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  • rochand 3w

    You can't help a person, who is not willing to be helped.


  • sarahmukami 4w

    My future daughter

    When she is born
    I know she will be crying
    I'll kiss her introducing the word love to her
    Whenever she soils on herself
    I'll change her diapers teach her change is inevitable
    Dress her like the princess she is
    So no one will ever bring down her self esteem

    I'll teach her to love all but trust her gut
    To spread love and happiness
    To be nature's pixie dust
    To be a balm soothing aches
    I'll teach her to be true to herself
    To pursue what she loves
    Not to let anyone intimidate her because of her gender
    To be a go getter not a gold digger

    I'll teach her that everyone is equal
    Men and beasts alike
    To care for nature
    And listen to birds singing
    I'll tell her to forgive
    I'll always remind her to thank GOD

    I'll tell her I wrote something about her
    When I was still a teen
    And I'll remind her
    That being a girl may be challenging
    But GOD made her a girl
    So she can bring change to the society

  • thephilosophicalmind 5w

    Love At Night

    A dance of stars
    A dance with the moon
    A dance with you
    Together so close
    So close yet far

    Eyes they meet
    Eyes they speak
    The night yet young
    Our love yet young

    Come close I say
    I'll lead the way
    Follow me I say
    Follow me love
    Follow me all the way


  • sarahmukami 6w

    Depressed teen

    It hurts
    It haunts
    The tears shed in private
    The public fake smiles
    And the filter filled snaps.
    Heart bleeding
    Lost the battle
    Of monsters in the soul.
    A gun one hand
    Poison the other hand
    Which is the easiest way to give in
    Fake friends
    Broken dreams
    The bridge to adult hood is shattered
    I pretend to be okay.

  • rosesred 7w

    what if

    what if the stars forgot to shine,
    will the sky abandon them?


  • roopa7 7w


    Before 15.....
    I have discussed everything to my friends.... Even a little things which annoys....
    After 15......
    I have stopped sharing my dark secrets to anyone...how much I get close to a frnd ...because the secret will be an dark secret ..until only he /she is my frnd....
    I have STOPPED discussing my weak points to anyone...because people hit where it hurts the most...

  • medhadwivedi 10w

    I found,
    my tranquility,
    Inside your collision,
    My Sin, in your serenity,
    My sanguinolency,
    In your presence.

    I found,
    My Aurora inside your sky,
    That hacked me in its clouds,
    My tears, in your eyes ;
    Trapped me with its lashes.

    I found,
    My delicacy inside your conversation,
    I am a flower by your blossom,
    My serendipity, in you ;
    Happened every day.

    I found,
    My pain inside your panacea,
    My diaphanous inside your eyes,
    Trickier smile, Daggers harder,
    Prayed in my every orison.

    I found,
    My aureate in your expensiveness,
    my chrysalis in your wing-hug,
    Felicity in your horns,
    Ethereal in you.

    I found,
    My lullaby inside your vocabulary,
    my grace in your lithe,
    my mellifluous in your mist,
    Luminescence of your eyes, tricked harsh.

    I found,
    My plethora inside your serene heart,
    My zenith in your suffused life,
    My talisman inside your susurration,
    Serendipitous of your love, i won.
    ~ ©Medha

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  • nigerianwriter 11w

    SCARED (a short story)

    CELINA sat across the room,holding a gun. She smiled and hot tears trickled down her cheeks.
    "You are a good for nothing child... I Am So ashamed of telling the world I Am your mother.. you are a disgrace... ugly little slut...just do the world a favour... kill yourself... I hate the sight of you "
    PICKING up a clean sheet of paper,she began to write...
    "Dear mum,I know I Am a disappointment and I Am sorry. Don't worry, I won't be there to embarass you anymore.... I won't be there to disgrace you...moreover I won't be there to make you sad
    I know you wanted a perfect daughter
    Beautiful, sexy, smart
    Am sorry you go stuck with me
    I know how much you wished I was like your friends kids
    I hope you find true happiness
    And I know you will since am not gonna be here
    I love you ❤"

    She placed it on the kitchen counter as she recalled how she had lived her life; on drugs, alcohol, self injury, panic attacks and pain.
    With that ,she pulled the trigger and she was gone. Thirteen years old Celina dead....
    Her death affected many lives....
    Her mum was admitted to the psychiatric hospital after going crazy when she read the letter....
    Her bestfriend committed suicide three days later,thinking Celina's death was her fault.....
    Her father had an heart attack and died instantly.

    ......Suicide is never the answer
    Face your problems
    Let it mould you
    It might hurt soooo much
    You might just wanna end it all
    Think of where you would go afterwards
    PROBLEMS were created to mould us
    Face everything as it comes
    If they tell you "you are ugly"
    Look at them and say "I am beautiful... I Am wonderfully made "

    GIRLS learn to appreciate yourself
    Look at the mirror and tell yourself "I am the most beautiful girl on earth... I Am special "
    speak positively
    Never allow words to change how you view yourself
    Above all be strong
    You are beautiful the way you are
    No scars to your beautiful
    Even the stars only appear in the night......


  • carmellamarie 11w

    To all the teenagers

    Best friends turn into strangers
    Lolipops turn into cigarettes
    Innocent ones become sluts
    Homework, that shit goes in the trash

    Soda becomes vodka
    Kisses turn into sex

    Do you remember when getting high meant swinging on a playground?
    When protection meant wearing a helmet?
    When the worst thing you could get from boys and girls was cooties?

    When you were sitting on your dad's shoulders and it was the highest place on earth?
    And when your mother was a hero?

    When your worst enemies were your siblings?
    When race issues were only about who ran the fastest?
    When the only drug you knew was Panadol?
    When wearing a skirt didn't make you a slut?
    When goodbyes only meant until tomorrow?

    We always said we wanted to grow up
    What were we thinking?


  • i_write_ 14w

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    W- Workers with weapon and whip wearing black
    I- In darkness they ride with boldness
    L- Like cowboys on horses they capture till none
    D- Dozens dwell in hidden till they're gone.

    H- Hunter for soul of man
    U- Unstoppable force of nature
    N- Never scared of what comes their way
    T- Those who hunt with them

  • james_taumas 17w


    Mischief a best friend
    Trouble joins in
    Microcosm adventures
    Parents lasso down fun
    Escape from order
    Childhood only once
    Find a way
    Teenagers rambunctious
    Foot comes down
    You're grounded
    Another bind to escape.


  • imhumairasana 19w


    Friends are hard to find
    Keeping them is undefined
    Switching sides,
    Acceptance is hard to find
    With our notch of pride
    Let's get you home, ya up for a ride?

  • scribblednotes520 19w

    Why I like him

    If you ask me why I like him,
    If you make me give a reason why;
    I don't think I can answer you,
    And no, I'm not being sly

    I don't really have an excuse,
    No actual words could describe this;
    Perhaps it's the way he calls my name,
    Or the way I whisper his

    I honestly don't have a clue,
    These feelings can't be controlled;
    Maybe it's just the way he smiles,
    And how his laughter joys my soul

    Now, don't you give me that look alright?
    I'm thinking as hard as I may;
    Is it possible that it's cause of his words,
    Or it's his looks that make my heart stray?

    My mind is really playing tricks,
    Nothing seems to form a thought;
    Probably it's cause of his kind gestures,
    And the warmth that his actions brought

    Yes, I know, you're unsatisfied,
    You're convinced that I'm hiding things;
    But one day you'll be speechless too,
    When fate hands you your red string


  • _truesayings_ 20w

    हकीकत में जीने का अब हमने शौक पाल लिया।
    अपने सपनों को आँखों के भीतर खुद मार लिया।


  • devilfish 20w

    Gate Keeper

    Manita de Fatima
    Protect me
    Digest me
    And take my flesh and blood
    And collect me
    Direct me
    Like the rain
    Fluid as it falls ever so gently
    But unrelentingly progressing
    And inventively infinite
    In it's flowing streams that I witness in my dreams
    They're never ending
    The moon is my heaven
    I come out the rising smoke
    As I wake the ashes
    Of words that I have not spoke


  • teen_ghost 21w

    Support yourself!

    Whenever any of his friends, say, they ain't enough.
    He stands there and tells them, how they are.
    He rushes to their aid.
    Helping them realise how they only focus only on their flaws.
    And how they are perfect to him.
    He doesn't realise
    The very voices in his own head.
    They are similar to those of his friends.
    He helps everyone, but it's really himself, who needs his help.
    He needs to learn to protect himself, the way he does his friends.

  • teen_ghost 21w

    An Unhappening Life

    Laying on the bed, his mind starts racing.
    Making him think about frivolous stuff,
    He thinks,
    How incomplete a man he is.
    He creates feelings and scenarios in his own head.
    His life is nothing but a dry mess, no events occur.
    He just skims through, unaware of both, the sweetness or the bitterness the world has to offer.
    He's sheltered, scared to go outside.
    Scared to get out of his bubble, he's afraid.
    Afraid, he might get hurt, that people may see him as he sees himself.
    So, he creates drama.
    To feel like there is stuff going on his life.
    He has a crush, who he wants, and tells himself he's chasing her. Whilst in reality, it keeps his brain occupied.
    That's all it is to him.
    Something he does, just to feel like he's partaking in reality.
    He does nothing.
    But he gets sad, he has all these emotions.
    That he himself gives himself.
    He starts getting hurt, the pain, it increases.
    Then he stops.
    A quote from his mother runs in his head
    "Empty brain, Satan's residence".

  • theresa_akpos 24w

    The dark circles beneath my eyes
    The fear of the future
    The uneasy smiles
    The awkwardness
    The deafening silence
    The indecisive manner
    The concealed peculiarity
    The everlasting fatigue

  • ban_nk21 26w

    " Med School Love "

    Early mornings, hated they are
    Classes at 9, and your face is what I look forward to see each day;
    Biochemistry; wish it could explain the chemistry I feel for you.
    Anatomy; lengthy, confusing and yes sleepy,
    But your smile keeps me unattentively awake sweetheart.
    And finally,
    Physiology; and those unattended practical classes,
    Checked my pulse, steady rising
    And Oh! was my mates worried
    Indeed they were,
    But how could I explain?
    How such sweet laughter can cause such a panic
    So I kept it to myself, cause they wouldn't get it
    And I knew you probably wouldn't too dear.

  • fizuaa 27w

    #teen struggles
    #pain hits hard

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    My teen issues addressed to my parents

    Have you not gone through
    What I am at present
    If yes,then why don't you understand a teen thing
    My issues, you tried to ignore it
    Do you expect me to grow up in one day
    Get the maturity level you possess
    I can't....but maybe you can
    Try and understand me
    I crave for a good life
    Independent life
    Like every teen
    You just gave me plenty
    Of everything I wanted
    But how long will you be at my service
    Please don't spoil me
    Help me find a way out
    Help me earn my living
    That maybe the greatest favours
    You ever did to me
    Please believe me
    Yes I come under influence of peers
    Yes I lose my track easily
    Yes I cry a bit too much
    Yes I don't have control over myself sometimes
    Because it hurts
    When I'm unable to plan out my future
    If you can't handle me
    Why did you not give me away
    To someone who knows that fooding and clothing isn't enough
    It's about making me realize the truth
    By not scolding me but talking
    Because that is the surest thing to work on me
    My life sucks
    I hope you'll make it better
    I wrote this because
    I wanted to make you understand
    That puberty is not a phase
    It's a part of life