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  • sye_wang 25w

    That Day

    I was at my worst, everything falling apart
    Feeling hollowed with sadness and pain
    Giving up seems the only option.

    I laid my head on the soft linen pillow
    Looking for it to imbibe all my sorrow,
    Tears started drooling down the curves
    Until it reached the fibers of the linen.

    I lift my head to the airy room filled with silent chaos
    A silence that uttered the bitterness of life
    With nobody to turn my head to,
    I slowly began to walk towards the aisle
    Of confidence and rebuilding my life.

    p.s Your worst day is not when you cry rather when you can't cry upon it.

  • iamsudhasaha 30w

    A short writing from my diary. It's something very close to my heart and wanted to share here.
    That day something phenomenal had happened and at the end of writing I gave a short note to myself-

    People are very sophisticated here, they always make me feel low, whether it's society or my close ones, all I wanna tell them please don't cut my wings, I wanna fly. Wanna fly very high like without any hindrance. I wanna see the world from above. Don't hold me let me fly.

    And yet she's doing her best.




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    'A short message to her!'

  • dil_se_dilshath 60w

    And on one fine evening,
    You came into my life as
    an answer to my prayers ❤️

  • my_secret_life 76w

    I have had sex with black Persons and White persons, Brown persons and even a porn star fucked me good, mmmmmmm, was it really good and he fucked me two time that day; even said “I love you,” after the first time we had sex, gave me a big hug too. That day I had a threesome(getting hard just writing this now, the throbbing dick of mine) with his boyfriend. Man they both are gorgeous looking men, strong built and there dicks where bigger then mine and I’m 7” thick, yet I only really bottom... as his boyfriend tried to get me to fuck him, we would of been a train(mmmmmmmmm, hot and would of been my first) yet, i bottom and love it, so a fucking hot man that is vary handsome and built like a giant of a man, he be tail, as I was getting mine, I say, I got fuck by the boyfriend too, both where great fucks; rocked my world.

  • _eshanvi_ 108w

    6 Months

    6 months of OUR day❤My Day❤
    Always waited for the right moment to say those precious words,
    Little did i know waiting for that so dreamt day of proposal,will lead to separation
    We are separated by body, not by my love, dear...
    You have me always❤
    Who Dreamt Last Breaths to be with you❤

  • sou_scribbles_ 112w

    Because, some love stories have not just a happy, but a different kind of ending. Do go through the previous parts��
    #lovestory #withatwist #thatday #part4 #series

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    That day....

    (....continued from part:3)
    The vendor's cry broke her chain of thoughts and brought her back to the present.
    The sun had by now managed to somewhat come out of the clouds, just like she had once had......casting a golden ray upon her face, that reflected a sense of bliss. The cool monsoon breeze played with her curls, tickling her shoulder as it gushed past her body.
    For the last four years, she had celebrated 'that day' as her personal self love day. She used to visit the Temple first, to thank the Almighty for providing her with all the strength she had needed to survive, followed by the market, to gift herself her favourite perfume, a cute handbag...or that matte lipstick she had drooled over, which was to be followed by a solo dinner date at her favourite restaurant...greedily gulping down biriyani or pizza, that was finally followed by her favourite dessert hunt....a generous indulgement in ice cream, pastries and cheesecakes before returning to her hostel room.
    "And the hard work has paid off...", she giggled to herself, playfully smacking her chubby tummy, that proudly made its presence felt through her t-shirt.
    Inspite of the lockdown, she knew how exactly she would celebrate the day this year and got up to action....
    She found herself in front of the mirror, checking herself out.
    She hated it, when they said that she had gained weight. Her self love lessons had always taught her to admire herself as a cute chubby teddy bear. But at the same time she knew they were right.....and much to her dislike, she had started to follow a strict diet and regular excercise, not for the sake of a perfect body, but for the health issues that could accompany obesity.
    "You are beautiful. I love you."
    The girl in the mirror smiled back.
    She blew herself a kiss.
    "Cheat day.", she happily declared to herself and headed for the refrigerator.
    'That day' that bar of ice cream would be doing its only job of adding extra happiness, not extra calories.........
    (The end)

  • sou_scribbles_ 112w

    So when I had first started writing this story, I had no idea that it would come to sharing my real life experiences...but here comes a not so typical love story. Each and every word of this part is true to the core, and I feel immense happiness and a sense to satisfaction to confess that this is not a work of fiction. Stay tuned to the upcoming part for a cute (hopefully) ending.
    #lovestory #withatwist #thatday #series #part3

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    That day....

    (....continued from part:2)
    They say that the first step to healing is self love. And yet, loving herself seemed to be the toughest job to her at that moment. Unsure of where and how to start, she stood in front of the mirror. The pale girl with her eyes turned red after hours of crying seemed unfamiliar to herself.
    "You are beautiful. I love you." A fresh gush of tears flooded her cheeks as she faintly whispered the words. It seemed too unreal...too painful. And yet....she knew that it was just the beginning.
    For then next three days, this ritual continued, twice daily. Her day began, and ended with tears, as she forcefully reminded herself of the same six unrealistic words.
    On the fourth day, however, she did not cry.
    After one week, the words started to feel less unreal and more heartfelt.
    And after about twenty days....she found a faint smile adorning her face as she reminded herself, in front of the mirror.."You are beautiful. I love you."
    It is said that when you start telling yourself something, again and again over a period of time, even the biggest lies are perceived by the heart as truth. And it seemed that her broken heart had finally started to accept her Love, believe how truely precious it was and decided to heal.
    Slowly, yet steadily, she found herself chatting with her friends. Earphones found back their rightful places, and books found back their rightful purposes.
    Inspite of the pain that still resided inside her heart, she could find sleep settling back onto her eyelids.
    As her ritual of reminding herself of how loved she was, continued, she found herself gathering up courage to dress up and take herself on a solo dates at nearby restaurants and cafes, clicking selfies and enjoying ice creams. She found herself to actually enjoy her own company. What had begun as a concious effort, was slowly starting to form her habit.
    Her smiles had finally returned and her health was falling back into place.
    She did miss him. But now, she didn't want him back. She was so full of self love and acceptance, that his memories could no longer find the place to stab her.
    She knew she had found back herself, and it would never have been possible, had it not been for 'that day' when he had left her.
    And thus, 'that day' deserved to be celebrated.......
    (......to be continued)

  • sou_scribbles_ 112w

    Not your typical love story. Read on to know what happens next...
    #lovestory #withatwist #thatday #series #part2

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    That day....
    (Part: 2)

    (.....continued from part:1)
    And then it began....the journey of a broken heart , caught up in the war between what it believed and what it knew, just the way they show it in the movies......the only difference being that the real life one was much more painful. Her blind trust in him had made her overlook the subtle changes that had developed in him, she being blissfully unaware of what was yet to follow.
    Her initial post break up pain slowly and gradually pushed her into a viscious cycle of depression, taking a toll on her mental, physical and emotional health. She had started losing her hunger, and sleep. Her books, her hobbies, her laughter seemed to become distant strangers from whom she tried to run away. Her friends tried to help her by cheering her up and finding various ways to divert her attention, but all their efforts were of little help.
    She had lost her sleep...and even if she fell asleep for a good couple of hours, she was woken up by nightmares, with a fresh gush of tears, into the reality, that seemed harsher than her dreams.
    Life seemed tough, as every little bit of the day reminded her of his betrayal.....from the cafe, where they had first met, to the air conditioner at the room displaying the temperature that happened to be his roll number.
    And the more she tried to break through this pain, the more severely she was being drawn into the whirlwind of the devastating emotions, that was cruelly shattering her into crumbs. It seemed tears had found a permanent home in her eyes. Even medicines seemed to have lost their effects on her, and she started getting paler, leaner and weaker day by day.
    A part of her had wanted to give up. But the fighter in her still held on. There had to be some way......she had to survive.......she had to be happy once again.......something had to be done before it was too late.
    She didn't know if she could make it, but gathering the last bit of her strength and hope that remained, she prepared for the final fight......
    (........to be continued)

  • sou_scribbles_ 112w

    Not your typical love story.....read on to know what happens next
    #lovestory #withatwist #series #thatday #part1

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    That day....

    As she woke up, letting out a huge yawn and a little stretch to begin her day, her eyes still holding the last strand of sleep, her hands scrambled for her phone to put off the snoozed alarm. She sleepily looked at the screen, and stopped short, unknowingly letting out a little sigh.
    She knew this was a day she could never forget....and neither she should.
    She sat up, drawing aside the curtain of her bedside window. A faint ray of sunlight made its way through the cloud cast sky and the cool monsoon wind onto her face, making her wince.
    "Perfect beginning. Be it for a day, or a new life, this morning has never been seeming to be more perfect for the last five years."
    Smiling to herself, she got up to have a wash. Her mind reeled back to this day......five years ago.
    It was on this very day that her first love had broken off with her to move in with his new girlfriend. He didn't even care to consider the fact that her practical exams were to begin from the very next day.
    Like any other day, she was busy with her exam preparations, least worried about anything else, and then came his text.....like a thunderbolt it had struck her hard, leaving her momentarily speechless, and in a state of denial. The entire thing had been too sudden for her to take in.
    It was just a casual text from him...no explainations....no good byes....and then, all her efforts to contact him back went in vain, because she had been permanently blocked.....
    (.....to be continued)

  • shreya296 119w

    The day when you said "sorry"

    The day when you said "please understand"

    the day when you said "you can't"

    The day when you said "it's getting mess"

    The day when you said " I love her"

    The day when you said " it's over"

    Yes, That was the day when I found my true self, my real worth,

    That day i realised in what mess I was.

    That day serenity took over my vulnerability.

    Thanks for letting me free and and making me stronger


  • theunspokenfeelings 124w

    One day

    One day when i will meet someone who will made me believe in forever
    Dat day i will share every secret which i have been holding it since years
    Dat day i will tell him all my insecurities
    Dat day i will tell him that i want to be careless child again
    Dat day i will tell him everything
    Dat day i will tell him please hold me forever
    Dat day i will tell him please talk to me daily for just 5 minutes and everything will be ok for me
    Dat day i will tell him no matter how many times i says to go away but you have to stick to me no matter what
    Dat day i will cry my heart out

    Dat day i will sleep in his arms without any worries....

  • voice_of_pain 126w

    Seems like..That day is lost somewhere..
    When will I be fine again..?
    When will I be able to smile again..?
    When will those tears go away..?
    When will those scars fade away..?
    I'm tired..

    #Broken #sad #lovehurts #hurt #pain #oneday #thatday #cryings #darkness #lost #mirakee #writersnetwork #writerstolli

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    One day

    Waiting for that one day..
    Which people consider as everything will be fine that day..
    That day..when darkness leaves..
    That day when sadness leaves..
    That day when things get alright..
    That day when you heal..
    That day when you move on..
    That day when you will be strong..

  • optimistic_human 126w

    Live while you're young. Make use of your youth, because once it's gone, it's gone. There is no way in hell that it will return back.

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    That Day....

    It's a great day today,
    A family laughs, smiles. They play.
    Each holding a cup of coffee,
    Their chatters as deep as sea.

    The brew in their hands,
    The glint in their eyes.
    That unwavering smile on their face,
    Was as intriguing as gold lace,
    But was bound to get lost in this human craze.

    Memories had to be made,
    Selfies had to be saved.
    So that after 10 years,
    I could turn the page.
    Eyes brimmed with tears,
    Words of rage-

    "Being an adult is not easy,
    Life changes from yellow to black.
    And so it might sound crazy,
    But I want their smiles to return.
    I want THAT day back!"

  • icelynqueen 132w

    THAT day

    I wish we could go back to THAT day.
    I wish we could stop time at THAT day.
    I wish we could stay like THAT day.


  • _the_introvert_boy__ 143w

    उस रोज एक चांद फलक पर था
    और एक मेरी बाहों में

  • jyckstudios 144w

    Hours Instead of Mileage

    I'm waiting for balanced results...
    Don't like anything hanging over my head,
    I tend to forget about that kind of stuff.


  • gorgeousmiracle 148w


    No one knows how much I cried that day


  • vyuri_black 149w

    A belief

    I believe that one day I'll be the happiest person in the world...and that day will be mine...when ever I get sad, I think about that day amd encourage myself...

  • ankita_yadav 156w

    Relationship starts decreasing

    And from that day our relationship starts decline

    When you start to use more question marks (?) ,instead of commas(,) in your utterance .


  • stranger9 157w

    That day I finally found You

    I was walking around the street,
    Just thinking about life,
    I felt everything which life gave me..
    I also felt everything which life didn't gave me..
    I stopped walking and start searching you around
    It was hard enough to find u near me,
    I sat at the footpath and gave my head in my hands.
    My head was full of pain.
    My heart was full of grief.
    I didnt understood what was going on in myself,
    I felt hopeless..
    I hardly kept my head up and started searching u again
    U were soo far, far enough to be touched
    I stood up seeing u and started to follow u, tried to touch u, tried to hold u,
    But U were far enough to be touched, far enough to be hold.
    All of that, I still tried to come closer.
    I started walking,
    One step..
    Two step..
    Three step..
    At the time of fourth i fall.
    As i falled, u ran towards me
    I saw u running towards me
    I was feeling some sounds and some touch on my face
    It was u i can feel that
    It was u telling me to get up
    It was u telling me u were afraid to loose me
    It was u telling me not to make your heart afraid
    It was just u and me and the cold breeze
    I can feel u hugging me tight,
    It was u waking me up,
    It was u rushing to wake me up,
    It was u showing all care nd concerns toward me,
    I felt them all...
    That night you finally opened your love towards me.
    That day was a blessing for me for you for our love.
    That day when i was unconscious that day you opened your heart to me,
    That day at that road i was gave the answer of my all prayers.
    That day the cold breeze gave me the warmness of your love,
    That day the lonliness of the roads gave me your company,
    That day my unconsciousness made your love nd feelings concious,
    That day i found you....