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    I might leave the conversations in between but pick my words from different pages and make them stand together with each other or allow them to sit in between the empty spaces which you never forced me to fill - I might have filled them if not with the most brightest colours but with the poor colours as u say "You are dull like grey".I might leave you in between the chapters where our love may start blooming or in between the poems where you may declare your love for me but do me a favour of not asking me the reasons -I might be the one who loved silently rather than the one screaming on the top of lungs "I can't live without you" So never search for me after the chapter ends because with each chapter i will walk 20 steps away from you.You will never be able to reach me.You"ll always be 20 steps behind me.

    I am scared to lose what we have.A little of you and a little of me is enough to cover my emptiness.I never demanded an extra layer -Be it food or life.I never asked for those extra minutes that you dedicate to me in absence of others or I never asked you to spend hours with my silly questions.I can never ask such thing when i knew we have limited years with each other.I can never ask for such thing when i knew i'll disappear into thin air without telling you.I can never ask for such thing when i knew that after spending the last second of the day i say "I won't talk to him again but again another day but the same me -Helpless.

    -It's tough to breathe without you but who said i want to live anymore.


    Tujhe bhulein kaise jab tu bhulta hi nahi!!

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