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  • mariateresa 5w

    I have CPTSD, it doesn't own me or define me. I continue to heal everyday. This poem is dedicated to all the victims, survivors and caregivers who shine Light with love. I see you. Keep being the flowers you are. Nothing can dull your shine or stop your bloom. There's room for us ALL!

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    Stand with courage

    Drowning in a room filled with static noise
    Finding it hard to stay balanced and stand with poise
    Telling myself that the shame they spew doesn't suit me
    Deciding to slam the door on all the lies indefinitely
    Rising to claim my power has at times been daunting
    Becoming my own hero through it all, tirelessly searching
    Committing to the promise I made
    To always without fail, hold my head up and be brave

    For these experiences, all, have taught me wisdom
    Especially the ones that threatened to keep me down, silent and disregarded in their broken systems
    Refusing to give in, give up or quit
    Seeing through it all by using laughter and instinctual wit
    I am more than the moments that locked my essence in trauma
    Using every ounce of pain, never forgetting my worth, moving away from the drama
    Choosing to keep fighting for every breath in each moment
    We are all deserving, go ahead now and stand with courage

  • ambivertquki 22w

    It all goes in the mind. The reflection of the past, dreams, illusions, thoughts, perspective, aspects, transition, decisions, planning, regrets, memories, anxiety and sometimes traumatic incidences into darkness and what not. It all needs the humbleness and peace to be calm to get rid of it to stay away through its other mental health problems that gives nothing back and destroy the intrinsic peace. The continuation of positivity fills the moment of life differently where a human doesn't feel sick of each other anymore. As it all happens due to inhuman aspects when they gets rude or annoyed unnecessarily over the tiny aspects or neither gives value to the big loss, it makes different phenomenon in the end.

    A mourning can be cured because they express their pain easily through their expressions, or words to share their belongings to whom they trust the most, but what about the melancholic person who keeps many things from the past subconsciously or unconsciously towards any motto. The melancholic person tries to be intrinsic the most usually, and try to resolve things of his own to avoid those words that they didn't expect from others who gets them drown in the favor of need or by humiliation. A misery of mourning person can be resolved because he's being encouraged from the people to whom they trust the most but melancholic person who tried once to open the scars and got no recognition and her wounds looks more ugly in return, that wounds no longer consider as external but internally. Internal damage gets more panic attack and gets the distance from others in order to resolve their own mystery. Through what a journey, some gets healed or some becomes more vulnerable. Some makes their boundaries and priorities. While, some keep avoiding others for the sake of mental health.

    In between that journey, a vibe exist from somewhere and makes deep connection of sense among the similar pattern of thoughts among people with the spiritual connectivity of their soul and they get screwed like they had met before but in real they thought they don't. A real vibe of connection through heart saves each other and compensate with each other and works with empathy together.

    PC to its owner

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  • ambivertquki 23w

    The candle would be moist and melt with the support of warm but can hurt right away when it's been played, the fire will do its another job

    ~Ambivert Quki

    PC to its owner

    #dreamer #warrior #fighter #mentalhealth #survivors #psychology #healing #characterdevelopment #endoftoxicity #courage #spirit #determination #est #writing #poetry #prose #literature #literarypsychology #alien

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  • ambivertquki 23w

    How much have you been hurt till now?

    I couldn't feel the energy of love any longer
    I couldn't enjoy the nature anymore
    I couldn't feel what I really want
    Through the struggle of mind and heart
    I couldn't think of my dreams
    towards the completion
    I don't mean the success
    I wanted the peace only
    for what I stayed quiet the most
    but left with misunderstood
    tried to confess my genuine beating
    and it couldn't be interpreted easily
    if I do scream, I am a mad one
    if I do cry, my tears are useless
    if I do laugh, I am a freak
    if I do write, it goes in vain
    if I do breath, I feel stuck
    if I do share my thoughts,
    that's been called wrong pattern
    Now, why I have to feel the spark of life?
    to express real of me
    without any hesitation
    like all what I've seen
    to stay under the manners,
    you have to be obedient,
    thus, I've lost my dreams
    I've ended the friendship
    interaction, connection,
    to stay remain humble and what not
    but, I didn't feel worthy of myself at all


    PC to its owner

    #dreamer #warrior #fighter #mentalhealth #survivors #psychology #healing #characterdevelopment #endoftoxicity #courage #spirit #determination #est #writing #poetry #prose #literature #literarypsychology #alien

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    Ambivert Quki

  • avantika28 23w


    Not only the bruises but the nightmares were painful!
    Not only he but everyone of his kind was scary!
    Not only her body but also her soul was damaged!
    Not only the nights but also the days looked lonely!

    It was all so hard until she lied senseless!

  • james_taumas 23w

    Victorious and defeated

    Trumpets blare
    Guns salute
    Victorious army returns
    Streets laced in celebration
    Flowers at heroes' feet
    Left behind the defeated
    Fertile lands barren
    Homes broken
    Survivors wrapped in trauma
    Children and widows cry
    Young soldiers' graves multiplied.


  • ambivertquki 25w

    //Oblivious Dream//

    A dreamer can die one day eventually when she/he cannot meet the goals. She/he has a passion to make it true through day and night. They are acknowledged to get on it. But, the stars in the sky look more at the distant rather than the moon. A true dreamer never gets suffocate for it, but only does suffer at the end. A dreamer doesn't lose hope and always try to make it possible even fights against doubts, uncertainties barriers and feel the success right behind the hardship or the trails of darkness. And such gloominess doesn't create any mess unless a reality itself remain unresolved. It creates more pain and dreamer couldn't get in that way to fulfill the spark that had been blessed naturally and they know it well, but seen rejections because of constant toxicity or the obstacles that placed by those innocents who pretend to be the smart one who knows nothing but does wrong without feeling the result of outcome afterwards. A dreamer feels pissed off and has no way to see the rainbow back after the storm. As the hurricane looks more terrible without settling over the earth. The constant spirit and hope gets downgrade one day eventually when such spark is being rotten away and disregarded with useless concerns and through that way a dreamer couldn't be encouraged to climb the mountains and gets fell down again and again. But, a dreamer knows well how to survive such darkness to be known by that title for what they surfed that time to show their positive productivity one day. A true dreamer gets never give up till the end and proves a determining one till the last breath.

    #dreamer #warrior #fighter #mentalhealth #survivors #psychology #healing #characterdevelopment #endoftoxicity #courage #spirit #determination

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  • _jouissance 27w

    Having problems is perhaps our inevitable habit as rich, poor, healthy, ill, dwarf, tall, ugly, beautiful everyone is having some problem for sure.


  • _jouissance 27w

    Scars are definitely not sightly to most people but they speak out loud that you are a survivor.


  • silent_scribblingss 27w

    Change The Unchangeable

    Racial segregation swells
    Societal opinions and sarcasm
    Destroying fair hopes
    Violence, Self-hatred,
    Depression and Suicide
    Are not just another tales to be told
    Women survivors should
    Be crowned as Warriors
    Society should stop
    Hastily gazing over accidents
    Marching down the road
    Is not a voice on sympathy
    Is an alarm to the ignoring clad
    Frightening, how little the society
    Understands.. let the voices be heard
    Change the unchangeable
    Else, society is responsible for
    It’s own destruction!

  • aalletterr19 30w

    The Struggle

    There are days when I can't get out of bed. Even if I put in so much effort.
    There are days when I'm not sure who I am or who I used to be.
    Then there are those days when I don't want to do anything other than the things I feel obligated to do.
    I know, it's difficult.
    I believe these are the moments when people get desperate.
    So, in desperate times, desperate measures are needed.

  • sarahrachelea 36w

    The survivors will be smart enough to stay alive
    And stay away from the things that can make them die
    They are capable to protect themselves and others

    It's so easy to be fooled
    By conspiracy theories
    And power-hungry political nonsense

    Don't be so stupid
    You ignore health protocols
    And think that the mask is just "a kind of hype"

    This is not even a trend
    This is a deadly pandemic

    Stay alive
    Be smart and make sure you'll live longer
    Have a faith always
    But don't be a dead meat fool

    ~ full of faith, faith of fool

  • saqlain_14 38w


    Survivors are wildflowers,
    They Bloom with fire and
    capture the Universe.

  • redneckwriter69 38w

    Devil Confiscated My Soul

    Started out peace ,, freedom free
    Happy that I once was
    No more did it come out to see
    Smiles lost brightness in the eyes gone
    Travelled some enjoyed sights
    Felt experiences and sorrows
    Crack would continue as life
    Awoken heart complete
    And intact from pain not known yet
    Sheltered she wasn't protection
    Not around
    Life's guarantee didn't continues planned
    Scarred from shock and pain
    That forever will remain
    Person tragedy came in waves
    Drowning and downward spiral
    One after one
    Crack becoming bigger ready to fall
    Happiness was thought come along the way
    Ended and one crack blew out a wall
    Made to split importance suffering in full
    Strong or weak will not fall
    Picking pieces of a cracked side
    And filling
    Whether a speck or a chunk
    Not faulter and failure will take
    What is trying to rebuild a soul
    Demons downward seeping never return
    Hold the reigns and stop the action
    Haulting in there steps overlapped
    By the powerful steps
    One-day victory will
    Managing the calmness and peace again..

  • _oj3y_ 43w

    It was a hell of a journey but we are here...
    Happy new year


  • veesthoughts 45w


    The enemy that's living within
    Desperately wants out
    But never finds the way
    So it doesn't go anywhere
    It stays and it screams
    Banging on all of my walls
    It never gets restless, never sleeps
    3AM comes and I'm wide awake
    I've tried to drown out the sound with
    ...some laughter
    ...shots of whiskey
    ...extra loud music
    But nothing ever seems to work
    Nothing can calm it down


  • niyatiagrawal 68w

    Walking under the Shining haze
    After a long time the clouds has blessed this golden land
    Spiralling wind makes a daily round
    And feels glad on not seeing rain on its ground

    Covered with layers to layers
    Hiding pain, rain and grain
    Pain in the eyes and thirst in the throat
    Is the souvenir of our dreadful fate

    The long separated companion
    Returned to the golden land
    Enthusiasm so contagious
    Diffused in the Golden sand

    No more sobbing on the merciless sky
    Only rejoice for this dry-bye
    Hail the Lord for this miraculous change
    Where the sky and land greets exchange

  • tainted_halo 73w

    Written august 24,2019
    Edited june 4, 2020
    Pace of poem is fast at some instances and slow at some
    wasn’t exactly composed properly but ohh well
    wish I could say it since it sounds better that way considering how it should be read idk idk whatever ya man

    RIP to those that have fallen
    and O empathize with those that have lost someone to this brutality over the years
    together we stand, together we fall
    #blacklivesmatter #stoptheinjustice #survivors

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    Dear America

    Freedom isn't free
    don't ever be fooled
    freedom isnt free
    cant you just educate the youths
    i can see where you were mistaken
    in the way they handed it to us
    wrapped in pretty ribbons
    can h fathom the delusions of congress
    did they
    really believe we would fall for that
    receiving their compassion in private
    and bashed in public
    did they think we wouldn't see beyond their 'kindness'
    but what joy it was to receive the one thing we've longed for
    they refused to tell us that upon taking such a gift we signed our lives over to them
    we had to walk
    on blurred lines and
    kept under manners if even by force
    because the only color they know are those from the MnMs packages they constantly consume trying to show us how we can be easily devoured if they felt like it

    its the 21st century and we are still behind on payments for our freedom
    pardon i didn't mean everyone just the few
    those too bountiful in melanin
    hair much too nappy
    hips way too wide
    yet your fathers grandfathers uncles brothers husbands and sons all lust after us
    sacks of flesh without value
    are t we only
    sex toys to be used and discarded
    our men to be shot and punished
    when they try to protect us from your gazes
    we can never forget your filthy touch scorching our skins
    how dare you consider us to be the problem when we refuse to become you

    it seems as if we are only equal to God
    why else would we both get life and death
    and if not so then
    does it really lay in your hands
    but i guess thats rhetorical considering treyvon martins death
    oh i apologize did you think it would be so easy to forget one of my generation who died by the hands of your people
    see this is a historical fact that you cant rewrite while I'm still alive because though i may have been taught by brainwashed teachers and history books written by your authors i am not stupid enough to believe it was all true

    freedom isn't free yet we took it anyhow because we wanted it sooo bad
    we refused to see your sinister grin as you shoved that spoon into our mouths causing us to taste honey rather than the bitter water that cascaded down our tongues
    it was cool those few years when we didn't recognize it
    but its far too late
    and the taste has killed a bit too much of our noble race
    To be black is to be mistreated
    to be black is to be abused
    to be black is to be confused
    to be black is to be afraid
    to be black is to be deadly , a thug, a hoe or simply dead

    I said to be black is to be dumb because in America they have no vision
    color blind so they see nothing besides black white white and white far too superior to us so how dare you say you are a country of many nations
    hispanics and arabs
    how dare you say all lives matter when you have damaged the innocence of far too many babies
    teaching them that black is a crime
    a badge of shame
    a symbol of danger
    how can you tell babies that melanin is a weapon
    when they played so well with the nappy headed black babies
    can we let the past be the past and just pretend to care for each other

    if our skin is a curse
    if our existence a nusience
    then why do you claim that all lives matter
    why would so many black youths take their last breath on your concrete pavement stained with the blood of predessors
    all black might i add why is the only color you love to see on us is red but then again thats not entirely true unless you know for certain we are dead

    freedom isnt free
    especially not when we still have to bow our heads to the tortured words of an anthem that black men dread
    'and the rockets red glare' synonymous to the blood of our fallen brothers spilling over into your hands
    the ' bombs bursting in the air' do you speak of bombs for us or the guns held to our heads by your people
    i am certain of words every black immigrant has spoken To hell with your equality to hell we say to your freedom.

    Dear America what do we have to do to get our freedom. Will we have to burn the country our ancestor’s build with their sweat and tears. Do we need to finally prove that our silence is not a sign of weakness. Dear America we are tired of losing our men to your unjust system. Dear America we protest because we deserve better we are humans, we are one. Our children should live.


  • scarlet 79w

    Fate brought us together
    Fellow survivors of a shipwreck
    Shipwrecked on the same island
    But on different ends, unseen
    I thought I was the sole survivor
    Similar thoughts crossed her mind.
    We braved similar hardships
    Fought against the same currents.
    In the mainland we met,
    Realisation dawned anew,
    I've held her sweaty hand before,
    Little did I know she was melting
    Drowning in the same sea I was.
    Feet firm on the ground, united we stand
    Having braved the same storms
    Sisters forged by the storm and sea.

  • keepingwordsreal 80w


    And the best thing about survivors is
    they can survive without love,
    even if they don't want to.

    May be the worst thing too.