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  • madinah_writes 1w


    This morning,
    The sun rose as red as blood.
    It slowly kept soaring,
    With clouds hovering like gleamed jewels left in mud.
    Green as life, nature's wild
    Engulfing it all in bright shades, narrow and wide.
    Like different colours, building.
    Others keeps fading.
    Spreading into a new day.
    Filling my lips with it's heavenly fragrance of so much to say.

  • dee_kye 2w

    If I was...

    If I was crowned a chance,
    Rumpling darks, without moonlight,
    Rueful hymns, without cheery chants,
    I shall strut them into luminous lights

    If I was rewarded a wish,
    Crimson smiles, darling dawns,
    And a sublime swish,
    Chirpy colours, I'd have drawn

    If I was handed a power,
    The heavy hands of time,
    Parade that cowers,
    I shall freeze them all with lustrous rhymes

    If life was outlined,
    Basking in the sun,
    Joy in the shine,
    "I choose, to stand as a sunflower in the run"


  • happie_sunflower 2w

    Every time I see a sunflower,
    I immediately think of you.
    While the entire world was busy romanticizing rain,
    You taught me to idealize
    the sunshine
    Turning back to darkness
    And facing towards the light,
    You spread seeds of joy,
    Everywhere you go.
    My girl,
    How does it feel
    To share your soul with a sunflower?


  • awakeddeath 4w

    I wanna see the sunrise griping a petal printed with my wishes that were just mere delicacies undone.


  • crestf 7w

    we cannot let go, because we're connected to each other; you're my sun and i'm your flower "

  • abhishekkamble 10w

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    @theultimateinsane @sou_scribbles_ @_still_in_mess

    Dedicated to my love❤

    "Meri khwaishe bhi tujhme hai,
    Jo tu Mange Wahi mang lu,
    Bas Itni si khwaish ab sirf meri hai".
    - ©abhishekkamble

    Her sunflower vase

    Her wardrobe painted a blue of his denims, while she sat in her purple gown appealing to the iron board, the steam of his t shirts, it made her realize the iron swaying over the roughs when she breathed all the air in, she pinched her thoughts when she sensed her fingers shallowed over her dimple cheeks, the redness her cheeks had was the paint of red roses he once blushed with, she said to herself, "oh it's almost time", she glanced over the window pane as curtains blew the wheezing wind, "mumma! Oh mumma!" She heard a little shout, that crawled in to peep his mumma through the creaking doorway, she gasped a sigh and bent over to be his embrace.
    "Mumma papa!", The child blabbered as she looked into his tiny eyes that saw her first, she told him, "hey kid, daddy will be coming home, he works hard no, he goes office, he bring fruits, he bring toys, he loves mumma and you", the child whispered a chuckle and pointed his finger at mumma's nose as she kissed his forehead with all her affectionated motherhood, she tucked his head on her bosom, while he hung around her neck with his loosening hold, before she could sing a twinkle twinkle her son already snored a sleep. She then sat on the couch watching the munchkin and pondered how her son will be pulling his bag strap cause it might be too heavy to hung on his delicate shoulder, unaware that they are the bones least bothered about themselves and as she was grabbing her cellphone, he rang the doorbell ! She got up gradually and tip toed her slippers and opened the safety door, looking at her man she couldn't be more impatient than this, to tightly wrap her warmth around his perfumed white collared formals, he always stared at her with the face he looked at her, the eyebrows bowed upon the forehead and the lips longing to curve a bit more and the 'honey please open the door' had her sleepless afternoons evanesce in front of her sight.
    He told her, "ah it was another busy day but hey there's something I have, I have been waiting to give you this", happy at his curious girl, he asked her, "but no cheating you gotta close your eyes first", just to ensure a fair play he blindfolded her "ever waiting" questions, held her hands and asked her to keep them still, he then opened her blindfold and she got her brand new dress that she reluctantly added in her 'wishlist' cart, she jumped and clinged to him, he caressed her sweated and tensed head and rubbed her back which was tired of standing a day long with her multi-tasking, He said, "I knew girl, you waited for my paycheck but how could I wait to see you being this kid again, now you will get a day off and I will do the dishes", she slapped his cheek teasingly and said to herself, " I had never seen a skyline so starry but you gave me a different frame"
    Suddenly he banged his head on his study table, "oh when I fell asleep thinking what all I could do for you", and he sighed, there's still time we marry and he snapped back to the glass window, where he stuck his 'to do' list. He said in his thoughts, "girl thodasa wait, I am getting ready my suite!".

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  • mia_yham_ 10w


    Dear Kid,
    You are a baby sunflower; you were never meant to be red like a rose or fragrant like a jasmine.
    You were supposed to be yellow, facing the sun and blooming on your own without the feeling of inferiority.

    Sunflower stands tall with grace evoking the feeling of positivity.
    You are as bright as the sun, you possess your own kind of beauty.
    Never compare yourself to a red, red rose or to a newborn lily.
    Not to a jasmine that bloom with fragrance nor to dandelions that dance with the breeze of the wind.

    You are a sunflower, the one that grows like nobody.
    Remember this kid, neither you are inferior nor superior to any.
    Everyone is unique in their own way; we must just learn to embrace the concept of equality.


  • chezkeza 11w

    Dear kid

    You are a baby sunflower; you were never meant to be red like a rose or fragrant like a jasmine. You were supposed to be yellow, facing the sun. And I have to admit that the word special is not enough for you.

    Special is basic and incomplete.
    Because when I look at you, I see the universe's desire to capture the rawness of life.

    Littling, you might never be like the roses; used by the world to express feelings mouths cannot utter.
    Or like jasmines always refreshing in smell; cherished by the world for their fragrance of life.

    For the truth is, everything created has its own spark. Its own piece, added to the greater puzzle of life.
    And you, with your solar halo petals, add to life the spark of embracing own's inner joy. That it can be reflected outwardly.

    You my dear might not be a rose or a jasmine.
    But you are a sunflower, representing life in all its splendor. Uninhibited to showing yourself. Standing tall amidst the heat, ever strong around the wind.

    You are my sunflower, my spark.
    In you, I see me, the ancestors before us and generations after us.
    You are a sunflower. In all its glory.

  • gracioussluice 11w

    Dear kid
    [You are a baby sunflower, you were never
    meant to be red like a rose or fragrant
    like jasmin. You were supposed to be
    yellow, facing the sun and...]
    ......Relishing in its glory

    You were meant to follow
    The sun to where it shines brightest
    To illuminate your alluring petals
    And your tiny blooms

    You my little bud are a special breed
    With your looks like the sun bringing
    Warmth and happiness to the heart of many

    So don't cower don't hide in the shadows
    Stand straight with your heads up and
    Do what you are meant to do.

    DO YOU my little sunflower

  • superrita_21 11w

    Letter from Mom Sunflower

    Dear kid,

    You're a baby sunflower , you were never meant to be like a rose or fragrant like Jasmine, all I see is a pretty yellow , a smart fellow.

    You are a big flower, brighter than all, beautiful bright face, dancing to the gentle breezy waves. You're a gleaming, joyful, confident fellow, joyful and stunning , welcoming Mr. Sun ☀️ with super smiles. Mr.Sun says hello first to you, warming, nourishing,give you strength to have lots of fun.

    You are strong and tall , courageous fellow, uniquely different from all other flowers, mesmerizing mellow. Here for many centuries before and after, very popular flower on the planet after all. Well respected and cared for by all the men, we are super models to help maintain health, wealth and zen.

    We drive the economy boosting oil rates, with our seeds in the foods gives everyone a enjoyable taste. The yellow dye is blend into yarns, the leaves are excellent fodder filling the barns. We have the power, to bring harmony, looking elegant on a desk in a vase, spreading peace and tranquility. We are like liquid gold, pretty amazingly useful in multiple fold.
    Knowing who you are, your worthiness, is very important, fear not, let your heart not torment. Gently I hug and kiss you,, kind hearted fellow, truly proud to see who you are. Believe in yourself, oh my little cute pal, let's merry for the valuable life , given , you are a wonder, let's dance have a ball.

  • bklyn464 11w

    Letter from a Sunflower

    Dear kid,

    You're a baby sunflower. You were never meant to be red like a rose or fragrant like jasmine
    You were supposed to be yellow
    Facing the sun and looking beyond the shadows.

    You define what's yellow. The sunshine.
    Every other flower can't be bright and earthy.
    Every other flower can't bring a smile out on his first try. You can. In your grains I planted you to bring happiness to the sad and gloomy. In your genes you genetically are a sunny day. You are strength of bright confidence. Strong in your stem and love in your receptacle. Reach. Reach for your bright standout father, the sun. There is no sadness in stretching and taking root in soft soil. Stand with me in the country cornfields in the wide expanse of your brethren. Look at them! Look at the child! Sitting there with his head bowed low. Don't fear. Never Fear! Here he come. Unsteady and unsure in his walk but he has nerve. You... Get Ready...Just when the sun rises. A sunflower rises to brighten the world. When the fragrances of roses have gotten all muted and dead, you can tell them sunflowers bring them joy to everyone who seeks it. No matter the weather. You are joy! You are bright! You are a Sunflower!

  • thematthewsho 11w

    Dear kid,

    You're a baby sunflower; you were never meant to be red like a rose or fragrant like jasmine. You were supposed to be yellow, facing the sun and beholding the rays of heaven.
    You were meant to derive your beauty from nature and that's the best thing ever. You are unique and specially created, your beauty surpasses the beauty of thousands creatures.
    Be happy and make merry, never look down on yourself. You may think your mates are getting it alright now but when it's your time it's your time.


  • rincythewriter 11w


    Does sun ever think of me?
    I am named after him.
    I raise early when he wakesup and
    Follow his face side until dawn.
    I wordhard as possible ,and I am
    Wild too be free
    My colours ,don't fade,but I offer friendships
    by them.
    To my dear little ,
    You are my sunshine,
    You are my gift ,you fill my world with rainbows.
    Eventhough I am tired if making everyone who sees me smile, it's you ,who make me shine and you are the one who makes me smile with hope on my brown gallery.
    So whatever life throws at you my small growing child,always be brave and love your own self ,to serve happiness are we born .
    It will make your day ,as you put a smile on someone's soul.
    From mom sunflower family ©rincythewriter

  • winter_moon 11w

    Hi friends ❤️🦋

    Thank you for your love again ❤️
    Thank you, WN 🦋

    Well, this is an impressive theme to speculate about- the realisation of being someone on this planet.

    We all must realize this, we maintain importance in our direction. We all are meant to do something, we all are tremendous.

    You are not just minor to me, and I'm no lesser than you.

    I've tried my best to imagine being a positive mother sunflower. 🌻

    Hope you like it 🦋❤️

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    Love you all.
    Read, comment, repost (if you find it worth) ♥️🍁

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    Dear kid

    Aug 2, 2021

    You are a baby sunflower; you were never meant to be red like a rose or fragrant like jasmine. You were supposed to be yellow, facing the sun and express its glares.

    Yellow might be jaundiced and pale, but honey, you are impressive in whatever ways you are. You have an aroma of joy, you have millions of blossoms blooming in you.

    I was forlorn for not being a colourful rose, and not standing like carnations. And so would you be.

    But darling, last dusk, a rusty woman sat by me, whispering her tale.

    She said, “I was 17, a lover came, with a white rose, announced that I was elegant !”

    Her teardrop fell on me, and she rehearsed, “A year after, he said, let’s squirm back to our routes. I had no choice but to squeeze the roses from the urn. I let the thorns bury deep in my hand. Shredded my hands and let myself scream.

    Later I found myself laid down in a hospital bed, after engraving a suicide memo. People visited me with roses and lilies.

    And one sunrise, my mother settled fragile sunflowers in the vase and penned a message telling me, you are vague and shunned just like those sunflowers but glare at them how they still pursue the sheen of the sun, how they prosper. They might be unwanted but not meaningless.

    I didn’t recognise it till then, but you were glamorous in your way. You governed me to life.

    I got married 20 years back, with the sunflowers fastened in my hair. I didn’t want to flicker in elegance that day, I wished to blaze in accomplishment. I wanted to let those sunflowers reflect the brilliance of the sun. I wanted to flourish in joy.

    My husband succumbed to death, a week ago, people came up with lilies and roses again, laid on his cemetery, and our corroded cottage.

    I’m back besides, to take you away, so that I write my son the similar note, with you in his vase.
    I want to spread you by my husband’s grave.

    I want to explain to them, we are not better than others but we are adorable in our way. We are enduring the burns of the sun, but blooming in our ways.”

    So Don’t fear, baby, when people arrive and stride away, yearning for an elegant rose to cheer up their lover’s smiles. Glimmer because, there’s a mother that will carry you away, and set you in his son's vase, she’d write him a note and tell him to survive like you and me.

    Gleam because we are following the sun’s rays.



  • tiwarianushka17 15w

    When you think of sunflowers what you see?
    A ground holding thousands of yellow me,
    I betcha your imagination is incomplete without the sun,
    To be an ideal sunflower sun is the basic you summon.
    Let me tell you a little secret of mine,
    I really don't like that sun and it's egoistic shine.
    But when with this I confronted my family,
    My mom cried claiming I bring disgrace to the sunflower valley.
    She told me how a good sunflower always looks up to it,
    It has no identity of it's own just a mould in which it's ought to fit.
    She wished me good night as the sun slowly set,
    But I didn't want to sleep or to make that fire ball my fate.
    The whole valley slept but I bloomed with all my grace,
    And for the first time in my life I saw moon's bright face.
    I feel happy to be the master of my days and my night,
    I am the only sunflower who smiles in the moon light.


    #Different #selflove #sunflower #moon @writersnetwork @miraquill @writersnetwark

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    The Sun-Flower


  • lovesunflower20 17w


    My emotion made it hear,
    Struggling with everything in her mind
    And i don't let anyone in her way
    I'm gonna protect her anyway...,
    No one can take her for me cause she is only sunflower for me?
    I wonder what's her dream!.
    Maybe leaving this place, that she doesn't feel like home anymore?
    Even if she gets hurt i won't stop loving her
    She only have me as her beloved sunflower
    Together we keep learning about pain,
    Beyond the point of where earth lands just to meet evening sun
    She wants to grow, but selfish them don't let her...
    Either way she wants to know why do i loved her so much
    Fragiworld doesn't let my love to reach her,
    I don't let this fleeting love break
    I'll always protect her
    Just being her beloved sunflower
    And then we walk together..
    Yellow flowers of our future, there's aren't any tears,
    Where only lights live, it's all chaos of warm sunflower
    I'll take her where shadows shine just like sunlight,
    I will embrace her,
    At the end of the river we will cross our path together
    My warmth gently turned into unconditional love
    I told her don't cry my best friend, don't hides away..
    Prepare yourself,and don't worry sunflower
    I'll protect you just like your mother
    Now you have to listen to your sunflower more than ever,
    Why would you cry
    Don't you see i left my sunshine for you,everyday just so you could..
    Feel your gloomy world filled with golden and yellow blooming sunflower..
    Yet you asked why i can't be with you,all the time
    Don't you worry silly close your worried eyes, feel my warmth,
    I live inside your yellow heart
    Call for me and my voice echoes through your head
    And very soon we'll meet,
    Draw a circle it'll reach you..
    Until then i want you to blooming beautifully
    ...all of this heartwarming melody i couldn't find a way to write,
    Suddenly flooded every corner of my intellect
    Remember me i am your beloved sunflower writeing
    A breathtaking nature hope to said goodbye to your sunflower,


  • loves_passion 18w

    Do you too forget to appreciate the small gifts in life in a busy world?

    Sunflower is the shine of a lost smile in the busy world. �� ��


    @mirakee @writersnetwork

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    smile in the busy world.

  • happypenning_sad 18w

    I still remember vividly,
    a couple of weeks back,
    I opened my eyes happily,
    coming out of a seed sack

    Like you, I wake as the Sun rises,
    I greet him first in the morning,
    I always look at his face as he turns,
    I chased him around like am spying

    It was all I did until the dark,
    when the clouds eat him,
    Like how I eat through my stalk,
    He will disappear in the dim

    Sometimes a bee I never sought,
    will visit me to sit on my pollen,
    It gave me tickles, I thought
    he amused me, so i pardoned

    My mom always stuck with me,
    never letting me reach the Sun
    daily i wondered how he came
    after clouds digested ; its fun

    Unaware today was my last,
    I looked up to Sun while he rose,
    Had the time were too fast
    My mom wouldn't bleed in morose

    Bees came for nectar,
    Sun came for duty,
    This man came for my oil,
    But only mom held on to me

    If you can listen my voice,
    someone please tell my mom,
    that I am departing in rejoice
    coz I understood life's norm

    #wod #autobiography #sunflower @mirakee @mirakeeworld @writersnetwork @ writerstolli

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    Sunflower's life

    My blood may not be red,
    but what you see is not a gel
    its my blood oozing out
    but without any color

    Listen to what a sunflower said, while she was plucked from her mom plant

  • fatty_07 18w

    I'd like to search for a sunflower in a field of roses. ����

    #sunflower #thoughts #wod #pod
    @mirakee @writersnetwork

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  • anushhkaaa 18w

    As Sunflower is my favorite flower, I tried my best to give justice to this piece of writing! ��
    #wod #autobiography #sunflower #mirakee @mirakee

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    Her shine is incomparable,
    She knows hope, light and abundance,
    She make others around her to see the beauty that lies ahead,
    She go through the transformation time and again, to keep the shine on her tongue,
    Her most favorite thing is that she always face towards the sun.