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  • tea_diva 218w

    The gravid lassie

    I was not exactly the best
    But I was different from the rest.
    In spite of all coves’ request,
    I stood firm and passed all the tests.

    From nowhere, you appeared!
    At your every touch, I lost my strength
    By the scent of you, I was weakened
    Here I was pleading, rather than fight

    How could I have refused
    you, who seemed worthy of my love?
    Maybe I was just confused
    Maybe sexual purity is indeed archaic.

    Once wouldn’t be a bad idea
    More so, abstinence seems impracticable
    The result is out! We are both in awe
    My prince-charming denies

    We made a baby we didn’t want
    Soon, those who believed in me would know
    It was just once! But I’m now like the rest
    I’m expecting a child I’m not ready for.