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  • subhamrizal 3d


    Arising from the depths
    Of temptation,
    It pleases for attention,
    Physical instead.

    It tickles the lungs,
    Touches the edge
    Of mind, as of,
    A feathery touch

    Whispers slow,
    Deep inside the ears
    Of consciousness

    To serve the soul
    By flying you
    out of the bounds
    Of reality.

    "And of course, you're submissive to it"


  • yoona21 18w

    One call was enough to let me know that you're fine~


  • czarcasm 26w


    Beautiful siren upon the coast call out to me my sweet

    Your innocent voice could rival an angel it could really make them weep

    Such beautiful hair that sways when you walk

    You can see it from the distance

    Beckoning to passing boats to try and get even closer

    Your voice so sweet you could rob the devil you truly have no rival

    I can see why not just anyone can make it to your side

    How careless as you sway your hips you live and breathe to tease

    Your eyes firecrackers setting off sparks with your every giggle

    If only I had a map to where I could mark you on this voyage

    Just once passing isn't enough to satisfy my curiosity

    The next time I pass by it's been months since we last met

    And as if recognizing me you called out I thought you had left

    Here you were upon the shore laughing and waving your hand

    As you started to sing a song like butter that I couldn't fight against

    Tempt away with thy serene voice that drives all man insane

    I need to hear just one more time before I end up too the same

  • czarcasm 26w


    A presence to unfamiliar passed my window in the flashing of the lightening of the storm

    I curled up into a tighter ball as if to try and stay warm

    The presence full of animosity and evil that it made goosebumps appear readily upon my skin

    My eyes widened in fright but I didn't want to let the demon win

    It's footsteps drew closer even still as the temperature of the room dropped to a freezing point

    The moment I saw my breath with holy water did on my forehead I anoint

    Yet even with the holy liquid pressed upon my suddenly fevered skin

    I had forgot to notice to close the door and suddenly he was in

    So hauntingly handsome he almost broke my heart with a smirk

    He almost reminded me for my ex boyfriend Kirk

    If it hadn't have been for his beautiful red eyes as the flower beside my bed

    He reached out almost gently and brushed the hair on my head

    'Hello darling Lily I've come to take what's mine

    for the smell of you soul is so divine'

    He licked his lips in almost anticipation

    While before my bed he walked as if pacing

    'How am I yours I've never sinned' I asked without a stutter

    He let out a purr as smooth as honey that made my skin just shutter

    'I am an incubus my darling girl you don't even have to sin

    You wrote your soul to mine with that very pen'

    He sat on my bed and I couldn't help but feel at home with them there

    It was almost peculiar how all I could do was sit and stare

    Something so beautifully dangerously at ease sitting in my room as if he indeed belonged here

    And I couldn't help the way I felt at feeling him so near

    An emotional coiled deep within that made me want to feel

    His skin above mine I can't fight with no will

  • nora88 27w


    Mesmerized by your existence and sensational touch, I yearned for you to feel the deepest part of me.

  • simpleselfexpression 37w

    Temptation lurks here
    Desires of loneliness
    Vie for attention


  • kenzzthepoet 39w


    Everyman who falls prey to the temptation
    of the flesh Remaineth a slave to himself.
    Can you say to yourself “I’m a free man”
    when of every desire that cross your mind
    you seek utmost gratification without
    thoughts or control?
    Are you truly free when your weakness is
    your own flesh?


  • beautifultraveler32 41w

    #Temptation #SexualRelease #NSFW #AdultsOnly

    You meet me at a nice Cafe
    Hands sweating, unsure of
    How this night will end
    You got my number from a
    Good friend

    Yes, I'm a Dom, short for dominant
    I am your master, you are my slave
    Be a good (insert gender here)
    Disobey me, face the punishment

    But, how are you today
    I want to talk to you
    Make sure that you're okay
    I'm not a vicious person

    The bed is soft for you
    Oh, did I mention that
    I have emotions, and I
    Can give you mercy

    Safe words and rules
    Established between us
    With a wicked smile
    My voice changes

    Let's begin

    I have you restrained
    Safely, no injury
    My commands are simple
    Don't disobey me

    Gentle whips, nipple clips
    You shudder with delight
    I remove my panties
    On your chest, I sit
    Go slowly, don't bite

    The time pass, your eyes glisten
    Hand you a glass, while you listen
    I want to make you feel good
    Not hurt you or degrade you

    But you are listening
    While I tell you what to do...

    "Mmm...you want me to stroke it?...You like it when it gently poke the tip with my tongue...Don't move...good(insert gender)..."

    Now you're panting, moaning
    Losing your words
    I whisper in your ear
    You eyes widen, mouth open
    You whisper through your tears

    "I-I can't...I'm scared. You want to put that thing in WHERE?!...I'm sorry...I'm being a bad(insert gender)...I-Is this something I can try later...or something I can't avoid?..."

    I smile sweetly, and wipe away the tears
    I told you, baby, No need to get crazy
    We can do something else
    It's about you, and what you can do...
    We can just make love, my dear.

    *Passionate kiss, you're drawn into bliss*

    Lay down, I free you
    I climb on top
    Your mouth starts to drool
    My dominant side slightly drops

    Seeing you like this
    Eyes hungry for me
    I lean down to kiss you
    Forgetting my role, I'm weak

    I hover over you
    Not entering
    You are shaking from need
    With a husky whisper
    I say...Beg me.

    You moan out your answer
    Your sex dripping
    You hands clenched
    Your mind tripping

    "Oooh...yeah, baby...you like my wet *****, sucking you in deep...Uuhh...yeah, you feel so good..."

    Nothing else but smacking
    Flesh slapping, tongues lashing
    Loud moaning, low groaning
    A deep longing fulfilled

    The first rays of light enter
    In the bed, we lay in the center
    No calls to make, no events to miss
    We look at each other smiling
    New lovers, we share our binding kiss.

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    Beg Me(NSFW, Storytime)

    You have been warned. This is going to dive a little bit deep. Some bondage, dirty talk, and swearing. If you want to send me suggestions, feel free to leave them in the comments!

  • wifey_suicide 42w


    Give me Adam and I'll show you Eve
    Deciding where I want to fiend
    The garden is filled with prey
    Smile at me and I'll smile back
    Like goldfish we'll swim all day
    In our own waters
    You look really pretty today
    If I told you I wasn't a virgin
    The tree would go away
    And only leave the serpent to play
    But this lust got me going crazy
    Can't you see it in my eyes
    That maybe it's okay to sacrifice and die
    Take away the tree, let the roots rot
    The devil knows I just got caught
    I know, I know I should've tied the knot
    A temptation of fun time is worth to rot

  • nobodyyouknow 43w

    Mark My Words

    Temptation Makes It Look Like,
    It's Worth The Repercussions,
    And Keeps Bugging You,
    Until You Just Give In And Say "Fuck It."
    It's Easy To Impulsively React To An Urge,
    This World Is Cursed - Mark My Words.

  • seraiah_smiles 45w

    O, to my concupiscence, in every sense of the term...
    From the bottom of my heart—I detest you!

  • sisya_frida 46w

    Poetic Me

    Scarlet dyed, it suits temptation
    As the passion escalates, sending invitation
    A close call before downfall

  • keithallencovell 48w

    Keep on searching for that place of refuge where you can finally find some peace of mind and achieve self-love. ����

    #sijo #life #journey #fire #water #temptation #path #innerstrength #spiritual #mystical #healer #mirakee #writersnetwork #mirakeeworld #readwriteunite

    @mirakee @mirakeeworld @writersnetwork @readwriteunite

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    The Flame

    It tempts me towards the fire. The flame is all I see.
    I try to look away but the temptation consumes me.
    The flame was there before I was, seems nothing can appease. It's water that I need.


  • keithallencovell 50w

    Darkness Run

    I understand what is to come
    But what is it that must be done?
    I pray to the heavens the darkness run
    Run to another realm


  • virtual_echoes_ 51w


  • keithallencovell 52w

    There Was Apology

    He said I sounded horrible
    There was apology

    It still hurts

    A lesson for me
    Of all the times
    I was thoughtless
    I was mean

    God, please forgive me...


  • crazedblush 55w


    Dance with me my love. 
    Remind me of all our tragedies.
    Entice me with the scent of you. 
    Aggravate my soul.
    Manipulate my mind.
    Calculate how long it'll take for me to say no.
    Applaud silently when I don't. 
    Treat me to nightmares.
    Convince yourself that this is once again my fault.
    Hold on to all of that hate you secretly have for me.
    Enlist the help of your family and friends and
    Relish how you've once again caught and destroyed all of my dreams. 

  • sangeetamagar 58w

    Dancing with the devil

    She was dancing with the devil for so long
    Knowing not, when the steps was all guided
    And she became a mere puppet
    Going down with each and every move
    Hypnotic she glided through the cold stone floor
    In the embrace of her living prison
    In a trance she entered the forbidden gates
    Only to find more music, more wine, more hate
    And she still danced in the tight embrace
    Unaware of when the song should end.


  • biswajitdev 65w

    * #Expectation betrays,
    Leaf's lured to dance in cadence of wind but drifts down with dismal heart . *

    Dear #Wanderers of #Universe,
    Have a kind glance and feel free to convey your suggestions . Drop a ❤ if you feel so .
    ** Expectation,
    A tempted sensation to dance in cadence of wind, none can wind traces of frustration
    Wounded with numbness leaf drifts down with dismal heart being deviated from destination . **

    * GLOSSARY :-
    Sensation - Feeling, Cadence - Rhythm, 1st Wind - Air, 2nd Wind - Detect presence of, Traces - Very less quantity, Wound - Injure or Hurt, Numb- incapable to move, Drift - Slide or Slowly Carried, Dismal - Cheerless or Depressing, Deviate - Differ or Vary *

    @writersnetwork @writerstolli @mirakee @writersbay

    #writingcontest #creativearena #wod #pod #writersnetwork #mirakee #writerstolli #writersbay #ceesrepost #Temptation #Sensation #Dance #Cadence #Wind #Frustration #Wound #Numbness #Leaf #Drift #Heart #Deviation #Destination #Tempt

    Picture credit to the Rightful owner
    -- Pinterest --

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  • london_sky 66w


    Slowly and slowly and slowly I am starting to crumble
    Underneath the pressure I put on myself
    Slowly and slowly and slowly
    I go insane
    Playing in my own game
    I seem to have no fame

    Please hear me and rescue my name
    Please help me find my place
    I know I know
    I can not be saved
    But please help me survive

    Falling and falling and falling
    I seem to hear the angel's calling
    As they slowly drag me away
    But in the midst of the shadows
    I heard a silent cry
    Then I began to wonder
    And I became lost in time
    Slowly and slowly I follow the sound
    Before I knew it I was below the ground

    Please hear me and rescue my name
    Please help me find my place
    I know I know
    I can not be saved
    But please help me survive

    After all these things I've done
    I didn't think I would have won
    But the shadow inside grabs me by my feet and drags me into my defeat
    What do I do
    What do I say?

    Please hear me as I am falling
    Please hear me as I call my name
    Please help me find my place
    Cause I
    I know I won't survive
    I can not be saved
    But for the sake of my name I must move on
    But how can I
    How can I