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  • mynameisnini 2d

    The Hopeless Swiftie

    She listens to Taylor Swift everyday
    But she doesn't have anyone
    She still hums her songs through and doesn't know why
    But little did she know that's the perfect scene as her fan
    You know, Crying like a baby to a lovestory that was empty


  • pnnnkssnishu 2w

    Losing somebody who wasn't even yours to lose.


  • miss_wannabe_writer 17w

    Dead End.

    From 'You Belong With Me' to 'We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together Again', their 'Love Story' reached a dead end.


  • krystallos 22w

    I have never been in love but the way people write songs about their lovers I wish I could experience that.

    #darkacademia #romanticism #love #sleeplessnights #heartbreak #poems #lovepoems #taylorswift #hozier #deadpoetssociety

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    Perturbed Slumber

    Heavy eyes, trembling hand
    In the corner I stand
    Staring into oblivion
    Wishing I could forego my religion

    Haunting soliloquies
    In crowded symposiums
    Every word I write verily
    Is a hymn to your memory

    Bedevilled thoughts
    Make me wonder
    How is your countenance
    Immune even to slumber?

  • tingesofhysteria 23w

    //The city of could-bes //

    This city that we inhabit ,
    our sanctuary after we got buried , is verdant except for the shadows that act like a memoir of our footsteps leading to our school
    The light gleaming in the horizon is sort of a face of everything we could have built ,
    and after everything we built broke , we summoned a tailor to refurbish it all .
    We were naive like children awaiting what-ifs by the door just to realize the hard way sometimes waiting never ends. At least in my case it didn't .
    But in your eyes was the fatigue of the perennial river and in mine the perseverance of the moon that never left like a lover .

    Some how everything I do after a year , everywhere I go in this car that was once our abode only after this city ,
    the zephyr stroking the strands of my hair feels reminiscent of the silence we shared and of how our symphonies synchronized like thoughts .
    So I named this grief born out of your absence after your smile , got my tears tattooed on my cheeks so I don't forget how I cried cuz , darling , I'm the unforgetting archetype --
    I remember what you wore on your 17th birthday and how you smiled when I played you the song I wrote .

    The sky kinda reads ," the beloved lover waiting at the station on someone is to wait for all of eternity"
    but I have never been the waiting type, you know --
    I even hate waiting at doctor's chamber to get treated , or for the food to be served on the platter ; rather I take a spoon and scoop whatever is on the pan .

    Darling, beneath your pillow is the ecstacy of the daylight and beneath mine is the rage of the trees that won't ever meet the stars and disappointment of a friend , a brother ,a son and a lover .
    And as the night falls like abandoned rain, this city suddenly feels so big cuz despite living here ,
    we haven't met in a year , and I vow we'll never meet each other again .

    #poetry#mypoems#lovepoetry#poetsofmerakee#poetryofmerakee#taylorswift#poetrycommunity #writersofmerakee#writerscommunity

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  • pillars_of_life_ 24w



    - Each pair will be allotted a colour and that pair will have to search for their first clue in the comment section of the posts of the same colour in my old rainbow feed. More than one pair can get the same colour.

    -The first clue will have the lyrics of the song written but WITH A TWIST maybe with the change in language of the lyrics or the name of the song written in an odd way.

    -On finding the first clue and decoding it, the player will have to search for the name of the singer of that song in the search area on mirakee with the hashtag.

    -On going to the oldest post of the hashtag one searched, the person will find another clue that will have lyrics of another song written in a twisted manner, decode it, search the singer with hashtag again and keep going till you find 5 songs.

    Now, comes the twist.

    - As one of the partners will keep decoding the songs, he/she will tell the other partner about it or the work can be divided in any manner. It is your wish.

    --As we know that every song holds a meaning, a perspective. The other partner will write a writeup simultaneously and will OPPOSE the perspective with which the song has been written by the original singer. Post the writeup by tagging me and with the hashtag #pillarsoflife

    The person with the maximum points gained primarily will win. Secondarily, if more than one pair get the maximum scores, time will be considered.



    -Decoding the song carries 1 point.

    -Name of song and singer carries 1 point each.

    -Writeup for each song includes 3 points.

    Maximum points for one song is 5 points.



    The format of the post that will be posted finally will be-

    (Team name)
    Partners : @/abc and @/xyz

    Name of the song-1
    Your opposing view with the specific part of the lyrics you disagree with in // //
    (5 songs like this)


    #pillarsoflife @pillars_of_life_




    - @/xyz decided to decode the songs and @abc decided to write the writeup simultaneously.

    - Pillar gave them the colour Red.
    @/xyz checked the posts with red colour on pillars_of_life and found the first clue in one of the comment sections of the post with red colour.

    - The clue was "/9:3 #5946 "
    @/xyz figured out that it was the song love story by Taylor swift. @/xyz searched for #taylorswift in the mirakee search area. Meanwhile told @abc that the first song is love story by Taylor swift.

    - @/abc wrote the Romeo version of the song in his own way, telling the other side of the story in 8-10 lines or more.

    -@/xyz went to the oldest post on #taylorswift and found another hint and kept going like this until he found 5 songs.

    -@/abc finally posted by tagging pillars_of_life and completed the activity in the minimum time possible.


    If you want to participate in this complicated game, please get your partners and tell me in the previous post. Any doubts regarding this are welcome.

    This game will be played tomorrow at 6 in the evening. And another post will be posted tomorrow to begin the game and announcing the colours allotted to each pair. You can become one of the pairs before 12 PM tomorrow, I'll not take in any extra players after that time.
    Thank you.
    Doubts are welcomed. Help each other understand. Sorry, maybe I wasn't so good at explaining the whole thing.

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    Interested to participate?
    Head in to the previous post and also give your pair a name, a cool team name.

  • tingesofhysteria 26w

    As I walk through the door alone ,
    I don't feel that profound void anymore
    And I have this feeling so peculiar that this pain
    Won't be for evermore

    No hallucinations of you ,
    no ghosts of you
    Only me and and no longer nights spent dreaming of having you hold my hand by the seas
    And my stitched heart that no longer aches
    Maybe I'm healing
    Maybe the cracks on the ground sucking me in are sealing
    You off
    Maybe the indelible imprints you drew on me like tattoos are getting effaced
    But I still miss you

    And though I do , it's not the same anymore
    It's not lashing and whipping me now
    I take this vow
    And I have this feeling so peculiar that this pain won't be for evermore

    So I walk through the door alone ,
    Awash in an immense essence of you that exudes you like a light
    Not the sunlight
    Not the moonlight
    But a light that I saw gleam in your usual-mixed-with-unusual eyes
    How it told me," it's just a joke "
    And back then I
    Chose that joke over truth

    I look out the window , to the people forging new huts out of the ruptures of their old ones --
    They have absolutely no idea what it's like to miss someone who was never yours
    I do
    I could go on and on writing letters that I'll never send you
    But watching these people refurbish their homes seems way more fascinating

    I'm levitating from you
    Off this city that can't tame my love
    Cuz my sky is vast and to leave it un-navigated would be a sin
    And it's blue
    Not the blue you painted my roof
    Blue like the untamed tides that shatter icebergs like ceramics
    And slowly but surely I'm mastering the art of self-love
    Guess this feeling that my pain won't be for evermore is true

    So I walk through the door alone to a place
    Miles away from you and your contagious smile and your cancerous coquetry that ensnared me like an hare
    Where your scent dread to tread
    But I'm terrified of the prospect of never letting go of what we had
    And everytime I'm terrified ,
    I'll plant irises in my garden that's already impregnated with millions of irises .

    ----- this peculiar feeling ( inspired by Taylor Swift)
    #poetry#mypoetry#taylorswift#poemsporn#poetsofmerakee#poetrycommunity#mypoems#love#writerscommunity #loveofmylife#writersofmerakee

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  • poetrymaterial 27w

    Cause baby I could build a castle
    Out of all the bricks they threw at me

  • queeniedoll1924 29w

    My heart's been borrowed
    And yours has been blue
    All's well, that ends well to end up
    With you
    Swear to be over dramatic and true to my....
    And you'll save all your dirtiest jokes for me
    And at every table, I'll save you a seat...
    T-Swift "Lover"

  • feriha_1708 29w

    Story of us

    Now I'm standing alone in a crowded room
    And we're not speaking
    And I'm dying to know
    Is it killing you
    Like it's killing me?
    I don't know what to say since a twist of fate
    When it all broke down
    And the story of us
    Looks like a lot like a tragedy now......

  • empress_hinata 31w

    My old memories of love songs by #Rain (Korean), #TaylorSwift #SelenaGomez #BrunoMars #Superjunior #BTS #EmyHetari and so many others.

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    My memory

    The more I hear the love and romantic songs. My heart goes so beautifully warm and wistful. Feeling the love and praying that one day sooner it will be me living better. As I know others might look happy but your happiness lies differently from them.
    May we find our beautiful story that is perfect for us.

  • ajay_writes 33w

    Swiftie for life !

    That reminiscent voice touching millions..
    The lyricist par excellence...
    The story teller like no one...
    This 13 year old discovered this magical voice in the perfect love story..
    The image of the girl singing about her remeo imbibed this fairy tale of love in him..
    10 years later..She's still his favorite get away for feeling things ...
    He somehow grew with her music and was inspired by her growth...
    He just wants to say Thank You for the music .for the motivation to embrace his weirdness..to inspire him.to write !

  • aachiram 36w

    Just too fond of these words .......,
    So, Call it what you want ..

    #taylor #taylorswift #taylorslove
    #love #crown
    #him #myking #mirakee
    By unknown writer

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    I want to wear his initial on a chain 'round my neck..

    Not because he owns me,
    Because he really knows me.

  • nivyaangelin 37w


    I was around seven or eight, when my mom used to travel to her school by bus. She saves all the tickets she gets on each day and give me them. They are of various colours- pink, blue, grey and sometimes green. I save them up as if I was saving money which has no value. I make my own purse to save them up, green on the first side, blue on the other.

    And last week, I found her handbag to clean up, when I saw tickets of bigger size now, of more colours now, at the last of her stuffs. I picked them up and asked her laughing, "You still have the habit?" and she replied, "cause you still have the habit".

    And she added, "What's that you don't have is time now" All I did was, stayed silent.



    #taylorswift #ilovetickets #pod #memoriesbringbackyou #mommylove #lovemum

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    I love tickets

  • directioner_forever 37w

    Never be so kind you forget ro be clever,
    Never be so clever you forget to be kind.
    ~ Taylor Swift

  • londonboy 38w

    This is what we can't
    have nice things!

  • directioner_forever 44w

    Taylor Swift ❤️

    Thank you Swift for being strong
    Thank you for teaching me to be strong
    Thank you for teaching me what is passion
    Thank you for teaching me what is love
    You are the queen, miss americana
    Toast to you on your special day,


  • obscuredwords 44w

    It is Taylor Swift’s birthdayyyyy !!!
    And when I read All My Life challenge, this naturally played.

    You’re not sorry ?

    #taylorswift #yourenotsorry #taylor #lyrics #music #allthistime #creativearena

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    All this time I was wasting
    Hoping you would come around
    I've been giving out chances every time
    And all you do is let me down
    And it's taken me this long
    Baby but I figured you out
    And you're thinking we'll be fine again
    But not this time around

    - Taylor

  • obscuredwords 46w

    Cried watching this song 🥺

    #taylorswift #folklore #taylor #tears

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    Even on my worst day
    Did I deserve, babe
    All the hell you gave me?
    'Cause I loved you
    I swear I’ll love you
    'Til my dying day

    ~ Folklore

  • zaxccloud 47w


    I just wanted you to know that this is me trying -
    Taylor Swift ✨