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  • downhearted_writer 80w

    My Fault

    It was all my fault that I expected too much from you.
    Trusted you so blindly that I ignored your every single mistake.
    Made you my everything.
    Though that ‘You and me' were meant to be forever.
    But it was all like a beautiful dream that opend my eyes as the morning sunlight reached my eyes...

  • anthonycolaco 105w

    No words to express left inside me����

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    Once upon a time ,
    You were the moon who giggled
    With me every night with your
    Romantic vibes but as of now
    Gazing your face spark in those stars
    All alone with no glitter left inside my soul.

  • shelly_cheavens 105w

    "What If?"

    It might be a question.
    In reality its not!
    Reality is it didn't happen.
    So there is no question.


  • takkiwolfmoon 110w

    Now I hated everything I loved about you

    to my guts.


  • v_tales 115w

    Thank you,next (a letter)

    Dear ariana grande,
    Thank you, for making me realize how grateful i'm supposed to be even for the exes in my life :)
    Thank you, for making me realize that there is still lot more fishes in the ocean , with lot more choices ;)
    Thank you , for making me realize how strong i'm and actually don't need a PERFECT MAN ,to be who i am <3

    And with that i would like begin one more new chapter of my life.

  • _girly_tales_ 116w


  • aastha_krushne 119w

    Yesterday I decided to write down 10 things that made this year special for me.
    And I failed.
    I failed at keeping the list limited to 10!
    I urge you to note down all the things that made your 2018 beautiful.
    Trust me, you would be pleasantly surprised!

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  • karmelidad 120w

    Alam Kaya Niya

    Nililinis ko lahat ng cage ng aso namin lalo na kung puro tae na. Today was a different scene. T'was raining, still, I have to do 'what' s right' lalo na't papakainin ko ang mga doggus and I couldn't stand seeing them eat with poopies all over.
    We have two dogs inside and one ''outside' (outside na literal bantay sa may gate/ na paglabas mo naman ng gate nakabunyag na ang kalsada).

    Inuna ko ung aso sa labas. Since naulan naman at puro tubig na naman ung parang drainage/kanal/gilid nung labas ng road. What I did was...winalis ko (with matching hose-para malinis at walang bahid)  lahat ng tae(na nag di disintegrate na naman) ng aso namin in a direction papunta sa pinakalabas ng kalsada, where palutang lutang lang siya dun na napaka- yummy.

    Just when everything's going great biglang may truck.
    Yung TRUCK kamo, sa sobrang bilis ng TAKBO, ay nag SPLASH LAHAT NG KARMA PABALIK SA AKIN AT SA ASO KO. Yung KARMA KAMO ay yung TUBIG sa may kalsada na alam kong may halong 'something-something' ng kawawalis ko lang na tae.

    Sa sobrang gulat ko, chineck ko muna (myself and dog) kung may chunks ng tae ---(wala naman) pero eww padin.

    Anyways, naligo ako (na parang wala ng bukas) nagbihis, and just sat in our sala ( where you can have a view outside of the gate, the dog, and the road)
    And I was thinking about the SPLASH.  I knew I was wrong for the way I clean and I thought I have to pity myself back BUT... I just saw this kid---A kid walking outside our house  na masayang dinadaanan ang nagkumpulang tubig sa kalsada sabay tampisaw pa nito. Napaisip tuloy ako. Wari ko..... HA HA HA HA

  • whatiwanttosay 127w

    You'll always be the best thing I never had.

    #thankyounext #spilledwords

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    Thank you for the memories,
    the laughter, and
    a small fraction of thought
    that we might end up together.