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  • weepingsmile 1h


    Nothing stays forever..
    Not even these tears..
    These wounds..
    This endless road..
    And all those pain..
    Just try to hold on in this storm..
    Cause this too will pass..
    And will be replaced by the rainbow..

    You may cry and swear out..
    Just convince yourself
    That you're strong enough..
    Dust it off and strengthen up your crown..
    You'll come out not only as survivor..
    But also as a warrior❤️

  • reshma_kausar_mohideen 2d


    They, being the biggest victim of sleep deprivation,
    put others to sleep so as to perform surgeries in the theatres of operation.

    They taste the sweetest of victories by saving lives in the life-death wars,
    they witness the ugliest of defeats while death takes over each of their endeavours.

    The tension, the fear, the chaos, the kind of mental pressure in the OT they face,
    needs to be saluted these souls umpteen times, stab all problems with calm, that surface.

    They play with blood and wounds, needles, scissors and knives,
    not to harm or hurt but to save the trudging lives.

    They are the one who struggle to spend quality time with their family which life never lends,
    whilst their precious time to cure someone's else beloved, they willingly expend.

    The humiliation from the family members of the deceased is way beyond tolerance
    and we, the normal people, only see their fat packages, overlook their patience and forbearance.

    They take pains to vanish the autumns of deadly pendamics & prolonged illness,
    risking rather many a times losing their lives to bring back the spring of health & happiness.

    They need to be saluted and thanked, the way we do for our soldiers,
    only their battlefields are different, they bear similar responsibilities on their shoulders.

    May they be blessed, may all their prayers be heard at once,
    Hail to all the medicos out there, who are living so that healthily live all the animals & humans.

    *Reshma kausar Mohideen.*

    *Instal handle: sword_of_word_86.*


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  • azulonze 2d

    • She is Me... A broken saint, in a World of Angels & Demons.
    - AO {azulonze} ��

    #writersnetwork #freeverse #she #survivor #mirakee #azulonze

    @writersnetwork @mirakee

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    Spewing Sarcasm,
    Her Scars Safely Hidden...
    Silent Scorns,
    Her Heart Became the Brave Maiden.

    A Humbled Kid with Words


  • johniel 4d

    How i survive

    Get easily attached, get easily burned
    My feet been frozen dealing with this term
    Over and over again i never learned
    I'm screaming so loud but only me can heard.

    The trauma i have, lose opportunities
    All is black and white,
    never boosts my immunity.
    My ashes been blown, my development has grown.

    I script my past gracefully though its lack of pulley
    The ride go smoothly and my friends start comforts me.
    I run into flowers that shown me colors, shining with hope and cruller.

    Writing my soul, sharing my thoughts
    At first its good at last it wounds
    Breaking myself up then build with sadness
    I keep doing this till i survive the process.


  • geminiverses 1w

    Pessimistic Perspective

    She is innocence

    Enshrined in the purest love

    Held in divine hands

    Sadly, this shall never last

    Innocence is never safe

  • rogue77 4w

    If I told you

    If I told you where I am from
    You would not believe me
    If I told you what I have endured
    You would not believe me
    If I told you how old I really am
    You would not believe me
    If I told you how many scars I have
    You would not believe me
    If I told you miracles are real
    You would not believe me
    If I told you how I really feel
    You would not believe me

  • phoenicks 8w


    I understand you're not consciously a "bully" but if you cannot pick up on discomfort caused by your strong opinions, sense when you're cornering someone into submission due to your manipulative self righteousness - no matter how blindly you believe what you believe and no matter how many examples or ideals you can present to support your thought process - it doesn't prove why another person shouldn't be able to share an opposing dialogue.
    Your beliefs can always be a trigger point for someone and furthermore when you dismiss them it becomes yet another traumatic experience for them where they couldn't speak up for themselves. Some people are simply not as loud and opinionated as others and more often than not there is trauma involved when a person just shuts down and starts nodding along when you did not give them a chance to really share their feelings - this is unintentional bullying.
    I may be speaking only from the point of view of the 'oppressed' but that's the entire point. Do take a moment and "listen" when you feel that the other person doesn't truly agree with you. I'm not necessarily talking about debates or arguments about politics, sports, entertainment etc. But real conversation about real life experiences and feelings.
    Defensiveness can have you live in a box forever and not realise that there is more to learn. Let's not shut down people by assuming they're accusing or dismissing you by simply sharing their thoughts - many times we all need to be corrected and appropriated because we are NOT perfect. No matter which religious/spiritual leader you follow - they ARE NOT perfect too. People aren't perfect that's why we need to humble ourselves and be open to uncertainty. That one second of uncertainty when you hear - "I disagree" , "I don't believe in this" , "I have a different opinion" , etc. It's OKAY. Just listen or if you really cannot then make it clear - say that you are not open to discussing this matter or you don't wish to hear the other person - this may have it's own consequence but at least it won't be a useless interaction where you only listen to respond and remain closed off or at a constant battle with everyone who doesn't think like you.

  • thevalkyrie107 9w

    Darkness consumed her innocence,
    But it gave her wisdom!
    Never was a lady, she was a little fighter,
    She chose to leave her throne to be a traveller!
    Fighting her own battles, the lone wolf became stronger...
    Fighting death alone, she discovered the hidden answers!
    A stark, a warrior, the ultimate survivor ever born...
    She was Arya stark of winterfell, and she finally found her home.

    -Riddhi Oza

  • rising_from_ashes 10w

    My dear,
    Why do you still fear him ?
    It's been quite some time.
    Can you still hear the sound of his voice,
    Building with more and more rage ?
    Can you still see his shadow on the wall ?
    My dear the bruises he left have healed.
    This shouldn't be a problem anymore.
    Yet such a beautiful woman,
    So broken down.
    My dear,
    You'll never forget how it felt to be his punching bag.
    You'll learn to become so strong,
    You'll never fear another man again.
    Go gain your wings,
    And soar above all your pain.

  • hmadeline 10w

    An open letter to an abuser excerpt

    One day, you won't haunt me at night. And I can finally have something right in my life. One day you’ll be forgotten and I can love soundly and bright. And I’ll trust him and I won’t be the one alone at night

  • redneckwriter69 11w

    Emotional And Running

    Pains daily wrecking
    Feelings of strength
    Weakness realized
    Dying inside trying not
    To surrender the door
    That held thru the storm
    Once a life was happy
    Them days gone pains remain
    Ways of life unknown
    Struggle to make right
    Wrongs are many and making
    Bonding a heart and mind
    That is weak and broken
    What is life without pain
    A sun without rain
    Life without strife
    What happens inside
    Pieces scattered in the wind
    Heart , love , struggle to find
    A place , the glue to make it whole


  • wespadeshere 13w

    Abuse has made
    My right choices hurt,
    So much that it mimicks
    The pain of mistakes.
    And sometimes,
    I can't tell them apart anymore,
    When that vase shatters
    Against the floor,
    The echo on linoleum
    Chases in my dreams
    And whites of her eyes
    From her silent screams,
    Stare dead in my soul
    Seeing scattered remains
    But the flowers
    Always laying, forgotten.


    #childhood #pain #choices #mistakes #flowers #vase #shattered #imagery #survivor

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    Seeing scattered remains
    But the flowers
    Always laying, forgotten.


  • aplacethatiknow 13w

    Target Practice

    When I think about the wounds I sustained in school, I have to say that for every injury, they were more like targets...

    My hands
    So I couldn't write facts.
    My feet
    So I couldn't dance with spirit.
    My jaw
    So I couldn't speak for myself.
    And my head.
    So I couldn't think for myself.

    Yeah. They hit the targets...
    But I'm still standing.

  • burnthoney__ 14w

    Father No More II

    From the constantly brisk basement
    Every Nook
    c r a c k
    To the bedroom I grew up in.
    Was trapped in, usually.

    But so many saw the materials
    The items and assets
    That they deemed equated to a child's content.
    No one knew
    Not enough were educated or aware of what a "father" would do.

    He was no father,
    As much as he was no husband,
    As much as he was barely concerned about preserving his humanity;

    because he won his battles.
    Against a 2- 5- 7- 9- 11- 13-year old girl,

    But with his love for God, he believes all has and will remain forgiven.
    Until I share these words with you,

    I quietly, dauntlessly hope.


  • burnthoney__ 14w

    Father No More I

    I'm at the point
    Where I no longer refer to him as
    In the truest sense, he never was
    Did he act like a great father when others were around?
    It depended on the company, really.
    Out in public, though?
    He nailed it.
    When a child needs a parent–
    father wasn't the man
    who laid in the Master Bedroom
    At night,
    In the house I was raised in.


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  • miss_lyra 15w

    CPTSD Awareness

    Cold hearted people leave scars when they never put a hand on you.

    People who suppress your opinions and emotions are a part of the problem.

    Thinking that everything was normal and okay was a lie to yourself.

    Stopping the multi generational cycle of abuse is necessary to move on.

    Deciding when enough is enough is the first step.

    Complex PTSD. Years of emotional and psychological trauma that flew under the radar...

  • adunbar 17w


    There is no pattern here
    nothing solid to lash my mind to
    to get used to
    the idea of

    Her face is a diffusion
    of traumatized pixels
    blown into something unrecognizable
    not for her sake but for mine
    for the sake of my freedom
    for the sake of my soul
    for the chance to welcome
    that little boy home
    for him to know that we survived
    with dignity and honour eventually

    So her face her name her person remains
    I cannot destroy what I can't see
    can't seek vengeance on what I can't I.D.
    can't kill what remains unknown to me

  • sanjanasanju13 17w

    A little girl asked the god
    I want to live in a world where people won't rape anyone.
    God replied okay I will change just for 12 hrs.

    The little girl has seen the men and woman are behaving like brothers and sisters as we pledge every day in the school all people are my brother and sisters.

    Where lovers, married couples have started loving each other by heart rather than for bedtime.
    Same-gender people are having sex without hesitation.
    Girls are happily roaming in shorts even at night time.
    No one is giving weird looks or slut stares for the girls or girls body.

    No one is objectifying anyone, for others personality.
    Everything seems like half the problem in this world has just vanished.

    And she was seeing this from heaven.
    God told 12 hrs are over.
    She asked why can't you make it forever.
    I don't want anyone to get raped & die like me.

    @nyxwrites @mirakee
    #rape #rap #rapeculture #rapevictim #ayahuasca #metoo #xamanismo #feminism #sexualassault #rapesurvivor #india #women #womenempowerment #haux #abuse #kuripe #feminist #hauxhaux #justice #sexualabuse #domesticviolence #survivor #medicinadafloresta #o #consent #sexualviolence #love #tepi #stoprape #bhfyp #love

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    A world without rape cases


  • sukarithesweetpoetess 18w

    i am not a prude
    but the method he used
    to pleasure himself at the head of my bed
    made me emotionally ill
    i chose to remain still
    hoping he’d finish
    and that his actions would not diminish
    my integrity … you see
    under my covers i was mostly undressed
    and so i falsely guessed
    this was some sort of twisted test
    i could somehow pass, but alas
    and to my dismay, as in my bed i lay
    he began to uncover while seeking to discover
    what lay beneath the sheets
    when I could no longer feign sleep
    the fight began
    he was and is a strong man
    and although he tossed me about
    i fought back against the attack
    and somehow prevented the planned penetration
    it seems to me there was some sort of scream
    from him, not me, as he hastily made his retreat
    from my abode … once I was all alone
    i merely sat on the floor
    hours passed and i did not move to shut the door

    ©2020 SukariTheSweetPoetess