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  • manisha_rameshbabu 1w

    Oh my dear teenage years
    How brave you were
    Exams were your only nightmare
    Nothing bothered you much
    Than a surprise math test

    Oh my dear teenage years
    How happy you were
    Friendships were real
    Love was pure and innocent
    Only movies broke your heart

    Oh my dear teenage years
    How strong you were
    Growing into your future self
    Dealing all your confusions
    And mixed up emotions

    Oh my dear teenage years
    How grateful I am
    For you being brave and strong
    For aiding me all this way along

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    Oh my dear teenage years
    How happy you were
    Friendships were real
    Love was pure and innocent
    Only movies broke your heart


  • lemon_eyes 1w

    A lonely wanderers end

    Slowly losing motivation to breathe
    To get out of my room, or even my bed
    To get work done
    I'm losing touch of my world
    My body feels heavy and drained
    My eyes glazed with tears
    My throat tight and knotted
    I choke out a sobbing sigh as I remember

    Only moments before
    I was a springing with joy
    Dancing to the sun's melody
    And the clouds voice

    Only moments before
    I was talking to myself
    Exploring the world of daydreams
    Smiling at the smiles of others

    Only moments before
    I was running down hills of grass
    Laughing as I came to hault
    whispering my joys and inner longings

    Only moments before
    I was feeling the wind inbetween my fingers
    My throat was dry but yet I didn't have a care in the world
    The world had felt like gold

    Only moments before
    Had the sky been coloured cherry red
    The clouds a soft yellow
    And the grass a dust green

    Only moments before
    I felt true joy and rush in my blood
    Nostalgia of when I was young and felt cared for
    I felt free, like no chain was around my wrists and ankles

    Only moments before
    Had I walked out of my lonely house door
    And started to run towards the calling direction
    Sprinting when the warm adrenaline hit

    Only moments before
    Had the sun brightened the spare walls of my closed eyes
    As I faced the sunset of everlasting gladness
    Nature's extramundane colour palette graceing earth's body

    Only moments before
    Had I let go of my breath and sighed with relief
    The shake of my bones was not there
    The poetic chords played as I danced

    Only moments before
    Had I been alone but not felt alone
    I was okay with being myself
    I was wondering through the depths of dreams that ran beyond the average mind

    Only moments before
    Was my mind running through stories and sweetened poems
    Climbing to the top of tall promiscuous trees
    Leaping off of large stones and landing on jade grass

    Only moments before
    Was I pulling through
    Living life as the greatest adventure
    Feeling the pattern of my beating heart

    Only moments before
    I had felt cherished by the suns light and the clouds beloved embraces
    I had felt like sitting on a throne with a glass of red wine in my diminutive right hand
    I had felt potential in my grasp

    Only moments before
    Had I felt air in my lungs
    Freedom in my voice
    And the crunch of the small rocks under my leather shoes.

    Now I'm falling
    In a dramatic sorrow I am going to hit the ground
    One dies before hitting the earth if they are falling from a high enough place
    So I will die falling, just like I once dreamed at the broken midnight chace

  • imperfect_patato 2w

    Teen age

    After started life being free and independent drowning in my inner world appeared.
    Even the faces which are most faithful become blurry with dust of fake personality .
    Afraid to be lost with in this fake world keep me awake for no reason to live in such a mess.
    Life is not hard if you face the truth become the morality of life. And never been ignored person become the most frustrated depressed person. Life taught everything we need to be strong enough for the battle.

  • psychologygirl 3w


    Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) is a disorder in which people have recurring, unwanted thoughts, ideas or sensations (obsessions) that make them feel driven to do something repetitively (compulsions).

    Its not only related to washing hands, rechecking etc.

    It was 7 years back...
    A girl who was in high school, was not happy with her skin colour.
    Better to say she feel little when watching other with fair skin tone.

    Her brothers used to make fun of her.
    How "KAALI" she's and how different she is.

    Hence these "so called opinions" make her feel "OBESSIVE" about her colour.
    These unwanted, continous and unavoidable thoughts make her feeling worst about herself.

    To overcome these obessions, she find a way.
    She started using a "STEROID CREAM"
    (These types of cream are used for lightening skin colour)

    Within just few days of usage her skin colour changed exceptionally.

    Getting compliments was a like Goal Achievement. No more heartbreaking comments.

    This become a "COMPULSION" for her.
    She couldnt stop herself using that cream, as when she stop using it small acne bumped in her face.

    This continous for around 5-6 years...

    Now she's in category of fair coloured people.

    It was in 2021 she realized her skin was getting thin each day.

    Now it's so sensitive that even lotion reacts on her skin making her face red entirely. There were rashes, uneven skintone , dryness , hyperpgimentation and what's not.

    Her face was more dull than earlier in her teenage.

    She went to the " dermatologist ".

    You wont believe what doctor said :

    "USING SUCH CREAMS JUST FOR 10 DAYS IS EXTREMELY HARMFUL, and you're using it from such a long time. You can understand how much you need to pay for it now. Your skin will take alot of time to get back to normal. As these creams break the barricades of skin and allowing all skin problems comming althoughter "

    *These creams also causes Cancer*

    This girl was me.
    And sharing this experience was for only one reason.

    BODY SHAMING can be of any type

    As teens we are filled with n no of harmonal changes which resulted in different bodily problems.

    For this the takeaway is :

    ♒ Stop using these creams as early as possible.
    ♒ Consult the doctor at the earliest.
    ♒Make sure not to reuse these creams again no matter what.
    ♒ Love yourself as you are.
    ♒ As a parent and as a society make sure you don't comment on children's colour or body changes.
    ♒ As an adult you first need to accept harmonal changes is not a taboo.
    ♒ Please, dont make fun of your children.


  • sreelekhabose 3w

    Sweet Nothing!!

    *'From the moment I first saw you
    Knew my heart could not be free
    Have to hold you in my arms now
    There can never be another for me

    All I need is the rhythm divine
    Lost in the music, your heart will be mine
    All I need is to look in your eyes
    Viva la musica, say you'll be mine'..*

    Listening and humming to her favourite artist Enrique Iglesias while jogging down the much known lanes of her childhood..earphones tucked in her ears but eyes positioned straight above the road , slanting towards the sky..
    She still waited for that taunting and flirty smirk from one of her crispy crush from that peach coloured balcony every morning!

    "Ah what a guy!"
    Everytime that sweet lazy ass would come up with sarcasm and she would start imagining herself as monica deeply in love with the smirky Bing aka neighbourhood sweet idiot guy !

    "Why Couldn't i help but smile like an idiot!"
    Hormones Its just puberty and the Hormones peachy Monica !
    There's no Chandler Bing in real.
    And what if he turns out to be Joey Tribbiani."

    Possessed in her thoughts she would draw a line and just leave the lane with a puppy smile.

    And then mumble to herself "All these pretty looking muffins are just some testosterone charged idiots! Not my Chandler Bing nah nah nah "

    And when she reaches her door..she would just say the same lines everyday..aloud..

    "Hushhhhhhh lemme run and slim down my ass for Future Bing to take notice someday...whoa whoa whoa wait.. My Bing wouldn't mind it either way...
    And then she twerks away closing the door and singing Enrique's songs even louder to her house!
    *All I need is the rhythm divine*


  • a_kalita 3w


    I am tired
    My lips are dry
    My eyes watery
    My heart feels empty
    But my heavy heavy
    I have no voice
    I am breathing hard
    My hands are cold
    My face warm with tear marks
    I am sitting still
    Like a statue of stone
    My eyes fixed on something
    But I am zoning out
    I find it hard to swallow
    As I feel insecurity setting in
    All of a sudden
    I scream out loud
    With all the force from my lungs
    Only to run out of breath
    I am panting
    And my heart beat goes up
    I cry and cry
    There's no one to calm me
    So I cry
    Until I have no energy left
    Only to finally collapse

  • a_kalita 4w

    //Pick Up The Broken Pieces//

    Pick up the broken pieces
    Join them again
    Wait for no one
    To join them instead
    The world's cruel
    It only runs on money
    Emotions are barely a thing
    People are as if nothing
    But only tissues napkins
    They use and throw away
    They break others
    Only to grow themselves
    Their hearts are home for hatred
    Only nasty weeds grow in there
    Rarely someone with a warm heart
    Sees the pain in others
    Only some grow flowers
    In their heart of gold
    And they do not wait
    For someone else
    To complete them
    They build themselves up
    And inspire others to do the same.

  • a_kalita 4w

    //Mental Breakdown//

    I broke down in my room
    I didn't know whom to confront
    So I wept silently
    Locking the door
    So none could know
    I cried and cried
    Without making a sound
    I shut my eyes tight
    And tears rolled down
    Continuously, drop by drop
    My hands trembled
    My teeth tearing away
    The skin of my lips
    I drew my knees
    Close to my chest
    And wept uncontrollably
    I knew I had to
    Cry out my pain
    Only to be able to
    Come back stronger
    So none could doubt
    Seeing my swollen pink face
    That I had been crying earlier.

  • sanka_ 6w


    Teenage adult always guilt I'm living in a legendary piece of hell. As such they say we shall dwell and as moons phases we will excel.

  • yourstory_mywords1003 6w

    टूटी मोहब्बत

    टूटी मोहब्बत ने बोला , फिर प्यार कर लो
    मेरे ना ने उसे हैरान किया और उसने दोबारा सवाल किया , क्यो ?
    कहा मैने बड़े इत्मीनान से , जिंदगी से इतनी नफरत भी नहीं हमें , सीखने के लिए एक गलती काफी है ,


  • _hrudaya 8w

    A Typical Teenager

    Probably experiencing Midlife crisis
    Trying to figure this life out
    Living stressful days and nights
    Wandering all day long
    In the little confined space of exhausted mind
    In search of answers
    To all the unanswered questions
    With new ones getting added
    As the day passes by;
    Not knowing
    where to look
    Whom to ask
    What to do
    Even considering the options of self-destruction.
    Waiting for this phase to pass
    Waiting for a person to complete her thoughts

  • still_fragile 10w

    i have never opened up to someone for maybe years now, I can't carry it anymore the weight on my shoulders are much more than I can carry. all I have ever wished is for someone to lean on, not people who rant only about thier problems.
    to be fair, I have never once believed in "everything's gonna be okay" i have been hearing this shit for 4 years now, and it just comes to you easily it seems, but my heart still wishes for someone who would see through my lies and tell me it's okay, you never deserved this all.

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    @writersnetwork @fairytales_ @branthan

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    can you see my sorrow painted on my face while I'm fooling the others with a smile?
    can you hear me screaming from the inside ?
    can you please hold me and tell me the lie, everything's gonna be alright?

  • still_fragile 10w

    will you search for me when I disappear?
    maybe you will, maybe you won't
    but i'll be gone and it will be too late
    and one day when we meet again you'll confront me "why did you leave so unexpectedly?"
    well darlin, I planned it long before I'll reply as I'll disappear into the dark and you'll see me never again.

  • the_alchemiist 10w

    (A Sad Song Of Teen Depression)
    If I showed my true colors, what would
    society think?
    Would they laugh, show pity,
    or read the ink?
    I'm exhausted from smiling every
    single day;
    When I know the pain won't just go away.

    Every night I cannot sleep,
    Because my thoughts run so deep.
    They went out for a stroll;
    But got sucked into a black hole.

    My focus is no longer there, anywhere,
    I don't know why I'm like this, I swear.
    It seems like I'm just well-dressed;
    That just means how much I'm stressed.

    My friends all laugh and hang around,
    You don't need water to be drowned.
    This darkness beneath consumes
    my mind;
    It's like I'm living my life blind.

    On the outside I'm holding it together,
    But it's as unpredictable as the weather.
    "How are you?" "I'm fine."
    But the truth lies between the lines.

    It's like being on Mars and trying
    to breathe air,
    When they talk about the future,
    I don't really care.
    You say to suck it up and to be strong;
    But little do you know what exactly is wrong.

    My life is forever altered because of this,
    That cheerful 5 year old is who I miss.
    This is war; you either win or die trying;
    You speak the truth or continue lying.

    The changes were all so very subtle;
    I don't blame you for not seeing,
    But what you don't understand is that
    I'm a human being.
    The truth is you wouldn't last if this
    was in your brain;
    But I've found a way to numb the pain.

    I have to fight my mind every
    single second,
    But that's only because this thing
    had beckoned.
    I wouldn't ever choose to feel this way;
    these were the cards I was dealt;
    My only wish is that more people would
    understand how we felt.

    Sometimes a glimpse of wonder
    wanders on over,
    But it's as rare as finding a four
    leaf clover.
    Monsters don't live under our beds;
    They scream inside of our heads.

    Still I live with hope that one day I will win.
    I will defeat the monster that's under my skin...!!
    @mirakee @writersnetwork @writersbay @mirakeeworld #pod #mirakee #mirakee_reposters #depression #teenage #anxiety #my_poetry #my_poems
    03/02/2021 (Wednesday)

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    Still I live with hope that one day I will win.
    I will defeat the monster that's under my skin...!!

  • beensn 11w


    It's an age with lot of changes,
    Full of fears, doubts and confusions,
    Lots and lots of unanswered questions.
    Whom to consult, with whom to share,
    Who will help, who will care,
    How to make things clear?
    This is the age one require lot of concern,
    A soul to care and a chance to learn,
    More time to understand and grin.
    If not dealt properly and on time,
    The curiosity may lead to a crime,
    All that is required is, a listening heart to make the teenager sublime.

  • women_with_pen 12w

    It's Time

    It's time.
    It's time that you cut off the toxic people from your life.
    It's time you go beyond what is rife.
    It's time you dare to choose that which is not hyped.
    It's time you cluster up your words for a gripe.
    But, along with it,
    It's time you check up again if they are really toxic,
    It's time you think maybe it's rife because it's right.
    It's time your make your gripe in a way that it's acoustic.
    Because it's really time,
    When u ain't a kid no more
    And your words and actions may hurt a few more
    It's time.

  • lovieeniakaur08 12w


    As a teeager you
    are at the
    last stage in your
    life when you
    will be happy to hear
    that the phone is for you....


  • poetry_in 12w



    starts at the age of 15 ,that turns your life
    But you don't know how to handle it right.
    Mix of emotions and balancing your life...
    This was a major task for which everyone fights......Bag full books and heart filled with emotions, don't know how to handle them both in a motion.
    Wearing a skirt and a shirt with two pony tails that students hate the most has turned into what they miss the most.
    Waiting for someone in the corridor was once my routine and everyone knows it was my teen.
    Time waits for none and I wasn't so special,
    People come and go but memories are still kept in my heart and I will not let them apart.

  • _idgaf_pvt_ 17w

    That Teenage Love...

    I was actually so sad,
    moreover i was mad...
    At a person who was mine,
    but now he denied
    I don't even smile,
    I don't even get those butterflies anymore...
    Yes, I fell in love, but babe...
    How heartbreaking it is that
    now I feel nothing at all...


  • khushiranparia 18w

    Did reading this make you frown? Or did it bring a wave of relief and acceptance within you? No matter what I insist that you analyze it.

    Everyone is different. Everyone has their own opinion and its not going to be same as yours. How is all of these related to friends? You'll get there soon.

    Friendship. A small word with a gazillion of memories or perhaps interpretations. What's friendship to you? Two or maybe a group of friends always being there for each other, never letting the other one down, always supporting each other, never letting you feel alone, no betrayals, lending a shoulder to cry on or celebrating togetherness in euphoria? Or maybe more? And we are not even including the lies and wrong steps we have all supported each other with while the other one took a wrong desicion. And that's a very beautiful and charming picture of friendship painted with a little funk maybe.

    But is it really though? There's this flaw in the picture and it's been there all along. The flaw is in the always and never.

    There have been times when your friend wasn't there for you. When they decided to focus on other things but you. Sometimes they had also said things that had you shattered. Sometimes they were too busy to reach out to to you. That day you had to weep into your pillow or maybe sit in room alone watching a movie as they were unavailable to celebrate the occasion.

    From not responding to your texts, calls & not giving the reply you wanted to hear to shattering betrayals. If not all of it, atleast somethings MUST have been faced by you. That day we all questioned the meaning of friendship.

    Your friend is a different person. They don't percieve things as you do. They have their own opinions and story. It's not wrong of them to put themselves first sometimes. Then what is friendship? It's precisely what remains.

    FRIENDSHIP is the staying together despite all these pull apart circumstances, betrayals, fights and flaws as you are ready to forget it all to get along with those (worthy) people who were a complete stranger one day because you don't want to live without them. And that's what makes the two, three or the group of yours INSEPARABLE.
    #friends #love
    #friends #love #teenage #vibes
    #writerstolli #tod_wt
    @mirakee @writersnetwork @krupamania_1973 @khushiidholakiya @saakshisomaiya

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