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    SUNSET ����

    The rough blending of the first three colours
    in rainbow: fierce red
    Embodiment of flamboyance: orange and
    The shimmering yellow,
    A prepossessing sight to behold,
    Hinting at the Night that follows
    Filled with idyllic moon and illuminant stars,
    And the Satyr that comes at night
    To perform woodland magic
    Without being seen by mortals.
    The darkness spreads;
    Carrying soft wind a whisper to my ears,
    The beauty of night like a nuzzle on my neck,
    The unending saga of sunrises and sunsets
    Always a mystery yet to be unfolded...

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    //The sun sets
    So that it can rise again;
    So that a novel day begins,
    As a second chance,
    As a day to start all over again
    Once you felt you had failed in life//


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    3 Am yet still dark as night
    Something doesn't feel right
    Here in my range rover
    On a trip to get some liquor
    All seemed fine till I glanced over
    To the hedge by the ledge on the edge
    Of the road, a thicket concealing an orb of light
    With blood as its color
    Not a word in mind to even mutter
    In a state of utter shellshock
    'Twas a sight I was never witness to before
    The stuff of folklore
    The kind you would cower on hearing as youngin
    Yelling 'I don't want to hear anymore'
    As the myth goes, it be a spirit
    In the form of a glowing red orb
    With a habit, ability and ethos to absorb
    All the vital fluid out of sentient beings
    That ever came in its sight at the hour of its hunger
    So how was I able to catch a glimpse
    Of such a wonder?
    And live to talk of it unscathed and unharmed?
    Could there be an act of divinity for my safety?
    To this very day I still ponder

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    There Maybe Another part of this (No Joke around Or 4 knocks more)
    #dark #horror #story #supernatural #paranormal #suspense #thriller

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    The Horror Joke (Continuation)

    The night it all happened was nothing more than a normal night.But next day we planned to watch the movie "Paranormal Activity" latenight and decided to just go directly to sleep after that.After watching the movie,I made by bed ready in the lobby as I'm the only one who sleeps in the lobby.And that night I had a deep and sweet sleep. But in the morning,when Me ,My cousin and My sister were playing carrom together. My cousin started sharing last night Experiences which were really hard to believe.
    He told that while he was sleeping,He felt like someone was pulling his sheets which he took over his body, after some time he felt like someone had swayed his leg in the air and was pulling harder .
    Then he told me one more thing -:"Bhaiyya , I know you knocked 4 times on the door to make me scared, Hai na ? And I angrily bursted on him and said - "Abbe Bakwaas na Kar, Yesterday night I was in such a deep and sweet sleep that even i hadn't woke up from my bed once ; And one more thing.... I'm not a crazy person who will stretch a silly prank for so long ,I agree that All that I told you was just Made up by me....But for the rest case I don't know a thing."
    Then he even got more scared and was just repeating that You have done such things. It all seemed like a joke my cousin maybe playing with me until i heard my Sister.
    She told Me -"Bhaiiya Last night When I can't sleep ; In the cool breeze of AC ....I felt a Hot gust of wind touching My face and playing with my hair.And it felt like someone breathing on my face, but it was nothing like a human breathing ......And I was Awake all night, And I'm damn sure that I can't see a living soul around me At that time.At that time I was speechless and too afraid as hell.
    I remember some 4 or 5 years back when We shifted in our newly made house. I was having way too scary experiences than those 2 were having.
    At night ,I could feel someone's presence but i Couldn't see anyone around.I could hear a lot of strange sounds ,But never dared to react to them at all Neither I could understand a thing.
    And 4 knocks was one of those incidents that lasted and thrilled my soul for least 2 or 3 years.But I thought it all has come to an end back then.
    But I didn't knew it was Holding something strange and dark for me in the future To give me a call ....Or Maybe mistakenly I made one

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    A Little Background -
    My cousin was having a month long vacation in school .So he came to our house to spend his holidays well. Mostly I use my phone a lot at Midnight time .Because of which my mom scolds me a lot. Consequently, My mother told my cousin to check on Me at midnights that I'm using my phone or not....And that too when he feels Like and Not unnecessarily.
    'The Lobby Scene ' Details -:
    In half portion of the Lobby there's An Led Attached to the wall .At the left side There is the sofa,the table in the middle And On the Right side A Single Bed . And In the other Half where the main Door connects..... There's a Fridge ,kitchen And The Sink With A long Rectangular Mirror.Usually The Lobby has 3 Bulbs And A tubelight . But for the Time Being in The story Only One Bulb Is On .
    (Just Imagine It This Way...)

    PS - Don't think The writer's a crack mind. it's a Semi-fiction .
    #dark #horror #story #paranormal #supernatural #suspense #thriller

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    The Horror Joke

    I was moving to and fro in the lobby with some random thoughts crushing in my mind.
    All of a sudden, I felt thirst and then I took A Glass from the kitchen,filled it half from the RO and as I Was Moving forward ....i stopped in the front of the mirror which is above the sink . I sipped the water slowly from the glass,And I was Checking myself in the mirror too. Then I felt I'm not Alone Here .Then I saw Someone peeking from the door which was at the end of the lobby and that side of the lobby was totally dark. Ohh! It was my cousin who came to spy on me and irritate me, I realised .Then I planned in my mind to play an prank(kinda joke ) on him. I slowly walked towards him..... Holding The glass of water such as It was A Long candle firmly And When I was in front of him with an unusual Scary smile. Then he asked me...
    Cousin -: "Bhaiyya, what were you doing standing there with a water glass in front of that damn mirror."
    Then I replied to him-:" You'll not know a thing,Huh.... I'm conjuring Bloody Mary !"
    Then He said to me -: "Don't make a Fool of me , I know it's done with a candle and that too at 12 :30 am".
    Then I made An angry and irritated face and said -:"Do you Know some logic about the process even? or you just believe the rumours.? And see the time is 12:35 and that too 5 mins. Late because you're messing with me" ....I said Nodding my head in disappointment.
    He said -:" So will you tell me the logic ,big brother?"
    Then I answered him in a serious tone "As the mirror shows the reflection of our world,Its also capable of opening the door to the other world. It's like as We can see through the mirror, Someone from the other side may too be Looking at us ....waiting for us to open the doors of the more strange,dark and maybe evil world.
    As such the water too shows the reflection, It can act like a Stephanie in the process with the double chance of conjuring something Or even someone from the other side. Maybe it help us to conjure someone which is More demonic than the Bloody mary itself.
    And thanks to the devil....I needed a partner and here you are "
    Listening to this theory he was scared as hell...He was sweating all over and was having an expressionless face. Then he ran towards the bathroom and just stayed there for some minutes.Then I thought to level up this horror prank thing. I turned off the single bulb glowing in the lobby.Now only the dim bathroom lights were visible. When he came out , I told him in a few words that....
    "By leaving this ritual, you're not doing something wise. You'll suffer for this,And I'll not make you suffer this,As I'm just giving a cautionary warning brother ; The one who'll make you suffer is even beyond my reach and communication. so be ready for the consequences ." Then he was scared so much that he said with a little face -"Please don't say like this brother ." and than he just ran towards the room ,closed the door hard ....And my silly prank was a success....lol.
    And now I thought he'll not irritate me at midnights disturbing my vibes.
    But what happened later .....was not something I expected and not even funny .
    Next part....

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    The Horror Joke

    Just Next Post !

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    The Doll, The Teddy, The Thing and The Night Wanderer
    Chapter 1 (The Doll)
    Intro -:
    For the Kids, A doll means a Lot !
    They play with them,share feelings with them,and even sleep with them . But when they grow up, They're supposed to break that relation with the doll
    ..... The one Who chooses not to ,Are thought to be the bad cases. But when the doll Chooses not to do so ..... It's worse .
    Me and my sister had experienced a lot similiar to this. So I should better start with the latest Incident first

    Latest Incident (Dated Some days ago) -:

    My nani's house is just 2 streets away , and there I have 3 Cousin sisters . Eldest one is 16 y/o ,Middle one is 13 y/o ,And the youngest one is just 4 y/o.And My real Sister's doll (Juju) with whom she used to play in her childhood usually remains At Nani's house as my Youngest cousin sis plays with her . Just a few days ago, Me and my sister were at that place, Sitting on the bed talking to each other about the School, IG , Punjabi songs And other stuff . After a time ,The youngest cousin dropped the doll on the bed , And started playing with her . I said to the middle cousin
    That "The doll seemed a little sad ,when she was laying on The bed.But when the youngest Started playing with her she seemed happy. I don't know if I'm imagining or it really seems to Everyone who notices this" . The middle one said "That's true,when I was a child , I too used to play with alike dolls for hours,And it felt like the dolls reacted to each and every talk and the things...Just like she was a Living Friend".
    Just next day....
    The youngest cousin hitted our door In the morning with my uncle .I was just in a half awake state ....
    I remember seeing her carrying the doll in her arms and approaching me .The Youngest Cousin came closer to me and said "The doll wanted to come here , She wanted to stay with you here"....
    And I was totally shocked hearing this !!
    My sister's Experience (Somewhere in 2013 or 2014)
    It was a complete midnight situation.My sister Was just 7 at that time .So she used to sleep with the same doll (Juju) on the cornerside of the bed.So she was facing towards her doll which was sleeping left to her. She closed her eyes watching the same doll, After a little while when she opened her eyes ,she could not see her doll sleeping next to her , All she can see was just wall. Her body was totally paralyzed,Like she can't move an inch of her body as she can only see the wall and nothing.After a while she was back to the normal state ,Then she turned her eyes to the roof .There she saw something unnatural ...She saw a lot of dolls on the Ceiling, joining hands ,making a circle and they all were staring my sister.But she was astonished more to see that her own doll was not there .And instead of the ceiling fan, In the area between the circle , She could see the darker portal thing which was very shady and hard to identify. Next morning, she was glad to see her doll back and hugged her and everything was back to normal .
    (After hearing that I was having my own thoughts,I imagined maybe they all were trying to open the doors to another world,maybe My sister's doll was doing so because in the whole process she wasn't one of the dolls and doesn't appeared in front of her,And maybe it was all in my head)
    The last incident (Dated somewhere 2 or 3 years ago)
    We had a cradle which belonged to my younger sister when she was a kid. But now as we were having a younger kid (At my Nani's house ,that same 4 y/o cousin was just some months old) we decided to hand it over to her.But the cradle never stayed at the same place .Sometimes ..my Cousin travels to our house sitting in the cradle and leaved the house sleeping in her father's arms .So one day my sister was holding the doll In a silly manner,and we were delivering the cradle and the doll both to my Nani's house. On the way Many people Talked a lot weird things about them Such as ...(The women is so heartless that she handed her little baby to her younger sister and is being careless ,Why they are not placing the little baby in the cradle ...So silly they are". i think they said such things as the doll appeared very close to reality such as it was a reborn doll(Reborn dolls are the dolls which looks total real and are custom made),But our one was a total normal one.
    I don't know why but after hearing this, I was disturbed.
    The Ending - I personally think there's nothing wrong in having a little sweet connection with the doll at any age, But only when we keep in our mind the Difference between the reality and the illusionary world. Because when you start ignoring the difference,It gives her the chance to erase the difference Completely.And if that happens, Your life may turn dark and depressive...you may be left alone and declared a psychopath by the rest of the world and your life may come to a pointless Still.
    .....( Darker Narrative continues )
    Then she'll only play with you, She'll only talk to you, She'll sleep with you every night without you knowing the fact...
    Finally , she'll have total control over your LIFE and Your SOUL......||
    The Narrative style is inspired from The Lore S1 (Horror Web Series)

    Credits -: The reborn doll reference is from The Lore S1E6.

    Special Credits - I want to thank my sister and my mom For telling me the stories,
    And a sincere apology for Over -dramatising the stories too....
    P.S.- The writer's not a crack mind , It's just semi fiction (Half fiction,Half reality)
    #horror #deep #dark #disturbing #tale #story #supernatural #paranornmal #psychological #suspense #thriller #pod #mirakee @miraquill @writersnetwork #writersnetwork

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    The Doll


  • uttkarsh_15 12w

    Its about the doll whom the child loves but abandon it once they grow up,But the doll Doesn't...
    It will not be a Linear story, But in a narrative form form as a collection of events ...(Trying Something New)
    #dark #horror #suspense #thriller #story #series #paranormal #supernatural

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    The Doll, The Teddy, The Thing And The Night Wanderer

    Chapter 1(The Doll) Just Next Post !

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    From A Little While , They're Hitting me So Bad, And scaring Me A Lot

  • uttkarsh_15 14w


    When I downloaded the Paranormal Activity 1 ,It was midnight and all were asleep except me.
    Then I checked My phone charging after the download ,It was 66%
    (And some the horror lovers can tell you,6 is the no of the devil )
    After I screencasted my phone to TV,It started acting silly as i have no controls on the video player .....
    After some time I tried to switch to other app ,
    Then it automatically played the same movie itself .
    When I was going to call my sister for the movie,The screencast just got cancelled Itself.
    And the most weird Part is
    When the movie was running around 5 minutes time, There was a sudden black out at our house , Even though we have a good inverter, And when we checked the inverter
    It was switched off

  • uttkarsh_15 15w

    It happened just a day before The Dark Night!!!
    Firstly The electricity cut happened . everybody reacted normal and the electricity was back soon.
    The electricity cut happened again, And i don't wanna take risks of e. cuts and inverter failures.
    So i picked up my single bed mattress,The sheets,pillow and a teddy and have gone straight to my terrace to sleep ��.
    (Yeah you heard it right,A teddy ��)
    Then i arranged my bed on the cemented floor .
    I'll tell you the environment there...
    (A water tank ,heavy pieces of wood( Furniture leftouts), Some bricks and an sky full of stars ��)
    Then i just passed my time looking from above the area full of grassland and a few houses, Then i read on mirakee,Listened a 90s song a lot time then i just lead my body to sleep
    The dark things happening started with the wind, The wind was dead and can't be felt anymore.
    Then i heard the voice of my mom calling "You've left your water bottle ,Come take it!
    Then i was scared a little because of the horror tv shows and the myth itself Chalaava
    (A little info- Chalaava is a devil creature in indian myths , Who seems to fool you by taking the forms of your known ones, The people too say that we shouldn't reply to a Chalaava's question or statement as it can then infest our soul or kill us.)
    Afterward I took a wise decision, I replied my mom and took my bottle from downstairs.
    The reason; as I'm more afraid of my mom than any chalaava , As i know what happens when i don't reply to her ��.
    Then I thought to concentrate on my sleep .As I was trying , I saw something strange...! I saw 2 lights flashing from the area nearby , The one was on a ground level on a folding bed (manja) ,And other was from an house as it was just like a open photo gallery��️
    (They designed this way)
    Then the light from the house changed it form unlikely, I was just feeling like some shadow is trying to hide from something. And i don't know what was more scary .....The light , apparition or the other light noticing it from below. And yeah the light from the open gallery house was humanless ...��
    Then all of a sudden the open gallery house light dissapeared .The light below too dissapeared .
    Then i again tried to get a sleep , But I can't because the Bloodsuckers were infesting on me so bad.
    That even I can't tell myself that I'm asleep or awake.
    The Bloodsuckers were none other than
    mosquitoes (macchar).
    Don't worry the end is near(To the reader)
    Then i saw many scary things from my half open eyes and half asleep state,Some are.....
    •The neighbour's black water tank was moving from its place as it was taking the form of a faceless,Body less creature which appeared like the dark force ,hard to explain .��
    •I saw my teddy sleeping nearby me , But in a blink of the eye, I saw him on the other blue water tank, Hiding and watching me Suspensefully. I don't realise it in a second Because then i closed my eyes for 10 seconds as My body was tired AF,But when I opened my eyes after 10 seconds ,I was scared and completely shook to the core and soul , The reason that i noticed my teddy was just right next to me.
    But i don't know why i think he had changed his position ��.
    .....(My bloody hallucination ��)
    But a good thing that i experience that night was turning the sky from extreme dark sky to the pretty blue sky as the dawn was approaching.
    End Of The Story ||
    (DON'T get me wrong I'm still a night lover,But the experiences I have that night made me crave for the Light blue sky beautifully bidding a goodbye to the stars and making the birds to chirp beautifully as the sun was too dim to be seen, But hopefully i was still accompanied by the Beautiful moon and 2 or 3 stars)

    Note- I welcome both Suggestions and criticism.So feel free to comment your opinions and feelings.
    P.S.- Don't think the writer's a crack mind, It's a Semi -Fiction
    (Some reality,Some Fiction)
    So just chillax!!!
    #story #horror #suspense #thriller #moon #stars #teddy #dark #sky #disturbing #deep
    #light #paranormal #supernatural #life #night #sleep #darkness #pod

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    The Dark Night :

    A Day Before

  • uttkarsh_15 15w

    I'm going to start a Dark Horror Series which will consist of 4 Chapters. ....

    •Its about the doll whom the child loves but abandon it once they grow up,But the doll Doesn't

    • Persons who still befriends a teddy when They are scared or Alone And (Vice Versa)

    •The Third One Is A Surprise ....

    •The 4th one is the night wanderer,Whom we won't Notice,But he Notices us Every night (I'm gonnna tell you only this much now)

    However it may take some time,As I'm still working on it
    But I'll try to make It worth the wait !
    P.S- It'll be a Semi -Fiction
    #dark #horror #suspense #thriller #story #series #paranormal #supernatural

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    The Doll, The Teddy, The Thing And The Night Wanderer

    4 stories , All interconnected....

  • alanna_argudo 22w

    You left.

    The night you left, I remember.
    You kissed me for the first time.
    I told you I loved you.
    Now, tell me.
    Why do I see faces in confusion?
    Why do I see faces in pain?
    When I tell them you left, they say,
    "You have to let go,"
    "This isn't healthy,"
    I know, I know I need to let go.
    It's just that I can't get out of my head,
    "We all thought you stopped seeing him."
    "Seeing who?" I finally asked.
    "That man none of us can see."


  • alanna_argudo 22w

    They say you died.

    You died that night.
    If only I didn't remember.
    I want to forget.
    We had dreamt of a life together.
    You were taken too soon from this world.
    Yes, it's true.

    Then, why?
    Why have you become this?
    Every day I see you.
    Whether I'm awake or asleep.

    You've become my nightmare.
    Your presence, I dread.
    For days, I have not slept.
    I can't. You won't let me.

    I'm losing my mind.
    That's what you want, right?
    Do you know?
    Did you learn the secret I kept from you?
    Is this your revenge, or is it the universe?

    I've cleansed the house.
    And yet you're still there.
    Maybe you're just in my head.
    Is it even you?
    Or is someone pretending to be you?
    You died that night… so they say.


  • alanna_argudo 22w

    It was a Tuesday.

    On Tuesday, I found her body.

    It was just there for anyone to find, for anyone to take.

    I couldn't help myself.

    I know I shouldn't have done it.

    Father will be so upset.

    What was I supposed to do? Just leave it?

    Leave it for anyone to possess… to- to consume?

    It's mine now, and I'm not giving it back.

    No one can take it from me. Not even he can.

  • zhan_han 24w

    My influence aroused the demon inside me
    And now, I'm the keeper of my personal hell.


  • the_skinnypoet 28w

    I am
    A paragon, encased in a decaying flesh suit
    An epitome, existing for an uncanny purpose
    An entity, embodied within an unreal world
    A soul, older with hopes but young in dreams

    And yet

    I am
    A shadow, latched onto memories with pain
    A corporeal, clinging off them as last resort
    An occult, opioid with fears of many
    An apparition, devoid of anything that's pure

    Human am I, I suppose
    Human, I want to be
    Humane, not in every way but
    Humane, I am trying to be.


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    What's more superstitious than love with a broken heart, supernaturally a spell has been cast writing this i am still in doubt.


  • thebhavnasaxena 35w


    When you have crawled
    Through deserts and all
    You want is a river to drink from,
    Remember my name.
    When your sins overflow your
    Heart, and the day of judgement
    Knocks upon your door,
    Remember my name.
    Remember, how you choked me
    To death, in the pretense of a
    Lover's embrace, I still remember
    The fire where you left me to burn,
    As I watch another innocent
    Become your prey, so when you go
    To sleep tonight and feel the
    Icy hand of a ghost run down
    Your cheek, say my name,
    'Cause I'll be watching,
    I love the way your lips
    Tremble with fear as they
    Form my name.

  • renukadeshpande_ 46w

    And the show ended; but the characters lived on.

    Just a nostalgic post on supernatural :')


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  • potatoo 47w

    Saving people
    Hunting things
    The family business ♥️!

    Well every good thing always comes to an end and here it is, finally after 15 years, Sam and Dean are retired, or are they? Cause everyone knows once we get into this hunting life there is no coming back, you're far away from a normal life haha!

    I have been watching supernatural for alomost 3 years now and I can surely say that it's one of those long ass shows who didn't mess their ending!
    It was sad but it had to be like that! Ngl supernatural has really taught me a lot of things like whatever we do it has a direct or indirect affect on the world or anyone and sometimes letting go others is the best thing to do even if you don't want to.

    Sooo thank you Sam, Dean, Cass all of them even Crowley and Lucifer to make my life AWESOME! Lol.

    Peace out bitches ^_^!

    #Supernatural #destiel #Sam #Jack #Spnfinale

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