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    #lame #temp @writersnetwork
    Edit : plagiarizing some words of @im_alive
    /and after a second of touch of emptiness, making me drown/

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    I tasted happiness, till the seconds before you left me , And after the seconds of touch of emptiness, making me drown!


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    Dil dedo,
    kya dil ka achaar dalogi?

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    ее ��

    I have a secret that I've kept for a long time
    I don't think many people know about it
    But it's time they did

    You see
    Some people die way before their bodies do
    It's a different kind of death

    It's that kind of death where you're in a race
    And everyone's ahead of you And suddenly
    You just feel like it's not worth the energy
    That no matter what you do
    You won't ever get first place anyway And even if you do
    The trophy is just another metal cup hidden away in some cabinet
    And i know of someone just like this

    Every day she would come to school 
    Her eyes glazed over with a
    something i never really could place
    And she'd stare right ahead


    She loved to wear jackets
    Sometimes it was black
    Sometimes red
    Sometimes blue
    Perhaps to cover up some things
    That were not supposed to be there

    She was different
    She wore her heart on her sleeve
    Sometimes a little too literally
    Sometimes not even on her sleeve
    But on her wrists
    And her thighs In her hands
    She would hold a book I never got around asking her what the story was about After all
    she brought the same book every day without fail Sometimes i wondered if she even ever read it at all It always scared me How it was the same pair of lightless eyes that used to shine at even the simplest things How it was the same girl that used to speak with her mouth who now turned to writing on her arms How it was the same girl that used to paint ethereal pictures on canvases who now...didn't  I used to go home and go on the internet To find other people like her I couldn't understand what they meant by  How it was eating to fill the hole in the heart Or how it was feeling angry because everyone was carefree I recall asking her before why she was always so listless She asked me if i knew how it felt, which i didn't  She told me It was like being lit on fire near a pool But being unable to jump into it It was like wanting to cry and scream But not a single sound comes out Or like laughing not because it was funny But because everyone around was laughing as well I asked her if she was acting like this because she was sad And she said no  It wasn't about being sad Or devastated Or disappointed Or dejected It was the feeling of emptiness That couldn't be put into words  And i understood that probably the best Because if it could Then maybe she wouldn't have gone  I really hated it I hated how everyone made it out to be something desirable How some people went around pretending to be like her  How some lined their eyes with crocodile tears when really they were just seeking attention I supposed nobody really knew how it felt to see someone slowly fade away from existence right before their very eyes And how the shadow of their life swelled with emptiness A void that didn’t ever fill The ghost never stops haunting Not for a second And the guilt that gnaws away as you eat As you walk As you dream As you look at yourself in the mirror and behind you in the reflection is the wispy image of your last memory of them Your memories of them replay over and over Like to remind you you probably could've done something to stop them It's not something to dream about And it's most definitely not something to fantasize It's an illness An illness that takes away the diamonds from the stones That day after she left school i never saw her again Maybe she really did die On not just the inside But if there's one thing i know for sure It's that she finally painted the picture i had wished to see her paint for so long It must have been just as beautiful and amazing as before  I don't know if she painted it on her arms  Or her legs But she definitely painted it in the skies And everytime i look up She's there Painting stars among stars To brighten up other's nights So theirs wouldn't be as dark as hers .

    Ps : hypothetically woven ��

    ~ ��.

    #temp #ceesreposts
    @writersnetwork @ivy___ @ephemerally_me

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    Exam pressure nothing else ��
    I forgot to write. I didn't read again. Ab vaaps pdungi to lgega Question ka answer revise kr rhi hu. Koi sense he is baat ka?? Mujhe to bhot lg rha he is time ��

    Wait, Am I talking to myself? ��
    I'm getting mad ��
    Okay I'm going back.

    My Nightest Rant ��

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    Helping everyone isn't cup of my tea.
    Humans are wearing WHITE clothes for hiding their BLACK soul.
    Their sugar coated words will cherish for sometime and boommmm they are fake.
    That wasn't a sweet candy but a bitter medicine.
    The medicine which helps me to keep in the mind that not everyone deserve good side of mine.

    But what if someone actually needs you??
    Okay, I'll help everyone who seems a good person.
    But how do you know that he is a good person?
    By talking to them.
    Ohh, So you think first impression is the last impression??
    Don't you remember the last person you helped?
    Hmm, But in this way I'll never be able to help anyone.
    This world actually cares??
    They will take you for granted. Once they use you, they will not even remember your name.
    But I help because I love to help. Not because I want something in return.
    Then why are you feeling bad?
    Umm, You are right, actually I want something in return that's RESPECT. How strangers even dare to flirt?? Humans are hard to understand.
    I blocked 39 people. Everytime I help, they start flirting. How can a stranger call me a baby, darling?? Where the hell are manners???

    Okay, Now I will never help any stranger.
    (40th person blocked)

  • severed_strings 1d

    Now when the sea is orange,
    I no longer have to pretend--
    as the oesophagus runs dry whilst
    I dig my heart out and
    replace it with the sand,
    You left behind.

    (I descend into the horizon
    Until the dawn is no longer in sight)




    Leaving for some time. Sorry.

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    | ash |

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    #temp #outofmysensesiguess
    Does this even make any sense??

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    I will hide those broken parts
    Of our love story,
    Into my pages of poetries
    And will do
    Until they
    Fly away,
    Turning into ashes.
    - Nikitha Sharma

  • taekook_maknae 2d

    My heart is broken into billions
    That's why i kept yours!


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    After reading your oneliner now,
    I thought to write this. �� @inked_selenophile


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    The moon gifted me a P O E T R Y
    and the poetry is Y O U...


  • _anaan__ 2d

    You don't
    have to be okay
    all the time
    and it's okay.

  • _celena_ 2d

    I danced under the bare sky
    N let the symphony of the wind
    Carry the delicious burdens of my past


  • heartsease 4d

    Collab, well he wrote most of it❤️

    That's when our hearts beat together, love


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  • alxita 4d

    Update 3

    Hello! Welcome back me. Once again, I apologize for being very inactive lately. School is still ongoing, along with their onslaught of projects. Thankfully, it is only more than a week left before we finally see the blue sky.

    So I may post a new poem around tomorrow or the day after, and try posting regularly as early as this week; otherwise I still have to continue with my projects.

    Thank you! Happy writing and have a great day.


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    Confession: I have another account on mirakee.
    I won't answer anyone. sorry.
    Just wanna know if people got who I am. I'm tryin' my best to not get recognised.

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    [ QUESTION ]

    Who do you think I am?

  • im_the_star_of_my_life 4d

    Good byes of more than 300 students and passengers!

    "on the night of 15 April 2014,
    The sewol ferry departed incheon part, Korea. 476 passengers, including 325 students on a school trip to jeju island, were on board.
    Shhh... *On call - A ship is sinking"

    True story!
    A long heartbreaking and touching story in short!
    Some years ago 476 passengers and 325 students who were in their field trip , more than 300 students died in sewol ferry accident.
    The captain and crew told the students to stay inside and they'll come back, but they didn't,
    Instead of saving those students, they saved themselves and students listened to their Elders without any reluctance, they believed in them which caused their death.
    Passenger called to the operators and informed them about the titling ship.
    They came, but they only escaped to the captains ,
    When students were shifting in other boat, ship started to sink.
    And the who was supposed to be protect them was absent there. Students called there parents and there parents told them to follow the teacher's guidance. Which was their big mistake/regret . And when the ship was about to sink over, student massages their parents knowing they ain't alive anymore.
    The 'sewol' started to sink, when the captain escaped, more than half of the passengers were still on the ship.
    Instead of escaping the students and passengers government agencies repeatedly requested a camera to be sent for their internal reporting,
    "has the camera arrived, we are waiting for the images"
    But the camera was more important for them than those souls.
    Captain rescued himself without pulling the passengers first.
    Rescurers assumed the most of the people were out, not knowing that numerous students weren't. Coz they listened to their adults. "for some good things to happen sometime people have to disobey orders"

    This is a long and heartbreaking accident.here want to finish it.

    //mom, dad the ship is titled a lot, miss you GOOD BYE ~sewol students last msg~//

    A good bye with thousands of memories.
    Not any write up... But wanted to share it, maybe will delete it!. #temp
    Maybe #goodbye @writersnetwork @mirakee.
    Lastly wanna say that. -
    BTS- Spring day song, is dedicated to the families of those died students,.
    Recommending you all to listen it with lyrics.
    SPRING DAY /in my emotional playlist.

    My 50th post!
    Thank you so... Much, ❤ WN :)) @writersnetwork

    Written n posted on

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  • sans_bornes 6d

    Wow! Imma galib now! XD

    Correct me if I used some word wrong.

    (I don't know urdu ._.)

    #urdu #temp hehe

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    Uss behti hui raag ka dhun ho tum,
    Uss bhare mehfil ka tarang ho tum,

    Uss behti hui raag ka dhun ho tum,
    Uss bhare mehfil ka tarang ho tum,

    Tumhare iss sargam mein mein aise kho gyi hun ki,
    Mein apne tal bhul gyi hun.

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    #reverie_and_me #temp

    Picture credits to the rightful owners ��

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  • daunting_phoenix 1w

    @writersnetwork thanks for the ❤

    What even is this?*_* Tell me if it makes sense please��

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    Tonight, an eternity later,
    Just for a moment,
    A common yet uncommon abstract feeling;
    Would be put to rest,
    Under the ironic sky,
    Littered with stars burning in melancholy.


  • passionbookworm 1w

    With a nosegay of white chrysanthemum and a four-leafed clover,
    I ask you darling, will you be mine?
    I give you a corsage of black bryony with red dahlias all over,
    To let you know I'm forever thine!

  • _celena_ 1w

    Maybe I was a withered rose
    In his garden full of beautiful flowers


  • im_the_star_of_my_life 9w

    saeng-il chugha haeyo... H.. B.. to me.
    I think I'm lucky that I born in a generation where BTS exist... Coz they taught me numerous things, that I cannot forget in my life.

    Date - 07-02-21