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    Life is full of surprises

    I saw it coming.
    But this time ,
    It was completely unexpected ❤️

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    The key to unlock

    We have witnessed two long lockdowns,
    I wonder how many of us stayed home for these many days.
    It was never predicted, never dreamt but a reality,
    The first phase was a surprise and the second shook us in totality.
    Many lessons learnt, many situations faced,
    Introduced us to the true colours and faces never expected.
    All are eager to see the world back to normal,
    Shopping, partying, touring and enjoying as usual.
    Get rid of the face masks, do away with the sanitizers,
    Fed up of the news on oxygen cylinders and ventilators.
    But when, how and who will unlock the lockdown?
    Discipline is the only key to break the lock and keep the door open.

  • mrspectacular 3w


    Charles sits in his room most of the day, dreaming of how much better his life would be if his feet functioned as properly as they should. Just then, as he is ruminating on the possibility of how beautiful his life should be, his assistant Marcel, a young slender man in his thirties he had employed through the help of an agency strolls into the room, a tastefully furnished thirty meters wide bedroom to ask if he would like to go for a stroll outside for a moment instead of sitting inside all day feeling sorry for himself.
    Marcel expects an outburst as usual. A fit of rage from Charles demanding to be left alone as he flings whatever is around him at that moment at his disturber but to his greatest consternation, Charles obliges his request saying,
    'You know what? I think you are right', he says with a smile that seems very alien to him. 'I'm not dead. I'm just paralyzed that's all. Please let's go.'

    Marcel wheels Charles out of his room into the courtyard and out of the gate as he pushes him around for a little fresh air. He takes Charles through three streets, engaging him in conversations about places as they wheel through, making Charles smile so often as though he is watching his favourite sitcom which he does not have as he never has interest for television, only staring into the sky and watching the birds fly and the clouds move while he calculates his losses in life. Today however he would see life in a different light.
    Getting to a pedestrian bridge linking the lands flanking the River Sparringrow, Charles notices a particular man standing at the railings of the bridge, Charles asks Marcel to push him towards the man and this he does. Getting to him,
    'Hello sir, my name is Charles. It is a really nice weather we are having today, isn't it?', Charles asks trying to start a conversation.
    'Who cares?', the man, Thompson asks rhetorically visibly frustrated at something.
    'Oh I do and as a matter of appreciation, you should too', Charles admonishes with a smile.
    'Listen to me. I don't know you and I can tell you don't know how bad I am feeling right now so if you don't mind, I was about to end it all before your interruption. By the way, I think you should join me too because you look hideous'.
    'You got that right. I look hideous. Damn right, No one would want to be me but look at you sir. You have legs to walk around the place, I have to wait on that young man over there for every move I want to make so don't you think I have every reason to want to 'end it all'?
    'Yes, that is the reason I asked you to come join me'
    'Well, life's too beautiful to take my life and lose the beautiful things it has to offer untimely. Certainly there comes a time a man must die but by the cause of nation. Otherwise he is a coward running from battles he is well equipped for. Again I don't know you but I am pretty sure whatever it is you are going through would clearly not last forever. Whatever it is, I'm sure if you stay strong, you will be more than proud of who you turn out to be as a result of the hard times which are clearly meant to hone you and not own you'.
    'I have lost everything. I lost my job', Thompson begins listing the reasons he feels he should end it.
    'There are billions of jobs out there that would be willing to take a handsome, strong young man like yourself sir but they would not see you if you're dead, would they?' Charles tries to encourage him.
    'I lost my wife...'
    'Again, my good sir. Look at yourself. You can clearly get any lady you so please. Apologies for her death'.
    'No, she did not die. She left along with kids'
    'Well, she was not to be yours or she did not know value. There are lots and lots of ladies out there I am sure who would be more than happy to be the next Mrs. Thompson but would we ever know if you take your life?', Charles asks rhetorically. 'No obviously. C'mon there is a lot to live for out here.'
    He freezes right there on the ledge rethinking his decision to take his own life. He is not certain if going with this paralyzed stranger's advice is the best for him. They just meet for what...like thirty seconds...What could he possibly know about him to advise him on what to do about his issues. He begins dilly-dallying on whether he really wants to go with Charles's advice or go all in with his own. Death, already stimulated to receive him, plays a fast one as he slips and falls off the bridge but grabbing the railing of the bridge, he yells for assistance.
    'Help me...No...I don't want to die anymore', he screams as he begins to imagine the gory face of death staring at him and smiling while pulling him towards itself menacingly. He suddenly stops feeling the breeze from the stream on his body as he battles to hold on to the rail that seems to currently hold his life.
    'Somebody please help him', Charles screams helplessly. Marcel quickly rises to the occasion ,running across from the park bench where he is seated while he imagined someone else would help Thompson out of the mouth of death. Grabbing Thompson by the hand, he attempts to pull him up but fear seems to get the better part of Thompson as he holds to the rail obstinately.
    'Sir, I know you are scared but I cannot help you unless you give me your hand so I can pull you up', Marcel says as he tries to convince Thompson to let go of the rail so he can be rescued.
    'But I will fall and die', Thompson's replies fearfully.
    'I will not let you fall sir. Trust me', Marcel says reassuring Thompson that he is particular about bringing him safely over the rail.
    Seeing he has no choice, Thompson decides to let go of the rail and let Marcel pull him in. Trying hard for two whole minutes, Marcel finally gets Thompson over the rail. Once he is over the rail, Thompson gives Marcel a tight hug thanking him for the save while imagining how he would have drown inside the fast running water or worse still hit his head against some hard surface hidden under the water and died.
    'Thank you friendly angel', Thompson says. 'I owe you my life'.
    'Oh it's okay sir', Marcel says unwilling to be made to look like some hero who had just saved the Earth.
    'And you, worthy sir', he says as he turns to Charles. 'Thank you for the advice. I promise to do as you have advised'.
    'Oh...come off it', Charles responds modestly. 'It's always a pleasure to help. Please try to always see the positive in every situation. Life is certainly sweeter that way'
    'Thank you so much', Thompson says once more as he walks away dropping his card with Marcel.
    'I'm really glad I came out today you know', Charles says to Marcel as he wheels him home. 'We should do this more often'.
    Marcel smiles pleased that Charles feels much better about himself now.

  • bhavana_29 4w

    To my comforting and warm taco bell

    If ever two were together like so
    Would create a bond to and fro
    You taste delicious on my lips
    Though you go straight to my hips.
    I hate the moment when we apart
    It hurts my tiny, fragile heart
    The crunchy taco, the burritoo surprise
    I love you with some sour cream
    Your menu has a five dollar deal
    That makes me think ‘what a steal’
    The baja blast sure goes down smooth
    Like a old man sliding off a roof
    I hope that I may come back soon
    So I can enjoy another afternoon

  • udavee_dissanayake 5w

    Thou and I

    Thou found me once
    In an urban city
    With a heart of chaste

    Was I head over heels
    For meeting thee
    As seas and skys embrace

    A storm paced in speed
    Dark all over seas
    Now am numb to thy feels


  • mystic_poet_x 6w


    You were my sweetest surprise,
    just like a sudden bout of rain spell
    But as hard as it is to accept,
    you were my biggest lesson as well


  • james_taumas 9w


    Not paying attention
    Pain shoots up
    Lightning bolt struck
    Nerves screaming
    Think the worst
    Look down to confirm
    All toes accounted for
    Only one stubbed
    Deep breaths
    Waves subside
    Back to normal.


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    powerful few are few,
    when you are you.
    path of yours is yours,
    packed with jolting doors in doors.


  • pallavimaruji 13w

    "I want to tell you a secret!"

    "What secret?"

    "Shhh... it's a secret na!"

    "But you want to tell me na!"

    "Ya, but only to you!"

    "Okay, tell me no! Fast!"

    "Okay, close your eyes!"

    "But it's a secret, not a surprise right!"

    "Ya but still close your eyes!"


    (He closes his eyes!)

    "She goes closer to his ears and whispers)

    "You make me happy!"


  • words_flake 15w

    If life can surprise us than we can also surprise our life by smiling in hard times..

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    My love for you; part-6

    When he asked me, I happily smiled. And hesitantly asked what is all going on? He started telling..

    I will tell you all, in the way he spoke...

    I liked you, since my childhood. When you had your parents. We were in same school and I sat with you. When your parents died because of accident, you went to an orphanage. But, still My Love For You was not over. I loved yoy blindly. When you were 18, I thought to take you with me. But when I went there, they said you left the orphanage 1 month ago. I found you, and until I saw you in the marriage, my search for you was continuous.

    I interrupted, and asked why didn't I know him and how did he still remember me?

    He said....

    After your parents' death, you had a shock, and you went through memory loss. I remembered you, first of all because, I never forgot you and second in childhood, I gave you an antique locket, which you are still wearing.
    My sister didn't recognise you, but my brother did. As, I said about you after that wedding to him. He sometimes went to the office, so he knew you. And he was knowing that he was going to be the replacement of our sister, and so we planned everything, to give a surprise.

    And for your information, my brother is married . He said laughing.

    When I heard it, I recognised him, I stood up from the table, ran towards him.. and hugged tightly!!

    Ok, so this is not the end yet.. the way he proposed me is also a very unique way. And, something is going to happen in tomorrow's post...be ready!!


  • unknownswarachita 17w

    My love for you; part-5

    Oh my God, I can't believe whom I saw!! Any guess..?

    It was..... 'him' .... How..? What..?!?!?
    Yes.. It was him. When I saw him, I was simply......... SHOCKED!!!

    After looking at me, he sang a very romantic song in a very filmy way. I went towards him.. and....... What?!?!... He gave me a bouquet.... And... HUGGED me. We danced and.. my boss was with an another girl. Although I didn't feel anything else, as since my friend's wedding it was my dream to be in his warmth and hands. He held me from my back and I got an enormous, precious and memorable feeling, that I would never let him go..!! He is mine!!

    I was confused. I couldn't understand anything, that how is he here and why my boss is with another girl?

    When we were tired of dancing, he held my hand and came back to the garden. Meanwhile were dancing, a barbeque and bonfire was set up. And, the dinner table was well kept and decorated beside those.

    When we sat on the dinner table, every mystery was going to be revealed. I saw my previous boss too, as she was the sister of my new boss.

    When everyone sat, he ringed a bell and wanted everyone's attention. Then he asked me if I liked the surprise? I shook very impressively and happily.

    Let us see that what did he say and why my boss with an another girl? How is he here? What happened... In tomorrow's post.


  • unknownswarachita 17w

    My love for you; part-4

    My boss came to my residence with a bouquet of flowers. I was wearing the dress he had sent me. With an exclusive perfume. And he complemented me too.

    I welcomed him, and asked if he would like to take something. He simply said, that he had kept his stomach empty for having dinner with me and his family.

    As he had an amazing gesture, he opened the door of the car and offered me to sit.

    Everything went more fantabulous than I expected. When we reached his home, I saw that he had a villa. An amazing entry, and amazing garden.

    I was gazing at his garden and immediately someone blindfolded me. Who is this? Hey? I shockingly cried.

    My boss held my hands and whispered in my ear, from now on your surprise is going to be started. Stay calm, everything would be fine.

    For the seek of my impression in front of him, I stayed calm. I could feel that he handed over my hand to someone. I could sense that he was a male, with firm and warm hands. He came closer and said me to walk with him.

    I walked and I entered the home. Suddenly that person left my hand and said to open my blindfold.

    When I opened my blindfold.. I saw ______.

    Guess who could it be, when I saw him.. I felt... ___..{ no hints}.

    Let's see, whom did I see, in the next part.


  • puzzledgirl 17w

    The Sepia Surprise


    Dear Diary,
    Aah!! Again a working Saturday!! Jesus! You know how much I hate going to work on Saturdays! I mean aren't Saturdays supposed to be a little teaser trailer for a fun-filled weekend ahead? But no.. Life has no plan for enriching my dull and boring life with a little bit of happiness like waking up late in the morning, having cozy steaming bed coffee, lying on bed for hours doing absolutely nothing other than listening to Taylor Swift on loops and daydreaming about my prince Charming knocking on my door on a white stallion!!

    Anyway, pissed off on life's unkind treatment towards an innocent lass like me, I decided to wake up early on the working Saturday morning and get ready for my office as usual. Just when you think your life couldn't get any boring than this, the universe surprises with mundane gifts like an auto with light brown back glass that was magically put right in front of my car. Yeah! It sounds ridiculous to imagine how can this be a gift? Well, let me tell you that when you look through a brown glass the reflections appear to be in Sepia tone! Yeah! That's how amazing it was! My everyday roads, everyday buildings on the sides, everyday trees, their branches and leaves, the abandoned houses, the eroded walls, all of them appeared in Sepia! I felt like I was watching a movie from the 50s or the 60s, right in front of my eyes! And then it hit me! Isn't this how the past is made? Like life bleaches out the colors from the present and the remaining faded frames stay back as the past! For example, our ancestors must have had worn their brightest clothes on their weddings and now all we have are pictures in black and white, leaving us guessing the colors forever!! That's how "now" becomes "then" And we become parts of a never ending history!! The entire ride, I felt lost in that Sepia toned "Pather Panchali"!!

    Yes! My life is burdened with regrets, unfulfilled dreams and desires, boredom and what not?? But moments like these make my life beautiful as a rainbow! I know that my pages aren't filled with ornamental English or Dan Brown-ish events, but I believe that when I'm old and grey, I'll turn the pages of my diary and find moments, not words! For that I'm grateful to life!! ❤

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    A "perfect date"

    it's 6am in the morning, a giant bed and big window just beside the bed. Things are all scattered all over and a body lying on this massive bed. The window curtains are not letting the bright sunlight to come in. A sudden ring of the mobile phone wakes up the person, "tum hi Jo bandhu sakha Tumi" was the ring tone. A 26 years old young lady wakes up with eyes still closed and receiving the phone she says with great stress "hello" , "hiiiiiiiii oh my god I can't believe today's a big day for you, I hope you patch up with this guy, oh please please please do tell me every single detail whatever would happen between you two!? I am your best friend na please yaar, " after a short pause on the other side again speaks up " Jenni, Jenni hello???" then finally the phone gets cut.
                At 10 am, after having her shower, she comes out and changes her dress, she wears a faded blue jeans and spaghetti black top, and does her simple soft makeup highlighting her eyeliner and putting on her fav pink glossy lipstick, and a perfume worn all over her body giving out a pleasant aroma. Packing up her affordably comforting bag, and last time looking herself at the mirror, admiring her own beauty and youth. The sound of her black stilettos on the floor were making a different audibility and were in hurry. Bidding Good bye to her parents and sister she heads to the bus stop near her home as was promised to her boyfriend to meet up there.
                                        Few months back Raj and Jennifer met at a dating app and since then they fell for each other, they even met each other in person sometimes at restaurants, at parks, at malls cafes movie halls etc. Both loved each other's company but something was lacking between the both. Recently Jenni realised that they have been dating each other since a long time but the places they chose for their meeting wasn't very interesting for them. Soon they became very bored with their meeting up idea. So Raj had decided a surprise plan for her birthday which was today. Standing at the bus stop and waiting for her boyfriend she thought of calling her best friend Nisha, "hey I m sorry Yaar, I know you called me in the morning,  I was too sleepy then," said Jenni. "it's ok yaar, where are you? have you reached the bus stop? hey send me a pic if you, I am dying to see you in that top, seriously babe u look stunning in that spaghetti black crop top" " ya babe, I am wearing that one, only, I'll send you the pics, but listen na,  I seriously have no idea what is Raj planning like, I hope he has something good and reasonable in his mind" " oh common on Yaar, I know Raj is sensible, I am sure he will make out the best day for you"" hope so Yaar" saying this Jenni could see Raj coming on a bike, which was a great surprise to her. she bids goodbye to her friend, standing there and seeing his grand entry on his super cool bike was an amazing view to her.
                                           Oh my my it was an amazing feeling, seeing her boyfriend on his bike wearing black jacket black jeans and black goggles, Her mouth was wide open at this most awesome view. He comes to her, and says " How is this  surprise to you, ??" "oh my god, Raj this is amazing. I loved it"" ya, I bought it day before yesterday, and today is the first day i am gona ride with you," "this is beautiful ♥️" really,the spark and happiness in her eyes were revealing. Couples usually greet each other with flowers and chocolates and many more loving stuffs. This couple too had exchanged such stuffs when they met before. But today since it was her birthday and he promised to fill up her day with various surprises. And to her surprise he bought her 'motichur  laddoos' her favourites. she was too much happy with this beautiful one, and instead of roses, he brought a boquet of fresh white lilies which also made her  smile go double. Then handing over a helmet, he starts the bike, and says " get on the bike", she wears on her black jacket putting on her googles hops onto the bike and they drive away.
                       she asks him "Raj where are we going, give me some clue,Yaar,"  he says " the place you always wanted to go on bike and a long drive too" after thinking for a while, she jumps up and hugging him tightly she shouts "Goa?" "yeah baby". On the way, they visit Durga temple and few hours later a church. After a long drive of about 6and s half hours, they reached Goa. Well every single moment was exciting and ecstatic to her. She loved the way he treated her surprised her and of course loved her. Jenni once told him,  " Raj I love to talk to you, to meet up with you and spend time, but seriously life is so boring on only going out for movies and cafes, and Yaar you know very well I hate having our date on a five hotel, I mean please, it doesn't mean anything, like going to such an expensive hotel for supper and then just bid goodbyes. There is no spark on it, I rather love something simple Yaar. "  Raj knew, this is the best way to express his love for her and surprise her on her bday.
                                 By 6 pm they reached Goa and destined to the hotel which Raj had  booked beforehand. A room for couple and also reserved a special table at the beach for their dinner. Getting into the room she could find a beautiful ♥️ big heart was situated in the mid of the large bed and 'I love you' was written on it. The rose petals were scattered on the bed, there were beautiful enchanting candles, lit on the either side of the room. A small box was placed in front of the mirror with a card. Raj was still downstairs near the front desk. Jenni went near the box and picked up the card, it was written " the love for you had always grown for you, this is a small surprise,many more to come yet" smiling she puts back the card, when Raj comes in, smiling, he reaches to her and opens the box ,there lies a beautiful platinum chain with platinum heart shaped pendant along with sparkling stones in it. she loved it, and he tied it around her neck,and kissed her neck with extreme warmth, saying I love you. Then after a hot shower, Raj tells Jenni to get dressed, to wear the one that he did bring for her. She wears a long chiffon gown, which is a v shape, it's a beautiful magenta colour dress just made for her. She wears it and very gracefully adorns it looking very pretty in it. They then head to the desired last surprise. Jenni didn't know about the dinner arrangements, but when she saw the pleasant and the winsome panorama, her heart was completely melted by so much of love and surprises, Raj had shown to her. Her beautiful magenta gown was shining at the dimly lit light and then they both danced together at the music that was playing at the background. He ordered a champagne they toasted to her birthday surprises and gifts she received. Then followed by a yummy chocolate cake decorated with cherries and strawberries, (her favourite).then the dinner, along with red wine. A complete whole package of love and care, they celebrated the evening with great happiness and later, while they were about to get back to hotel, he stopped her by and kneeling down on one leg, he opens a small box with beautiful diamond ring on it, saying "I love you, I want you in my life forever, will you marry me?" And this was the best surprise she could expect on her birthday. Tears rolling down her eyes, she holds his arms and gradually pulls him up, then wrapping her arms around him she says yes. They circled around wrapping each other with joy. Coming back to hotel, both of them, were extremely happy and they decided to inform their families next  day. He even bought her a lingerie which was in dark pink colour, they made love and enjoyed their night. With great hope and flourish in their relationship, which was more strong by now they headed towards their home, promising to love and care each other even after marriage. And would never forget this day, her bday where they had a " perfect" date.

  • porcupine 19w

    Karma wins

    Some people will never learn
    One day it will come back
    Blind to see what will come
    Their only chance is to pack

    They won't know beforehand
    A surprise waiting out of sight
    A gift that they won't like
    They will want to take flight

    Moving to them at any moment
    Something that will scare
    Instantly they will be sorry
    Just like their worst nightmare

    They will pray that it ends
    But nothing they do will help
    They will not realize that
    It's just the start of the welts

    It may be years away from now
    Or it may be soon and quick
    But they will never forget
    When they are what karma picks

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    #Surprise you#Surprise me#all I need was surprise#Surprisedlyf

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    All I need was Surprise and All I got was Surprise

    I dreamed for Surprise birthday party and ended upon Surprising with not even a single wish...

    I dreamed for the Surprise handsome proposals and ended up Surprised with not even a single proposal since my birth...

    I dreamed for the entry of Surprise bestie to flow with me but ended upon Surprsing with losing the existing friends...

    I dreamed to Surprise others with my beauty and hear the praises from the world but ended Surprisingly with Fatty ugly face and unkindful mind...

    I dreamed to Surprise my family with a good career and brave character but ended Surprisingly with Not a single seat for me anywhere and a bullied bufoon of the family...

    I dreamed to Surprise with my hidden talents and receive love and fame but all that Surprised me was no one cared me or my stuffs...

    I dreamed for the Surprise visit of the God with a fairy angel to bless me and revive me from all the problems but all that Surprised me was the chanting from the devil that its time to go...

    All I need was surprise and all I got was Surprise...

    Surprisingly ending the ......

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    Don't you think?? Yes you know that right ��
    Then go and share this with them and tell them you love them❣️
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    gestures of love

    Big surprise's are not always necessary,
    Small gestures of love
    Can make a huge difference..

  • rim_jhim 22w

    Surprises are catalyst !

    When hapiness comes in a surprising way, it's much more happier.
    When sadness comes in a surprising way, it's much more sad.