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  • benhurbedford 16w

    A Play in the Theatre.

    I could smile as my crisp teeth brighten the surgery room. The general anaesthesia creeps inside you, and knocks you out the 1st round of battling with a fractured collar. But it is pleasing to watch how I blow the candles heat away, transforming its light to a humane essence.
    You can barely see my ripped muscles covered in stubborn fat to keep me warm at night. Just smile. That is all I can say.

  • _beingbeautiful_ 17w


    The most powerful weapon on Earth is words ,
    When a bullet fired , it can be taken out by surgery, but words cannot, it hurts .


  • drpriyanko 66w


    कभी नदी किनारे बैठे
    सूरज ढलते देखा करता था ।
    काश के वनों में से गुजरती रेलगाड़ी और..
    मैं पतंग लिए समांतराल दौड़ा करता था।
    मानो हम दोनों में एक होड़ लगी रहती थी..
    लेकिन इस प्रतियोगिता का परिणाम सदैव निश्चित था!

    आज पसीने से लथपथ पीपीई किट उतारते हुए
    हमें याद भी ना रहता कि दिन है या रात!
    आंखों पर धुंधलाए हुए चश्मे के दृश्य
    कुछ हमारे भविष्य से मिलता जुलता लगता है।

    पर आज भी वह बचपना जीवित है!
    कुछ उस पतंग लिए दौड़ते बालक सा-
    जो इस उम्मीद से हर बार दौड़ लगाता था..
    कि कहीं आज विजयी हो जाए
    कहीं आज रेलगाड़ी धीमी हो जाए!


  • drpriyanko 73w

    How system suppresses underdogs..

    Since HSLC (Class 10) Results are declared today in Assam, I'm going to tell a tale...
    It was the year 2004, a mediocre boy who never had been in top twenty of his class (of 47 students) and was going to appear in his class 10 board exams. He was not even a point of notice in his Central government school.
    But this boy had prepared well for his exams just because he wanted to do something as close as his brother who was studying engineering.
    He didn't have the luxury of getting tutors for all the subjects except Maths, but he fought it hard , burnt midnight oils , put blood, sweat and tears and finally appeared for the exams in March 2004.
    It was the result day, a list was hung in the School notice board where the Principal had marked the names of the top three students with Green Ink.
    No this boy's name was not marked there or I should say they simply overlooked the name which they never expected. He had scored the highest marks simultaneously with the usual topper who happened to be extremely brilliant and topped all throughout the school years.

    For the first time in history of the school there were two joint toppers who had scored 92.2 percent simultaneously. Incidentally it happened to be the highest marks in their district too (At those times scoring above 90 percent was anyways respectable).
    And as usually practiced, the district topper would be felicitated in the Independence day celebration by the Deputy commissioner (D.C./D.M). They had asked all the schools to furnish the names of their top students with their marks.
    The school authority had sent the name of only one of the two toppers, the usual one and they simply overlooked the unexpected wildcard.
    But this time was it a mistake?

    This 15 year old young chap was scarred for life when he saw his "equal marks guy" get an award in a pompous Independence day ceremony with the National anthem playing in Background. While his only fault was that he was an "underdog"

    P.S. He is now a surgeon
    as he dreamt to be.

  • panabee 73w



    Usually , the people with
    The best advice are the
    One with most problem.

    No one sees how much
    You do for them,
    They only see
    What you don't do.

    People ask me
    Why is it so hard
    To trut people
    I ask them why
    Is it so hard to
    A promise.


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  • guafevc 74w

    Hospital Blues

    Another late night, thoughts hang in suspension.
    Talk clean, talk dirty to me.
    Derulo plays in the back.
    Sleeping in a hospital bed, got surgery.
    Been here for 3 months now.
    One more month makes 4 now.
    Short and sweet isn't that how its supposed to be.
    6 months and I'm still in recovery.
    Hospital Blues

  • raindropsoncacti 76w

    A year today I was petrified,
    "Going under" I cried for my kids.
    My surgery extremely precarious,
    Whether I'd walk again was up in the air,
    Still, I wouldn't be dead for quids.

    I had the very best surgeon possible,
    In him I had to place all trust.
    I woke several hours later, one muscle gone,
    Two stapled, three holes drilled in my pelvis
    With new swivel hooks, "guaranteed not to rust!"

    When I first saw my leg, I admit feeling upset,
    The sutures ran from my rear to my knee.
    With time though, I began to love my scar.
    It was a sign of what I could endure,
    That I was tougher than I'd ever felt I could be.

    I then still had months of learning ahead,
    To again stand, and walk, and drive.
    This time though gave me a new lease on life,
    I quit all things stressful, shed my skin
    And celebrated just being alive.

    Here I stand, one year on today,
    In a week having walked double-figure miles.
    I appreciate for my injury now,
    And despite it still hurts often
    Every day it brings me countless grateful smiles.


    @writersnetwork @writerstolli
    @mirakee @mirakeeworld

    #injury #surgery #recovery #gratitude #scars #perspective #mindset #healing #grateful

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    "I woke several hours later:
    One muscle gone,
    Two stapled,
    Three holes drilled in my pelvis..."

  • r_feelings 81w

    Neet motivation #medicine #surgery

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    Each and every step of yours in your prep is linked to the heartbeats of your future patients...

  • venu_01 89w

    I thought we had something special. I ignored everybody for you. I believed that you are my true love, my soulmate. I dedicated my whole year to you. The year in which I could have achieved anything. But I let all opportunities go just to be with you. I made love to you whole night on Valentine's day. But for you I was just a timepass. Just your casual hookup.
    Screw you Surgery!

  • sigwrites 92w

    Pandemic? Coronavirus? Influenza? COPD? No it's just antibiotic- resistant staphylococcus. Here's my post-op reflections

    #pandemic #coronavirus #influenza #copd #stapgylococcus #sinusitis #autoimmune #disease #chronicillness #postoperative #surgery #reflections #icanbreathe #nowisee #life #thoughts #diary

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    I can breathe ...
    For the first time in ten seasons my heavy, compromised lungs receive the burst of oxygen they've craved for so long. Surgical keys have unlocked the shackles of shallow breath at last ...

    And I can breathe ...
    But not my nose, not yet. It's caked shut with itchy think dressings, stitches and blood clots. It will clear in time but the sensation to sneeze is overwhelming. The first one is a God damned massacre ... so much blood, like a red iron river after monsoonal rains.

    But I can breathe ...
    The residual sticky yellow mucus in my lungs which suffocated me for months gradually pries itself from its bronchial prison. My sentence reduced to a coughing maze that will take time to navigate, as the feeling of being shot through my chest with an archer's arrow slowly, but surely, begins to subside.

    And I can breathe ...
    It's the absence of pain that I find most comforting. It's strange, unfamiliar, like some awkward rendezvous with an old and distant ally. Still I can't help but hesitate in disbelief, wondering which side is this double agent is really on.

    But I can breathe ...
    My rough cobblestone throat begins to smooth and a painful clarity returns to my obscured vision. It's the ultimate makeover show that's cleared a hoarder's house of a decade of useless junk and thick fog. My eyes water and sting, pierced by the kaleidoscope of colors. In time my voice, too, should return.

    And I can breathe ...
    Regularly 'popping' the pressure of my gurgling ears like some never ending airplane ride to hell is a habit I'll need to soon retrain. That destinationless flight I'm no longer on now I have my own wings ... and I'm in control.

    So I can breathe ...
    With an intoxicating euphoria, and despite a sleepless night a boundless energy returns. This renewed zest for life is the only infection I want to keep. My second chance ... and I'll not let go this time.

    Because I can breathe ...
    Effortless ... is this what normal feels like? Years of pent up stress dissipates from my body even though the question still hangs in the air: will this disease finally be rid of? Time will tell, but in the meantime I feel freed ... and I can breathe.


  • _the_introvert_boy__ 94w

    मेरे जख़्म हलके से सीले जाते हैं
    जब दर्द कागज पे मले जाते हैं

  • backstorypoetry 99w

    Truth is like a surgery. It hurts but it heals.
    A Lie is like a painkiller. It gives instant relief but has side effects forever....

  • hasibsamadi 108w

    "Great surgeons know the balance, they are confident not arrogant "

    -Hasib Samadi

  • simpleselfexpression 118w

    recovery is
    blankets lemons warmth movies
    cats rest cuddles calm


  • drpriyanko 120w

    Testimony 1

    She had a deep stab in her left side neck. The intern called up to say that the patient is in hypovolemic shock. I rushed to the hospital, her neck was wrapped with a dirty cloth. Pulse thready, BP 60/non recordable.. I had to take her dying declaration, she was dying, she was stabbed by her in-laws, she told.She was faintly calling to see her 2 year old boy..

    I charged up the kids(Read Young doctors)!- "We need to save her"!
    We geared up.. Pulled out the instruments and suction apparatus which seldom works, the emergency OT lights atleast worked. Me and Dr.Praveen(Name changed) scrubbed in. As we removed the cloth covering, there was bleeding like I've never seen before- like an open tap.. I was stunned for a second but regained enough senses." Internal Jugular vein tear" I shouted. I called to lord "Mahadev" in my mind while trying to catch the bleeder. Ahoy! I got hold of it. Ligated the Massive vessel. We were drenched in sweat.

    This was the only case where I have seen survival with Cut in the Internal Jugular Vein.

    Now- She has been discharged in healthy contidion, her in-laws arrested, and her kid has his Mom with him.

  • deloradavis 121w


    It's not too long since I've left
    Maybe just a day or two
    You call me a hundred times a day
    Just to see if I'm OK
    I've told you I'll be fine
    Even though it may take time
    I'll be fine
    I'm healing, I'm healing
    I'll be back home
    As soon as I'm healed
    Yes, when I'm healed
    Trust me I'll be back
    If that's what the universe wants
    I'll be back.
    All you need to know is I love you to the moon and back

  • the_blu_phoenix 127w

    Internship has been one of the most thrilling things I've ever done in my entire life. I've never been someone who's adventurous. I've always been the one sitting around in the corner listening to music. But internship, so far has given me so many memories, so many firsts that I'm more than grateful for.

    It's not Grey's Anatomy, but it's different. Better.

    It's not all sunshine and rainbows. It's blood, sweat and tears. Literally. Sometimes all at the same time mixed with some urine or saliva.

    I know I'm not being a poet or a writer since a long time here. But I'm learning to be a doctor and so far it's been an incredible ride.

    #doctor #medschool #medicine #surgery #writersnetwork #readwriteunite #pod #mirakee.

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    The water flows freely. She washes them. Thoroughly. Palms, the back of her hand, fingertips, her wrists, all the way till her forearm. Nothing must remain dirty or unwashed.

    She's there now. Her feet feel like they're made of air and lead at the same time. Is it real, or is she gliding through the floors as if in a dream?

    They don her with her armor. Tighten it up. She feels better. The armor covers her up. Atleast no one will notice her heart trying to escape from the cage that her ribs are. But she has to calm down. She closes her eyes for a second. Breathes the air in. The air smells like her own personal brand of morphine.

    It's too precious, the moment. Her hands are itching to touch something and tremble at the same time. With every ounce of adrenaline, she stops them from trembling. Her hands need to be protected. Covered. Geared.

    This is it. Her moment. Something that she's waiting to conquer. Something that she's dreamed to be. Her hands become steady. Her feet stand firm. She's ready.

    She looks at the battle at hand. She knows she wants peace. She knows she has the power to do good. Be good. Her voice doesn't tremble when she asks "Scalpel, please."

  • emilylove1818 130w

    It's random I know but I hope you get something from it. Please like and follow ��
    #injury #surgery #anxiety

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    When Will it be Enough

    Why do I have to go through this?

    I use to have it all. A school I called home with good memories, friends I considered family. I had to say goodbye to my best friends because she was bullied, she's moved away.

    Next thing you know I'm placed with a bullshit injury that no doctors even have the answer for, they say no surgery but when they give me medication that fails they say oh wel try the next infirmary.

    I waited so long to get better, and now I am, because I found someone to do the surgery, and all for what, for me to go back to school and act like a goddam zombie?


    I'm filled with anxiety, I am constantly on survival mode just waiting for the next moment my life will slip up. Everything feels pointless and meaningless, I'm not fulfilled, I don't really care about anything.

    My passion is dimmed with the replacement of me being on edge and feeling like my every breath determines what my future will look like.

    I had to overthink things and be on survival mode for over two years, with the goodbyes of people and places along with the hellos of injury and trauma.

    I'm at a loss for why I can't be relaxed and living. Why I can't give myself a break like everyone including my therapists keep on saying.

    I had it all.

  • sumeet19 132w

    A roller coaster ride
    Which was what I survived
    Went through hell
    Reached the very end
    But I survived

    Hospitals terrified me
    An emergency surgery was to be
    What I was told
    On the verge of collapse
    OR turned to be my destination
    But I survived

    Intrusive thoughts were killing my soul
    In a moment I felt my husband and my girl’s pain
    Parents were told that this might be an end
    Why me, I wondered as I was wheeled in
    But I survived

    Painful as were thoughts,I wanted to say goodbye
    Husband was told to complete the formalities, I didn’t say my farewell
    Doctor was in a thither, wanting the surgery to begin
    How close I came to dying, I didn’t know till the end
    But I survived

    I fell asleep listening to my birdsong
    Awakened later to the danger, which I was told later was gone
    General anaesthesia turned out to be the charm
    A moment here and a moment there
    And the surgery was performed
    Unscathed I am by the scars, threat was passed
    And I survived

    From surviving to healing
    From fear to dealing
    From pain to recovering
    From journey of blood to making myself whole
    From difficult moments to making myself happy
    I survived
    I survived


  • in_fragments 135w

    Birdsong Gone

    I fell asleep confident in my birdsong,
    and awakened to danger; that it might soon be gone.

    Resonating silence encumbers my ears.
    I extinguish morning's light to wrestle with fear.

    Birds without song, bitterness without ends.
    Perhaps my words were buried with my friends.

    Or perhaps the toxins that raid my throat
    invade my voice with a cancerous choke.

    Perhaps the malevolence trapped in my veins
    makes one last attempt to destroy my brain.

    Perhaps the poison comes out with a slice-
    second chance given by surgical device.

    But a healing bird is one who can't sing.
    Long, songless days that the future will bring.

    When vocal cords speak, will it sound the same?
    Will melodies muttered just lead to more pain?
    Afraid my birdsong won't return again.

    I fell asleep confident in my birdsong,
    and awakened to danger; that it might soon be gone.