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    #question:- What we call that force,power?
    Arjuna asks:- o my lord! There is some power which force us to act involuntarily(nobody wants to act wrong intenttionally) there is some force?? What is that..
    Shri krishna says:- O! Arjuna that is Kama(lust, desires) which is filled in every sense organ that make you to follow your sense leads your mind behind your senses and delude your wisdom.
    This is how one falls from higher to lower stage of life,perform inferior karmas?
    #that is kama.

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    A sight of yoga

    Like winds and waves directs the boat likewise the senses takes away the mind to different subjects of their pleasure.

    Example:-suppose you were feeling very spiritual and at sudden you see someone very attractive of opposite gender, Now you are filled with lust,..
    Here your eyes(sense organ) carrying your mind away, it's an example of sensual power(Kama)..

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    #That's_how_it_has _always_been

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    That's how it has always been....
    Abandoned and deserted....
    Left alone midway, to cover the dreadful path all alone, with all the broken promises, shattered dreams and lost self....

    That's how it has always been....

    - Krishnashriya

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    "It's me and it's real enough"

    If being straight forward makes me rude, then I am very much satisfied with it. Atleast I don't intentionally lubricate my words and put on fake goodness shows.

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    The best love story is written
    With a broken partner ....!


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    Not Your Fault

    You don't know,
    and I don't tell.
    It's not your fault.

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    Freaking Halloween

    Flipping through the night,
    Flapping on the day,
    Flopping all the time.
    It's freaking HALLOWEEN.


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    I am a very cool and fun to be with kinda person until I begin to overthink and take things seriously.


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    जिंदगी में कभी ऐसा समय ना आये।
    की हमे तुम्हें अलविदा कहना पड़ जाए।
    तरस जाएंगे आपसे तुमसे मिलने के लिए।
    ओर फिर फ़ोटो देखकर काम चलाना ना पड़ जाए।

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    इंतज़ार कितना भी करलू वो नही आएगा,
    फिर से एक साथ बैठकर आखों में आँखें डालने का समय अब कभी नही आएगा,
    कल जब एक जोड़े को एक साथ बैठकर एक दूसरे पर हक जताते हुए देखा,
    तो सोचा कि अगर उस समय मेने उसे रोक लिया होता,
    तो आज का समय कुछ और ही होता,
    लेकिन अब कुछ भी करलू पहले जैसा नही हो पायेगा,
    ओर न तो वो आया है, ओर न ही अब कभी आएगा।

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    #one day everyone feels the pain #that pain#brokes ur heart#broke ur soul#heal it #with in tym #

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    People one or the day will experience the feeling of broken heart & broken dreams

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    #mahalakshmi #narayana #shrivaishnavam #bhakti #love #devotion #that #is #all #i #seek #desire #intense

    That is all I seek
    By Bhavya Gogia

    The name says it all.
    We speak of surrender to the Supreme. We say it as the easiest way. But is it really the easiest?
    There are ways, worship him and develop love for him, he is your Master. Another is surrender to him, ���������� �������������������� ���� ������, he will deliver you.
    No, it is not the easiest way. We are full of ego, ahamkaar, narrow mindedness. Surrender requires the full removal of ego. (As per I know)
    Devotees say, "Oh Lord even if you throw me away, I won't stop loving you." This is love.
    I declare that I do not embody such a love if this is love.����
    I desire such a love for him, only then would I say, I love him otherwise what I do is mere hypocrisy.
    I pray Lord gives this Bhakti to each individual who had ever known him...

    ✿ �������� ����������������! �������� ������������������������������! ✿

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    That is all I seek!

    By ShriHari Nandini

    Why do people say
    This so confidently?
    That you are conquered by love
    Simply and perfectly!
    They say as if its the easiest
    Thing to do my Lord,
    To serve you with one's life
    Is tougher than the set norms
    How many of them, I ask,
    Are like Vidurani or Shabari
    How many of them are Sudama
    Or is anyone like the son of Kesari?
    It hurts me the most Oh Madhav
    Of immense love and mercy
    That I can't love you how they do
    And can't even follow what is easy!
    I can't surrender perfectly,
    My ego is like my shadow
    I can't love you unconditionally,
    My mind is selfish and narrow
    I announce by all my heart
    And my will Oh Raghunandan
    That I am the most fallen
    And I feel dejected Oh Sweet Kannan
    I am not a selfless lover
    Who can conquer you by your will
    I seek my own pleasures
    But I am attached to you still
    If you know this Lord,
    And have heard my intense plead
    Kanna as you're called
    Then send running to my Heart
    Devotion in the way
    You ran for the Elephant King
    To your lotus Feet and to those as well,
    Who are devoted to those Feet
    That is all I seek.
    That is all I seek.
    That is all I seek.

  • rani_shri 32w

    Hey, Heya.
    Do you remember that pic of yours which you had sent me in the very starting days,we met each other.
    That was your first dp ever here, I saw and which remained same for many days. The pic which has a very special effect in it. Well I don't no(neither interested in knowing) bout others that if they find something special in that pic but for me it's the most beautiful pic of yours, doesn't matter if you click more beautiful than this. You know it very well that ,this picture of yours has my heart(well you also have my heart,Darling).

    That pic of yours in which you're looking at me (ya ya you'll say it's camera, but i believe you're looking at me). The pic in which your face is lightly tilted and your face (actually the right cheek) is hinged on the folded fingers(i guess it's not clear if they're totally folded) of your right hand (I know that's a selfie and selfie creates opposite side so in the pic it seems like your face is hinged on the left one). The two medium sized gorgeous and shining brown eyes( I'm confused if they're black or brown). The small nose which is narrow from upper but gets broad in the lower part. You already got cute lovely chubby cheeks but your broad smile(the best smile in the world) is making your cheeks more chubby n broad.
    Your half moon creating baby pinky pinky lips, those lips look like the petals of fresh pink roses. Aah your teeth, they are perfectly set together like the seeds of pomegranate.Even they look like pomegranate seeds. I love your teeth (n jealous a lil bit too, coz i have Dracula teeth that's why i can't openly smile like you, my smiles are closed). And here you, your upper teeth are showing, they're the part of the beautiful smile which are making the smile more alluring and ravishing.Well lower teeth are covered with lower lip, i guess if you show them, the pic will look like,you're laughing in stead of smiling. Your chin is cute.
    Your both eyebrows are showing half, the left one is half captured ( I'm going through the pic/ selfie not the pose) and the right one is half covered with the white hat you wore ( in actual the right one is in left n left one in right, it's effect of selfie that has made them opposite). The scenario of jacket cap is also very less. Which is covering your right part of forehead too. Hey, wait there's a pimple on your forehead touching the edge of cap. A not so thin not so thick braid of your brown hairs is coming from the under of cap,touching your right eye crossing through chub cheek and went till the left side of your lower lip.There's also an another braid in the left corner touching the fingers you have attached your left cheek with. A very little scene of your neck and hairs are also appearing in the right side. Finally the full face is very fair. You're mixture of white and pink complexion. And i guess you have a pear-shaped face( my face is long but also seems like pear shaped). A pic in which you're without spects.

    Well what do I say about that pic, No additional things, no filter, no effects, no editing, no face make-up not even a lip balm. Full natural and pure( you're also like that: natural and pure).
    A pic that looks like my earth. An earth which is my place to live.
    A pic that looks like my sky. A sky which is limitedly infinite for me.
    The pic that looks like, my world . A world that is only mine and that world means everything to me.
    A pic that holds a full universe in it. A universe which is made for me only.
    A pic that gives an air of relaxation. An air that only i can breathe and feel.
    A very simply incredible and incredibly simple pic.

    In short I'm in love with that pic of yours. None of your pics can compete it nor they can beat that pic. That pic makes my days and nights. That pic i often keep staring at. That pic i often talk to. You're far from me but that pic is always with me, in my phone in my thoughts, heart, mind, eyes, life everywhere.
    Whenever i remember a face of you, that pic strikes at first in my mind. That pic is more beautiful than you.
    Unchangeable unbeatable incomparable Unique.

    So If you're reading this and have read the whole, I will request you not to express through comments, but you put that pic as your dp for few time. And I'll understand that you got my words .You got this post, that it's written for you only. Well the very starting i have written that it's my most fav pic, so i guess you would be knowing there only. Still if you don't understand ,I have given the brief description of every little thing.
    Please put that dp at once, which u never put again here or for only once. Please put so that i could believe my love got it and my love for my love is really true.
    If you're not having that pic, you can comment me.
    Love you...

    #my #post #could #be #lame #but #my #love #my #feelings #can't #be #so, #so #does #that #pic


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    That Pic Of Yours...


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    #MahaLakshmi #Narayana #Ananta #Sheshnaag #mylordvishnu #ShriHari #Nandini #Raam #Ram #Govinda #Govind #Krishna #Krishn #Hari #Lakshmi #Vishnu #love #Lord #life #name #ShriHari_Nandini #when #will #that #Sweet #day #come

    ShriHari Nandini
    By Bhavya Gogia

    When will that sweet day come?
    When my eyes shall see Lakshmi
    Along with her Lord seated on the throne
    Of Ananta, and the trio watching
    Very eagerly and sweetly
    At me who shall be their daughter
    And the one providing them pleasure
    Being ShriHari Nandini, the one serving them
    Such that their joy remains without measure
    When will that sweet day come?
    When I shall be their dear child
    And eat in a funny way, the sweets
    Just to make them smile
    When they will caress me,
    I shall speak in a slow tone
    And in an unclear method
    Carefully misspelling the words
    Just to see their radiance (love and joy)
    When will that sweet day come?
    When Father will pick me in his arms
    Saying sweet words brimming with love
    I shall be exuberant hearing those
    And he shall kiss me as his little infant
    And Mom shall then take me to her arms
    Clearing my face with her long hands
    And taking me close to her bossom
    I shall be enclosed in their embrace
    When will that sweet day come?

    A very very big aspiration ❤️
    It tells my dream, perhaps my only true wish, to be in the arms of LakshmiNarayana ��❤️
    This defines my life, my name (pen name) and the source of all my thoughts ��❤️

    ✿ �������� ����������������! �������� ������������������������������! ✿

    �������������� ������������: Pinterest, Krishna for Today arts��
    ���� ������ ��������������: A picture of Andal with LakshmiNarayana❤️

    ���������������� ���������� ������! ��

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    ShriHari Nandini

    By ShriHari Nandini

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    see the problem about
    tomorrow is that

    imagine the future you
    can have

    if you could only were able
    to go back to yesterday


  • anunknownwriter 34w

    So yeah that means you



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    that someone loved me
    and only me
    in this whole wide world
    use to be the story
    today, it's enough,
    someone loves me also
    that iam in their thoughts
    that they think of me,
    when it rains

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    #this is for all my brothers ♥
    #that dear Bhai you are like god in my life infact you are my best buddy ♥
    #love for my all brothers ♥
    Who always supports me in every thing ♥
    @Mirakeeee @truthfullpen
    Poetry is love ♡

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    Dear Bhai

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