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  • shanthi_yella 16w

    Vathi met Vaathi

    Vathi a young girl who completed graduation met Vaathi(teacher in tamil) at her training institute. They fel in love. To the twist Vaathi's best friend proposes vathi, who is also the teacher of Vathi at her graduation college. Vathi informs everything to Vaathi. A sudden mysterious fiction happens in their love story. Join us to know about the mystery in this triangle love story.
    Karan hacked the laptop of Vathi. karan is a common friend of Vinay and Shenoy.
    why did he hack her laptop? who asked him to do?
    Read to know the mystery..
    This is a triangle love story with psychological trauma, death mystery, missing cases and suspense thriller.

    This book is named as Vathi met Vaathi, because a teacher is called as Vaathiyaar in Tamil language. Both Shenoy and Vinay are her teachers. She met both of them in her life at different situations. Both the men love her.
    The words Vathi and Vaathi are in rhyming.
    Please continue reading. To know Vathi met which Vaathi at the end.
    Available @webnovel

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  • shanthi_yella 16w

    Vathi met Vaathi

    After 10 days, while we returning from our workplace he proposed to me. He did it pre-planned. We have an approved work schedule ready at the beginning of the month. So, he made a plan.

    That workplace was 25km away from Bangalore city. It was like a schedule and he knows that I like long drives. While we both were returning, he proposed on a flyover that runs for 15kms.

    He said, " Vathi, I'm not just proposing because your beautiful. I always want a partner like you. Who supports me in work. How handles me mentally as you do. Who understands me and my work-life balance. A person whom I can trust blindfolded. A person who is a friend of mine. I liked when you saved an abandoned girl baby, who was thrown into the dustbin.

    Will you share my family responsibilities also like work responsibility. I'm ready to share your responsibility.

    It's been six months that I realized I like you and want to marry you. But I was worried about the age gap of 10 years between us. I was worried about your education which is not yet completed.

    Vathi I want you to understand my feelings, emotions, and responsibilities. Vathi! I love you. Will you marry me? Will you be my inside-out beautiful wife?"

    I was silent and I did not speak to him for 1 week.

    A glance from my ebook Vathi met Vaathi @webnovel
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  • spandanmodi 32w

    Women's Day 2021 - Part 3

    In short, believe in the superpowers the women have, remind them of it if they have forgotten it.

    And at the same time understand that even though they have superpowers but in the end they are human only; so value them always and cherish them on a regular basis rather than doing that on just some specific days.

    That was all I wanted to say today and I would like to end it by wishing every woman a very happy women's day!!!

    - Faiz Modi

  • mariateresa 43w

    Goddess within

    Seeker of truth not yet seen in this world
    Cultivating life force expressed through wisdom assured
    Feminine wilds sharpened wit
    Woven throughout her enlightened sensuality
    Honors the attunement of purpose and grace
    Divine essense, beholder of beauty
    She rises to claim her place
    Beckoning the others to free themselves
    Renewed strength garnishes her own self respect
    Empowered by soul's healing
    Once thought dead now resurrect
    Walking forward with a gleam in her eye
    Magical superpowers of love that can't be denied
    Anchoring light and empathy
    She walks assured where others might hide
    A gift to this world, beholden to no one
    She lives within and is alive

  • alexte867 45w

    Super Hero of my imagination

    So this story is of a boy from a village who was strongly addicted with mobile phone , he always use phone doesn't matter what's the situation is , in result his life was fucked up , his 12th exam was near in next 2months or 1.5 but he didn't even touched the book once , he knew he is going to fail in it but still his addiction towards his phone not letting him study.
    There is a secret agency on earth who deal with the matters related to Aliens known as E.A.S.D (Earth's alien safety department) and since it was very secret know one on the earth knew about it not even their own retired agents ,Since they erase all work period memory of that agent once they get retired. they're having exceptionally advanced technology (some kind of technology which normal human would get to use maybe after 200-250years) also they knew a lot about existence of life outside this solar system this galaxy and many more.
    *Back to the kid*

    One day he was using his mobile phone on rooftop(was browsing YouTube) and suddenly a highly reactive serum poured on his body from space , which was actually a serum made from most genius scientist group of some hyper advanced alien community and E.A.S.D got it somehow but 2centuries advanced tech of E.A.S.D also wasn't able to understand what this serum actually is and how they made it , this serum accidentally was dropped from a space station.

    Later that boy lost his consciousness for a period of time his phone became dead,
    Since that serum was poured on his body and on mobile phone whose internet connection was on at that time , everything which is on internet directly copy pasted into his mind it was like everything , he himself turned into an alive form of technology and knowledge since E.A.S.D was also technology , that kid now knows all secrets all tech and literally everything about that agency

    But sudden this much transfer of data in his mind usually used to give him shock and he usually lost his consciousness , his family members felt worried about him that what actually is happening with him but doctors were unable to find main cause of his illness

    And here exams of 12th board were shifted in may due to a global pandemic known as covid-19 and in may after 7 months of that accident kid's mind actually started mastering all the knowledge hidden inside him that actually was entire technology & every single information on internet which includes 2-3 centuries ahead techs and science of E.A.S.D as well also knowledge about that super advanced alien society since this serum was made by them and it was directly connected to source of all knowledge of that Planet and serum had already turned him into technology so he can use all techs too
    Since his mind just started mastering which actually is a long process but still his knowledge was more than any normal scientist of the earth (excluding E.A.S.D) in any field without even studying a single word

    But he limited his marks upto 65% to not get into limelight and secretly+ slowly mastering his all abilities and knowing about all hypertech knowledge and tech of firstly E.A.S.D then that super advanced alien society (almost 10k-15kyears advanced than normal earth) which is hidden somewhere in his mind

    Later he keep on mastering his abilities for years and it even took almost half of a decade(4-5years) to master 20-25% of his abilities also helping helpless people secretly and silently
    Some of his well known and major abilities after mastering his powers would be

    ★His speed , endurance , stamina , healing ability , strength , agility , intelligence and everything were enhanced 1000 times more than any E.A.S.D agent
    Which now was *100 times than E.A.S.D agent

    ★He can shift his shape and not only shape shifting but also he will copy voice , finger print , blood , eyes and everything of the person whose shape he acquired even DNA (since he was technology and 10-15k years later tech were very advanced) He can't copy DNA by now he would after mastering 100%

    ★Teleportation (He can teleport anywhere he wish to be only caution is that place must be known by either Earth's society or by that super advanced alien society because he was form of knowledge but only that knowledge which is either known by that particular Alien society or by Humans) but since he only have mastered 25% he can only teleport to a limited known area of that Alien society

    ★Density control (since he himself was technology he can control density and mass of his body through which he can pass through any transparent or non transparent object With ease)

    ★Future prediction and projection ,Since he was knowledge himself He can almost predict incidences of future through movement of living being, all 5 elements ,gasses ,whether, planets , stars and nature by projecting them on ground in visible form (only visible for his eyes) because he was technology himself and calculating all things through mathematical and scientific ways

    ★Regeneration [He can regenerate from a single atom or even single sub atomic particle(single electron proton of neutron) of his body]

    Apart from this He was himself knowledge and technology (every single knowledge and tech present on either earth or that advanced alien society he was literally everything) which he still didn't mastered and this this actually was 75%+ of his abilities which were unmastered yet

    Even after such kind of powers he didn't had single arrogance and never showed off his powers to anyone and keep it secret and keep helping all helpless poor people silently but as he was thinking it is secret it actually was known by some superior officers of E.A.S.D but they didn't interfered till now since they knew this kid who actually is a man now after years is really good hearted person and can never harm anyone but they keep and eye on him and his activities ( but they also knew only few basic abilities of him which actually was 1-2% of his full powers) and even that man had mastered like 25% of his all powers most of knowledge and tech knowledge related to that alien society were still unknown to him

    And here that super advanced alien society which actually was 10-15k years advanced than earth and their only aim was destroy everything comes and their way and expand their empire got to know where there serum actually were so they sent a secret agent on earth for inspection and to know every secret thus they'll attack here

    ★Pt. 2 will come soon stay tuned to know that will that super advanced society destroy earth or something else will happen★

    Alexter out....

  • suddenlyme 54w

    Saving the World

    People say that I need to stop "saving the world". I don't do it because I think I'm superman or anything, just because if I could change the situation in anyway and I did nothing about it that would eat me alive

  • poetryfromsoul 59w

    In this dreary world
    None of us is alone
    Universe has guarded
    three superpowers ;
    Hope, Belief &
    To back us all


    #universe #hope #believe #awareness
    @mirakee @writersnetwork #superpowers

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  • theburningpen 71w


    They can find you out from anywhere to point out the grin in your laughter.
    but can never feel your tears rolling in front of them.

    Yup, they got superpowers.

    ©the_burning_pen (AkshayMote)

  • anjuswand 89w

    Trying to be a Real woman

    Little more stress,
    Little more worries,
    Little more crowd on mind,
    Little more me to me,

    Have been a Daughter,
    A sister,a wife,n a mom...
    A teacher and a hidden kid inside,
    all around.

    Again heard a voice of me, saying
    U r a creature well known,
    u can be more n more n so on...
    Then I stepped out some more
    from comfort zone.
    And started preparing my wings
    To open Wide.

    M back again now ,
    With adding stones to my crown.
    An entrepreneur,once and always.

    Responsibilities are good
    When u r not just a body of
    Flesh and bones.

  • victori 106w

    Super hero status

    Times her mouth was open
    Reciting the hook,
    Other times closed but
    it was always a book
    Of suspense urging
    the next chapter,
    Most times her eyes
    Shining with Rapture
    Display the sketches
    Of her soul
    Sometimes her eyes
    Unshining only capture
    The darkness that is Sheol
    Sometimes her mind is willing,
    And she tries to be the hero,
    But is made into the villain,
    The moment that she shows,
    Sometimes her body is weak
    She keeps her good deeds,
    Performed in secret,
    Hidden from individuals,
    Helping those in need
    With a hand that's invisible,
    The super hero creed.
    ©victori 7 Oct 2019

  • thepurpleink 106w

    No Feelings

    "Not feelings anything"
    Something i would like to be my superpower
    'Cause then no one could hurt me

  • jv_beecrafts 106w


    Always wondered what having superpowers entails
    Will I be a hero or a villain?
    I will rather be one who laughs maniacally with lots of makeup
    I will rather be one who snaps his finger and destroys half of the universe
    I will be one who will torture a hero
    With superpowers, I become a feared demon
    I become a menace to the populace earth
    An Hero? Never
    A Villain? yes please

  • maitri1001 106w

    Super power

    If I have a super power,
    Will set up rose petals' shower,

    In your eyes I've found my world,
    calmed my all storms that swirled.

    Will stop the time to see your killer smile,
    being apart? Will never choose that aisle.

  • tanz_frelle 106w

    Just a little sprinkled of pixie dust,
    and I fly like Peter Pan.

    Flying high to Never Land.
    To be a lost boy forever at last.

  • jasssszy 106w

    I want to hide the tears that rolls down my cheeks.
    I want them not to hear any words from my lips.
    I want to be the person that they can not see.
    I want to have the power of invisibility.

    - kor's

  • blueheaven 106w

    If I had a superpower

    If I had a superpower,
    What would it be, I wonder,
    Maybe I'd be strong and lean,
    I'd show my strength, I'd be seen.

    Or I could be fast, so very fast,
    Snap of my fingers I'd end my task,
    Move so quick, noone would even see,
    But maybe, I'd be too fast for me.

    Or I could just be smart, so smart,
    I would act normal, play the part,
    Slowly growing towards freedom,
    But the vast knowledge leads to boredom.

    But the very thing, I really want to be,
    Is something I had watched on TV,
    It is a man that controls how the light bends,
    Yes, it is him, The Invisible Man.

    Now you see him, now you don't,
    He only shows what he wants shown,
    Without fear he hides in plain sight,
    To appear and disappear, that's his might.

    I wish I could do that, to appear and disappear,
    But mostly, I do not wish for the latter,
    Because you see, invisible is all I've been,
    My biggest desire, is to be seen.

  • the_kid_that_wrote_away 106w

    Life would be so much easier if I could just run away from my misery

  • erosverse 130w


    There aren't
    Any words

    Only senses
    To guide us

    Into atomic
    Into cosmic


  • the_nonchalant_one 139w

    Super powers?

    The scorching sun, the shouts, the honks, the traffic...
    Ah! The City life... So amusing yet so agitating,
    I sit back in my car, wonder what super powers are?
    To love someone with all of one's heart?
    To trust fall while standing on the highest cliff of betrayal?
    To look in the mirror and see inner beauty behind the blemishes?
    To be as transparent as the crystal?
    Or to hide those tears even though you see things falling apart?
    To make doves when the world shouts for the sake of shouting?
    "Honk! Honk!"
    Then suddenly the City life took its place.
    I wonder when we all will be set free from this cage and discover...
    Some super powers are right here!
    We need to wake up and recover.

  • saif_popatiya 151w

    Monk mode

    Abstinence from instant gratification and temporary pleasures are able to give you superpowers you can never imagine