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  • poetryforlife 180w

    A true friend

    Crying bitterly on the bed,
    Swollen eyes not a word said.
    You came and sat by my side,
    "Whats wrong dear, are u alright?."
    Not a responds was heard only a woeful cry.
    "The pain I have you won't understand, so why not just leave me alone."
    Stubborn as a dog, you sat there still,
    Looking into my eyes to see who i've killed.
    By the look on your face the secret was revealed, that you've found out that I wasn't real, but just your reflection on the Window shield.
    Now I know deep down inside , that you have no friend on who u could rely. But
    Don't you worry I'll be right here, when u need a friend just give some tears and I shall appear.