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  • destroyedandrecovered 12w

    It's too hard to feel

    when you're ready to drill,
    You have no chill,
    Running out of skill,
    You're heart's turning teal,
    But your body's like steel
    And your mind is so "nil"
    You're about to peel,
    Yeah, I do self kill,
    Without sleeping pills.

    The smoke that I expel
    I am letting my lungs fail
    But I don't know well,
    Whether I'd be going to jail.
    Can you explain?
    Do you live life the same?
    You can't compare, yeah I know I'm insane.
    Yeah, I fell in love but never got enough, I made my girl cry, yeah I know my place is hell.
    I was crazy, for my lady, she's so emotional, but I got the charm to handle glam, I was too focused on my work tho.

    Cognac water in my glass got me high on solo, my thoughts on slo-mo, I am not like Castro, nights and slight hope, you know me, tenaciousspirit this guy is so dope, only drinks up with ice and coke.

    Distressed but won't disappear, I'll do my best and destroy all of my barriers, there's nothing important when it's about my career. I'll create paths when I don't have any, I chase passion I don't hustle for money. Give me a word I'll turn into a story, life is too short to think about stupid stuff, put your head up, on your marks up, chase your dreams, hustle harder, be focused, climb the top floor and raise the flag of your Glory!

    - tenaciousspirit