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    These West coast vibes really suit me well. I love seeing the majestic mountains all the time reminding me of my own inner strength. The weather is gorgeous and sunny, severe clear skies. My heart is so happy and the peace I feel makes me immensely grateful for all of the wreckage these last 3 months. When the Universe takes everything away, it's for our highest good and healing. I've ended 5 very poignant and challenging relationships. One is with my only living parent, the other was my partner of 8 years. Life feels effortless and flowing full of abundance today. Waking up to a serenity I've never known in all of my 43 years.

    Grateful ❤
    Thank you all my fellow friends and writers on here that support and love me as I share pieces of my soul as poems on this journey called life.

    In light and in shadow, always with love ❤ Namaste ��

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    Standing still near sunflowers on a hill
    Sun moves slowly towards the horizon ending the day
    Sudden change once warm in my body, now grows chill

    This journey has taken many paths
    Newness is bubbling with wonder in the aftermath
    Waiting patiently, having the chance to reinvent myself
    I've pushed the reset button, rejuvenation turning full circle
    All the pieces of me coming together now in a hue of deep purple

    Each one the strongest and best version of soul
    Fullest expression, loud and colorful, I cast an intentional spell
    Ready to embark upon roads not yet traveled
    Mystery is my companion and faith is my guide

    Continuing to walk and dance to the beat of my own drum
    Never dull or boring, it's a full spectrum life I've begun
    Not for the faint of heart or ones who don't understand its intensity
    My heart is enormous as it shines light as a beacon of hope
    And awaits its wildest destiny


  • agjproverbs 8w

    We all need our rainy seasons, otherwise how would our Sunflowers grow?

  • nevermoreending 11w


    Yellow and bright.
    Tall as trees.

    (Oh!' The tales they could tell!)


  • paperin_ahes18 17w

    @miraquill @mirakeeworld
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    Life isn't always about rainbows and butterflies,
    Sometimes it's accommodation that moves us along
    It's not always about sunflowers,
    Sometimes we have to break before we shine☀️

  • oceansandgraveyards 18w

    16 June '21 #oceans #sunflowers #skies #graveyards #solitude #love #ol_bp #readthisJ #pod

    Posting this just because my Akka told me to write @thesunshineloves ����

    @writersnetwork thank you ��

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    I often fall in love with myself, skies, oceans, sunflowers and graveyards than falling for someone.

    ©orotund | Bhargavi aka Dolly

  • rhythmic_beats 22w

    Sunflowers planted in the land of droughts
    To downpour blissful drops of life to
    Breathe again the divinity of lost life.
    Swiftly drought transformed to lively
    Woods of Amazon.
    But she was stabbed with curses
    And wild scratches by a hungry demon
    And slit her rosy lips by fake smiles,
    Dressing her as the most exultant flower
    In the society's garden of "Happy married life".
    Scared sun never entered that walls
    Where even the moon was scared to
    Send the night by opening that doors
    Of graveyard! It was no more a home
    But was a haunted house by alive morons;
    Undressing her ribs to drink her elixir of blood,
    Pulling her poetic hairs to burn it with
    Deadly desires echoing since ages!
    Her eyes were teared apart every night
    By the scavenging poisoned teeth
    Killing her screams behind the curtains
    Of gentleman.
    Her blessed legs flowed
    Rusty blood, inking the floor by
    Horrible pigments of trauma,
    Abandoned in curse.
    Her cave was broken aggressively all
    Day and night breaking her backbone
    Of courage to ashes.
    Sunflowers face towards the direction
    Of sun, up in the sky,
    But there are also bunch of sunflowers
    Who face the towards the direction of
    Hell to hide her decaying tissues.
    Petals of sunflower leaked merlot scars;
    She wore the mask of sunflower behind
    Which she was an alive caged zombie,
    Who was forced to kill herself by slow poison
    Of brutal miseries.

    S/h/e turned to s/hhhh,
    She rooted herself in the graveyards.
    Sunflowers breathing in the graveyards,
    Eclipsed the entry of sun forever.
    © rhythmic_beats

    By the time you are reading this post many innocent women are harassed, killed, raped for dowry, infertility and to fulfill sexual desires. Yes! In our society there are bunch of sunflowers growing in the graveyard, where each one of us fear to enter and free those souls from the haunting demons.

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    Sunflowers breathing
    In the graveyard...

  • maevee 23w

    Sunflowers, Sunshine

    So just today when I was traveling (which I do a lot these days), I saw a truck loaded with stuff I couldn't really make out and it was lying by the road on its side.

    Strangely, it didn't bother me. I just glanced at it like I would at a sunflower in the field, yes I saw sunflowers today morning which made me happy because I've not seen one in a long time.

    And then when I started to think why did the truck lying there didn't bother me, the first pop up said it's just another one which in fact is very disturbing because there comes the second pop up that I've seen too many trucks I have seen recently which constitutes to the fact that we have roads which are not developed as a result making travelling unsafe.

    We still have overloading of trucks which is driven by an exhausted driver who travels 26 days in a month to earn decent money to feed stomachs at home and push himself that he can do it and can't go back home early to see their eager faces to only disappoint them further for not having returned home with enough money.

    And that's when I read a sign which says : sadak pe masti, life nahi hai sasti.

    But is it enough? Are we really doing enough?


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    Sunflowers, Sunshine

    It didn't bother me,
    I just glanced at it
    like I would at a
    In the field..


  • thebleedingmeteor 24w


    I hope.
    It's my habit.

    I was the stupid
    sunflower in the
    field of hundreds

    that always thought

    Sun was only
    looking at me


  • bemyheartless_love 31w

    The quietest hearts, bloom in love like sunflowers
    Where you had felt her smile indeed into your eyes like one frame of love at all

  • blue_hue05 32w

    I curled my fingers in your hair today, silently waiting for you to open your eyes,
    For I know this moment will never come again.
    I gently touch your eyelids to wake you up, to stop you from dreaming about leaving me.
    Moving my fingers ahead, I caress your cheeks and imagine how must they look when you laugh.

    You open your eyes slowly,
    Eyes wide like a sunflower
    Black eyeballs as its disc florets.
    Eyelashes fragile like its petals.

    You open your eyes and they look at me, like they're searching for something.
    Just like a sunflower turns itself towards the sun.��

    I wanna ask, did you see something?


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  • oceansandgraveyards 33w

    I'd rather fall in love with my own solitude, places, sunsets, oceans and sunflowers rather than falling for a man.

    ©orotund | Bhargavi aka Dolly

  • madhumitalondhe 52w

    Sunflowers and mornings

    I love you
    like the sunflower loves
    the morning
    right from its first ray
    to the last that dooms away,
    into the horizon
    sipping the light
    moment by moment.
    I wait for you
    like the sunflower awaits
    for the sky to glow again
    and it unfolds each petal
    with a secret of dark
    that it blabbers around
    low yet high for the blue
    to lend a ear.

    I loathe you
    like the sunflower does,
    the horizon for sipping
    it's colours
    and turn it into
    a visible grey
    though it knows
    the sun will rise anyway
    but it chants curses
    onto the ground everyday.

    I am tied to you
    like the sunflower
    to the morning sun,
    to the shades of blue
    and the shapes of cotton candies
    spread along the sea of
    deepest stars
    that shine upon it's lonely nights
    for they've promised the sun
    to take care of it
    until he walks back again.

  • ink_trovert 56w

    The lore of sunflowers...
    They symbolize longevity, love and loyalty
    And I borrowed them from clytie.

  • jlaine 58w

    Sultry sunflowers
    In canary yellow robes
    Enticing prison brothers
    For a swig of honeyed chrome

    Alight the golden hour
    When reflections glint as strobes
    Guiding faithful lovers
    To the cells of wistful home


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  • tortoise 66w

    #flowerc @writersnetwork #sunflowers

    But I'm a sunflower, a little funny
    If I were a rose, maybe you'd pick me.
    ~ song by Shannon Purser

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    With my broken pieces of heart,
    that fail to join together,
    I've made a compromise.

    Arranged them like the florets
    of a glorious Sunflower,
    I prefer to stand tall, than victimize.

    I keep choosing the Sun, every moment,
    like them, despite the haunting shadows
    of self doubt that follow me.

    Sunflowers teach you, how to be you genuinely,
    and loving every part of you,
    even when all of them disagree.


  • davdajuhi 68w

    Just because you don't look like someone who is attractive doesn't mean you are not attractive.
    Roses are pretty, but so are sunflowers.
    Each in their own way.


  • mjnobasuke 71w

    you are all the flowers in the world to me. ��

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    An Obsession With Flowers And You

    i’d like to give you flowers.

    and that’s why i’m standing here in this garden, gazing at all these flowers, wondering what i should choose to express exactly how i feel.

    but while each and every single one of them is uniquely beautiful, i think to myself, it’s hard to choose when they all remind me of who you are.

    you’re cute like lilac, and i try not to let it show. i try not to smile everytime. it’s your quirks and mannerisms. it’s your eyes and your voice. it’s the way you talk and the way you laugh. it’s how you flip your hair and how you walk. it’s all the little things, really, and it’s not hard to love them all.

    you touch me with the gentleness of daisies. you remind me of everything pure and innocent there is. you’re kind and warm and thoughtful. you treat me as if we’ve been friends for years, and i run to you like we’ve known each other forever—you make me feel safe.

    you’re as poised as the tulips. they can clothe themselves in costly gowns and dresses, but the only one i’d ever look at is you, even in your loose shirt and faded jeans, even when no one else agrees that you’re the finest. to me, you’re elegant regardless of how you dress.

    you’re as bright as the sunflowers. you feel a lot like clear blue skies and summer nights. you’re the sunshine on my face in the morning and the warm friendly breeze on May evenings. when i see yellow, i think of you and your golden smile. that’s just how you make me feel—happy.

    you smell a lot like roses—a scent so romantic i feel like i’d fall in love again. you make me feel like i’m seventeen. i’m as brave as the first time, like i’ve got nothing to lose, like i was never hurt before. i want to take your hand, take you out, take you home, try again.

    you see?

    i can gaze at all these flowers all day long and still not be able to choose what to give you, or i can choose all of them and still not be certain if i’m giving you the flowers that you deserve.

    i can spend the rest of my life searching for the loveliest garden that holds the loveliest flowers i can pick to tell you just how lovely you are, but it will never be enough because

    you already feel like an entire garden, and

    you are all the flowers in the world to me.


  • a_quaint_laddoo 77w

    They were basking and dancing
    in the boundless embrace of daylight.
    Joyously sprinkling a golden hue,
    they were summer's sunflowers!
    At an abandoned nook of the garden,
    there stood a tulip with faded petals.
    Simply gazing at the saunterers
    who lazily passed by chattering,
    it remained in the clutches of silence
    like an ice cube in molten wax!
    Underneath, the water collaterals
    were still nurturing its narrowed roots,
    unaware that it belonged to
    a nearly dead but living one...
    To survive that lengthiest period
    between a green seedling and
    a crumbled brown remnant
    is the most cruel dare for a plant.
    And somehow it battled,
    until an empathetic monsoon
    uprooted and blended it into
    a decaying pool of humus.
    But once there lived
    a tulip with faded petals...

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    Faded tulip