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    The #beauty of childhood games,
    The #smiles of unknown reasons,
    The #pity for deserved ones,
    #Angry bird of my unsatisfied wishes,
    The #courage to cross life phases,
    The #fear of unknown devil's,
    The #pain with #disgust,
    The #surprise of #life and
    #Peace of #happiness,
    Things I #preserved,
    Over many years,
    In the small box,
    Called little #recapping #brain.

    #kept #wod @miraquill

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    The beauty of childhood games,
    The smiles of unknown reasons,
    The pity for deserved ones,
    Angry bird of my unsatisfied wishes,
    The courage to cross life phases,
    The fear of unknown devil's,
    The pain with disgust,
    The surprise of life and
    Peace of happiness,
    Things I preserved,
    Over many years,
    In the small box,
    Called little recapping brain.

  • surprise_me 2d

    Somebody told "surprise me"
    How should I surprise you, my friend
    I don't even know you but I'm writing this
    Does that feel surprised?
    Well, you own that surprise
    Keep a copyright
    And don't forget
    It all started with you

  • _spxys_stories 3d

    All the surprises

    She was not surprised when she heard about his wedding date, she was not even get out from the surprised change in his behavior.

  • maggie469 4w


    They said life is full of

    I didnt know my surprise
    was going to be


  • surajsanu 4w

    Akhri saans toh nahi le rha hoon
    Jam ke mehnat toh karna hi hei
    Halat kaise bhi ho manzil tak toh jaunga hin
    Sabko nahi khud ko khud dekhna hei

  • jebinjohnyalexander 5w


    You would have tried all your A B C to Z plans and would have failed! You would have thought 'it is never meant for me' and when you were about to loosen your grip thinking everything is Done and Dusted!

    That's when God starts his the ALPHA plan!

    You will find it as a #MIRACLE

    Embrace it!

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    Sky full of surprises

    #akshayvasu #sky #she #surprise #mess

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    She was the sky full of surprises. Her dreams were blue and breathtaking as a bright day, and her secrets were dark and poetic as a cold night. Either way, she was the most beautiful mess that one could ever come across.

    - Akshay Vasu

  • slaughtered_heart 6w

    My heart still believes those who have left, will someday surprise it. I don't know how to confront it. I don't want to kill it's innocence.
    #heart #love #innocence #surprise #kid @writersnetwork @miraquill

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    My heart is still that same old kid I used to be, when I believed people trying to leave, were just hiding to give me a surprise.


  • kingdomdelight 7w

    Pathetic fallacy

    "Sun Surprise"

    The door "flung" opens ...
    a Big surprise !

    The first, lil rays, peep outside ...
    "Surprise !"

    a Glorious mother sun
    with way too many,
    wild fire, out burst,
    lil sunlight ray son's

    All scatters like running marbles ...
    in earth's big mansion ..
    spreading fast in all directions ...

    Each one,
    a brilliant light switch: ON
    One touch,
    nd the lil sunlight rays:
    the hiding one's,
    big ur small,
    " OUT! "

    Alas, they'll give, some an early DAILY fright!

    In one sec
    looks if all stand,
    under sun's enormous LAMP stand

    "I see you" :lil tiny laughter rays, joyfully rises

    The Sunlight kids
    them all:
    in the "hide an seek" game

    It's everyday life, they'll warm nd broadly smile

    Finally, Big Mama Sun is here
    she got her big round
    eyecatching, belly
    finally through that open door ...

    Out of her bedroom
    Gloriously she comes ...

    Unbearable for some!
    Tightly; they'll close; their eyes

    "Game Over !"
    the victorious lil sunlight rays, shout
    "Whe ...whe ... here comes ur Big Mama Sun!"
    The lil light rascals
    in joyful laughter; mirrors back

    Nobody dares
    to touche, one lil hair,
    on her lil brilliantly bright sunlight kids heads
    She'll kill you
    with her hot temper!

    Mama Sun ...
    she'll tell you, when she's done!
    Children, all over the world's
    sudden, outburst, could be heard
    Cuz WOW, you just might be "well done!"
    Some toothless lil ones smile

    She'll throw you
    with her fiery firing darts
    right in the back ...
    not merely with only one
    but with a dreadful heat wave stack

    So just be kindly, warned
    Don't be mischief, naughty ur righteously unborn
    She'll kill you
    with her ferocious extremely hot, one eye sword
    right on the spot
    Oh dear, you won't be "well done"
    u'll be "black" toast!


  • anushreesaxena_ 8w

    Ek andheri raat mein jab darwaze ki ghanti baji toh m gabhra gai. Do ghante ho gae the light gae aur m ghar m aakeli thi. Socha pretend karti hu ki ghar par koi nhi h, jo bhi hoga apne aap hi chala jaega. Par yad aaya ki shaam ko grocery store se aane ke bad maine main door lock hi nhi kiya.

    ‘Dhekna toh parega’, yeh decide karne ke bad m finally apni comfortable position chor couch se uthi, but just my bad luck I miscalculted my step aur dharam lulak pahri. Choot ke dard se jyada mujhe uhu kadmo ki aawaj se lag rha tha Jo full speed m mere kamre ki taraf aa rhe thi.

    ‘You silly silly girl, you should have locked the door,’ aaj vo din hai jab koi serial killer tujhe tere hi ghar m mar dalega. Bajrang bali k naam lekar maine Hanuman chalisa shru kar di. And then I heard a familiar voice...

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY HARLEEN!! Oh My God, har bar tere birthday par surprise deta hu aur har bar tu darjati hai! You are such a kid.

    ‘Bhai, I was prepared this time par aap ak hafte phale aa gae’, maine gusse se aapne bare bhai se kha, jo aab tak hass rha tha.

    Finally, I cracked up too, ‘ise bar aapko 2 gifts dilane hoge’. Har bar ki tare bhai ne mere yeh birthday bhi special bna diya.

  • 21yearold 8w

    A note to my younger self.

    Dearest Haleema,

    I am writing this from the future, not exactly the future in which you dreamed to be flying high so the clouds fear you but definitely the future in which you'll be living in peace. I wished for you to make friends but it's okay if no one wants to be your friend because you probably look like your brother more than your own self. But don't you worry I ended up making new friends but in all this I lost the understanding with my best friend, my brother, who is not my friend anymore but don't you worry we still talk and eat together. And stop acting like you're scared of cats, because I've two cats now and you'll love them. Speaking of love so that it will not always be red and bright sometimes it will be dark and shallow but you'll grow through all that. I don't wanna ruin your surprises but you'll be on your feet in blinks. Just remember you have one happy life ahead so live it like you mean it. Be confident and always trust your gut.

    Xoxo, your future self. ❤️


  • sounakpatra 9w

    Be yourself!

    They'll laugh, but you aren't weak!
    You're beautiful, you're strong.
    They may call you names,
    But remember, you're different.
    You aren't wrong!
    Show your strength, be fierce..
    Have the spark in your eyes,
    Shine bright like the burning flames.
    Don't think that your life's a mess,
    Happiness comes and goes..
    So does sadness..
    Someday you'll have wings,
    You're gonna fly high...
    Your loved ones will always be there..
    Your enemies looking at you bloom..
    dear, they gonna cry ...
    So don't be scared to fall down,
    Be powerful, face all your fears..
    Things change, life's a gift and everyday is a surprise...

  • mrspectacular 9w


    The night drags. Stephen clears his desk in preparation to leave the office for his house. Shutting down his desktop computer, he lifts himself off from his swivel chair behind his tinted glass desk and walks his way out to the front of the desk to leave the office after a really long day. Suddenly, he realizes there is something missing on him, he cannot place what it is. He looks around to know what it us but still has no clue as he looks to hand and sees his phone. He would usually have such occurrences of forgetting about things mostly very easy for other people to remember and today happens to be one of those days. Stephen's footsteps hasten out of the office for the car park where his vehicle is parked.

    Getting to the car, he drops his briefcase on the roof of the car so he can reach into his pocket and pull out his car key to open the car up and have the briefcase and the other thing he has brought to the car lodged at the back seat of his SUV. Reaching into his pocket and rummaging carefully then frantically, he prays the keys are found but unfortunately they are not. He has left them again in the drawer of his desk in his office. What would he do?

    Rushing up to his office almost at the speed of light, he hurriedly tries to open the door to his office causing his key card to fall down a number of times. Realizing he would need to relax and do the opening of the door with calmness, he takes a deep breath, slots the keycard into the card slot on the door and as soon as it blinks green, he pushes the door in. He does not wait to scan the area to recall the location of the key before going to pick it instead he just rushes in and begins ransacking everywhere like a criminal searching for money. He looks through his entire desk before suddenly relaxing to recall where he had seen the key before leaving the office. He thinks for a while and immediately he remembers, he rushes to the particular drawer, the middle drawer to the right of the table and rummages it with his eyes staring in another direction as though he is forbidden by unspoken rule to stare into the drawer as he searches and suddenly he feels its ashy body. Pulling it out, he jumps to his feet and rushes down to his car after making sure he was really not forgetting anything else.

    Getting to his car again, he inserts the key into the slot in the door and turning it, it opens up awaiting his pulling of the door by the handle. He seldomly uses his remote to unlock the doors of the car as he seems to love the feel of inserting and turning the key in the slot of the doors. Pulling gently at the rear door, he opens it up and taking his briefcase alongside the other things he has left the office with, he lodges them all at the back seat before shutting it.

    The car park is quiet and lonely so he jumps into the driver's seat of his car for fear of getting jumped right there as he has heard in different stories in the news and from other people alike. Moreso the fact that it is very late into the night makes such an attack on him all the more possible. Igniting the car's engine, desperate to leave the car park and head home, he screeches out of the parking space and zooms off home fearing for his safety. He has not the slightest inkling that there is no impending attack on him, that he would be safe even if he decides to spend an hour in the car park, in his car, listening to the radio or the MP3 player.

    He arrives his house an hour later as a result of the traffic, feeling very tired. The fatigue feels as though birds are sitting on his eyes. He drags himself upstairs to his bedroom for a shower after locking up his front door and as soon as he accesses his room, he strips himself and jumps into the shower for a warm refreshing bath after the long day. Emerging from the bathroom an hour after, he gets into his pajamas after towelling himself down. He hopes to be taken away by sleep as soon as he gets in bed as he is very tired from the day's work but unfortunately he is not taken away by sleep not even touched by it despite his tiredness.

    The clock hanging on the wall in his room read 12:30am at the time he got into bed. Now, it reads 1:30am yet there is no sleep just tiredness in his body despite the shower and the reason behind this is incomprehensible by him. Getting out of bed quite frustrated, he walks downstairs in the belief that the room may be the reason for his sleeplessness on a night like this yet he finds no sleep. Unhappy about the sleepless predicament of his, Stephen decides to take a walk by 1:45am instead of trying so hard to force himself on sleep.

    He shuts his door and stepping out, he goes for the stroll and could already imagine the quietness of the street, lonely and boring but is shocked by what he sees on stepping out of the gate. From a distance, he could see a lot of people gathered at a spot some eighty meters away from him. He wonders what is going on at the place. He can hear some faint sounds from that end that is suddenly drowned out by an even nearer event that just begins right then, some forty meters away from his house, as he inches towards the gathered people. It seems as though the whole street is out partying as music blares from virtually every angle.

    Stephen gets into one of the parties in a bid to complain about the noise and when they would accept, he would go do the same for the other music blarers lining the streets but his plan falls to nought as he finds himself ingrained into the party. He walks up to the barman and handing him a few five dollar notes, requests to have the music turned down or even have the party shut down completely and the barman agrees but to a different agreement. The barman thinks he made a request for drinks as he can barely hear Stephen over the loud music playing hence he gives him one shot worth two cents at first. When Stephen drinks it, he tops it up again and before long, Stephen who, formerly, clamored for the shutting down of the party is seen gyrating and enjoying the party while drinking a lot. He would be ashamed of himself in the morning after but would still return to the party of the next night.

    By 5am, on Friday Morning, the party is over and everyone else has left the venue except Stephen and a few other people too drunk and/or stoned to leave the venue.

    Having experienced the party the previous day, a lot begins to change in Stephen's life. Never late for the office, he arrives fashionably late on Friday morning and usually being the last person to leave the office for the day, he leaves very early on Friday evening.
    The question on everyone's lips becomes 'Is this really happening?' as they never for once envisage his actions.

  • lollipop71 13w

    The Secret

    She has a secret that she tries to be discreet about.
    She's been told she is not to let it out, or there will
    Be big trouble and consequences that will be a
    Surprise to many once they find out.
    See the secret that she keeps others will be
    shocked at what it is......... family will disown her.
    The secret that she keeps.

  • keepguessing 14w

    Life is full of surprises

    I saw it coming.
    But this time ,
    It was completely unexpected ❤️

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    The key to unlock

    We have witnessed two long lockdowns,
    I wonder how many of us stayed home for these many days.
    It was never predicted, never dreamt but a reality,
    The first phase was a surprise and the second shook us in totality.
    Many lessons learnt, many situations faced,
    Introduced us to the true colours and faces never expected.
    All are eager to see the world back to normal,
    Shopping, partying, touring and enjoying as usual.
    Get rid of the face masks, do away with the sanitizers,
    Fed up of the news on oxygen cylinders and ventilators.
    But when, how and who will unlock the lockdown?
    Discipline is the only key to break the lock and keep the door open.

  • mrspectacular 17w


    Charles sits in his room most of the day, dreaming of how much better his life would be if his feet functioned as properly as they should. Just then, as he is ruminating on the possibility of how beautiful his life should be, his assistant Marcel, a young slender man in his thirties he had employed through the help of an agency strolls into the room, a tastefully furnished thirty meters wide bedroom to ask if he would like to go for a stroll outside for a moment instead of sitting inside all day feeling sorry for himself.
    Marcel expects an outburst as usual. A fit of rage from Charles demanding to be left alone as he flings whatever is around him at that moment at his disturber but to his greatest consternation, Charles obliges his request saying,
    'You know what? I think you are right', he says with a smile that seems very alien to him. 'I'm not dead. I'm just paralyzed that's all. Please let's go.'

    Marcel wheels Charles out of his room into the courtyard and out of the gate as he pushes him around for a little fresh air. He takes Charles through three streets, engaging him in conversations about places as they wheel through, making Charles smile so often as though he is watching his favourite sitcom which he does not have as he never has interest for television, only staring into the sky and watching the birds fly and the clouds move while he calculates his losses in life. Today however he would see life in a different light.
    Getting to a pedestrian bridge linking the lands flanking the River Sparringrow, Charles notices a particular man standing at the railings of the bridge, Charles asks Marcel to push him towards the man and this he does. Getting to him,
    'Hello sir, my name is Charles. It is a really nice weather we are having today, isn't it?', Charles asks trying to start a conversation.
    'Who cares?', the man, Thompson asks rhetorically visibly frustrated at something.
    'Oh I do and as a matter of appreciation, you should too', Charles admonishes with a smile.
    'Listen to me. I don't know you and I can tell you don't know how bad I am feeling right now so if you don't mind, I was about to end it all before your interruption. By the way, I think you should join me too because you look hideous'.
    'You got that right. I look hideous. Damn right, No one would want to be me but look at you sir. You have legs to walk around the place, I have to wait on that young man over there for every move I want to make so don't you think I have every reason to want to 'end it all'?
    'Yes, that is the reason I asked you to come join me'
    'Well, life's too beautiful to take my life and lose the beautiful things it has to offer untimely. Certainly there comes a time a man must die but by the cause of nation. Otherwise he is a coward running from battles he is well equipped for. Again I don't know you but I am pretty sure whatever it is you are going through would clearly not last forever. Whatever it is, I'm sure if you stay strong, you will be more than proud of who you turn out to be as a result of the hard times which are clearly meant to hone you and not own you'.
    'I have lost everything. I lost my job', Thompson begins listing the reasons he feels he should end it.
    'There are billions of jobs out there that would be willing to take a handsome, strong young man like yourself sir but they would not see you if you're dead, would they?' Charles tries to encourage him.
    'I lost my wife...'
    'Again, my good sir. Look at yourself. You can clearly get any lady you so please. Apologies for her death'.
    'No, she did not die. She left along with kids'
    'Well, she was not to be yours or she did not know value. There are lots and lots of ladies out there I am sure who would be more than happy to be the next Mrs. Thompson but would we ever know if you take your life?', Charles asks rhetorically. 'No obviously. C'mon there is a lot to live for out here.'
    He freezes right there on the ledge rethinking his decision to take his own life. He is not certain if going with this paralyzed stranger's advice is the best for him. They just meet for what...like thirty seconds...What could he possibly know about him to advise him on what to do about his issues. He begins dilly-dallying on whether he really wants to go with Charles's advice or go all in with his own. Death, already stimulated to receive him, plays a fast one as he slips and falls off the bridge but grabbing the railing of the bridge, he yells for assistance.
    'Help me...No...I don't want to die anymore', he screams as he begins to imagine the gory face of death staring at him and smiling while pulling him towards itself menacingly. He suddenly stops feeling the breeze from the stream on his body as he battles to hold on to the rail that seems to currently hold his life.
    'Somebody please help him', Charles screams helplessly. Marcel quickly rises to the occasion ,running across from the park bench where he is seated while he imagined someone else would help Thompson out of the mouth of death. Grabbing Thompson by the hand, he attempts to pull him up but fear seems to get the better part of Thompson as he holds to the rail obstinately.
    'Sir, I know you are scared but I cannot help you unless you give me your hand so I can pull you up', Marcel says as he tries to convince Thompson to let go of the rail so he can be rescued.
    'But I will fall and die', Thompson's replies fearfully.
    'I will not let you fall sir. Trust me', Marcel says reassuring Thompson that he is particular about bringing him safely over the rail.
    Seeing he has no choice, Thompson decides to let go of the rail and let Marcel pull him in. Trying hard for two whole minutes, Marcel finally gets Thompson over the rail. Once he is over the rail, Thompson gives Marcel a tight hug thanking him for the save while imagining how he would have drown inside the fast running water or worse still hit his head against some hard surface hidden under the water and died.
    'Thank you friendly angel', Thompson says. 'I owe you my life'.
    'Oh it's okay sir', Marcel says unwilling to be made to look like some hero who had just saved the Earth.
    'And you, worthy sir', he says as he turns to Charles. 'Thank you for the advice. I promise to do as you have advised'.
    'Oh...come off it', Charles responds modestly. 'It's always a pleasure to help. Please try to always see the positive in every situation. Life is certainly sweeter that way'
    'Thank you so much', Thompson says once more as he walks away dropping his card with Marcel.
    'I'm really glad I came out today you know', Charles says to Marcel as he wheels him home. 'We should do this more often'.
    Marcel smiles pleased that Charles feels much better about himself now.

  • bhavana_29 18w

    To my comforting and warm taco bell

    If ever two were together like so
    Would create a bond to and fro
    You taste delicious on my lips
    Though you go straight to my hips.
    I hate the moment when we apart
    It hurts my tiny, fragile heart
    The crunchy taco, the burritoo surprise
    I love you with some sour cream
    Your menu has a five dollar deal
    That makes me think ‘what a steal’
    The baja blast sure goes down smooth
    Like a old man sliding off a roof
    I hope that I may come back soon
    So I can enjoy another afternoon

  • udavee_dissanayake 18w

    Thou and I

    Thou found me once
    In an urban city
    With a heart of chaste

    Was I head over heels
    For meeting thee
    As seas and skys embrace

    A storm paced in speed
    Dark all over seas
    Now am numb to thy feels