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  • ahundredcrownz 1d

    I met your son some years ago
    Armor piercing arrows from cupid's bow
    He built a castle of trust in me
    Your son crushed my fragility

    All the while I fought my fears
    Tried to break away, though love endures

    A great gift he'd given to us
    A promised life of a daughter's love
    A special girl, she favors him
    Some much Greene in every limb

    So here I sit, happiness filled to the brim
    Memory fades of days once grim
    I thank you for your loving son
    A grateful life, I've truly won


  • pragatisrivastava 2d

    Raaste par chalana akele hai
    apni khushiyaan ki chabhi bhi
    Apne hatho meine rakhe


  • lilco444 4d

    Thank You

    All I can say is thank you.
    For being the wind in my ragged sails.
    For crafting thousands of smiles upon my face.
    For being the lighthouse in my chaos.

    Thank you.


  • aderyn164 1w

    Until you came

    I never believe in first sight love. Until you came and stood in front of me.
    Thank you.

  • nuances_in_life 2w



  • ylviia 2w

    Thank you guys so much for 100 followers! If you want you can tell me your ideas of what I should write about next or any suggestion is welcomed!❤️❤️❤️

  • heyoka_warrior 2w

    Basking in Your Presence,
    Standing in Your truth,
    Being faithful to You,
    Loving You and Your people,
    And all the creation You've made;
    Delighting in Your Will, Your ways,
    Your Word, and Your works;
    Walking in righteousness,
    In the narrow path of life sanctified,
    Into the light and unto eternal life;
    You are my Salvation
    And the Grace You freely give;
    Thank You for Your greatest gift;
    Praising You is my heritage.


  • ions0206 2w

    It's you

    "The most beautiful love
    Is the one who inflame
    Our heart and soothe all
    The pain it will make you
    Feel alive and give you
    Everyday new reason to live
    Today i got to know all
    This thanks to you... "

  • porcupine 3w

    Thank you (old poem)

    When part of me was taken
    When part of me was missing
    You were there to help
    Listening and sharing advice

    When part of me was broken
    When part of me was crushed
    You were there to say
    Things will get better,  hang in there

    When part of me was ruined
    When part of me was destroyed
    You were that shoulder
    One to confide in and to not give up

    When part of me was in need
    When part of me was searching
    You filled the hole in
    And without you I'd still be empty

    For this I say thank you
    For this I am grateful
    And I say it a million times
    And I can't say it enough

  • yours_fortune 4w

    Do thank god for every little thing in your life
    There is so much we need to thank for
    #thanksgiving #thankful #thankyou #thankyougod #godisgreat #creativewriting #wod

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    When you wake up in the morning thank god for
    Thank you god for grace
    Thank you for the mercy
    Thank you for the understanding
    Thank you for wisdom
    Thank you for making my parents smile
    Thank you for the another day
    Thank you for the food in our plate
    Thank you for the humanity and peace
    And thank you in advance for what is already yours.

  • theheartofwritings 5w

    Gratitude filled ❤️.
    Thankyou to my dear readers and my constant 100member sunshine family✨��.
    Loving you all loads❤️.
    Forever yours,
    #mirakee #mirakeeworld #writersnetwork #gratitude #family #followers #sunshines #readers #love #thankyou #milestone #repost #support
    @mirakee @mirakeeworld @writersnetwork @_love_rosie _

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    I am made up of the
    Little little graces of thee
    Blessed with 100 member family
    And happiness thoroughly
    Awestruck at the success of a milestone
    Hoping it continues forever to own
    Can't thank enough my sunshines
    For constantly holding back my spine
    Feeling forever grateful
    Hope to flood content full
    Through all your support and motivation.

  • likwidsay10 5w

    #ThankYou #writersnetwork #Art

    We share in this thing called the human experience. It's when we reflect on it and try to transcend through expression the phenomenon known as art occurs. Poetry is a form of art and I started to write when my usual way of expressing myself was no longer available. I painted acrylic surrealism and people scoffed at me when I said I'm a poet cause they don't take me seriously. They're like anyone can write poetry which is true. But being good at it is.something else. In art it's unfortunate that the artist is appreciated only after they die. Which is unfortunate, we need to appreciate the artist and the art while the artist is still alive. I always joke that my collection will be worth millions after I'm dead.That's what you do WriterNetwork you appreciate the art of the artist Your acknowledgement is truly appreciated for I feel what I write isn't any good. Poets scream for your attention hoping to get reposted. You paid tons of attention to me. By reposting four of my artworks. Though I didn't get as many likes and repost as others post. Maybe due to my pen name Likwidsay10 (Liquid Satan) which is a nod to the Native American expression of booze in which they called "fire water" mighg be offensive or perhaps it was because I didn't have visual aids. I felt that the artwork should be able to stand on it own without the help of visual aids. So I kept it simple black and white. But this post I uploaded a photo I took of my muse after a dark and stormy night. The morning after was clear and blue. He walked up on the deck and reflected on his friend who passed away from a drug overdose. The moment was beautiful. It's the only picture I took of my muse. Thank you again #WritersNetwork for reposting four of my artworks. I'm truly unworthy and this thank you has been long coming.

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    We share in this thing called the human experience. It's when we reflect on it and try to transcend through expression the phenomenon known as art occurs.


  • bitsandbytes 5w

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    Poorly painted mornings,
    among dark threatening clouds.
    Ruffled dreams in free fall.
    Your leap into the void,
    into that gulf there is no return.
    Unfinished brushstrokes from your smile,
    in the old painting I'll never finish.

    ���������������� ���� �������� ��������,
    ���������� ���� ������ ���������� ���� ���� ��������.
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    �������� ���� ����������.

    So many nights I remember you!!!.
    My gloomy dreams attract
    otherworldly creatures.
    Spectral beings ripped apart
    the last reductions in which
    my desire to live was hidden.

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    ���������������� ������������ �� ��������
    �������� ������ �� ��������,
    ������������������ ���� ���� ������������������.

    I look at her, and in her
    greyish spots I see you.
    I see you coming back from work,
    with the blinding glow of your eyes.
    In your new dress.
    Telling me the office gossip.

    �� �������� ��������..

    I drop the cold blade,
    I open my soul to the ground.
    I see you coming
    dark messenger of death,
    ride fast through my veins.
    Ride fast, to ���� ������..


    #thankyou @writersnetwork

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  • snehajacob 5w


    Ever wondered how your words can influence someone. It only take few seconds, but the effect lasts long.

    So please compliment and say thank you to anyone who helps you.

  • mohua_leo 5w


    Image: Pinterest


    Memories of a lifetime
    Came flooding by
    When I was ready to give up
    And not even try

    Forever friends and secret admirers
    A total stranger met somewhere
    Some friendly neighbours
    Or some close relatives
    A few helpful colleagues
    And loving families

    Some stayed and never left
    Some got separated by time
    Some inspired and kept promises
    Some sang together in perfect rhyme

    Some happy moments together
    Some heart wrenching cry
    Some believed that I can do
    Some gave courage to give life a try

    So to those who believed in me...
    and encouraged me to rise up after every fall...
    And staying in my life no matter what
    From the core of my heart I thank you all

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    So to those who believed in me...
    and encouraged me to rise up after every fall...
    And staying in my life no matter what
    From the core of my heart I thank you all

  • lost_horcrux 5w

    Mother is not just a word
    she is someone whom takes care of you, loves you, teaches you and a friend.

    Mother if only words could only say
    How much I love you each and every day
    Even times when I'm away
    I think of you and your endless love
    Mother thank you for the hard times
    When you were so tired when you worked so hard
    When you were trying to be a super star
    In my heart you will always be
    Mother you're like no other
    You're my best friend
    You're my everything
    You're my ocean beneath the sea
    My angel without the wings
    Thank God for Mothers
    Thank God for you

  • nm_bloggslove_ 5w

    Sun went down ,
    And darkness prevailed
    Sudden agony with pain rose
    My days were unhappy and miserable.
    The amount of times I took the wrong path
    That many times stood my family with me
    In every hurdle, through each step
    Holding hands tight , changing the direction ...

    Yes , my family is my living lighthouse
    My guide, my strength and my greatest support system
    To live for them , is my forever dream
    To abide in them till death is my forever happiness!



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    My living lighthouse....


  • ibhawna 5w

    Trying to pour a pinch of reality between a ����dream and a true desire.
    #Pod #Wod #WritersnetworknMirakee

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    बंद आँखों से देखे ख्वाब थे शायद इसलिए पूरे नहीं हुए |
    खुले दिल की ख्वाइशें होती तो बिना दर्द दिए ही पूरी हो जाती!


  • mrsinghnota_ 6w


    Say thank you and please, too many
    people don't.

  • medha_himanshu 6w

    Humpy ✨

    This particular month comes to an end and I am near exhaustion.
    It had me bent over grief and fear.
    I try not to go down the memory lane
    Mostly because once I do, the tears won't stop.
    I hate casting a reflection because it's difficult routing, to be without you and your wiggly tail.
    I'm sorry but I try not to think about you and it's been a month now, I have miserably failed.
    I am guilty, I am sad
    I feel so confused, there is so much pain that I can't explain,
    I am mad, mad over myself.
    I'm sorry I couldn't be there, I couldn't see you,
    When you were struggling for life, in tremendous fear.
    I'm sorry for all the pain, I didn't even got a chance to say adieu.
    Every time someone mentions your name
    It feels like there are broken glass pieces scattered across the room and I have to walk through it.
    I can't see you anymore and it devastates me Because I miss your hands in my hands,
    Your cheeks, your smile, your belly, your small thighs.
    All I want is you in my arms anyhow.
    Please come back, it's been a while!?
    My brother misses rubbing your belly, carrying you in his lap.
    He says every time he looks at your pictures he tries to think of those 9 years that you have blessed us with, not that one day when you left.
    And yet I fail to do so, I can't forget the date, for me not accepting your absence is the only way.
    We yearn for you, every day
    Our heart wriggles,
    I blink and you run across,
    My mind, my heart, the floor
    I know, You are here, you aren't far away.
    Please never forget us
    We gonna meet
    We're gonna hug and kiss like before
    It's gonna be like we were never separated
    I'll come back home and I will hear your bark
    See you hop and bounce while you wait at the door.