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  • the_ambivert_uzma 11w

    Tell me when!
    When your heart
    walked down the path
    that made you cheat
    making my love taste
    a bitter defeat
    Tell me Why?
    Why my love overwhelmed you
    While all I did was
    let you wander free
    Tell me what?
    What joy did you get
    that made you set
    in your hurtful ways
    Tell me how?
    How could you ignore
    my sighs that made a roar
    but never made your eyes sore
    But I wish
    once in life at least
    you feel the pain
    that makes your eyes rain


  • margaret_anita 16w

    Tell Me

    Tell me
    what you are thinking
    I would love to know
    Why the furrow on your brow?

    Tell me
    I would love to know
    My darling child
    Whats weighing heavy on your mind ?

    Tell me
    What the problem is ,
    I promise you ,dear
    When I am there you need not fear !

  • nocturnal_enigma 21w

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    * 26.8.2021; 2.07 A.M (Malaysia)

    Tell Me ~

    Tell me. Why were you like that?
    Tell me. Who is in your heart?
    Tell me. When is your free-time?
    Tell me. Where shall we meet at?
    Tell me. What shall we talk about?
    Tell me. How to open your heart?
    Tell me. Do you really hate me?


    Tell me. Did you really liked me?
    Tell me. You still feel the same?
    Tell me. You still wanna meet me?
    Tell me. Why you broke your promise?
    Tell me. Why you stopped chatting me?
    Tell me. Why you kept ignoring me?
    Tell me. Blocking me give you peace?

    © Nuruliffa Emirah
    @ nocturnal_enigma


    #questions #wod @miraquill #NuEmQuestions


    * Also entry for 3 other challenges by @Miraquill

    1. #TellMe

    * Tell Me in Kpop song

    "Tell me x2. Tell x5. Tell me." ��

    Tell Me by Wonder Girls


    "Tell me why
    Ain't nothin' but a heartache
    Tell me why
    Ain't nothin' but a mistake
    Tell me why
    I never wanna hear you say
    I want it that way" ��

    I want it that way by Backstreet Boys

    2. #Kwansaba (Mine is double)

    * Kwansaba:

    7 lines. 7 words for each line.

    3. #Anaphora

    #tellmec @writersbay #tellme #challenge


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    Tell Me ~

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  • mickyjfoster 23w

    Truth Me

    Tell me why you love me because I don't know what love is anymore.
    Tell me what you see in me for the mirror eyes of your reflection tell no lies.
    Tell me the truth even if it shatters my heart, I promise I won't cry.
    Tell me because I need to know for I will continue to overthink.
    The truth vs the reality, we've tried but nothing seems to click.
    So tell me the truth, what do you wanna do?
    I say this to say, don't play games with me for I'm quick to throw a drink.
    So tell me.

  • thamna 23w

    Tell me about those clouds
    Conspires against your flesh
    Burning anatomies under its lightning
    Much as I wished you never was a homeless

    Tell me about those seas
    Rises as a wave of catastrophe
    Seizing lands and ambition
    How hard I wished you breathe underwater

    Tell me about those trees
    Grown for being cut out midway
    Pleasing your greed and coins
    Much as I wished it ever learns self-defense

    Tell me about those winds
    Storms into awaited hurricanes
    Bursting every spheres of living
    How hard I wished it was a mere rollercoaster

    Tell me about you
    Are you still the same
    Or a bit cruel to the era
    Much as I wished you were the stories of my illusion.

  • fizahfiz_ 23w

    Tell Me?

    The moment I see your notification,
    Everything starts....

    My heart beats faster,
    My feet shakes & feel cold....
    My hands trembling,
    I can't think straight!

    Suddenly without thinking,
    I throw awah my phone,
    Aah!! My phone!!!
    Why I threw it?!

    I cover my face with a pillow and
    scream loudly as I could,
    I really want to say something,
    To ask,
    But I couldn't say anything even a word,
    I can only hear my voice trembled,
    I'm sweating.

    Tell me...
    I looked so weird,
    I'm speechless,
    Seems like I will be fainted but I don't,
    Tell me why I'm like that?
    Tell me why I looked super nervous in the outside?
    But I'm so happy in the inside,

    You texted me!
    Your notification made me like that,
    What's wrong with me?
    Tell me...why you?


  • lilco444 23w

    Tell Me

    Tell me why you hide your face,
    why they shamed your smile,
    and tamed your light.
    Tell me how to bring you back,
    Because, I tell you, love,
    I need you wild.


  • soultxt 23w

    Tell me about your day
    Tell me about your night
    Honestly all I wanna listen
    Is your voice tonight

    Tell me about your struggles
    How much the world is uptight
    Trust me I will not laugh
    Just a little grin I might

    Tell me about the fight
    Tell me about your plight
    I promise to be there with you
    Until we set it right

    Tell me about the view
    Tell me about the site
    I will collect the emotions
    And fill the stories bright

    Tell me about your colour
    And your favourite hue
    Every time I see you
    There's just heavenly light

    Tell me everything about you
    Everything true
    I still find it hard
    Not to fall in love with you

    Tell me one, tell me two
    I wanna savior every moment of you
    I'll write it all, all you allow me to
    Till the time we bid adieu

    #tellme #soultxt

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    Tell Me


  • sweedle 23w

    Tell me the reason for your sadness
    and I will tell you mine.
    Let me give you my share of sunshine
    and watch you come alive.
    You are what really matters,
    this is the only truth.
    I've never loved anyone so much
    as I've loved you.

    © Sweedle

  • jadethelittlewitch 24w

    Tell me
    Am I a pyscho because you aren't willing to
    learn what made me this way?
    Am I crazy for craving understanding?
    Am I strange because I wear my scars as a badge of honor?
    Am I unwanted because you chose to let me drift away?

    Tell me
    Why are you invested in a version of me that never existed?
    Why do you fight tooth and nail to keep me suppressed?
    Why am I the sole owner of the guilt and shame?

    Tell me
    Would you believe me if I told you I gave it my all?
    Would you believe the possibility that you your wrong about me?
    Would anyone? Would I?

    Tell me


  • jagruti_patil30 24w

    Tell me what made you stay?
    Tell me what made you believe in me?
    Tell me how much time you will wait ?
    Tell me when will you make a confession?
    .Just tell me I last thing.....

    Love is the answer for all these questions.....

  • elchosen 24w

    Tell Me

    Tell me when I'm wrong
    When I left things undone

    Tell me when I'm right
    When I make you smile

    Tell me when you're sad
    When life seems hard

    Tell me when you're mad
    When I make you cry

    Tell me how you feel
    When I can't even see

    Tell me if you love
    When out of love

    Tell me what I'm worth
    Even when I'm lost

    Tell me even if it hurt
    Tell me yes or not.

  • shadowofthoughts_ 24w

    #tellme #writersnetwork #love

    (Last one for today)

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    Tell me one shade you adore.
    So, I'll tangle all the shades.
    And bloom with the shade I LIKE.
    Not the one that you adore.

    For, my shades are all me.
    Don't put filters on me.

    You got my irises choking.
    You have to see my broken face.

    I won't always be laced.

    For now, just keep going.

    Maybe all this is no coincidence. Or.
    Maybe all this is just a coincidence.

    But still I'll tangle the shades.


  • shayanaaaaa 24w

    Tell me

    Tell me about the
    mental stress that you’ve faced.
    Tell me about the
    nightmares you’re scared to share.
    Tell me about you favorite food,
    so I could try and cook it for you.
    Tell me about cricket
    so that I could watch it for you.
    Tell me about your dreams
    so that I could try to fulfill it.
    Tell me about how much you
    like sauce on pasta,
    so that I could make it perfect for you.
    Tell me about the dog
    you wanna own
    and I’ll tell you we can own it together.
    Tell me about your darkest secret
    and I’ll make you comfortable in my arms.
    Tell me about your fear
    so that I could hold your hand and say,
    “my love I’m always here”.
    Tell me how much you love gifts
    so that I could surprise you every day.
    Tell me about your dream house
    so that we could make it our home❤️

    - Shayana

  • _writer_at_heart_ 24w

    Tell me this,
    Tell me that,
    But i will choose action over words!

    I would love to taste bitter truth rather than sweet poison.
    Don't tell me sugar coated lie.

    I would love to listen what i lack rather than fake appreciation or nothing at all.
    Tell me at my face, i will surely ponder at it,
    Don't tell me to have fake colloquy.

    I would love to have a connection by heart,
    Except trust and dedication, no need to make promises,
    As it's action that is louder than words.
    Don't tell me big vows rather keep doing your performance.

    I would love to have the relation of humanity with all faces,
    Don't tell me your religion, caste or any other such ground of introduction,
    Tell me you're a human and i will be more delighted.

    I would love to be the best i can be for someone,
    No matter the base of bond involves need or not,
    No matter someone met me with only his/her own purpose.
    Don't tell me i am foolish,
    For if i know to be gentle, i too know how to cut my strings off with mean people, after i give them few chances !

    Tell me my mistakes or the criteria where i need to improve,
    Tell me straightforward, instead of others.
    I would love to hear that, and analyse your words.
    Don't tell ills or judge without listening,
    For every coin has two sides,
    Stop pretending yourself omniscient.

    Don't tell me sugarcoated words,
    Don't tell me this or that,
    Tell me one time something,
    And i will make sure you'll remember me for being nice with you even if you stab.
    Since, 'Karma' is always with us,
    Why would i ruin it for you or i..!!
    #love for all

  • servingsofmania 24w

    'tell me about yourself you say over the phone
    'where do I start and where do I end, what do you want to know?'
    'anything, I want to listen to you' you reply

    should I tell you about how I m so spontaneous I broke an anthill one day without thinking of the consequences because I was watching ants carrying their eggs and wanted to see where they were storing them and I got bitten all over so i rolled in the mud and jumped into our family pond
    I was eight but I did not cry

    maybe I could tell of how on summer nights when the balmy wind carries the scent of jasmine from my balcony garden I awaken and sit near the blooming creeper inhaling the fragrance like it is my last day on earth and one day when I was a little girl someone told me to sit on his lap and it hurt
    I was four but I did not cry

    should I tell you that they call me 'the slightly happier version of Sylvia Plath' for the depressing stuff I write but every other idiot is writing of pink teddies and red hearts and handholding and frankly I think the whole idea is boring

    should I tell you how I have to count the bogies of a passing train like it is an OCD thing,
    actually it is, it IS OCD because I also go crazy if the bristles on my toothbrush are wet in the morning
    and sometimes I use a soap for bathing because I can't stand the squeaky squeak of the shower gel container and the soap has to be handmade
    and sometimes I will buy a local cheap thirty bucks nail polish on a whim because I like the colour

    should I tell you that I don't drink milk sold loose because it smells of cowdung or that I can hold a goat by its hind legs and milk it or that I know everything about farming and running a rubber estate and I can actually drive a tractor and a combine harvester

    I can't tell you about anyone else except me you see
    because no one was there to listen
    and now I can't seem to shut up
    I could tell you things about me the whole day until you drowned in them
    and finally asked me to stop talking for God's sake
    You see there is only so much you can take in
    before you also get fed up of
    me being too much.


  • the_ambivert_uzma 24w

    Tell me what are you looking for
    that does not let you stop
    Tell me what is making you swirl
    while within you there is a hope
    Tell me why are you looking for support
    when your unyielding self is the rope
    Tell me why you can't sit with peace
    why always looking for chaos to elope
    Be your own wind, be your own rain
    that no disquietude will be able to revoke

  • burried_thoughts 24w

    Dear Destiny

    Tell me what you have in store for me ?
    Tell me where will you take me next ?
    Tell me how far am I gonna suffer ?
    Tell me whether this is it or not ?
    Tell me a way to stop this at once !

    Tell me why did we ever met ?
    Tell me if I ever find a home ?
    Tell me if I ever get something mine?
    Tell me what is my purpose here ?
    Tell me whether I can change anything ?

    Tell me why did I you even send me here ?
    Tell me why am I supposed to choose this?
    Tell me why am I forced to continue this?
    Tell me what are my options left ?
    Tell me a way to get out of this !

    All I need is some answers, an affirmation !
    All these years I did not questioned you,
    With blind trust, I did everything I could hoping for the best !
    But now it's time I stop,
    it's high time I get some answers !

    To reassure myself with new hope !
    To understand the course of my journey !
    To structure the future path !
    Some validation and strength to move forward !

    /Dear destiny, tell me this is not pointless/


    #wod #tell #tellme @miraquill @writersnetwork

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    Dear Destiny

    Tell me this is not pointless !

  • charlieka 24w


    tell me our story
    start from the beginning
    you know me so damn well and I've yet to guess our ending


  • keyru_b 72w

    Tell me how it feels
    Sitting up there

    Throwing one down
    Who picked you up solely

    Tell me how it feels
    Sitting up there

    Weakened my life
    To much to blame me

    Tell me how it feels
    Sitting up there

    Beaming bunch of smiles
    While leaving me lonely

    Tell me how it feels
    Sitting up there

    Having fun n joy
    Escalating my sighs

    #wod #miraquill #tellme #tell @mirakeeworld
    #color #colour #anaphora

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    How it feels

    Tell me how it feels
    Sitting up there

    Weakened my life
    To much to blame me