अपराध चरम पर जब, अवतार तभी कोई आता है!
    हटाकर काली धुंध जगत की ,स्वर्णिम लालिमा बिखराता है!!

    बाहरी दुश्मन से डरे नहीं हम गृह द्रोहियों से ही हारे हैं!
    किसे सहानुभूति है गुनाहों से,क्यों दुश्मन के जयकारे हैं!!

    क्यों उनकी जान है सस्ती जो सीमा पर लड़ने जाते हैं!
    क्यों नेता बैठ दफ्तरों में, फरमान सुनाते जाते हैं!!

    क्यों नहीं शहादत वीरों की एक सबक यहां बन जाती है!
    क्यों चूक सुरक्षा में फिर से,गल्ती दोहराई जाती है!

    कलयुग नित भीषण रूप धरे,सब अस्त-व्यस्त करता है यहां!
    हे ईश्वर अब अवतार धरो कि मानव अब रोज मरता है यहां!!

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    #relations#perfume#the scarstist ic_writer_1704#dr_jyothi#

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    Keep the human relations balance like perfume usage,just enough is enough(neither too much nor too little is painful)..
    By the way,I don't wear perfume

  • thepaintingquill 1w

    #wod#writer'snetwork#the unfinished letter

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    The letter

    Dear James,
    Your love was like a little boy running with a net after a butterfly but you never realised that I wasn't meant to be caught.... I know that what we've had is something special but after high school, I don't want to settle down just yet. I want to go on a trip to Egypt with my friends, or all by myself. It's not that I don't want to settle down, I do. And it's not that I don't want to with you. I just don't want it right now. I hope you understand that this doesn't have to do with our relationship, which has been nothing but magical. It's just that I don't want what you want, right now. It's me, not you.

    Looking back at the last line, trying to stifle a laugh at the cliché phrase, Jenna reunited with the memories of her 17year old self. She tried to remember how naive that girl was, how her adventurous spirit lead her to unknown destinations many a times. She also tried to remember how much courage that person had, how confident she was in her own skin to leave the boy who loved her. She also felt sorry for herself. Sorry that she let him go. Sorry that she couldn't hold on to her constantly bubbly, energetic persona.

    Many years have passed since the day that letter was written. The letter itself was hardly readable at present, but Jenna knew each and every word. How could she not? She's thought about it for years. Jenna is in her thirties now. Her fiery persona wore out soon after her trip ended, her confidence eroded not much later. Losing her family, she had no choice but to face the scary, dog-eat-dog world. What other choice was there? She had to grow mature, learn to take care of her own world as well as others. Looking back at the scribbled lines, she remembered how she wrote it just before meeting James that day...the last day she saw him.

    Looking back brought back so many memories of the jolliness in her aura, the way she could entice people like no other. Maybe, she thought, maybe I changed too much. She decided to decline a job abroad to take care of the family. Although she hadn't had the energy to write back to the firm. She was too exhausted of life. Looking through her box of envelopes, she discovered the battered letter. She felt uneasy. Choosing people over herself had been in practice after that letter ended. Maybe she could take on the job...for herself. For that girl who loved hiking and travelling and.. adventures. If not for her broken self at the moment, she could do it for that reckless menace of a teenager. For right then, with the letter in her hand, painful realisation in her heart for her present condition and tears of relief that she'd refound herself before it was too late, she pressed the letter to her heart and the words were embedded there.

    "Courage is contagious" she thought. And in that moment she knew that if not anything else, she still had the same dream as that girl who once wrote that letter~

    A Dream to be Free.


  • mishelle 2w

    #darkness #the war inside us

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    A hole in our soul filled with
    Our worst fears
    Our misery
    Our darkest thoughts
    Our failures

    Its so easy
    To fall...
    To give up...
    To let it in...

    Its not so easy
    To fight it
    Stand our ground
    But once we do...
    We win

  • charfire_m 2w

    💦🟪🟦🟩🟨🟧 #1 #v1e #1one #one 🟥 🐛#v2021e #2021 🦋 🐳 🐬🦍#Enjoy_empowered_life_value #ENJOY_empowered_life #enjoy_empowered_living 🐢🦇

    Life is 1one big pathway of endless journey/now moment, life is what your perception of it is nothing more and nothing less; as you are a Multi dimensional being that is timeless nurse in agelessness itself, simply a God+Spark and every thing will be okay as it’s will always work out being that “all the need you have, is all that you are to need, so you have all the weapons you need now fight only if you never want to go back; for 1once you open the door then boom your just use your #powersof #multi dimensional, to change to a #moreloving dimension of #selfreflection. #selfgrowthtoday #livingtothink #thinkbyliving #doingmyheartdance #doingmybest #andthatsokay #lovingself #beingtruetoonesself #holdingtothefuture #futureoflife #nextspet #newstep #somthingdifferentandnew #newthings #newwaysofthinking #Unitedwestanddividedwefall #hugingthefururechildern #futurechildren #lifetimes #ofhope #tohope #forhope #wordporn #wordingthingmyway #wordgrowth #The only reason it’s called a #Vaccine #vVaccinee is because it can be shot into your arm. #Pandemic #vPandemice #shot #vshote #PlanDemic #vPlanDemice #germs #vgerme #facenews #vfakenewse


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    11:06 AM 38% backyard

    You sign your own death for a shot that dose nothing but take you away from Mother Nature and germs; wor of the worlds shows us that.
    11:07 AM 38% 37%

  • randomthoughts02 2w

    #The jam in a bottle

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    The jammy life

    He, though lives in a closed bottle never fails to make people happy when he comes out.

  • abi009 2w

    Dear Stranger

    I saw you the other day,
    Depressed, low by the body language;
    Might be stucked in the course of life;
    Or maybe betrayal was the reason.

    I hope today you might be reading the letter,
    Still we may be unknown to each other.
    Though the circumstance becomes tough,
    Or the cause becomes very hard;
    Never surrender in a haste.

    Time will get bitter,
    As it is tend to be.
    But action in a rush;
    May show situation dirty.

    We are timid infront of our fate,
    But depression along this;
    Can flurry our case.
    So, relax if you want,
    But never give up,
    As it's time to live up.

  • abi009 2w


    Beauty is a reflection, which is reflected because of awesomeness of a person

  • thukha 2w

    The last Breath #the last breath

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    The Last Breath

    Be amused as I introduce a miracle
    Unbelievable misery crawl up my soul
    A frenzy within a cynical
    As I bargain for it to roll

    Like a kid crying over a balloon
    I'm sobbing for silence
    Lingering on gravitas June
    Rest in uncontrollable violence

    I want an ending day
    Where no one exist
    where we can't find a way
    From abhorrent twist

    Love cramps within living
    Regrets breeze in from grieving

  • king_mawuli 3w

    #the love thing

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    The Love Thing

    I tried the love thing again
    I did in the past
    Everytime I did
    It stung me so hard
    And every time I did
    I was so sure

    And the last time
    I resolved
    To stiffen my neck
    Not to be enthralled
    by the enchanting scenery of love

    But I tried the love thing again
    I wish not to
    But my mind cannot stop my
    Heart from falling

    I take a tentative step
    Into the dim lit of love
    Amidst the bickering between my heart and mind
    Oh! How stubborn is my heart?
    To try the love thing again.

  • bishalshah 3w


    The nature shown,
    But not excepted,
    By ego and anger,

    Myths and communication gap,
    Will disconnect soon...

  • rohi06 3w


    What an irony!!
    You end up loosing people,
    You never wanted to loose ...

  • rmitra 3w

    The journey

    Take me to those gorgeous mountains..
    where I cosset the view of a larger life...

    Take me to the depth of the bluest oceans..
    where I fathom the pearls of delectable raptures..

    Take me to that land of wonders
    where I relive my sweet pleasures and ecstacies..

    Take me to the valley of flowers..
    where I lose myself in the fragrance of eternal love..

    Take me to those breathtaking sand dunes..
    where I stand and watch past anguish slipping by..

    Take me to the core of your innermost being..
    where I relinquish the aches and those bitter memories..

  • mazingmee 3w

    #you #are #the #shadow where you stand ,#keep moving..

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    3AM Me

    If there is shadow, move ahead of it,
    you'll see the light..

  • beleza_ 3w

    #if #wod #the #meaning #of #life
    @mirakee @writersnetwork
    If you want to live with fear
    then what is the meaning of life?
    If there is no passion to achieve anything,
    then what is the purpose of life?
    If you do not face difficulties,
    then where is the courage in life?
    If there is no laughing on your face
    or happiness for someone else on your face,
    then where is the entertainment in life?
    If it is difficult to understand everything
    then what is the meaning of words.
    If you befriend yourself then life will LoVe you.

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    If you befriend yourself then life will LoVe you.

  • secretlife21 5w

    #the memories remembered says lot abt u#

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    She losts herself everytime mind forgets the things which her heart always wish to remember


  • i_am_my_own_muse 5w

    #the r€@l d€@l
    Life is full of surprises so keep on exploring.......��

    Hope you all could relate to it!����

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    THE ₹€@L D€@L

    Burn to ashes,
    reborn with flashes......
    Revealing the eternity,
    with the unchanged purity.....

    Rise from the grave,
    because none here is a slave......
    Making yourself rebound,
    cause you're the one so astound......


  • rarthur 5w

    Oh plunge me deep in love
    put out my senses, leave me deaf and blind,
    swept by the tempest of your love,
    a taper in a rushing wind.

    -Sara Teasdale

    #mistborn #love and pain #frozenfearhers #
    #love for love #the pain and pen

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  • hearts_to_ink 6w

    Where the mind wanders

    Where the mind wanders whilst sleep harks
    Towards a distant land set in a quaint Orient
    Far away from the madding crowd
    Far away from the hellish present
    Slumber beckons, down the valley of dreams
    Of desires and wishes unraveling from ages long
    Let it last till dawn's scythe rips it apart
    Like the solitary reaper's sullen song
    Cross the mighty oceans, ascend the tallest peak
    Be the warrior that you always wanted to become
    Before the smug rays of the Sun creeps past the bedpost
    Before you to the monotony of this life shall succumb

  • raviraja_ 6w

    At times you don't reach #The issue yet something makes you feel hollow.

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    कई बातें कई यादें कुछ उलझ कर दौड़ रही आज मन में,

    साथ तो है सब बिल्कुल करीब फिर क्या खाली है जीवन में?