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    Dear Kim Taehyung Oppa, This is for you.
    “I was on my remorse tour when I met him for the first time. He has sparkling eyes like Antares that is visible in the night sky once in every 604 light years. He has the voice of Mariana Trench so deeper that I went higher in pleasure with it. He has the boxy smile which trembled me to freeze my time to stare at it with absolute sanity while it lasts. He has got long fingers that I wished they would roll down on my hair curls to make peace with my existence. He feels like tasting a 100 years old fine wine when he just moves, quite literally. He is like a river that flows from the mountains through the canals down to low-lands making the water pure. He is like a mirage of fresh air which takes me away with him leaving behind the tornodos of his truth of pain. He is like my silhouette promising me to stand by me when I get abandoned by the light. He is like a sweet dream that comes when I go to sleep after having a tired day. He is a playboy, plays switching between my smile and tears in the game of happiness. He is like the aerial roots of a Banyan tree that carries with it the lessons of yesterday’s truth, if it’s cut down, the trees dies along with it. He is like the sense of relief that I get when I unhook my bra after wearing it all day. He is like the sound of a growl that a wolf makes on a full moon day releasing it’s pain which other animals think it doesn’t have. He is like the sound of waves in the presence of moonlight that cannot be heard by the sailor who is asleep in the midst of an ocean. He is like a lullaby that I wish my Granny could sing it to me even now, to sleep after I out broke into the lie of growing up. He is like this short story which confesses great truth in tiny lines and that only gets interesting as we move further. He is like the purple colour of a rainbow promising me that he will love me from the end backwards. In this process of knowing about him, I started to write down my fate in a beautiful handwriting. I wish me and him didn’t meet just by an accident but by the virtue of destiny and I believe my remorse tour has accomplished its purpose. Guess we were ships in the night, night, night. I wish you happiness, healthy life, success and a beautiful family. Sarangaeyo Tae-Tae Oppa. Borahae. Bogoshipda.��”
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    Dear Kim Taehyung Oppa...