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    I like when you get straight into details ,cause while your talking I'm creating my own story

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    Happy World Teachers' day. To all the teachers out there I hope you'll reap the fruit of your labor

    #miraquil @writersnetwork #teachers #poets

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    My life opened up
    And flooded with color
    When you walked into it
    Your arms gave me warmth
    Just hearing you speak blesses my day
    How can I repay
    You for your guidance
    Which made me who am I today?
    All I can say
    Is thank you for loving me as I am

  • y54280jfyj5 4w


    Paint their minds and guide their thoughts.
    Share their acheivments and advice their faults.

    Inspire a love of knowledge and truth.
    As you light the path
    Which leads our youth
    For our future brightens
    With each lesson you teach.

    Each smile you lenthen and
    Each goal you help reach
    For the dawn of each poet

    Each philosopher and king

  • reshma_kausar_mohideen 5w

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    Lost in the maze of prolonged barrenness,
    She was made to curse her womanhood,

    Death and life felt alike, she was numb,
    Burning in the furnace of humiliation and taunts,

    She turned into ashes, a lifeless life,
    Every fraction of second she missed being a mother,

    Rivers of pain flowed and soon a time arrived,
    Damp eyes too became infertile, they ran arid,

    Dreams of cradling a charm appeared to be real,
    Lost in her own world, world of hallucination,

    Nothingness brimmed her soul, silence filled with cries,
    Summoning voice of a baby in an empty cradle, 'maa' made her go crazy,

    Yearning to be a mother, she was gradually being pushed,
    Down into the swamp of depression and sickness,

    Sound of baby cries which actually didn't exist,
    Turned her mad when she couldn't yield any milk,

    Knew she not, her breast won't even fetch a single drop,
    Pressed to lactate, all in vain, trying to calm her imaginary newborn,

    Nothing could help, her education or beauty, fame or riches,
    She lied unconscious until husband arrived,

    Days and nights, weeks and months passed, years flipped,
    Day dreaming once, she was walking on the footpath,

    Heavy rains pouring got a new mother cat to lose her life,
    Encountered she, motherless hungry kitten crying,

    Got down, she lifted it up, fed the kitten, wiped it dry,
    "You were so hungry, I had no choice but to feed you with my baby's milk",

    Kissed the kitten and said, "it's Okay my baby slept",
    "Time for you to sleep as well", she comforted the cat,

    This melted the heart of heavens, her sacrifice,
    Emitted silver lines splitting the clouds, blessed her womb,

    Bore a baby later that year, she safely delivered,
    Darkness of depression vanished, her newborn ignited,

    Dreams of her, reality was far more beautiful than what she dreamt,
    Turning a barren into mother, a single deed to please the divine was enough.


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    അറിവില്ലായ്മയുടെ അനന്തതയിൽ നിന്നു അറിവിൻ്റെ അനശ്വരതയിലേക്ക് വഴി തെളിയിക്കുന്ന ദീപനാളങ്ങൾ..


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    Happy Teachers Day Zindagi

    एक चेहरे के बहुत सारे नकाब दिखाने के लिए,
    हर रोज़ नई ठोकर से परिचय करवाने के लिए..
    रिश्तों को नाम से बांधकर,
    बिना एहसास ताउम्र उनमें बांधने के लिए,
    बहुत कुछ दे कर, सब कुछ छीन ने के लिए...
    अपनों में अपनेपन की झूठी तस्वीर दिखाने के लिए,
    पलकों पर बैठाए लोगों से, नज़र अंदाज़ करवाने के लिए...
    बिना मरहम के एक से एक घाव देने के लिए,
    खुशियों को गिरवी रख कर, यह सांसे देने के लिए...

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    Teacher, one who is selfless.
    Teacher,one who stands side of students.
    Teacher, one who is the second parent.
    Thank you to being there at all times in need.
    Thank you for standing at the position a student need.
    Thank you for everything teachers ❤

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    English Sir: Hi, ma'am what's up?

    हिंदी शिक्षिका: नमस्ते सर, बोलिए l

    English Sir: Actually, I wanted to make a request to you.

    हिंदी शिक्षिका: क्या सिर?

    English Sir: Humko apka sayta mangta.

    हिंदी शिक्षिका: आपका मतलब सहायता, हेल्प?

    English Sir: Yes yes, that only.

    हिंदी शिक्षिका: हां, तो बताइए न, क्या मदद कर सकती हूँ मैं आपकी?

    English Sir: Actually, 10th std English syllabus of ICSE board is too tough. I mean I am finding it really difficult to explain.

    हिंदी शिक्षिका: सर, आपकी तो इंग्लिश में इतनी अच्छी पकड़ है, फिर भी?

    English Sir: No no. Not like that. To teach them without using any other language which they are familiar with is getting really difficult. There are a few students who are new comers, some have their fundamentals totally shaken.

    हिंदी शिक्षिका: ओह! अब समझी l

    English Sir: So, summer vacations are on, I thought this is the best time to ask for a favour. Can you please teach me basic Hindi so that I can explain in Hindi whenever situation demands?

    हिंदी शिक्षिका: हां जी, वैसे भी हिंदी हमारी मातृ-भाषा है, उसे तो हमें सीखना ही चाहिए l
    हम पेपर चेकिंग के लिए तो रोज़ मिलते ही हैं, रोज़ एक घंटा भी आप हिंदी के लिए समय निकालेंगे तो बहुत फर्क पड़ेगा l

    English sir: Thank you so much, fees?? (Smilingly)

    हिंदी शिक्षिका: कैसी बात कर रहे हैं आप सर? आपने ही मुझे ऑनलाइन पढ़ाना सिखाया था, याद है आपको मैं उस वक़्त कितनी परेशान थी?

    English Sir: Yes, I remember Ma'am.
    हिंदी शिक्षिका: यही तो खासियत है एक अच्छे शिक्षक की, चाहे वह ज़िंदगी में कितना भी बड़ा शिक्षक क्यूँ न बन जाए, पर विद्यार्थी हमेशा रहेगा l

    English Sir: Exactly, You need to be a good student to be a good teacher, if the thirst for learning dies in a person, the teacher within him dies too.

    हिंदी शिक्षिका: जी बिलकुल सही कहा आपने, कल मिलते हैं l


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    Happy teacher's day ❤️❤️
    Our teachers made us learn and understand everything since our childhood and we owe them...
    #teacher'sday #teachers #mirakee @writersnetwork

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    From reciting poems to solving differentiation,
    From phonetics learning to calculating the force of gravitation,
    From stammering to giving a whole long speech,
    From struggling to learn spellings to writing tougher
    words that exists,
    A lot of efforts were made by someone before us,
    You know who...?
    Well I call them my ' Teachers '.


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    ನಲ್ಮೆಯ ತಂದೆ-ತಾಯಿ,
    ಮುದ್ದಾದ ಜೀವನವೇ,
    ಸರಿಯಿರದ ಸಮಯವೇ,
    ಜೀವನದ ಪಾಠ ಕಲಿಸಿದ ಗುರುಗಳೇ,
    ಶಿಕ್ಷಕರ ದಿನಾಚರಣೆಯ ಶುಭಾಶಯಗಳು

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    स्मृतियों के मानस पटल पर...
    दिव्य दृष्टि से उभर आए...
    मेरे जीवन का तमस हर...
    पूज्य गुरु मेरे कहलाए!

  • reshma_kausar_mohideen 6w



    With her face still afresh in my mind, I remember her vividly even today,
    My heart recalls her name with utmost love and respect,
    She touched the core of my tender soul in a thoroughly distinct way,
    Essence of her nature with fragrance of uniqueness, never remained confined to her subject.

    Her nature was as soft as a new born drop of dew,
    Her will power was as strong as an aged rock,
    Her actions spoke aloud, volumes she communicated with words very few,
    Even pencils stayed obedient, benches paused, when she used to talk.

    Perfect blend of a teacher, comrade, mentor, guide and counsellor,
    I can ceaselessly sing songs to please, in her praise,
    Mrs. Anita Mascarenhas, my History and Geography teacher,
    Stood by my side in the most strugglesome phase.

    My new convent school, too grand and stylish,
    Peers reluctant to accept me and my ruptured English.
    Bullied and teased, compelled me to quit, surrender and leave,
    That's when she intervened, strived to mend the broken child in me, aided to retrieve.

    Counselled me with sheer patience, after school hours, without any fees,
    Extended a helping hand beyond her professional boundaries,
    Worked selflessly to underpin the shattered girl, enhance my linguistic knowledge,
    Not to repeat the act, she made the bullies to repent and pledge.

    She pampered me with the goodies of courage and hopes,
    Taught me to glide confidently over life's slippery slopes,
    Her red pen inscribed my soul with traits like will power and self-confidence,
    She was the sun, like a sunflower I blossomed to the fullest in her nurturing presence.

    She taught me for just a few years, very short span,
    But the lamp of her lessons still burns she ignited with love, then,
    Guiding me through the curvy lanes of life I still feel she's held my hand,
    Millions of years may she live, a boon on the earth to students, Godsend.


  • johnettan 6w

    അക്ഷരങ്ങളുടെ ലോകത്ത് എനിക്കായൊരിടം ഞാൻ കെട്ടിപ്പടുത്തപ്പോൾ എന്റെ ഈ സാമ്രാജ്യം കെട്ടിപ്പടുക്കാൻ വേണ്ടി ആവശ്യമായതെല്ലാം എന്റെ ഉള്ളിൽ നിറച്ചു പകർന്നിട്ടു ഒരു പുഞ്ചിരിയോടെ നന്നായി വരട്ടെ എന്നനുഗ്രഹിച്ചാശീർവദിച്ച ഒരു പറ്റം മനുഷ്യരുണ്ട്. ഒരു സമൂഹത്തെ വാർത്തെടുക്കുന്നവർ, ഒരു ജനതയെ വാർത്തെടുക്കുന്നവർ.വിദ്യ അർത്ഥിച്ചു തന്റെ മുൻപിൽ വരുന്ന ഓരോരുത്തെയും കുട്ടികൾ ആക്കി മാറ്റുന്ന ഒരു ലോകം സൃഷ്ടിക്കുന്നവർ.
    പറയാൻ എനിക്കിനിയും വാക്കുകൾ മതിയാകാതെ വരും. കടപ്പാടുകൾ എണ്ണം തികയാതെ വരും.
    തിരിഞ്ഞു നോക്കുമ്പോൾ ഒന്ന് മാത്രമേ പറയാനുള്ളൂ, നന്ദി.
    എന്റെ ഉള്ളിലെ തമസ്സകറ്റി വെളിച്ചം വിതറിയതിന്.
    ഗുരുക്കളെ, പ്രണാമം

  • soumyatiwari02 6w

    Happy teacher's day
    (From class 12th A)
    ✍️-Soumya Tiwari

    Our chemistry teacher Meenakshi Ma'am
    "GO AHEAD" ! she always say,
    Our heart has lot of respect for her
    She always show us the right way,
    We salute her way of teaching
    By wishing her✨ "happy teacher's day"..!!✨

    A hard subject like physics
    Is getting easier day- by-day,
    All of us are enjoying the subject
    Credit goes to sir N.P Pandey,
    We salute his way of teaching
    By wishing him ✨"happy teacher's day"..!!✨

    Our respected Deepti ma'am
    "THINK POSITIVE" she always say,
    Because of her teaching hindi
    We're perfect in Hindi today,
    We salute her way of teaching
    By wishing her✨ "happy teacher's day"...!!✨

    Jagdish sir teachs us maths
    He explains us in simple way,
    Because of his teaching
    Our maths is better today,
    We salute his way of teaching
    By wishing him ✨"happy teacher's day"..!!✨

    Our English teacher shuba ma'am
    "STUDY" she always say,
    We love her soft voice
    Which takes our stress away,
    We salute her way of teaching
    By wishing her ✨"happy teacher's day"..!!✨

    Ramesh Chandra sir teachs us bio
    In a different and unique way,
    Because of his motivational lectures
    Our fear of bio is now away,
    We salute his way of teaching
    By wishing him ✨"happy teacher's day"..!!✨

    Divya ma'am teachs us I.P &C.S
    "NEVER GIVE UP!" she always say,
    Because of her teaching
    We are good in her subject today,
    We salute her way of teaching
    By wishing her ✨"happy teacher's day"..!!✨

    For the happiness of our all the teachers
    We always study and pray,
    We will try to be the best students
    We are from class 12th A
    We salute all our teachers
    By wishing them ✨"happy teacher's day"..!!✨

    �� Happy teacher's day ��

    ❤️ �� ��....... !!GURU!! ...........����❤️


    ��@poet111 ��

    #happyteachersday #guru #teachers #class #school @miraquill @mirakeeworld @mirakee_words @writersnetwork #poemoftheday #wod #mirakeeworld @mirakee_words @silent_firefly

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    Happy teacher's day

    (from class 12th A)


  • vijivg1708 6w

    ஆசிரியர் தினம்

    அன்னையர் தினம் தான் இன்று!!

    பருவம் மாறினாலும்,
    காலம் ஓடினாலும்,

    கல்வி அறிவு தாண்டி,
    சாதி மத பேதமின்றி,
    தீண்டாமை தீட்டைத் தாண்டி,
    அறம், அறிவு, அகிலத்தையும் ,
    அன்பும் பண்பும் என்றுமே பயிற்றுத் தரும்!! - எங்கள் மாற்றாந்தாய்க்கு -
    அன்னையர் தினம் தான் இன்று

  • ritesh18 8w

    Teacher: What is Newton's 1st Law?
    Student: Sorry sir, I'm Science students.
    Teacher: Oh I forgot you are from Corona Batch

  • lifediariesndreams 12w

    To my Fav Teacher...

    Today is the day
    To pay a tribute,
    Although I feel
    Teachers are to be cherished for life,
    To a perfect mentor,
    There is no substitute!!!
    The quantity of the time
    Does not matter
    The quality of it
    Is what stays in the heart,
    The path and the journey is what truly matters,
    Not how good or bad is the start!!!
    There are lots of teachers,
    That I have met through,
    But there is no one at all
    As good as you!!!
    Most things which I found
    A tad bitter back then
    Somehow have always been for the good
    And those are which when I look back
    Have with me still firmly stood!!!
    When I think of a teacher
    For me it's you,
    And I know in this lifetime,
    A student can never payback what's truly due,
    Just wanted to let you know
    What you do for your students
    Means the world to them,
    Makes me blessed our paths crossed somehow
    What I can only do is,
    Thank my stars and take a deep bow!!!


  • smilequeen 12w

    સુખો નો સરવાળો
    દ્દુઃખો ની બાદબાકી
    જિંદગી ભલે અમારી
    ચણતર તો તમારી .

    માં ના સ્તરે માસ્ટર,
    હથિયાર ચોક ને ડસ્ટર ,
    કર્મો નું શીખવે ચેપટર,
    ખામીઓ નું કરે પ્લાસ્ટર,

    શિક્ષક, ગુરુ કે ટીચર ,
    શબ્દ ભલે અનેક
    શીખવવું એમનો ધર્મ,
    સમજાવવું એમનો કર્મ.

    માન ચડિયાતું જેનું ઈશ્વર થી,
    ભલા આલેખાતું હશે શબ્દો થી !


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  • speaking_waves 15w

    Do appreciate the teacher whenever you see a successful & wise student.
    After all, a sturdy & lush green tree owes everything to its roots.

  • sanatani_kavi 15w

    वन खेतों में सिमट रहे,
    युवा राहों पर बिलख रहे,
    स्यासी फसलें बुन रहे हो,
    क्या तुम इनकी भी सुन रहे हो?
    तरू को क्यों तरसाते हो?
    प्यासो पर लाठियां क्यों बरसाते हो?
    तुम्हारे वादो की गंगा में इनका भी अर्पण होगा,
    सुना था सुशासन बाबू इस बार तुम्हारा पूरा समर्पण होगा।