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  • madinah_writes 2w


    Was life better without technology?

  • propheticsinner 5w

    Tools will change, but the terminology and basic concepts will remain same.

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    Learn from your Last code

    People code better when they realize others will be reviewing and critiquing it.

    A code review process enables peers to hold each other accountable.

    Its mere existence will raise the code quality of your organization.

  • anjaligosain 8w


    वो तार/डाक का ज़माना था
    जब दूरियां भी हसीन थी
    अब बात करते हैं तो भी
    कोई बात नहीं लगती।


  • therajsinghania 9w


    Technology is the KEY between human and machine TO address Wide IN communication and success.

  • anudeepgurram 16w

    ⭐ Science vs god ? ⭐

    Life is exploring the science and the concept of God shows a path to explore science !

  • maevee 18w


    It's been months that I last touched you, felt you.
    There's a bond we create when we touch, a deeper connection when we look in the eyes of the person sitting across to us, something so lively and vibrant.

    But now it's been months that we've held or embraced each other.
    We're growing cold and distant towards each other.
    There are things we forget to tell but neither of us seem to mind anymore.
    The messages keep getting shorter and as we run out of topics to discuss, chat's getting full of meme's to LOL on.

    It's been months that I was last tracing your palm with my finger tips and I look exquisitely at all the wounds that have now healed but have scarred you.
    We keep sending each other our best pics, cute pics, making faces or looking exhausted kinda pics.

    It's been months that we've last hugged, tickled or ruffled each other's hair.
    We get happy at the sound to our voices in the voice notes we leave for each other. They make my worst day do-able.

    But its been months since I last saw you and we're forgetting each other, the time we've spent together is getting less against the time we've spent apart.
    That's the thing with these staying virtual together.
    But you dont understand the importance of a simple touch until you dont get to hold one another.

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  • in_fragments 24w

    "This electronic power never before seen,
    this nuclear bomb constantly detonating
    free information-
    anything you could ever think of,
    all wrapped up in one little machine.
    The internet came with a boom,
    and social media with a burst,
    an explosion whose debris
    came falling over everything,
    a brand new universe, sucking us in,
    one that so amazes me
    and leaves me terrified for the future;
    one that becomes an unhealthy fantasy
    far too quickly,
    and rewires your ideas
    before your brain even realizes
    it's changing.

    The internet began as a childlike escape
    for a little girl born on the cusp
    of the new millennium, running
    away from the traumas of real life
    into a haven of novel interactions,
    finding a world of exciting potentiality.
    As the decades have progressed,
    this place has become more of
    a prison, mental solitary confinement-
    fed a steady diet for decades
    of lies, advertisements
    and personally tailored distractions,
    privacy no longer exists;
    we've become hyperaware, performative,
    disingenuous and depraved
    in a futile quest for fame, but always,
    down to our cores, deeply insecure,
    looking at heavily photoshopped bodies
    and believing they need to be achieved
    eventually. Pinching an inch of fat
    to lose, surgically removing the issues-
    and all you're left with
    is temporary relief, beauty that still sags
    with the years, but you will keep trying
    to perk it up again, filling yourself
    with silicone and plastic
    until there's nothing left
    of the gremlin from before,
    feeding the hungry beast with slices
    of your skin and bones and brain
    until you've cut yourself
    into so many irreparable pieces
    that there's nothing left to give,
    and nothing left to be. It will still
    never be satisfied with you.

    Social media
    makes the world of the wealthy
    look inspirational,
    glamorous and beautiful,
    but diamond dreams hide dark extremes
    waiting for you in the underbelly.

    None of it is real.

    They thrive off of our addictions,
    our uncertainties and mental instabilities,
    play with us psychologically
    to gain more wealth for themselves.
    They expect us to lend our ears
    of understanding as they lament
    about being unable to fit in
    to the impractical beauty standards
    they created on their own;
    the same ones they so love
    to look down on us for
    when we don't follow them perfectly.

    How many little girls
    must try to botch their bodies
    on behalf of some narcissistic influencer
    exploiting them for adoration, money,
    something that resembles self-esteem?

    How many of us have forgotten
    how to simply live?

    I aim to be better
    than what the machine wants of me.
    I am slowly removing my cogs,
    going back into the basics of myself.

    I am not here to be liked by anyone
    or lusted after, to invoke jealousy
    and low self-worth in other women.
    I am not here to influence anybody
    but myself
    and the few I know who care to hear.
    I will live in marvelous, vivid imagery,
    colors and landscapes that need
    no filter to be special-
    or quiet, steady moments of solitude,
    watching the sunlight dance upon my walls
    with no intention of ruining the moment
    to capture it.

    I am here to speak my truth.
    I wish to live simply,
    comfortably and return to my roots,
    without the dark shadow of social media
    clouding my every thought
    and judgement.

    My existence
    will be erased, and I have never
    been more at ease.

    All that will be remembered of me
    is raw, unadulterated veracity.

    You are a human. You don't exist
    inside the machine. You are worth more
    than your follower count, your wealth,
    your popularity, or lack thereof.
    There is more to life
    than what you point your camera at.
    The best times in life, after all,
    are the ones that cannot be captured
    through a lens, cannot be recreated,
    stretched into a smile, faked for a pose
    and posted for attention or views.

    None of it is real.
    Money, fame, and materialism rule it all.

    Slow down. Followers are fickle,
    they don't remain forever,
    and all that will be left
    when the empire comes crumbling down
    is the pain we all ignored,
    covered up with cosmetics and swept
    under cashmere rugs, and the reality
    we tried to hide from-
    the result of all that grueling work;
    nothing more than rapidly drooping,
    aging, wrinkled bodies
    by the time we all turn thirty-five,
    and obsessions with aesthetic operations
    that not everyone survives.

    In a world where everything is faked,
    over sensationalized and overexposed,
    the greatest gift you could give yourself
    would be that
    of quiet mystery, pleasant anonymity.
    If you are feeling exhausted,
    if you have that one application
    you've been dying to delete,
    if you've been too afraid to remove
    yourself from this unwinnable contest,
    this is your message to do it.

    Log off, take a breath, experience
    the sensations of wherever you are,
    appreciate the natural beauty inside
    and all around you.
    Take off all the extra baggage
    for just a day,
    the extra baggage that isn't even
    yours to carry; ignore the glitz
    to reach your goals, stand by your values
    and find fulfillment in friendships,
    enjoy the little moments and spread love
    wherever you go,
    even if it isn't enough
    to make your follower count rise.

    Your empire will stand strong in the end
    after all of theirs have collapsed
    into chaos."

    The only social media I need is Mirakee ��
    Everything else ruins my mental health.
    #poem #pod #future #technology #internet #life #thoughts #mentalhealth #selfcare @mirakee @writersnetwork @writersbay

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    Need For Simplicity
    (Social Media Machine)

    How many of us have forgotten
    how to simply live?

  • reshma_kausar_mohideen 28w


    People may hold contrast opinions,
    I percept, science is a boon to humankind for sure,
    we ought to be grateful to the scientific inventions,
    for all the modern problems call for a technological cure.

    Imagine corona hiting our Earth a century back,
    world would've been like an aimless train out of track,
    it's the science, the sword to split the pandemic, that owns,
    It's the technology feeding us whilst we sit at our comfort zones.

    Education of youth would've witnessed a full stop,
    parasites of idleness would've hampered each learning crop,
    just because of our saviour gadgets and applications,
    medicos could serve us with online prescriptions.

    If we choose to call technology a curse, shackling our lives,
    as addiction and crimes has engulfed new generation,
    then so should be blamed the fire, stones and knives,
    because they too can cause burns, bruises and laceration.

    I simply mean that science and technology is a vast ocean,
    if we are wise enough, we can treasure the corals and pearls, like luxuries,
    if we choose to play with the turbulent waves without caution,
    the shark of consequences is bound to enjoy the blood of our miseries.


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  • questioning_life 29w

    A black out period of tech,
    In the dark of what's next,
    Outside of the safety net.

    I find that the decaying of a brain,
    Tends to bring a rollercoaster of pain,
    And a monster to be tamed.

    Twinkling stars don't mean it's nice,
    Stars burn out too sometimes,
    I find it's best to not think twice.


  • slaughtered_heart 29w

    Even my keypad hasn't forgotten you,
    it still shows your name whenever I
    type the first letter of your name....


  • simoneheinis 36w

    Year: 2192 AD.
    Humans are a multiplanetary species. Man currently inhabits the planet Mars, as well as Europa and Ganymede; natural satilites of Jupiter, and Enceladus and Titan; natural satilites of Saturn. Our activity in space is not limited to our home solar system. We also have Port Ostium, a very large mercantile space port situated between earth and Mars and the Wayfarer ships, built by Windell, both commercially used to transport people between planets and moons, and for conducting scientific research.

    Windell is the founder of WT, a scientist, visionary and the richest man by far. He has built Windell City; and invited earth's elite as well as a select number of poor families, to live there. Windell hopes to rebuild earth, and Windell City is something of an experiment. Everything seemed perfect at first, too good to be true. But as it's slowly revealed that Windell hopes to eradicate crime in the most gruesome way possible, the citizens of this shiny new city become frozen with fear. The A.I. that ran the city seamlessly becomes a terrifying enemy. This story is told from the perspective of the only middle class family granted entrance, who decide to investigate...

    #mirakee #new #2021 #scifi #science #horror #robots #technology

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    "you'll be safe when you're dead..."

    My latest WIP, a new SciFi horror novel which I have film or series aspirations for!
    This is the context for it! Tell me what you think! :)
    (Image not owned by @s m heinis)


  • james_taumas 37w


    Saturday mornings
    To animated features
    Pen and pencil artistry
    Painstaking details repeated
    Cells layered
    Static turns to motion
    Declining art form
    Technology replaces
    Computer graphics rise
    Hand drawn nostalgia
    2D artistry more alive.


  • writerpratik 38w

    In age of Technology,

    Physical hustle is labour,
    Intellectual hustle is hard work.

  • writerpratik 39w

    Problem will not happen when machines will think like human.

    Problem is when Humans think Like Machine.

  • 10prabhakar 41w

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  • kamrie872 46w

    It all began with, 'hey, what's your wifi-password?'
    That I replied saying, 'I forgot it' and knew I won him over

  • _reflexio_ 47w


    What was once created to assist us,
    has now enslaved our thought process
    that we depend on it for every action.
    What was supposed to be an extension
    of our intellect has now become
    the very virtual boundary we limit ourselves in.


  • dodgerzm 54w

    Statues of knowledge

    It's hard to understand
    something so hard to comprehend
    We can't seem to find an explanation
    who created them makes us wonder
    It's too complex for our eyes to see
    The geometry and symmetry within
    It's a mathematical language
    that these statues speak
    The complicity that's involved
    requires more than good eyes indeed
    Something our civilization has never achieved
    The level of precision is
    amazing seems like magic to me

  • liii17 58w

    Working day in and night,
    Family life at stake....
    Neglecting health,
    Life locked within designing, machines, computers and chemicals....
    Always on verge of making human life,
    Filled with peace and comfort....
    Dear Engineer's Thank You,
    You all made our lives truly worth while!


  • dnswords 59w

    SMART हो...?

    Q.-क्या सचमूच आप इस दुनिया मे smart व्यक्ती बन रहे हो ?


    जब तक आप technology का..,
    आपके हर एक दिन मे
    सही योजना बनाके उपयोग नहीं करेंगे

    तब तक इस दुनिया मे mobile smart
    और आदमी पागल या बेकार ही मिलेंगे..!