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    A boy is just like a mirror, who mirrors the notion of all feeded in him about him.

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    What you put to boy, A Rise or fall?

    If you raise him with affection and love, 
    He Wins the all and Rises above. 
    And If you scold him with hatred, dislike, 
    Defeated one he is a looser belike. 

    He is tormented, annoyed,  in grief, 
    Heartbroken, in misery, No passion, No lief.
    But blossoms in desert and rough terrain, 
    and care sympathy sets free him from pain. 

    He can crush hurdle with his fist and bust,  
    But beforehand your trust  in him must. 
    If you place reliance on action, his deed, 
    Then for him Nothing impossible indeed. 

    Since cruel  words  ignited  with roar, 
    Makes his heart numb, frozen and soar. 
    If he  is in fear  and  you treat him well.  
    He gets stronger this I have to tell.

    Since boy and a mirror are truly  alike, 
    As Mirror reflects the image the light. 
    He  also gives back  the notion of all. 
    What you put to  boy, a  rise  or  fall? 

    Ajay Amitabh Suman: All Right Reserved

  • beensn 5w

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    Thank you so much WN for liking my post.

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    The educated,
    Most of them are unemployed or underemployed,
    Are facing slavery undercover or disguised.
    Have lots of boundaries to be crossed,
    Struggling to meet expectations, they are exhausted.
    The under/uneducated,
    Gain lot of sympathy and are easily excused,
    Taken as innocents and are trusted.
    Always live in present and less worried,
    Though not planned, life is better enjoyed.
    This is true in majority of the cases I found,
    Education is a boon or a bane, I am confused
    © beensN

  • mysteriousgirl3 8w

    It matters

    It matters when a person who used to talk to you daily is now not talking to you for a single minute❤️

  • dvvsnl 10w

    Stop saying to people what you are going through,
    They just show sympathy in front of you and crack jokes on you at your back
    No one gives you solution.

  • santria 14w

    Never show love in the name sympathy!
    It never last longer:‹

  • aadil_sadiq 15w

    Every living creation has feelings, your little effort of kindness has a great impact! #love #compassion #sympathy #humanity @writersnetwork @miraquill @mirakeeworld #pod

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    Be the symbol of love and compassion to all whosoever comes your way!

    Sufi Aadil Sadiq Qadri

  • vschauhan 21w

    Its the most basic , the most subtle ,
    The most encompassing feeling ;

    Its in the depth , towards the end ,
    The beginning of eternity ;

    Its the slide deepest , the most edged ,
    The most slowest ;
    Yet the path brightest , the only ,
    Yet tempest ;

    The happiest , the saddest , the most supreme , the richest ;

    In the growth , the crave , in passion ,
    the filler ;
    In the body of fives , in the lives , the lightest ,
    The heaviest , craziest , all passionate ;

    Towards coming , towards gone , towards livings , towards all ;

    Towards reality , in virtue ; to virtual , in blood ;
    The most peaceful in silence , the union of two souls ;

    The most beautiful it is , the most sore ;
    The biggest enigma , to some the ready lore ;

    It is the love , in the life of all !

  • puchka 22w

    Tonight if the moon doesn't rise
    I would have found a sympathiser
    on my side.

  • anupriyachauhan18 22w

    I thank each and every one of you for encouraging me through this journey to which I am an amateur@miraquill #Love #sonnet #sakeoflove #looks #sympathy #status

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    For the sake of Love

    "If thou must love me , let it be for nought
    Except for love's sake only " everytime I recall the Sonnet by Elizabeth Barrett Browning , I get reminded of the pure essence that love carries.
    Love is love when it is not guided by exterior characters like looks , status , sympathy , compromise, mere attraction . Love is meant to be only for the sake of it because each and every exterior character fades away with time and it is only Love that stays forever and ever.

    - Anupriya Chauhan

  • _flow_of_words_ 23w

    Deep Like Ocean..

    Your love was deep like the ocean, and I almost drowned, but maybe getting separated from each other saved me from dying in the ocean of love, which soon turned toxic. Maybe I call it toxic because I failed to love you back the way you did. Perhaps I am too late to realize that you loved me the way I was, or maybe you wanted to change me into something more perfect, but I thought of you as my rival who tried to change me into a person I wasn't. And I was wrong because I think you wanted me to love myself and be grateful for who I was. But I know I am too late to tell you that I am sorry for not giving you the love and time you deserved. Maybe I was the wrong person you fell for. Maybe you deserved much better than me, but sometimes when I think of it, I realize I too didn't deserve your shouting to such an extent that I became vulnerable. Maybe crying at 4 am after watching that movie when you went away from me proved everything. And I wasn't lying when I told you I too suffered the way you did, as I wanted to hold your hand and tell you that I was there for you. And you should have believed me that I wasn't giving you sympathy, but you chose to walk away, or should I say that I walked away because I failed to ask you why you were choosing to walk away? Yes, I failed, but you failed too. Blaming me may always hurt you just the way it's hurting me, and I am sorry for not trying to stay when we were back in each other's life because I was tired of trying to be an understanding person, and I wanted you to believe me instead of calling me a liar. I wasn't fake, but I was me. I was always yours in front of you, and I didn't lie. 

    I wish I could tell you someday that we both failed, and maybe we could clear everything by going to the place we planned of travelling to, the place of our lakeside discussion.

    _ Utkarsha Kalambe
    Dt. 24 June 2021 @23:19 hrs IST

  • shuffler 24w

    The ones who don't give
    a fucking value ,
    Gives a sucking sympathy !!!

  • drishty_das 28w

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    #she #pod #writerstolli #sacrifices #nothing #everything #love #shade #shield #sympathy #kind #toy #sorrows #used #notears #unedited

    The very first poem I wrote almost 7 years back. It was pleasant surprise to me back then. Posting it here unedited.

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    She (is/was)

    She cures with love, her love is medicine.
    She is a shield, she is the shade.
    She steps down to let him rise.
    She lives the pain in no noise.
    She is sacrifice.
    She is everything.

    She is sympathy with big heart.
    She is firm as a tall tower.
    She cries his tears, his worries she bears.
    Blank page is her character with not a drop of ink.
    She is kind.
    She is everything.

    she used to be his shadow.
    used and killed and thrown by him so often like a mere toy.
    She has cried all her tears for him.
    Now she is left with none of it.
    She is in pain.
    She was everything.

    Respect is now not her jewell.
    She lives in corner and dies in corner.
    She is engulfed in the darkness of his greed.
    She is sad but her sorrows are not his.
    She was love.
    She was everything.

    She is a play now, mere entertainment.
    A candle about to be blown.
    No one knows her, no one praises her.
    Her page torn in tiny bits.
    Her sacrifice isn't worth a penny.
    Her smile is a blue moon.
    She used to be everything but now


  • reghuwel_vg 28w

    They break your heart And start acting as VICTIM in front of The world to get Some sympathy

  • silent_scribblingss 32w

    Change The Unchangeable

    Racial segregation swells
    Societal opinions and sarcasm
    Destroying fair hopes
    Violence, Self-hatred,
    Depression and Suicide
    Are not just another tales to be told
    Women survivors should
    Be crowned as Warriors
    Society should stop
    Hastily gazing over accidents
    Marching down the road
    Is not a voice on sympathy
    Is an alarm to the ignoring clad
    Frightening, how little the society
    Understands.. let the voices be heard
    Change the unchangeable
    Else, society is responsible for
    It’s own destruction!

  • meena28 32w


    The sun was setting down,
    The skies turned dark,
    The birds were reaching their home,
    It was the time of the day,⏲-where
    The chaos of the dawn was settling,
    The placid of the twilight heading up!
    My eyes were among the streets,
    Searching your presence to fulfill my day.

  • bclark2681 41w

    Dear Stranger;

    Upon further inspection, leaving this letter upon this park bench that you earned last night may seem strange, bit I needed to be sure you were feeling a bit more enchanted today after last evening.
    You see, upon noticing your tears cascading down your quivering cheeks in the freezing winters evening and me offering my counsel to you after gathering courage to offer my sympathy, I needed to be sure you would be okay enough to carry on. So, that is why I stayed with you.
    I never asked your name, just listened to your story, to your troubles and offered my best advise and comforting abilities. I have no regrets sitting with you in the chilly February air for those hours and am so glad I got to be blessed with your presence.
    Again, I hope your day has begun in much better spirits today and with any luck, your face will grace my eyes once again in the future.

    A good listener

    Credit for picture goes to original owner
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    #letter #winter #tears #cry #sympathy

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    Winter Evening Tears

    Upon this chilly winter's evening, I
    Notice tears cascading down your
    Quivering cheeks as you occupy
    Your park bench and with sympathy,
    I ask and you chronicle your upsets
    Of this evening as I offer my counsel,
    Assisting you through your process

  • aksh_koreti 43w


    You share your problems for sympathy
    They care your problems for sympathy
    But not always you do it for this
    Even people sometimes failed to show that here it is


  • nishutayal 46w

    Fate Like Her

    Even the stars cried , when her fate was written
    How she was so caring, that would hurt people
    Her feelings were beyond the world, people thought it's fake
    How can someone be so genuine in world full of snakes
    Her shield was all the sorrows she went throughout the day
    Heart so pure though was shattered everytime
    Trying to carry the universe on her shoulder with a smile
    Making an effort to spread compassion in heartless world
    She showered stars on those who envied her ,
    Though all she got in return was pain
    She didn't differentiate between acquaintance , friends or enemies
    Her broken heart used to love one and all
    Her words mesmerizes the world with Empathy,
    Somehow all she received were words that hit like fists
    She questioned the universe about her existence
    Little did she know if there was someone on other side to answer
    The night also sighed and hasn't slept till today
    Calming her with every inch of the sky for next day
    As there waits a millions of hearts , still awaiting for a soulful care

  • mmbftd 48w


    It was Christmas
    As I saw my parents
    Through their front porch window
    Waving and blowing kisses
    Through my mask
    I had rarely missed a Christmas
    With them in all my 51 years
    I saw my father begin to cry
    As this pain of being so close
    Yet unable to hug each other
    Set into us both.
    My mother, always the strength
    Bore a smile of resilience
    As we spoke through our cell phones so we could hear each other.
    We left humble gifts to be saturated by lysol and washed and rewashed
    So no particle of sickness
    Could get to them.
    We all lived in fear. They are both in their 80's.
    I hadn't hugged my parents in a year. A whole year.
    And last Christmas we all took togetherness for granted.
    We had laughed and hugged and held hands and kissed and sat close on the warm couch in front of a red hot fire. We had made plans and spoke of dreams and goals and life...
    But that was the last normal interaction we had.
    Now Covid-19 ravaged our country and the world.
    I had only left my home about 7times in this year of Covid-19.
    I was agoraphobic before all this!
    And I thought of my best friend, who's dear father had died a few months ago. How his Christmas is so different from any of his others. How the hole in his and his mom's heart would never be filled again.
    And I looked at my dad through this window and wept because I was so grateful for having him still.
    I'm so much more fortunate than most this year.
    And I got to see my little brother too, as he was able to be with them. I hadn't seen him since last Christmas on that couch in there. They showed yummy food behind them on the table, homemade Cuban food from my mom's loving hands.
    And I realized how important all these traditions are. How recipes handed down can never be learned too soon. How jokes made by siblings heal hearts. How singing with my father in a harmony only genetics can grant, is so valuable. To watch him play that ancient acoustic guitar and be happy singing all the songs he wrote in his Du-Wop days.
    And mom giving the tour of the house and projects or improvements she had made recently. Or getting the gallery show of her watercolor paintings in all their detailed beauty.
    These are memories now. I won't forget. I won't let them fade and I won't make the mistake of taking these moments through this window for granted. Not when I know how our world's can change so swiftly.
    I live safely. I live in fear. It's not political. It's not because I'm a sheep. It's because I'm not sure enough of anything to bet their precious lives on a careless decision I make.
    I can't be that selfish, when a hug I crave more than anything just might become the last one.
    It was Christmas and I saw my parents through their front porch window...and I'm so damn grateful I could burst.

  • aadil0987 49w


    Life is like a mysterious story book
    Same when someone leaves in our life
    That doesn't mean our life story gonna end
    Bt think that her life story gonna end
    Soo continue your life story with a smily face