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  • sarie_the_writer 208w

    I wonder if I type these words
    Would you read them
    Would know that it's me
    And feel a little sympathy
    Or would have a better understanding
    And see the courage and strength within
    Would you hold me
    As I push away
    Ignoring my silence
    And listening to written words I say
    I wonder if these words could really let you know me
    And see me more than just your woman
    But once you read these words
    Your reaction
    Will allow me to love hard or hurt
    Now that's some real spoken words

  • sarie_the_writer 208w

    Sometimes I get jealous of the earth
    Because it's been so many places
    Meeting different people
    And experiencing different races
    Sometimes I get jealous of the sky
    Because it's fearless when it comes to heights
    Going so high
    And yet being continuous
    Sometimes I get jealous of the moon
    Causes of its powerful force
    Never knowing the intentions it has in store
    And sometimes I just want to get away
    Exploring everything and figure out
    If the rainbow really does end

  • sarie_the_writer 208w

    Have you ever traveled an empty road
    In the storm when the weather was cold
    Listening to the trees speak
    As your body becomes so fragile and weak
    And your feet so numb
    Walking not knowing where to go
    And in the middle of the road
    A shadows just stops and stares
    As you become lost
    Wondering how you got there