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    SUNDAY - Sun 1,8,15,27,28 - Dimanche
    MONDAY - Moon 2,9,16,21,29 - Lundi
    TUESDAY - Mars 3,10,17,22,30 - Mardi
    WEDNESDAY -Mercury‚ö™4,11,18,23,31 -Mercredi
    THURSDAY - Jupiter 5,12,19,24 - Jeudi
    FRIDAY - Venus 6,13,20,25 - Vendredi
    SATURDAY - Saturn 7,14,21,26 - Samedi

    Every month. First Monday is always starting between numbers 1th-7th. If first monday is 7th then last monday is always 28th. 1th then 29th. 2th then last is 23th or 30th. 3th then 24th or 31th. 4th then 25th. 5th then 26th

    After the sun is always moon.
    After the moon is mars. Mercury is
    Always before Jupiter and Venus
    Is after Jupiter. Saturn is always before
    SUN. Thats how your calender is done.
    When the month is gone. The other start
    So this order never broke. This is not a joke.

    Month first day is starting from new moon to other How long moon is taking time
    Around a world. Every new month first monday is starting from the new moon day

    T. @teijojussila888

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    What I commented to CeeLo Green in his update " You gotta include God in everything"

    This for CLG.. Keep doing just like you want and believing like a style!! Keeping your values like this. I am not against this kind of making this looklike universal... And your music is so damn good Nothing bad to say. People are judging very easily this kind of updates.. You can update what you ever want in your profile!! Just like Justin Bieber is doing... Keep it up.... So long time when this not hurting people physically and mentally.. This thing is just very cool to read keep your belief People are loosing themself if not keep values that are near to heart... Friendly your music is cool - Hopeful good summer to you... By Teijo Jussila 888

    About faith anyways

    So long when people NOT believe in Westboro Baptist church. People can keep God just in good mood! When people start to act like Westboro Baptist church are saying " oh when people die in plane crash God laugh.. When fags d*e God laughs".. THIS IS TRULY SHIT.. I AM DENY IT IN HUNDRED PERCENT.. Then is fucking need to stop that shit.. No terrorism or anything... And what other hell people ever are creating

    BUT just like in Good Wine! In good behaviour. Read act like CeeLo Green is doing or like Justin Bieber.. Or listen some good music of faith.. Then is cool to read that stuff! Then I can say its get my Agreement