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  • my_epicworld 2d

    #Thanks for you#
    #Sorry for you.......!
    Because both I deserve for you......��

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    For,what you had teached for me
    For,what you have done for me
    For,what I have received from you...
    Because,I can't see your pain
    Because,I can't be with you
    Because,I can't love like you....

  • lunalight 3d


    If you want to ask Sorry ask it..
    If you need to say Thanks say it..
    May be it was a word...
    But it Throws the EGO away to build a strong Relationship

  • shk_huzaifa 1w

    Sucha pyar wo b hota hai
    Jiss mai humai yai nahi pata hota hum aik dusrai k hongay ya nahi
    Laikin pyar itna hota hai
    Ki jahan ka saraa pyar mil jata hai
    Chahay hum oon k ho na ho
    Par yai zaroor kahain gay
    Hum oon say bohat pyar kartai hai
    Oon k aanay say hi humai khushi milti hai
    Wo hai toh hum hai
    Raab tak chood diye humari kahani.....

  • kaira_khan 7w

    #thanks for the repost

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    No matter how u break me ,i will again stich my wings to fly to reach my destination


  • barbad 7w

    शुक्रिया अदा अता करता हूँ
    के ख़बर आ जाती है, तुम्हारे जिन्दा होने की।


    Love neither dies nor goes anywhere. It just stifles a bit.

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    प्रेम ना मरता है ना कहीं जाता है।
    यह बस थोड़ा सा दबकर रह जाता है।

  • beensn 9w

    Sorry & Thanks

    Sorry and thanks are beautiful expressions,
    They can melt many hearts.
    Your heart feels light when you say sorry,
    Thanks fills you with gratitude and say, no worry.
    These two together can bind any relation,
    The absence may break the affiliation.
    At the same time, they have some conditions,
    That they are to be accompanied by some emotions.
    Sorry remain just as a word when you don't feel it,
    Thanks remain just as a word when you don't mean it.
    Let the combo of these two make our life joyful,
    With the proper dose of emotions to make them meaningful.
    © beensN

  • uswrites 10w


    Wake in the morning with a winged heart and give thanks for another day of loving.

  • mazingmee 11w

    Holding Close

    To the promise I ever made ,
    Cutting down each thread,
    You are hurting me and I let you,
    I know it failed as you too..

  • czarcasm 12w


    I see you reader liking my work and I thank you for taking the time to read it
    For many minutes did it take contemplating just where to sit

    Under the stars?
    Or would that be too corny
    The rising sun?
    Well luckily it's finally morning

    My inspiration all of you the world my very muse
    Minutes sitting thinking oh this mind I do abuse

    Thanks to you I'm back to writing stories that I hope you love
    Given a skill many would say is a gift from above

    I tell a story in an instant that many it would confuse
    But it's just something that I can't resist it's something I can't refuse

    For telling stories is how I cope in this world of ours
    Now thanks to you I write my work underneath the stars

  • czarcasm 12w

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart #thankyou #thanks #happy

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    Thank you

    Thank you to everyone who appreciates my work
    For as an antisocial person all I do is lurk
    My poetry the only way
    I really get to do what I say

    Something so beautiful which runs with ease
    Written just to appease
    My crying heart that's deep inside
    Filling up and rocking with tides

    Such misery being suffered alone
    I write little stories upon my phone
    Really thank you for taking the time
    To enjoy all of these endless little rhymes

    A novice one I now turn to the paper
    And never stop until the clock says later
    A millenia of stories to go
    I have so many words it's still hard to know

    How to piece then together and make it seem wise
    Such a simple way to sit and devise
    But a story can never truly be complete
    So walk along I swear some can't be beat

  • isalittlebroken 12w

    For all of you

    I appreciate you.
    Taking a moment of what little time you have.
    To gaze upon words I have bled.
    Incoherent thoughts created in 
     a strangers head. 
    That another stranger read. 

    With thanks 

  • iti___ 12w

    एक बात पता चली आज, वो मेरे बारे में क्या सोचता है!
    पर सही ही है, वो जो भी सोचता है|||

  • divoohere 13w

    How amazing naa!!

    Means some people come in our life like
    "A Shooting Star" and makes our dustiest and darkest world a lighten, and spending every moment with them feels like we are in a shining part of our life.

    But sometimes an unexpected incident happens that makes us to go apart from that moment...and that's hurt!!!
    But...take a minute!!
    We have to thank them for being a part of our life .❣️( Ending tak saath nhi h to kya hua, life ki story m to h naa)

  • siayulina 13w

    Dear Miraquill Team and all Of Friend

    Terkadang mencurahkan isi hati tak cukup lewat ekspresi dan kata kata
    Melainkan arsip yang membenarkan isi curahan hati
    Yah, hitung2 untuk meninggalkan kenangan serta mengenangnya, bukan buat diri sendiri, generasi juga bisa
    Aku juga beruntung pernah singgah ke miraquill.

    Thanks to miraquill and team❤️

    Disini saya mampu mengekspresikan isi hati saya, meskipun sebenarnya miraquill ini diciptakan untuk berpuisi dan lain2. Tetapi saya alih fungsi kepada hal diary. Ekspresi keadaan dan hati saya. Saya tidak tau, apakah sebagian dari kalian mengerti dengan yang saya ekspresi kan, tapi saya bersyukur saya bisa bertemu semuanya disini, saya mendapat pencerahan, motivasi bahkan kata kata yang menambah ilmu, tak disangka bergabung disini memiliki banyak manfaat.

    Saya menceritakan ini bukan karena ingin berpisah, karena saya merasa memiliki keberuntungan hidup, meskipun keberuntungan ini tidaklah nyata secara fisik ataupun materi, tetapi saya mendapat kepuasan hati, bisa mengekspresikan setiap keadaan saya.

    One more, thanks to miraquill. . .
    I hope u see and got it what my expression...
    GBU all

  • notebook_ 15w

    Thank to fake/worse people!
    Thanksgiving is the strongest disciple. Whereas doing is the actual thing. Of course we will thank people but learn to thank people who'd worse. It's okay if they'd bad to you. Some good things will happen when bad things arrived. So thank them. They would make you stronger than before. They would make you to think more. Life lessons will be taught by the worse people. Your inner courage and confidence explored in anger. You will decide to make yourself better and the best. Your eyes will stop crying. Your wear smile to confuse people and to make confidence yourself. Your circle will be small. You have only right people around you. You learn to make decisions; and you will be right then. They taught you to identify people not judging. You will act matured. Your classy mind will be a boss! So don't forget to thank people who did worse things; if they leave you, if they made you cry, if they ignored you, if they act like you are just like that a thing, just thank them. They will teach you something in the last. Sometimes they will show you who are you. What you can... SO THANK THEM!
    #thanks #blog #mirakee #miraquill #wod #writersnetwork @miraquill @mirakeeworld @writersnetwork

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    Learn to say thanks.
    Not only for good things..
    But also the worse happened!
    Good or bad,
    Treat them as same!

  • sheikh_huzaifa 15w

    Likh sakhay jo na hum kalam say
    Wo likh diya humnai aapnai dil say
    Likhtay jo thay kitaabu k panay mai
    Likhtay thay, Mitta tay thay
    Koyi dekh na lay daar tha
    Ab aaisay likhtay hai ki
    Humai khud na pata hota hum kya likhtay
    Dil say niklay huway alfaaz
    Aur haatu ki taaiz raftaar
    Kaam aaisay aati hai ki
    Hum haathu say nahi dil say likh padtay hai
    Na janay kahan say aatay hai
    Dil mai aaisay alfaaz
    Kuch ka toh matlab b humai maloom na hota
    Humaray haath likh rahay hotay hai
    Par aaisa lagta hai ki khud hi likha ja raha hai
    Bina sonchay samjay likh padtay hai kuch b
    Phir ghoor say paad k khamiyu ko theek kartay hai
    Aur ho jata hai kaam
    Likh sakhay jo na hum kalam say
    Wo likh diya humnai aapnai dil say
    Likhtay jo thay kitaabu k panay mai
    Likhtay thay, Mitta tay thay.....
    #cannot #write #those #things #with #pen #on #notebook #fear #afraid #now #I #wrote #here #without #any #fear #thanks #rap #words #from #heart #pod #wod #mirakee #share

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  • merezubani 16w


    Bas yahi ummeed hi to hai jo housla deti hai
    Khaak me milne nahi deti , shola sa bana deti hai
    Tang rasto pe besabab chalne wale bando ko
    Dil hi dil me arsh ke malik se mila deti
    Koun kab kaise toot ta hai bikhar ta hai or jud jata hai
    Yahi wo shay hai jo lohe ko talwaar bana deti hai
    Mai bhi hu tum bhi or har taraf khamoshi hai or Andhera bhi hai
    Dekhne walo ko isi me ek raushni bhi dikhai deti hai
    Maine dekha hai samundar paar karte hue logo ko
    Ye bajaan haatho me bhi patwaar thama deti hai
    Zakham khaye hu sitam ke mare hue logo suno
    Na ummeed na hona ye kufar se mila deti hai
    Hamko karna hai ehed gir ke fir se uthne ka
    Chalne walo ko ye manzil ka pata deti hai
    Bas yahi ummeed hai jo harne nahi deti hai kabhi
    Bas yahi ummeed hai jo jine ki wajeh deti hai


  • barbad 16w


    What an incredible watch!

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    ना रही चाहत आईनें को तकने की
    सीरत बदसूरत है उसको भी ख़बर है

  • work2rise 16w

    ALJ: Affirmation: Love is Just an extension of my Joy

    ALJ: I always attract what I love with Joy, because what I love with Joy is just an extension of who I Am, and what I give to the world.

    ©work2rise Affirmation #388 Day #388#189T*


    Sometimes we can't always see our pain, because we're not standing in front of the mirror long enough to see it (face it). We're too busy avoiding it or covering it up that what we do not want to see ( the imperfections, the hurt), until *someone* or some personal insight comes along to remind us that the past is just a story, a present unnecessary burden that can be resolved only within ourselves. And as we cling to peace, we are present with our peace and our ( focus) is absent from our past.#Thanks*

  • mnsharma 16w


    A cauldron of bubbling emotions;
    Oh! our moods are such a witch