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    Whoever is reading don't let yourself die in the truma of your life.

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    And I've seen the brightest eyes turn into nothing but the one among masses - dull and dead from core.

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    आदत और लत में सिर्फ एक ही फर्क़ होता है कि आदत आपको उठा भी सकती है और गिरा भी सकती है लेकिन लत आपको पूरी तरह से बर्बाद कर देगी

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    Future of any kid/teen totally depends on one thing and that is guidance. At times when the parents ain't educated enough to guide their children in the right path then the educated relatives should play that part. This is how we will build up a great future because people then will do things that they like rather than getting trapped up in subjects during their graduation/anonymous courses which they are not at all interested into and post that will have to seek jobs which does not belong to the domain about which they studied. So many people could have became pilots, army officer, a good hairstylist etc but they are working as a CSR somewhere thinking the time has gone just because the support and guidance was not there. If you can help even one kid to earn income through the things they like or through their talent then you have earned yourself a silver medal in improving our orthodox society. Let's make the future bright.


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    Longevity and prosperity they say will come
    When hard work is done, I'm not really a believer I'm not really that great, I just know that every human being has to brake

    It's hard for teens, the hormones are at race, it's natural behavior they say it's a passing phase, not that I'm perplexed and not that I gave up

    But humans are unique they tend to think a lot. Someone has to explain, why elders cry? why they shut themselves? and why they say it's alright?

    Someone explain to me the nepotism and inequality, why they say that they have the worst plight? the fake faces who get sympathy, the abysmal person who destroys empathy.

    I'm at a conflict with myself whether life on earth was a blessing or a curse? Beacuse I see no escape from this terrifying cycle of a ghoulish universe.


  • jana_wali 37w

    Teens Insecurities

    What is "insecurity" ?

    Insecurity is a feeling that tells or shows a person that he or she is not good enough, whether by the way they look, act, speak, by their gender, age, color, or even religion. Therefore, this certain person will feel that they have a lack of confidence about his or her own self! 

    More than 50% of teenagers face insecurities every single day! why? because they put too much pressure on themselves to look like these models or famous actors, because they think that if they looked like them, then they will be happy....then they will be able to feel confident.....then they can put on a proud smile on their faces... then...then....then...and the list never ends.  Teens now are thinking about what will happen “later” in their life and are eventually forgetting about who they actually are!


    Teens and social media

    Now days, social media affects more than 70% of teens' daily lives! Instead of being happy and comfortable with the way they look,  social media made teens care about how “Bad” they look, how much they weight, how many calories should they eat, how short or tall they are, etc. Thus, teenagers start to make plans to "look like the others." Then they later find out that they still didn't find what they want ! They changed a lot! yes they might finally look thin, they did loose weight, but they aren't happy, they feel weak and tired  from inside, but prefer to hide their feelings and just go with the flow.
    A group of teenager were once asked "When you have felt inferior, what was the main reason?" And guess what, about 60% of these teenagers answered "their appearance!" This really shows that social media, and people who you incorporate with everyday can really change the way you see yourself! 


    Teen's way of "changing"

    Now, because of what teenagers see in social medias and other platforms, they decide that they want to change their self (whether by changing their appearance or personality). Some make plastic surgery to “fix” their nose or to fill their lips to look better or “attractive” but all they are doing is “just faking it”, ITS NOT REAL! Plus they're hurting themselves  and feelings without them even knowing it. 

    Other teenagers decide to start a strict diet, you think that’s better than the surgery right ? But its actually not, it has the same affects as the surgery and can even be much much worse! This is because their diets consists of eating small portions of food daily! cutting carbohydrates, and other important food groups + doing intense workout once or twice every single day, for a month or even a year. After they finish the month/year, they see their body looking thin, flat, and they see people commenting on the way they look and ask how they were able to loose so much weight in such time. But all they can do is just put a fake smile on. That’s because after all that hard work they realize that they are weak, tired, and instead of feeling happier and healthier, they feel much worse than before! They realize  they are doing this because of "the people" not for themselves.

    So What can teens do ?

    teens can start eating healthier, so, instead of following the “diet” by eating 4rth a burger and ½ of the fries, they can substitute that with home-made healthier foods, there are so many well known chefs that are now creating a healthier version of the non healthy/fast food meals we are used to.

    Exercising is very important as well, teens don’t have to do intense workout everyday, instead they can try different types of exercises that can help them loose weight and gain the strength they need in a fun and encouraging way like: swimming, playing tennis or badminton, kangoo shoes exercises, yoga, karate, jump rope, etc. 

    And its always ok to take a break from exercising and to choose to watch Netflix instead, its ok to eat junk food today and eat healthier tomorrow. Teens can eat healthy and exercise in the weekdays and in the weekends they can celebrate with some cookies, cake, pizza, or anything they want, this can be their "Award" for working hard all week. Having an award, even if it was as simple as having a cookie, can help you get motivated to work harder the following week.

    In conclusion

    The most important thing that teens should do is to appreciate, love, and be proud of themselves just the way they are, I know, it's hard because in this stage, we teens are going through a lot of changes; physically and mentally. But, just find your way of doing so, and I'm sure you're going to feel a lot better and more confident about yourself


  • jadedraco 39w

    My son (violent )

    It just is to much I can't seem to get help for my son with out shelling out a bunch of money I don't have. I will more in likely have to get my son a psychiatrist the only way of getting that is admitting him to a psychiatric hospital I can't deal with this any more all he is getting is more and more angry and he is strong as hell I am afraid he will snap one day and hurt me, or his grandma, or heaven forbid his sister he needs help. my brothers will most likely never understand ,but they don't see him when he is so angry that I can't control him. It has to be because he needs help as I write this I am just barley keeping back tears. I can hardly stand to see him, or talk to him I am getting to where I hate him I dread when he gets up in the morning I don't want to be like that but my stomach and heart gets in knots when I know he will be up in the morning soon I have to because I feel myself hating him so much right now. He is like my dad he was a angry person to and he would use a belt Michael can use his fist he is that strong..

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    Sound of your name! :,-)

    I still remember the sound of your name!
    It rings in my mind like a prayer wheel on a circular trail,
    Even though I have been busy and long apart,
    Trying my best to move away from pain,
    Being in loud places where it's even hard to hear someone calling your own name,
    But I still remember the sound of your name!
    Like a wave of long lost melodies traveling through my brain,
    Every note strikes so elegant and so gorgeous which leave me in a trip purely subtle and plain,

    It hurts so badly,
    Missing you out of proportion so madly,
    Missing your echoes and nibble on my ears when you had me!
    I still remember the sound of your name!
    No matter how hard I try to shake it off from my brain ,
    All my efforts are in vain.

    Walking on the same road we did before,
    Stoping by the same broken bridge we fooled around,
    Sometimes you reach me up unexpected!
    I hate it that I expect it and why am I still affected seeing you with someone else??
    I don't know if I want to forget or keep remembering the sound of your name!?

  • thesmallestmercy 56w

    Note to self

    I may not be all the way in loving myself but I'm traveling that road to become a champion. It'll just be baby steps I will be taking to get there but I won't stop nomatter what.

  • harsh_pandey 57w

    Yaad hai?
    Bachpan mein jab
    school na jaane ke liye
    Bahane socha karte the

    "Kaam to Kar liya tha
    Copy ghar pe reh gae"
    Ka bahana to teacher bhi sunke
    Bore ho gae hogi

    Yaad hai?
    Lunch se pehle tiffin Saaf hote the
    Or lunch mein bahar khelne jaate the

    "Aaj games period hai
    Bhagvaan Aaj koi teacher na lele ye
    Bhagvaan Aaj barish mat karva dena"

    Socha tha
    Kuchh zindagi bhar ke saathi mile
    Jinki ab parchhayi bhi saath nahi
    Or jin jaanvaro se peechha hi nae chhoota
    Parivaar ka hissa bhi ban gaye vahi

    Yaad hai?
    Vo akhri din,
    Safed shirt pe sabka scribble
    Humesha "touch" mein rehne ka vaada

    Mujhe to yaad hai
    Khair meri chhodo
    aaj tum btao
    Yaad hai?

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    I think we all relate to it at some point..
    Every teenager is underestimated and overprotected. Their voices are never heard... So this is what it's all about...
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    Oh Teen Life!

    Sometimes, life makes you become someone you never wanted to be;
    It makes you do something totally against your wishes;
    It intimidates you to think unlike what you had thought a minute ago;
    It makes you pick something you never thought you'll ever go for;
    Life just makes it happen.

    But darling, trust me, you are not a princess, you are a Queen!
    They might leave you broken, kaput; ignoring your thoughts, they'll say,
    "I'll decide what you need! Shh!"
    Just know what you love to do;
    Tell them, "I reckon, I need to be heard" ;
    Make it happen;
    And that's what changes everything you thought what life is!

  • dipsisri 60w

    Monster or Saviour?

    I blinked as I regained consciousness. I had hit my head hard, or had someone hit me? Then I realised I was holding a bloody knife in my hand.I was just blank.My heart started shivering that time when i saw tiny drops of blood dripping from my red hand.For a moment i was dead in my mind world that time but i have to meet the reality that,"I am still alive."
    I was helpless and no one was there in the house that day.Everyone went for a vacation and i gave an excuse and lied that i have to study for my exam tests.The scars and marks on my body was telling me that i am the Monster and also i am the Savior.Again i started thinking of that reason that breakup really hit me hard.I did'nt know the reality when i was in love it just feels like living the dream fairy tales stories and all that stuff.But one day everyone meets the reality and that is so heartbreaking.I cried all the night just thinking not because of that silly breakup, i just wanted to remove all the pain,stress from those teary eyes.
    I am my own evil , i always hurt myself in madness.But i guess gradually i will be just my own ANGEl. Then i just fell asleep after all exhaustion.

    Note-I actually write bad stories,i don't have much ideas but there are so many things which u learn while doing that and experiencing that.So yeah! this story is about a teen girl who is the monster for herself.Most of teens now a days are doing these kind of silly things.Please take this seriously, they are your child atleast give them time,try to feel them and let them meet the reality not living in the mythology of fairy tales.

  • dipsisri 60w


    The first thing which is running into your mind just after reading the title is must be that why is this "untitled"?
    So let me tell y'all that the feelings and emotions which I am going to tell you is also "untold and unknown". Basically the feelings of teens,in the days of being a teenager they hide their feelings from their parents and rarely from friends also.If you'll look at their behaviour scientifically you can say that their mood swings, continuously changing emotions is all result of hormonal actions and puberty.They get trapped in their own cage.They get confused in their own feelings and they don't even want to tell this to anyone.Teenager is the most fragile stage of life.So,What they truly need is a deep heart to heart ❤ conversation.A short term conversation but touching.They need true guidance.So let them learn from their mistakes.#teenfiction ❣

  • thesmallestmercy 63w


    I'm a classic teen with an overbearing case of emotions,
    now book me officer.


  • penofsovak 63w

    Silent gestures

    Raghav, a 19 years old boy, was traveling in a train from Kota to Pune in a sleeper coach. There were only a few people with him in their compartment. A girl was sitting in front of him, reading a book and the seat above him was occupied by an old man who was sleeping almost all of his journey. The girl seemed around 20 years old and was traveling alone.
    It was around 1 at midnight. Train arived at a small station and three men got in their compartment. They took out a bottle of whiskey and started drinking it. Raghav didn't see them as any sort of threat to anyone. They were just tired of their daily work and were relaxing with a drink. He felt like sleeping and started preparing for it. But then he noticed the girl in front of him. She was so frightened that he could see the sweat on her face in that cold night. He realised how that picture of three men may seem from her point of view.
    He decided not to sleep and turned on the lights. He took out a book and started reading it. He justed wanted to create a different picture in front of her to distract her mind and to make her feel that she isn't alone. They both didn't sleep that night and kept reading their books. Those men just kept drinking and talking and got off the train at a small station in the morning.
    The train reached Pune and while Raghav and the girl were parting their ways she looked into his eyes and smiled. It was the best thing he ever felt in his life.
    Isn't it amazing how we can make strangers feel good just by our silent gestures?

  • anmol_muskan 69w

    Positivity: that's what you need!

    A positive attitude towards life...
    How much it costs?
    I guess, not more than some smiling shots!

    So, discover happiness no, why to frown?
    In gloomy river, the more you'll sink the deeper you drown!

    Let's put all the negativity aside,
    It's your life, so you only decide...
    Are the things gonna be better with tears?
    Don't you wish to see your parent's cheers?

    Let's not leave the hope!
    There's always something better at the end of the rope!

    What if the things weren't as you planned?
    Why don't you learn to redemand!

    Simultaneous to crests there are troughs,
    Life might be lenient or way too rough!

    Everyday is a new start...
    Get up! And hit your dart!

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    ������ love y'all

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    We are TEENS

    We are teens, the future generations, we aren't rebels
    Cause we act wierd sometimes doesn't mean thug should be our label
    We are in a phase of life with so much obstacles and battle
    Which every adult had been through kept in their heart like a chattel
    We need love, care and support ,we go through so much
    Sometimes it's hard for us and we say it out in the wrong way
    We are teens, parents need to understand us
    We are teens, we impact the world

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    I know mom and dad never wants us to be together
    And I love you and also dream of us being together forever
    I will never give up on you as you have helped me in good and bad
    You stayed by my side when I'm happy, excited and sad
    I'll fight for you no matter what, you'll never be alone
    My dear lovely and high tech phone

  • anmol_muskan 73w

    16 Saal ki bachchi hoon,
    Duniyadari se kaafi kuch anjaan,
    Naam yaad rahe to rakh lena,
    Khud ki bani banayi pehchan hoon,
    Main Muskan hoon!❤

    #inspitation #me #proveIT #DoIT #motivational

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    उम्र बेशक़ कम है,
    पर ख्वाब बड़े देखती हूँ।
    सुन्दर अल्फाज़ नहीं आते मुझे,
    मैं सच्चे जज़्बात लिखती हूँ!

  • julyhues 76w

    15 secs of fame

    Is all you need today
    To make yourself popular
    To  get yourself heard
    From teens to middleaged 
    All have gone nerds
    Dance, sing, mimic 
    earn followers is the latest gimmick
    It's fun to watch 
    Some shake a booty
    Some forget their shape
    So go to extremes like
    Planning their own rape
    'Bois locker room'
    Make no mistake
    Is not just another unchecked mistake
    It's a deliberate fall
    These youngsters can dive deep
    To enter the social fame of Hall

  • james_taumas 80w


    Advanced and keen
    The comfortable wallflower
    Devouring books
    Roleplaying and board games
    Grand adventures during math
    Writing in digital languages
    Congregation at chess club
    Sport activity torturous
    Jocks their bane
    High school life
    Nerd pride.